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@Megadestructo you and i are overdue for tabletop shenanigans @TheHospitalBall lmaoooowe have however since learned that the baby decided to leave again, after, eating multiple bars of soap (it seems fine) @TheHospitalBall let me fucking tell you i was glad to have been uh, mid relief at that precise momentturns out if you want to spice up your time in the bathroom, one way is to have a baby raccoon fall out of the wall… giant goof is purring while she sleeps @DylPixel_ @Coruscating lmao @Coruscating @tauriqmoosa is visionary just a fancy version of "i turn the replies on my hot takes off" stream team live went well :) ty folks for tuning in after a two month gap <3 appreciate it
LIIIIVE come hang out! WoW alt levelling, chill chat: sorting some admin stuff and then we'll be liveI'm at the point in lockdown now where I see handshakes in movies and it breaks my immersion.
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeleton @Goeldfinger gonna do my bestLive in about an hour! @BahamutIsA didn't even realize this reply was an accidental reference to your phrasing lol @BahamutIsA bigger than baby feet check mate atheists @Onekumar you can't, because it is more likely to be flagged and banned and that'll brick your device lol @LunaMoonblight two people who made an extremely bad decision @richnoesta i am pleased to have added a nice moment to your day my bud @Chef_Lu_Bu not intentionally, facebook just have a history of brute forcing everything they buy into the facebook… like palmer unluckey lol @brockwilbur watching facebook completely destroy the biggest brand in virtual reality within months @LunaMoonblight because socks are designed for feet, so they have to be that long @LunaMoonblight luna @TheHospitalBall if you think i won't send them jokes to read to you @TheHospitalBall well because that's what the socks are made for right, the feetevery sock is at least a foot longBecause I cannot stand shit like this, here's the suicide squad with all the names and cast on it so you don't have…
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeleton @AlannahDaw @DandoFaeTwitch @AmorOmnes Probably about 7PM Indiana time, which I think is midnight in the UK!
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeleton @AlannahDaw @DandoFaeTwitch @AmorOmnes Probably about 7PM Indiana time, which I think is midnight in the UK!Gonna be streaming tonight! First stream as a member of @DandoFaeTwitch's new stream team, and my first WoW stream… Hawk's Pro Nouns 1 + 2
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeleton @Peter5tewart how the fuck are there only twenty what kind of sneaky fawlty towers shit is this @Chef_Lu_Bu yeah, i think it's partially stress"Ooh let's check out the new David Attenborough film, surely we haven't broken this 93 year old nature documentaria…
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeleton @SheriRubin @thaDifftcg i don't HOST the evil things so TECHNICALLY NO but i may contribute to and uh, constantly encourage them @thaDifftcg i am not the architect, i am but an innocent participant @thaDifftcg @thaDifftcg did you ever see the picture in picture in picture in picture meme onethis is the most challenging brain fuckery puzzle ever but when it's done we will feel like GODS this little guy
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeletonwhen you try to explain twitter to someone who isn't on it:
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeletonDamn. I can’t believe Quibi is shutting down. Not only was the concept flawless, but they had an unparalleled under…
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeleton @weeaboo you should've probably tried doing it in the actual jug mateAnyone know someone willing to do an Art Commission of some Warhammer 40k stuff?
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeleton @twitgera games journalism, the experienceThe Marvel actors have tweeted more about Chris Pratt losing a fucking Twitter poll than Chadwick Boseman's death s…
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RDJ’s team photoshopping Tom Holland out of this photo to do damage control for Chris Pratt bc they had no other ph…
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeletonpuzzle niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight @polearmguy @9_volt_ wait what @AdoraAme "init" what am i doing to you @9_volt_ I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT @9_volt_ true, also i just realized this wait is it called the nintendo switch because it switched between portable and docked, oh, ohhhhhhh, huh, welp @9_volt_ why do people keep giving him a platformNintendo should get rid of the feature that makes their console unique and successful
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeletoni'd love to point at numbers and be like "see, folks actually hate this" but the vast majority of millennial/zoomer… major brands hard pivot into terminally online zoomer dialect for clout on here is something i'd love to s… @donttweetatmii yeah i'm all in favor of treating social media managers as people but that one is, no, nope @hagazo @BangBangClick that wasn't what you said in the tweet i replied to - you didn't say "relevant today" you sa… is on. This is the last one. Read rules and shit. It's tomorrow.
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeleton @brrrammers lol i had someone at my old studio once make a snarky comment about me and my colleagues swanning off t… @Charlie_L_Hall oh fuck @brrrammers one thing people frequently don't realize about games journalism is the ridiculous amount of hours a lo… @hagazo @BangBangClick although i would note here alongside others that listing gta v here is very weird and hugely inaccurate @hagazo @BangBangClick it's not even his actual role, he just got very uh, creative, with how he listed it in his bio @theberlz good lord, my best to your CM colleaguelol @LunaMoonblight lmao the capitalization @GaminGlennSeto google has said infinitely stupider shit than thisif you've ever wondered why the male suicide rate is still a problem it's partially stuff like this stadia vaporware if the aspect of it that never materialized was the demand
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeleton @tegiminis @BangBangClick @GenePark whoopsjust keeps getting better @polearmguy @porglezomp please i don't want the bad dreamsa play in three acts
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeleton @nevernotdavid @polearmguy YOU KNOW YOU DID THIS TO HURT ME
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeletonGhosts hunting with @donttweetatmii and @failnaut
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeleton @meghanlynnFTW @questrpg purchased :)Starting a new @QuestRPG adventure but can't figure out how your characters know one another? With this supplemen…
Retweeted by 12 inch walmart skeleton @meghanlynnFTW @questrpg oh i love it, what a great idea - thank youOnce again, Artists: Working for exposure is a scam. If you spend more than 5 minutes on your entry, you've literal…
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@LunaMoonblight @QuinntoBean @damienredicamn1 @McNarnia this is some @donttweetatmii tier nonsense @ChaosSmurf there's a difference between that and refuting a completely factually inaccurate take, though @Chef_Lu_Bu he looks like he's said a lot of very enthusiastic things about thom yorke @QuinntoBean @LunaMoonblight listen @Chef_Lu_Bu how is that ra-it's not even worth it is itthis is so, so intensely embarrassing, but, y'know, for him, streamers did by a license most of the time - the license that sits in their steam/EGS/etc account, no one is… you're wondering how well stadia is going i think you can cover it off by realizing this guy is the CD and doesn… @BangBangClick imagine being a creative director and not understanding the value of major/nano influencer exposure… site is fucking free @QuinntoBean @LunaMoonblight wow @tellisdon tbh i am not gonna voice my curry opinions as i eat solely tikka masala and am thus not really any kind of expert @damienredicamn1 @LunaMoonblight @McNarnia that is good yes also cheese and grape @LunaMoonblight this is a good moment