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Transplanted Philadelphian learning the ways and wonders of the Great Northwest.

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Let’s go win this, @KamalaHarris.
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Kamala Harris will be a terrific Vice President. I have had the privilege of working with the senator on our legis…
Retweeted by PhillydudeBiden should announce a different cabinet pick every day 15 minutes before a Trump press rally.
Retweeted by Phillydude @PaulBegala Watching the right wing smearosphere try to paint Biden and Harris as far left radical Socialists is go… @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden I’m thrilled! I have no joke to tweet. Simply thrilled. Let’s do this!
Retweeted by PhillydudeI'm proud to call @KamalaHarris my dear friend and sister—and next year, I'll be even more proud to call her our Vi…
Retweeted by Phillydude @TedRall Lighten up, Francis - It is a terrific ticket and if you don't vote for #BidenHarris2020 don't complain ab…’ve known Senator @KamalaHarris for a long time. She is more than prepared for the job. She’s spent her career def…
Retweeted by PhillydudeCongratulations @SenKamalaHarris and welcome to the team. I am thrilled to have a hard-working, accomplished, compa…
Retweeted by PhillydudeSo many people writing and feeling galvanized with the choice of @KamalaHarris to join @JoeBiden A BOLD CHOICE. A…
Retweeted by PhillydudeSo Exciting, Congratulations on making History! - You were the perfect pick as VP for Joe Biden and can't wait to s… hope on twitter is palpable. Feels so good. Let's take a sec to soak that up and then let's get to work for #BidenHarris20202 💫🌈🇺🇸 💪❤️
Retweeted by PhillydudeI'm thrilled to welcome @KamalaHarris to a historic Democratic ticket. She's already proven herself to be an incred…
Retweeted by PhillydudeCongratulations Joe! - Kamala Harris was the right choice and the best choice, she will be a terrific running mate…! - Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his VP, what an awesome, attractive, dynamite ticket they will make - Kama…
America needs to contain the Coronavirus, it needs affordable healthcare, it needs to end gun violence, it needs a… - You do realize Gettysburg is where the Confederacy that you love so much and want to preserve got the… @COParksWildlife Ugh, hate it - Summer is so short and goes by so quick - Winter is so long and goes by so slowly.
@RealGlenMacnow Pete Rose, Juan Samuel, Moses Malone, Eric Lindros, Dikembe Mutombo, Peter Foresberg, Jim Thome, Ryan Howard, Roy Halladay. @PhillyInquirer I always liked the Cricket Club logo and don't see anything offensive about it, if they replaced it… @PortlandPolice Heard loud bangs from my apartment last night, this insanity has to stop, it has been going on all…
Ok, didn't think I'd see the day when I'd be retweeting Junior because I agree with him about something but here we… Violence stopped after you pulled your goons out of the city, that's what happened #FactsMatter @Oregonian The protestors weren't the ones firing tear gas at the Mayor, Donnie - but nice that he has such a high… 'I'm Ok with Vote By Mail in Republican controlled states because then if there is any fraud or cheat…
#RIP Wilford Brimley - Cocoon, The Natural, The Firm, the Postmaster General on Seinfeld and Diabetes prevention sp…'t wait to have a President again who cares more about National Security Briefings and controlling Global Pandem… @sharonlcase Great News to hear, love that Soaps are leading the way to the entertainment industry getting back on… how you equate everyone being able to vote safely and easily with making it impossible for Republicans to win… @brianstelter Didn't Keith Olbermann get fired from MSNBC for making a campaign donatation to a Democrat?
@jaketapper What phase were we in before? - it has been spreading out of control from the beginning - Republicans j… @cnnbrk Then the TV News networks should refuse to televise it. #BoycottGOPConvention
@98Simply @jaketapper Didn't they make a whole movie about how the United States supplied Afghanistan with stinger missiles t… @cnnbrk Did a tree fall on him?
Reason enough to vote for the man right there. #ByeDon2020 @IngrahamAngle If Herman Cain was really your friend maybe you should have advised him to wear a mask, especially s… Herman Cain, Coronavirus killed him but it was Trump's stupidity and negligence by turning a public health eme… @davidaxelrod Not to mention predictable - was there any doubt that Trump would try to delay the election once it w… in the history of the Republic, through war, depression or pandemic, has a national election been delayed. B…
Retweeted by Phillydude @jaketapper @GeorgeTakei Putin taught Trump well huh? - Hillary was right about Trump and so is Biden - even after… @jimsciutto They also had the 1918 mid term election on schedule during the Spanish Flu - just trying to imagine th… if Putin suggested this to him?
Retweeted by PhillydudeRemember when some thought it was a crazy conspiracy theory that Trump would try to postpone or cancel the 2020 Pre…'We are supposed to protect Germany from Russia, what's that all about?' - something the President of the United St…
Really Biff? - Cause last time I checked the protests around the Courthouse had been going on for weeks before you… @SenatorRomney Germany has shown on a number of occasions that they are fully capable of taking care of themselves,…
@ScottBaio Willie Aames set you up over an incident that occurred 30 years ago? - Pretty long set up, Chachi - I'm… @BNightengale Sucks to be the visiting clubhouse attendant though, right? - but let's not spend to much time fretti… @jimsciutto About time Junior got a time out in Twitter jail but 12 hours doesn't even qualify as a slap on the wri… @Surabees @Twitter @jack @DonaldJTrumpJr OMG - Suspended 12 Whole Hours? - The Big Tech tyranny of it all, How will… @jimsciutto How convenient. @ScottBaio Nice of you to drag Willie Aames into this whole mess, I'm sure he appreciates it, with friends like you… Thanks Mitch, 4 months after the CDC advised it. Weak. Miserable turtle.
Retweeted by Phillydude @peterbakernyt @katierogers @noahweiland Why would Fauci throwing out the first pitch for the Nationals annoy Trump… @Mike_Pence @SecondLady Nice sentiments, hope you meant them, why didn't @realDonaldTrump go pay his respects? - st… @chrislhayes Not to mention completely pointless, all @MLB is doing is putting more people at risk for contracting… @tedwheeler @JoAnnPDX @DHS_Wolf 'The Chinese government almost blew it, then they were vicious, they were horrible,… @Oregonian That sounds relatively ominous. @maggieNYT @katierogers @noahweiland Yeah, because who wants an expert on Pandemics in the limelight during the wor…
Whatever you say Fuckface Von Clownstick - maybe if the Goblins in your head didn't make you spout off whatever non… me a break, why is Mitch McConnnell speaking at the Capitol Rotunda service for John Lewis??? - Moscow Mitch f… look in at Melania Trump renovating the White House Rose Garden. @Lawrence I just can't with these Republicans suddenly on the Mask/Social Distancing band wagon now that is THEIR S… Olivia de Havilland, the last surviving cast member of the Oscar winning classic Gone With The Wind, watched i…
No need to worry. PAW Patrol is not canceled. 🐶
Retweeted by Phillydude @washingtonpost I thought Kamala Harris was the logical VP choice for Biden three months ago and think so even more… @FBIPortland Right to peaceful protest? - I watch Thousand Pound Brown Bears in Alaska smack each other around all… @maggieNYT 'I was devastated when I won' - so was everybody else, why doesn't Trump just resign if he misses his ol… @cnnbrk So much for the Virus doesn't spread outside theory, right? - that was bunk anyway being the flu spreads in… @PhilipWegmann @Acosta @PressSec Paw Patrol wasn't cancelled and COPS was on for 30 seasons, so I'd say it had a pr… @BeschlossDC Then what's the problem with renaming them? who would care outside the South Will Rise Again crowd that Trump is placating to? @alexnazaryan @maggieNYT Remember all those great sci-fi movies of the 60's. 70's and 80's that showed us living in… @RealJamesWoods When the Pandemic started I didn't think it would be as bad as the Spanish Flu because as dumb as t…
Retweeted by Phillydude @RealJamesWoods Funny that Republicans didn't have a problem with Ted Cruz running for President even though he was… @elonmusk Says the Billionaire dude who has so much money to burn that he can waste it sending Cars into outer space just for a photo op.I don't think that's up to Inhofe, Donnie - the bill passed both Houses with veto proof majorities, and the only re… @RealJamesWoods Terrorism was when the Irish spent 30 years blowing each other up with car bombs because they were… @nytimes Soooo Harry and Mehgan thought they could leave Royalty behind and escape the paparazzi by moving to Los A… @howardeskin @SportsRadioWIP Instead of a bogus 60 game season with an asterisk that has a less than 50% chance of… tidbits about making the film from Director Norman Jewison - like the Pentagon refused him use of a Sub… @PME2717 @espn 4 million cases and 145,000 deaths - Fauci's predictions have been spot on, it is Trump and the Repu…
@SenTomCotton Yeah Tom, except for Black people being kept as slaves until 1865, Women not being given the right to… @DavidCornDC You mean after all the mocking about Coronavirus from Trump and Republicans, Stephen Miller actually did kill his Grandmother? @JeffPassan This is just going to be sad, and even if by some miracle @MLB manages to complete some kind of quasi s… way the Universe balanced out the ridiculousness of 'Washington Football Team' was for the @NHL to announce on… Washington Redskins will be renamed Washington Football Team for this season - has to be the most hysterical &… @brianstelter @b_fung I'd pay for an edit button and I'd happily pay to get @realDonaldTrump banned from Twitter, b…'Our so called Allies'?? - Wow, Donnie - instead of insulting them maybe you should ask our Allies for advise on ho… @FOXSports So it will be like being inside a video game like Tron or Ready Payer One? - Cool, very 1984ish and perf… my Carl Reiner retrospective by watching The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming - a very funny,…
@GeraldoRivera @RedHourBen Wake up woke folk??? - you are defending a Child Predator for the sole reason that Trump… @ProjectLincoln We've run out of Stadiums, so have to compare to Cities now, 144,000 Americans dead from the Corona… @GeraldoRivera @realDonaldTrump Seriously, Geraldo? - Does Pedophilia have a time limit for you? - Ghislaine Maxwel… Chis Evans is cancelled, but it's not That Chris Evans but some Chris Evans in England nobody has heard of or ca… the warm, wonderful & brilliant Carl Reiner comedy Oh God! - Feel good afterwards every time I watch it - i… @abc7newsbayarea You mess with the Bison you get the horns, what were those idiots doing so close, trying to get a… tried to get the British Open awarded to his Turnberry golf resort in Scotland - Yeah, I'm old enough to reme… @RVAT2020 @donnabrazile 'Show me the death chart'?? - Wow - I really can't imagine a more completely soulless human being.