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@FrostyValorant WHAT
@KnightsGG @FrostyValorant @vinnerwinner @rikugoat @zeldrisval @Keith_LaFortune @krnnguyen_ @ramvalorant @Yung_Falcon that boy @zeldrisval @Ban_Val I’m so sorry @ChristianVal702 U GOT KIDSv @nerdstreet @kyedae @TenZOfficial please just one kiss @gompersx @powerade666 Ur beautiful @RedKohVAL STOP @RedKohVAL BAMBAM IS SO CUTE @9nerve would win in a fight me or @9nerve @9nerve @chubbychangos @zincval @karnthc @mleQT_ @bungeecsgo @KrakennIV business meeting for shoe boosters 😈👍 @ariessqc @9nerve @chubbychangos @zincval @karnthc @mleQT_ @bungeecsgo @KrakennIV REAL. @9nerve @chubbychangos @zincval @karnthc @mleQT_ @bungeecsgo @KrakennIV yeah where r u in the pic then? @9nerve @chubbychangos @zincval @karnthc @mleQT_ @bungeecsgo @KrakennIV no one can even see u ur 4’8!!! @Grifffffe @somecowsaidmoo LOL @somecowsaidmoo WHAT ARE THE STAINS @somecowsaidmoo NOOOO @acez2k @Grifffffe cmon man. @souxkii 🥺 okay bet @chubbychangos @lifeofdodo :( @souxkii will u hold me hand @lifeofdodo @chubbychangos can I be ur little pogchaml @seshiriaa_ @joek1ngttv Only right answer @PowerPixele @0Ktinaa @hoodiefr @EmyyCSGO @emluo @jellyfish_val @presidentdove @scourge_val @cbbuii @misufps @KrakennIV @SammayTV so real @ilyynina @EmyyCSGO @florscnt @karraof @katarinafps @misufps @scourge_val @presidentdove 🥺🥺🥺 thank u ❤️❤️ @aheartout no one knows the truth but I def think OP is hiding something @aheartout I think it’s sketchy that she’s not name dropping the other person and in the other twitlonger is shows… @an1megf @cwaudiia Idk what happened but interesting for you to call out only one person when 2 people are involved. @cryptXVAL :( @1017kis @EmyyCSGO @PsionVal ahahah so real I think ur the best one @1017kis @EmyyCSGO @PsionVal Ur gassing me up rn ;-; but hiii I play every agent in the game
I don’t want to be involved in drama nothing that happened involves me so please just let me beyes this is about the person but please stop messaging me because it was about something else not the situation and… @RedKohVAL I cant promise we will win @RedKohVAL I’ll play w u dw!!!! @Australissss hope you’re okay <3 @somecowsaidmoo @Grifffffe @yourbroteddy come play toontown @somecowsaidmoo @Grifffffe @yourbroteddy I’m also restarting a new acc LOL @somecowsaidmoo @Grifffffe @yourbroteddy SLAY @FwMarley I’m fucking dying @juleevalo u beat Optimus prime himself too W @zincval @vinnerwinner @FrostyValorant Real @softiserve No :/ @spookyaddison me too @KrispykremeOCE the fact that they’re trying to make my friend switch up on me over money @presidentdove ok @mikejrlara sure mikejrlarathought u were my friend :,) @bbylapras I always play at lan :3 @bbylapras 26th @cozyjozie If you ask and they say yes then yes @cozyjozie can OCE play in NA tournies? @RestFPS @sobersushi01 hey lolneed 3 ^_^who wants to pug gca :3 @ariessqc LMDAO BRO GO TO BED @Ban_Val 6 pack of beer @SammayTV i can slide so we both feel something 😞 @SammayTV how do I get bitches @karnthc @mleQT_ LMFAO DAMN @wtffhannah @symrifle ur marrying me instead hannah we played toontown together @wtffhannah So real @zincval Real @Oliviatsel Play it now @ProfessorSoop Ranked legit means jack shitI genuinely don’t have fun on valorant unless I’m competingtoontown helped my mental idc abt ranked anymore games awful @voicechats Coach @voicechats what’s wrong w cos bc
@vennn88 I mean there’s def more to it that we don’t know so :D I just gave him what I thought would make him happy… @EskayOW hurt me. please. @EskayOW Step on my neck @Dark3stVal @strawberrysaqe get this off my tl @Luna__Fox hi @SendJewdes I can’t do this. @zakxzy @JACKLEE_OW clinically insane @karraonlyfans No @karnthc @karraof ALL OF U @karnthc I’m gonna take u to dinner. @Dark3stVal @juliaaiis that’s fucked up. @juliaaiis happy birthday :3 @Nueg_ I FUCKING LOVE BABY BRIAN @cwaudiia @karraof I miss you I need you 😞😞😞 @606Ericaa @OkeanosQT What are the ruffles :o
@1017kis OMFG @FrostyValorant @tdawggVAL @zincval This is not real @JVDaDemon Yes @QuiroFx Yes
Retweeted by claudiaIf y’all want to grind toontown w Val players since ranked is awful here’s a cord :D @lifeofdodo I need what they have @606Ericaa Need u so bad😭 when 😭 is 😭 it 😭 my 😭turn 😭 @moobsxd Not In my games. @KnightsGG @FrostyValorant @HyperX @FrostyValorant bro queue up @KnightsGG I just want a chance at something. @zincval @9nerve Realif i had a gf i would match hello kitty pjs with her
Retweeted by claudia @zincval 😎