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F/A W keyer for @ElysianVAL_ ༺♡༻ imm3 ❁ུ۪. @ilylunah (ꈍᴗꈍ)ε fighting misogyny one ranked game at a time

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New peak :3 @ThyHighway shes been imm evbery act @Ozaay12 @9zamm @DoLphinvalo Yes @chrollo_val ITS THE VAL COM R U SURPRISED @JMorgii @jimmySmartz No.
@scrollval @Jeeiro @jellyfish_val Sure @Jeeiro @scrollval @jellyfish_val I know the guy queued w her and he said he lied to her @scrollval @jellyfish_val she didnt know lol, the person who she played w told me what happened @Prainexx @S1SS1L And so did Keiti @Prainexx @S1SS1L Sinatraa got banned too? @jellyfish_val i guess unknowingly playing w a cheater is worse than a felony! @DoLphinvalo leaked an underage girls nudesPeople will let oke back into the scene without any ban but slaze will get banned for allegedly getting boosted whe… @laysixlaysix :( @VIRTUOSOVAL @KingFPS__ @OkeanosQT Sorry but ratio.
Retweeted by claudia @aEvilcat don’t forget he never apologized to the girl @ANGRRRval @HitBox_Hiros @aveVLT that guy was sexist to me LMAO @ohaaiii @thi9f LMFAOOOO @seshiriaa_ vouch this guy always ints my game @ProfessorSoop @Asunaa LOL
@danii get mommy milkers on each boob @ProfessorSoop Fuck you @ProfessorSoop BRO. @ProfessorSoop look at my career @sickoJM So good2 aces same game, 3rd game playin chamber (ft. @fairyfps)
Retweeted by claudiaIM THE BEST (ft. @sickoJM) @TirayeK LMFAOOOOO 😭😭 bro wasnt thankful enough Fr @bbylapras @Asunaa Mf is b-hopping in crab game 💀
whoever made retail workers wake up this early on Black Friday needs help.yeah no bro I play on stream and play so badimm games w sicko @notrxchel @sickoJM @extrnal can u chill for ONE DAY w the sexy vfxHE IS 26 BTW? LIKE WHATwhy do people fetishize asian women but then say shit like this in my games? like get this guy banned @Stinky1x @sickoJM hell yeahme and @sickoJM cant win on thanksgiving LOL
@1yzma please arrest me @diaamondTV 😈🙏🏼 @Pacheco__10 @PaigeAims arf:3 @diaamondTV Neither get a Rolex 🥱 @seshiriaa_ NOT MONTERO 😭😭 sexy shots thoirl pfp buff 🐮 #NewProfilePic @s3xylatin0 @okayNoli 🤨 HUH @JaxsenFPS @LznaYEE @Jazzyk1ns LMFAOOO V FOR LANAS JETT @LynnNyaa 💀 how. @Yoshii_TTV Can I please come and have ur dog @JaxsenFPS happy thanksgiving bestie @HitBox_Hiros I canIn a few short weeks, the best team in the world will hoist the newly unveiled Champions trophy for the first time.…
Retweeted by claudiawhen my mom makes all the foods I hate for thanksgiving so I don’t eat anything 🙈 @yongwoon_chris no way all this time you’ve been in KANSAS bro. @scrollval how you use the guardian: u don’thappy thanksgiving :3 thankful for my wittle team and for @sickoJM @cwaudiia @Luna__Fox @ilylunah @kateliinh @Immortals as well as that it seems like they want to keep everyone in their region @kateliinh @Immortals nothing wrong w building a team, tsm did it instead of picking a roster up :D also there are… @morgeestreams @cwaudiia Ong we could be I told her that when I saw her @ProfessorSoop @cwaudiia ur 5’1 in person bro.@cwaudiia says I’m hotter in person @xxelitism @cwaudiia I wanna eat her ass @mangosmxxthie @cwaudiia She’s so sexy @ProfessorSoop @danii @cwaudiia BROOOO @jimmySmartz @cwaudiia I be thinking REAL hard.the queens @cwaudiia @fairyfps
Retweeted by claudia @extrnal @cwaudiia HAHAHAHA @extrnal @cwaudiia we’re about to post the kissing pics no worries send money rn @ElevateFN thanks for letting me borrow ur girl for the weekend 😈🙏🏼with my dommy mommy @cwaudiia @cwaudiia in like 20 min
@Australissss as lil tecca would say, Hop outside a Ghost and hop up in a Phantom @root7K @sickoJM @cozyjozie @Virtyyyy Vouch @laysixlaysix 💀💀💀 ur doing him like that @ValorLeaks @Pacheco__10 u buy for me? 👉🏼👈🏼 @1dianazzz Happy bday :3 @Alexlihing it’s cause @yongwoon_chris coached u there 💯💯 @BUGSYTHEBEAN you are the worst player I’ve ever seen
@starriebun THE COW 🐮 ESCrate my build
Retweeted by claudia"thank you for your order, I'll push it off the edge of the counter when it's ready"
Retweeted by claudia @ellietwitches @cwaudiia STOP CAUSE UR LEGIT GORGEOUS DONT MAKE ME ANGY @ellietwitches and why do me you and @cwaudiia kinda look like siblings @ellietwitches why are you such a baddie doe @JaxsenFPS
@jellyfish_val You are living my dream @cryptXVAL Ong @LynnNyaa @KP_fps 💀💀💀 @lmAvenger sova got a nice ass cut Fr @meflex_ Just lock duelist bro @meflex_ You fucking tellcme like I’m over having to carry people like this every fucking game like it’s so mentally exhausting @censorablee This guy also had the game sense of a iron player @iamhcu I play better w my left foothow are these people on my teams i am imm2 @cwaudiia @jakeeVAL i have work mf @RemoteYt oh, i did. @RemoteYt @jakeeVAL THE MATT_IGL ?" NO WAYbro i asked @jakeeVAL to queue and he logged off so fast