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@IrvineWelsh If Michael Howard had "something of the night" about him, then this from IDS is a full on supermassive black hole. @VanDutch85 The Sun, of course, is owned by one of those salt-of-the-earth billionaires.Just think - even as we speak, a bunch of hacks at the Heil are sitting around brainstorming how best to attack Kei… @andrewworr @SubwayUK Cheers! I couldn't possibly comment, although if @SubwayUK wanted to reveal it then I'd be comfortable with that. @notjustamumma @SubwayUK It is that, Mrs H. Strange really as of all the artistic endeavours that go on in our hous… @capitalchrisw I think they probably all do, but as none of them falls into the category of "unprovoked insult aime… @bruhmoment772 @MartinSLewis Of course. And if he continues to work through it, you can bet his "shining example" w… @bruhmoment772 @MartinSLewis I loathe the pair of them, but leadership is about setting a good example, and he shou… @MartinSLewis Anyone who wants the PM working at less than full capacity is nuts. Everyone needs R&R... delegate to survive! @SubwayUK Cheers guys! He says "thank you for the A+++, and for the gift." And I echo that sentiment!And if you're hacked off about people in parks, you're going to soil yourself when you hear about what happened in… is four crises in one; economic, public health, domestic abuse, and mental wellbeing. Those of us only dealin… @davidschneider Says a lot about the sick-pay regs they have in mind for us after Brexit. @brokenbottleboy To be fair, I saw people in the park making a total shitshow of ventilator procurement, PPE delive… @mrjamesob On the day the President tweets "light at the end of the tunnel?" FFS. Dystopian. @lukemcgee I miss Brexit. Discussing it was fun, and we could do it at the pub. Can we extend the transition by ano… thing - when this is done, can we scrap HS2? I struggle to imagine anything more pointless than spending b…'m no fan of the PM, but if he's ill, he should rest. R&R is physically and psychologically essential for everyone…, my daughter is struggling without access to @McDonaldsUK during lockdown. youngest here, proving that temporary loss of @SubwayUK is the greatest personal hardship he has suffered during… try not to be a corporate shill, but as we go into week three of lockdown, my kids have gone full "Harry Nilsson'… this is done and we're rebuilding afterwards, times will be hard. Yes, smash open tax havens, but I also think… @LynnDenham1 @UKLabour Yeah, I joined the NHAP for a time in the wake of the HSC Act 2012 @BettinaSRoss1 This also works as "the experience of every woman on Twitter," doesn't it Bettina? In that analogy o… @LynnDenham1 Let's hope so! @barbsdotty I would imagine it's politics. Keep the base happy by keeping their churches open... and then hoping th… @SoozUK I'm assuming you "met" Powell in the context of a milkshaking, so that's true. Báthory is a lie.Confirmed - the tooth fairy is able to travel despite COVID restrictionsRemind me again why revere this country? @GenesisElijah The second sentence in this tweet needs to be the title of your next album mate. Hardcore! 😂👍
@JimMFelton I look forward to hearing Raab's discovery of the vital links between Number 10 and WhitehallHands up who wants Liz to go off script and say "sort out the PPE, ventilators and testing, you shower of absolute cretins?" @fesshole Absolute vermin. Steal some from a supermarket if you think you're so f***ing clever. @RishiSunak @AnnelieseDodds @Paul1Johnston @guardian_sport Has a whiff of the Vory to him @GenesisElijah "A stallion of a man?" @stevesitmail @mrjamesob @lisanandy He thinks iRaq is Apple's latest shelving unit @mrjamesob @lisanandy I look forward to Nandy being the one responsible for Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe coming home, whil… true. My favourite moment of hers was when she became a mechanic to help defeat your sort in 1945. @davidallengreen You had me at "course." @Vitt2tsnoc Be Kind* *To people you agree with. FFS. @brokenbottleboy I can imagine him being greeted in the pub by Francis Begbie on the first day of the Edinburgh festival. Does that count? @MarkFrancois12 I also appreciate the way you modestly left out the time you beat Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridg… @MarkFrancois12 Sadam, but it's on a technicality because it's a typo. You actually defeated all of them @BorisJohnson_MP This game show is absolute shiteI'm really looking forward to my first Monday morning hangover in fifteen years tomorrow. @tompeck I'm really looking forward to my first Monday morning hangover in fifteen years tomorrow.Some kids on our estate were colouring in the wall at the end of the terrace with chalk and look at their masterpie…
Retweeted by Mike StaffordAs a middle class white guy, I've never been entirely comfortable with my love of Wu-Tang Clan, but to be fair, now… @TheAgentPhil I'm looking forward to the bit where Keir throws Darth Mogg into the bowels of the Death Star @SoozUK I'm hoping it'll actually be an episode of "Mrs Windsor's Boys," in which Philip (Charles Dance), bollocks… @Worcs_Foodbank @LynnDenham1 And thank _you_ for the work you do, now and always 👍 @lokiscottishrap So, presumably, the kids of divorced upper class types who each have two homes now have four to choose from? @mrjamesob Really looking forward to seeing how many idiots persist with the "prisons are like holiday camps" narra… on then... List at least 5 famous people you've met, but ONE is a lie. People leave a reply as to who they thi… BLOG POST: Changing Realities. After the initial frenetic activity and “mobilising” our new lives under lockdow… @thatchamdad I try and avoid assuming conspiracy under normal circumstances, but given that money seems to be the o… still blows my mind that the kids watch YouTubers who get in excess of a million views in less than 24 hours. @LynnDenham1 @Worcs_Foodbank I've been making food bank donations with every trip to Sainsbury's recently. It's bee… @pimlicat I genuinely can't believe anyone but the most fanatical Brexiters think the nation will endure the virus… am genuinely unable to think of a worse human being to have leading a country during a global public health emerg… @IrvineWelsh Christ. This bodes well for the "coastal elites"This magnificent from @xkcdComic @reece_dinsdale Perfectly decent approach, Reece. FWIW, during these straitened times, if anyone wants to build th…
@fesshole Joke's on you mate. 20 years doing something you hate is a mug's gameWhy, in the name of all that is Holy, have I not watched 'The Town' before?My youngest really embraced the spirit of the virtual grand national. During a spell where his horse took the lea… @kannankarnt I've heard it before but I can't remember from whom in fairness. In any event, it suits - jocular but fits the billFWIW, I joined the Labour party (only this week, yes) for the benefit of folk like my in-laws. Hard working but wit… @GenesisElijah One of my daily disappointments is realising that "Svetlana" may want a relationship with a British… @GenesisElijah Let me guess - Russian porn bots, Nigerian generals trying to get your inheritance to you, and MAGA… is precisely the type of off-hand remark that I welcome being RT'ed to @GenesisElijah's 25k followers... 😂😂😂👍 @GenesisElijah @PlayboyTV Wonderful, less than a fortnight into lockdown and I'm already jerking my gherkin to Marge Simpson. Thanks, man @AmandaKendal @andreafm44 @BorisJohnson Surely "continue?" 😂 @tompeck I'm looking forward to seeing Bunter get cross-examined by a barrister each week at PMQs. @DameDeniseMina That's as tough to digest as the Brexit vote was. @DameDeniseMina Wait a minute, who the hell gives *YOU* crushing reviews? I'm a studiously honest critic, but anyon… @andreafm44 @BorisJohnson I'm hoping the general public can recognise a bullshitter when his bluster is taken apart… @LynnDenham1 @BorisJohnson Amen to that, Lynn. I'm just trying to manage down my own expectations - in an ideal wor… in Downing Street as @BorisJohnson realises he's going to spend five years of being cross-examined by a barr… hours in the house a day, and I still never see the damned nail clippers when I need them. @SoozUK Sooz's timeline, unlike Gatwick, is not somewhere departures need to be announced.The opposition just "levelled up," @Conservatives @brokenbottleboy And still less repetitive than a Tory election campaign manifestoThis. Really looking forward to seeing Bunter the Bullshitter being skewered by a forensically-minded barrister. @MikeFoster1403 @Keir_Starmer Amen to that.I'm acknowledging reality and going on a month's rolling hiatus on book and TV reviews. I need all my psychological… @arusbridger I like them, for that reason. Let's have a Spirit of '21Now remember everyone, the new @UKLabour leader is unveiled today, so we're going to get to find out who spends fiv… @SoozUK "My question is about the economy," at the end of a long right-wing scaremongering ramble by Burch Barlow i… @Coldwar_Steve Steve McFadden looking like the world's worst Teletubby is just brilliant @grrrl_oxford Our 6 and 9 year old would probably turn it into an absolute s***show, certainly 😂Counterpoint: I was an entry level employee at 27 and a director of the company by 33. I know a bit about advanceme… I suspect this is that British GSOH we all know and love, distilled to it's purest form.
Virtual Sunday lunch, in which grandparents video conference with grandchildren over simultaneously cooked Sunday d… @GraemeBandeira Lovely image, Graeme 👍 @83_baker what sort of dystopia is this not considered common sense? superb work from @GraemeBandeira here. @PlutoniumSox @MasterChefUK Ha! Solidarity, sister. My youngest routinely whinges at the site of dinners placed in front of him