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don’t text me about any of my tweets 🇵🇱 Ranchfad❤️

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Your faithless love’s the only hoax I believe in’re are not like the regulars The masquerade revelers: is offering a course called “Mamma Mia! Queer I Go Again” and I can’t even take it bc I’m already in course overload 😭 @ImgivingupMama She is the moment @ImgivingupMama Your mind @jackjack_o Jack play along it’s fun @ImgivingupMama Omg really… this full circle moment @HathawayLesMis They’re wrong and blindbetty, peace, hoax did you think I’d say to tha- I can see us lost in the memory August slipped away into a moment in time imgivingupmama made you an avi and you’re not using it wtf is wrong with you like actuallyand we can be pirates then you won't have to cry or hide in the closet @keyIimegreendog This is YOUR day @ImgivingupMama YASSS @fakeggot PholkloreGotFest
Retweeted by Fakeggotlore @ImgivingupMama All are welcome
Retweeted by Fakeggotlore.@ImgivingupMama you never gave a warning sign…Roaring twenties tossing pennies in the pool STARTED THIS??? #folkimgivingupmamalorefest
Retweeted by FakeggotloreAnd they called off the circus Burned the disco down When they sent home the horses And the rodeo clowns I'm still…’m still on that trap beat 🙌#NewProfilePic @ImgivingupMama @F466OT Hey bestieOmg have you guys heard this album it just came out @toxnik ThisDoing research
this literally smells like catholic church i’m obsessed
Retweeted by FakeggotloreStoned at the nail salon year I’ll be taking 2 weeks to celebrate my birthday because last year I didn’t get a birth week so @F466OT Not oomf being an Aries 😩139… way they didn’t even try with the reshoots 😭
Retweeted by FakeggotloreMhm mhm @antimaskerwhore She still does @remy4real22 Why😭😭Papa 🙅‍♀️ PreachThe broken bowl on the counter @ranchfad Me when I have to give an example of an oxymoron in English class: @ranchfad You’re a GeminiMom is making pickles with dill from her Russian friends garden ohhhhh MEIN gottée chalamet in dune (2021)
Retweeted by FakeggotloreAirPods arriving today a haggardly night @criisdie You’re right and you should say it @tayqueerbaitron 😭😭 for protectionNot this… Max: Fury Road is a movie
Have accomplished nothing today @jackjack_o Which onesssssI'd ride and I'd ride on the carrousel Round and round forever if I could I was only 5 when I started playing the piano so who really won? @scriptedwritten Yesss so good omg @zulawskis We get it we get it @zulawskis Only smart and sexy people get this one 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️What movie should I watch tonight @AMYP0EHL3R @jackjack_o @ImgivingupMama @ranchfad And that’s why you love it @ranchfad @jackjack_o @ImgivingupMama @AMYP0EHL3R GOLD MEDAL 🏅 @jackjack_o Bobsled. And you already know @ImgivingupMama @ranchfad and @AMYP0EHL3R were my teammates @jackjack_o Twin @zulawskis …pause @OldMemeArchive .@JeffBezos
@zulawskis It worked wonders for me @zulawskis SlayThoughts? remembered I have to do a practicum this year when? is such a threatening performance suggestion and for what @HathawayLesMis
Retweeted by FakeggotloreThe face he makes when he wants cuddles food or sex a snail today… effervescent relic forgot to take accutane today @ranchfad @helautou 😭 @ranchfad @sadfishbabyy @swifferstruggle That partOh? So you’re a misogynist? Oh ok. Grindr to Snapchat to Texting pipeline
2021 @TubbsTheFrog wowHag. they made a movie about oomf Roy. Twin Peaks ass bass line @commieeangel Coffee ice cream lovers uniteanna kendrick is the best character in the twilight franchise
Retweeted by FakeggotloreThinking about how just like anyone can make music. Things weren’t always this way.Goodbye. jam 2 stole so much from shiva baby and no one is talking about this
Retweeted by FakeggotloreAfter my la la land rewatch I realized I went on a date with a guy very similar to ryan gosling’s character… soooo should I text him? @zulawskis It’s cute I wanna live in that world forever @zulawskis Ur wrongLa La Land aged like fine wine idc @scriptedwritten It broke me fr