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alicia @falicia_assman minnesotan in dc!

i have a nose ring and i go to gw

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why am i being cyberbullied in my own home my walk to and from district i think i ran into every single person i know on this campusnever mind it’s hot in this gis lab maybe this wasn’t smartwhat percent of joni ernst’s budget do we think goes to printing these graphics has changed me it’s 63 and i’m wearing a sweater who am islay queen you’re so kim petras iced coffee stealing from sephora cockdestroyers gottmik unable to parallel park sk…🚨🚨do not read if u are my piercer michael 🚨🚨 sometimes i sleep on the side of my healing helix i promise it’s an accidentcall me a man then i guess celebrity wikipedia pages hit different in bed @_sarahgregs in honor of this tweet i just tucked My roommate into bed at it was a 10/10 experienceaimee mann song on the sex education finale falicia assmanators we wonguys i’m so serious let’s start real housewives of shenkman hall
chris pratt’s mario
Retweeted by alicia @maddiebillet richard hinton has my whole heartsomeone else wants to take over my high school lunch review account this is a big day @HHuvos ratioeveryone talks about the gw alert system but first u need to be educated by the wonders of umn safe u alerts. i wil… gel caps and my bernie sanders sweatshirt are working overtime to cure my cold @cat_oriel HARVEST BOWL SUPREMACYhey babe is everything ok you haven’t touched your croisshark
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but actually abolish gwpdso what i’m hearing is gw said abolish the police @TessKlugewicz @fratboyjaden no literally how am i retroactively getting the 711 plaguewhoever gave me this cold is never seeing heaven.Happy first day of fall, y’all 🍁🍂🍁
Retweeted by aliciapeet's employees i appreciate u and everything u do so much even when you call me alyssaexhibit b i become a woman in stem leave ur thoughts below blitzer about to storm the capitol oh no oh fuck @ItalixnPrideAcc they have to wait at least 6 months after the anti police abolition piece before they drop another hot pile of shit @zachblackburn23 as a former employee i think you should personally go find it yourself
@nolanp_2002 yesANDERSON COOPER IS A VANDERBILT ??????? @EmmyGlassman mom i love the comment but i’m a little offended u think i’m eating dinner at 4:30 pmwe did it joe finished my vlab time to go back to voggy vottom @EmmyGlassman no.dawn of chromatica is good or whatever but i will never forgive lady gaga for those oreosshould i make a twitter for my radio show ??? that feels on brand for menothing has happened recently just thinking about petworthoti love twitter drama bc someone will be a shitposter and people will write 20 part threads about how they’re actually a war criminal
.#Sukkot starts tonight, a holiday where Jews the world over will move into temporary dwellings for 8 days to remem…
Retweeted by aliciaall of my exams are during the week of indigenous people's dya this is discrimination methinksalso can i just say i rlly don’t like the insinuation that practicing modesty is somehow handmaids tale-esque. obvi… i want to cosplay as the orthodox jewish women who taught me hebrew and i think we should normalize it @brookestallman u already knoi feel like at some point they have to stop giving rupaul every reality competition emmy every single year @EmmyGlassman PLEASEif mj rodriguez doesn’t walk home tonight with an emmy i’m burning everything downthe best part of housewives is definitely the mom angle facetimesHER !!!!!!
vinner is so good why lie
Retweeted by aliciacurrently listening to people on the vex debating the merits of nuclear energy @bananaweber @emmajthatcher_ HI JULIAGuys just in case you forgot follow @falicia_assman
Retweeted by alicia @franksonetra and i are so cute if @zachblackburn23 should change his name for zach blackboardtime to respond to every story as if it was personally written to meshoutout to the guys who just walked past my room blasting baby by justin bieber
starting the countdown until justin diamond sees this and replies about abolishing the sahow is literally everyone in sa. what could u possibly all be doing.just saw tour groups in front of smith, funger and gwpd all facing me this feels like personal victimization by the class of 2026.WHO VOTED NO i get a nyt crossword subscriptionwhen you think about it elizabeth holmes just girlbossed too close to the suni do not believe in the institution but i’d do it for her <3i would marry alice cullenwatching the twilight baseball scene this is True Cinematographytoday I learned about the Minnesota Shaped Forest, a forest in Minnesota shaped like the state of Minnesota
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talking abt politics at parties is my toxic traité dressing up like the shabbos kallah: a thread
Retweeted by aliciai like taylor’s strategy of saying she’s in red era while not releasing a single song from it and instead releasing one from 1989like ? yes. ,?????? sure ! watched the video of her getting ready for the met and she described her dress by saying “it’s giving purple” so… the lies
i’m such a woman in stem (got arcgis to work on my computer) @TessKlugewicz so ur telling me my temporary umbrella support didn’t help ?? @keelsfrave h&m !if u see me today tell me i look cute or i’ll start crying and throwing up’s my fav time of year: “happy yom kippur” seasonwent to go take a shower and then remembered my building’s water is literally turned offreal housewives editors put crack in this show i think. i literally sit down and next thing i know i’ve watched 3 e… @emofarmgirl @TherapistMitski no literally everything is named after the same 5 rich white men. theres an elliott R… @bananaweber THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME WHEN I INSTALLED MINE WHY IS IT SO HARD TO DO
not too late to delete this one besties i just hear the words "bari weiss" i'm outim not observing fast for yom kippur this year however i WILL watch my home services solely to see my girlboss rabbi speakWENDY WILLIAMS HAS COVID ?????????/i don’t think u understand i was just walking home then saw the restocked fridge and RAN across the streetYERB IS BACK AT POINT CHAUD i can hear the mucus in ur cough pls go homejust got invited to recruit for a latina sorority. who’s gonna tell them ??i’m not a huge football gal but if u bring up the packers it’s OVER i will go into full minnesota mode like literal… rose’s dad’s hair is gonna haunt my dreams tonight
@beancrunchwrap it literally ruined my whole daypoint chaud had 0 yerba mate today im literally gonna crywhitney rose rhoslc i love u @emmapawlak_ I WAS GONNA PUT IT IN BUT I FORGOT!!!!!! KIM PETRAS HORSE GIRL WAS SO CAMP @sophhhal me showing up dressed as a st. paul pork products employeeFrankly disappointed I didn’t see a recreation of any of these looks last night.
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