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i dont think anybody from the state of california can be trusted idk @CarstenPfundt ok fuck u? u gon pay? no? okay then carry on hoeeverytime i trust someone it backfires i am done trusting u hoes smh all my trauma going in the voice activated password journal
@t0ughluck_ ur the favorite bc u live w them @footballwithave @falloutboy @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris shut up averythis has to be a fever dream theres no way wearing 3 longsleeves, a hoodie, jeans w/ tights but im still freezing 😭 whyd i move to the north @DrBenTapper1 thought she was gon start throwing it back 😭pepperoni n salami r getting so big 😭 BLACK MAN IS CURRENTLY MISSING IN LAWRENCE MASSACHUSETTS ⚠️
Retweeted by alex 🐝it really be like that
Retweeted by alex 🐝trying to make stress relief tea so naturally the thing catches on fire @ITSN0TJAMES @itsjoshuamiles sometimes male dogs need it for medical reasons like a really bad blockage @magicalfiction @guccihighwaters both 😭
ya @regrownnj now its by my side by lund but IM NOT DOWN BADtw // execution pervis payne is set to be executed on april 9th. we cannot afford to wait around to the day of li…
Retweeted by alex 🐝me : im fine also me : into my new job like not only am i mentally ill i am also Hot shawty lets listen to the new @guccihighwaters in 6 days @t0ughluck_ okay <3 @t0ughluck_ ANYTHING but soundcloud artists would be appreciatedwhy is it always the soundcloud rappers ? i cant catch feelings for a country singer or like a walmart cashier or sumn??this one right here!
Retweeted by alex 🐝redownloaded tinder & this was the first person that popped up
also the 3 garbage can fires in one day? the 420 bust on students.our assistant principal got run over. wrestling coach was arrested for tryin to get w underage boys. flag day. shawty
Retweeted by alex 🐝anyways im blocked but yaaaa dont brag abt listening to abusers ❤️ wouldnt buy a shirt from a domestic abuser so why would u openly stream a abusive artists music and help pay their bills?hey girly pop 🥰 listening to a rapist, abuser or pedophiles music is giving them money, therefore supporting them A… @peoplesxtemple this came for mei am too pretty to be this sad, i am only choosing violence now.the moron in your name is really showing rn. dont sympathize with homophobes and racists. scrobbles told me to find a therapist @lilxsadeyes the vomit green ones r an abomination i hate them so much why do u want to drive a toaster shaped carhey google shuffle Let the Ocean Take Me by The Amity Affliction @JoelDTD why is the pedophile/rapist opening his stupid mouth @VOREGASMZ u get w pass but nobody else 🧚‍♂️ @VOREGASMZ of ur from there u are an exceptionif ur from la i automatically do not trust u.
@guccihighwaters convolk and nn 🧍🏻‍♀️tw// grooming my experience with @/dontmove111 / oaf1 i've been withholding my experience some time now and have…
Retweeted by alex 🐝 @tobetterdaysx we have the same birthday LMAO @rarepod idk why it shows that bc i habe discord notifs in my notification centermental illness innit @darcyymoran i raise u unopened texts from 2017UPDATE: Dustin’s execution is no longer moved to March, this was overturned and he is now facing execution TOMORROW…
Retweeted by alex 🐝 @uglyhorsethey @tacobell u can only get it thru the app ! @uglyhorsethey @tacobell u can still order it on the appmaybe i wont die (: important!! do any of u live in st louis?
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Retweeted by alex 🐝this is literally my dream house hello did this 😭 new @guccihighwaters is fire but got me like this lowkey lol when parties r back can we go back to playing Soulja Boy and Cali Swag District @jayxvee are u down badi fr am too needy i need to be euthanizedass pics at 3am fuck it @lackofhome i love themi can not fw if u defend cops idc who u are get away @regisjack 🧍🏻‍♀️ @LlVEBREATHE this is a fact @whatvrfrvr that shit hurtswish i could request $1M from my dad simply bc i hate him??? sugar mommy twitter showed out in 2 secondssugar daddy twitter been real silent latelyi start my new job saturday!!! aaah!!!
face tattoos? idk her
Retweeted by alex 🐝 @GRAIYN cheech has stressed me out so much especially bc i wasnt supposed to raise him alone, like homie really tes… u get an animal and swear to take care of it then dump it at a shelter/get rid of it when u cant handle it i hate unot me applying for a 8 year old dog named oswaldy cat meow to come in if meow to leave 7 minutes later ?someone h*ld my handmentally i’m here u thought the plug blocked u from their story but they were actually in jail
@iliiaite @iliiaite no 😤 it is always halloweenbig clothes disney mom 🤝 me attack in the trader joes parking lot? more likely than u would think (:if america is still standing on jan 22nd i will be busy bumping new ghwmaybe i will make it thru january🥰 light⬆️like😏 a💫 feather✒, heavy🤘 like🍬 brick🧱. I'm😁 rockstar👨‍🎤 got💃 slits✂️on👀 my💁‍♀️wrists💪 @lilhdmi u can see street names and the general area of my apartment, not where i live exactly also i was walking m… over people that simply could not care less about me @dearmemusic lmao im big chillinabsolutely not u neighbor for the domestic dispute at 3:30am where u just keep calling yr gf a raggedy ass hoe. the whole ne… hate when u can feel someone losing interest in u/distancing themselves bc u rlly just be here like 🧍🏻‍♀️ feeling like shit @knucklefuckkk @gooddyeyoung my yellow from them always looked orange until rinsing it but every other color ive ha…
@cemeteryfIowers YES!!! AAA cant take any good pictures of my new hair 😋 so this is my hair revealthis is lava girl now, feel old yet? do ppl in michigan fly confederate flags we are not in the south & ur just embracing ur racist side at this poi… @dearpyrrhic dropped a new song 😤 go listen now @apathyne mental illness or commitment? we’ll never know @livinontheveg @gooddyeyoung !!! that happened to me but i returned it and they gave me a normal one