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They almost had me in the first half but then I remembered the floaty Among Us hands... 🤔 @praxst There's a costume version of it too: Are they pets? A: No, but they might appear in the new levels 👀 @ZeruiQin @CamiloNieto The "Season" is the levelling up and unlocking awards on the fame path. The Main Show would… @HearthSparkTV @CamiloNieto It's when the Season 2 fame path finishes and stops being playable @CamiloNieto This is just a countdown to the end of Season 2 unfortunately, not a countdown to the start of Season… he is! S M O L P I N G U S Wait... *checks notes* P E G W I N That's the one 🐧 @APerryTweets @thegameawards @geoffkeighley No, we haven't announced a release date yet for Season 3 👀 @Joshubuh omg, I can't believe we didn't call them that 😭😭😭😭😭 @bat_jat @thegameawards @geoffkeighley Not really lol I'll suggest that to the team though!Can ye believe we didn't call them Nootus?This is Pegwin 🐧 If you want to see more of them, you might want to watch @thegameawards with @geoffkeighley on th… just remembered this existed and wanted to share it with you all again lol @spikee_j I... don't really know lol @rudeism how do you hold it? lol @tweetertucker @AnimeAbsol Oh man, yeah, we need them! Need plushies too! @MichaelJeffNun1 T-pose is one of my fave @AnimuTrademark I'm trying 😩 This tweet wasn't meant to be funny though Just sharing a cool controller that a coo…
Yoooooo, he actually did it He made a Fall Guys controller to play Fall Guys that looks like his actual in-game Fa…🥚 Showdown IRL those who remember Beanbot, you can now pay your respects with this Beanbot faceplate In game right now for 1… does your Fall Guy look like atm? 👀
I still can't believe we called it an 'Ugly Sweater' when it's the best sweater I've ever seen lol… @IntelGaming have you ever yeeted an i9? @rob14white Until December 1stFall Guys is 20% off on Steam! We've also got: 20% off of the Collector's Pack! 20% off of the Fast Food Pack! 10%… @KALzzone8 This is so awesome! Love all of your levels! @Stonepa_ Thanks - We've actually experimented with reducing references to Big Yeetus and things for a few days and… @DaftLimmy I still can't believe these photos were taken 10 years apart @motionlessani I am biased, but its such a good jumper isn't it lolIt's still possible to get your hands on a Fall Guys jumper of your own! They're for 'Christmas' but I'm going to… @DawgLaser 1 week... and its FREE if you own the gameB I G Y E E T U S T O U R I hope you're hungry... ... because it's an All You Can Yeet Buffet lol oof, as I…
We've got a new show hitting the game tomorrow... B I G Y E E T U S T O U R All the Big Yeetus, all the time… @AmongUsGame I knew you'd made it that hard on purpose 😩 @DynamoSuperX @cbbc @Mediatonic Could play both? @mosquito_png @cbbc @Mediatonic Peter but he blue @SquirtleSilly @cbbc @Mediatonic THEY GOT THE SWEATERRRRRBlue Peter (@CBBC) is currently holding a gaming competition for their UK fans! Prizes include: - A Fall Guys cost… @Blamnit @MilkMan90175527 @trichoglossus @sootgremlin_ @ConanOBrien thanks for watching, see you next time on my show @MilkMan90175527 Yes! We've got @trichoglossus who runs our TikTok account: And… and the other 2 Community Managers have nominated Fall Guys for 'Best Game You Suck At' I am laughing but… @lionslunchtime Thank you lol Take a crown 👑 @MineRarriaNews It's just a joke, some of the developers have 0 crowns too lol I'm sure you'll win one some day! 👑 @dreamisrented @AmongUsGame Nice, hopefully both bean games win an award lol ❤️👌 @dreamisrented @AmongUsGame has been one of my favourite games of the year too! Steam will only let you vote for…'tis the season of the Steam Awards! If Fall Guys has been your favourite game this year, it would mean the world… ended with Fall Guys ❌ Now Tall Guys is my best friend ✔️ @BrawlStars @CanalBrawl @Frank_Supercell @KairosTime lol this is everything I hoped for @xdsms_ @geocube15 @enderelectrics @SnakeGameBot you have memed yourselves lol @xdsms_ @enderelectrics @geocube15 @SnakeGameBot 👀 @Frank_Supercell @BrawlStars @Aitorek WHAT IS UNDER THE JUMPER??? Is it covered in tiny Fall Guys??? @BrawlStars Yessss, now you just have to embrace it Embrace the chaos Tell everyone it is canon Do a skeleton ve… @itsDanBull You have got this 🙇‍♂️ @OperationsFunky I don't know how much cringier I can make it so that it's obvious I really thought it was lol An… R I D A Y \(•◡•)/ @1nfernape wholesome100.jpg told them it was called 'Fall Guys goes brrr' but they didn't believe me lol
@_Pedz_ @GosuJoe @Dentist64 I've heard he dunks himself in slime once per day, every day, before breakfast @ManGamer03 @GosuJoe @OliverAge24 I'll do it if we win the community support awardAll of these games are awesome and it's an honour to be nominated! You can vote for your favourite here:…, even being one person's Best Game Of The Year means so much to us ❤️ |  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | | Thank you… @trichoglossus @AmongUsGame @TheMrMegabyte Feel like I need to do an unfollow spree now time, shall we do 1,000 pieces... with no numbers? 😂 @TheMrMegabyte @AmongUsGame I am sad they only follow one account, I'll never be followed back 😂😭 @trichoglossus @AliAismylife69 @thegameawards How about... Best Multiplayer Game About Brightly Coloured Falling G… @thegameawards Best Multiplayer Game About Brightly Coloured Falling Guys That Are Bean Shaped @airwasyHD which one did you wear first?Alongside the 20% Steam discount on Fall Guys... We've also discounted our DLC packs! The Collector's Pack is cur… @ButtonTheLugia We did a huge campaign yesterday with a reveal of the theme for Season 3 along with a few costumes…
HUGE SHOUT OUT to everyone for working together and completing this puzzle! I'm pleased to announce the theme of… @goobythethird haha having a real r/publicfreakout a real r/cringe moment updoot the downdoot @itsnem haha had a heckin' good laugh at this literally rofl'ing right now I can't even wholesome 100 @SamCraftRecon @SouthieFromSTW1 I literally just googled "steam sale gif" and slapped some fall guys on it lol @SouthieFromSTW1 was cringe all alongI can't find the official artwork for our Steam Autumn sale so I edited together this video I tried my hardest so… 295 out of 300 pieces 👀 Twitter, how are you doing with the #JigSawus puzzle? Discord is almost finished 👀 @jacksfilms You playing Club Penguin?😎 Sensible Game account: Let's just tweet our promo picture and say we're excited about the next season 😐 Fall Gu… @you_possum me reading tweets from fall guys: old pal @j_gestalt has put together a handy @Mediatonic guide to #JigSawus in case you have literally no idea wh… @MerryMarauder41 @ReflectiveRuby2 We didn't pay for that either lolNew piece! Number 261! Thanks @geoffkeighley! #JigSawus #FallGuysSeason3 @PenScribbleDX haha imagine if they were self-aware that would feel like a lil yeety to the heart @RinnyVeed Vinny Reedus, I'm glad you like my tweetus @VelocityyHyper haha heckin chonker of a tweet, hyper doggo @YungTaylorSwift haha redditus momentus, am i right fellow kids? Can I get some big chungus in the comments? @ReflectiveRuby2 Yeah, but we didn'tAlive game#JigSawus AND #FallGuysSeason3 trending? Couldn't be me, Twitter is doing pretty well now 👀 I don't think this is legit... @FallGuysGame Used @FallGuysGame meme template to make it extra meta #JigSawus
Retweeted by Fall Guys 👑 @Blamnit @yagoguiraom 264THEY LITERALLY STOLE PIECE 69 is a weird social experiment lol #FallGuysSeason3 #JigSawus Twitter vs. Discord @RockinCherry_ @desszn_ Hi, it's me, A Public Relations EmployeeI have gotta be honest, Discord are in the lead by miles on #JigSawus 😂👌 Come on Twitter friends, you are lettin…