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@gordykegs @OliverAge24 Amazing - I was worried you lost a bet to me then I would never ask anyone to get a yellow… @gordykegs @OliverAge24 "yellow team tattoo tomorrow" bought the Deep Diver costume? πŸ‘€ Please can screenshot for me? I only have 3 crowns, I cannae afford πŸ˜ͺ @messigician_ @TheEmeraldLad @MatRoff Have you played recently? Or do you mean before the Easy Anti-Cheat patch? @roxysuxx_1 @MatRoff If you got it before, it'll still be on your account Also... you still need PS+ membership to… illustration by @MatRoff secret to his power? He just does 100 slime climbs, 100 fall mountains, 100 see-saws, and gets 10 crowns EVERY…*Checks date* I remember Do you remember? you all been watching @GrandPooBear's FALLMANIA events? It's back this Thursday for FALLMANIA 3! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @RiTides @GrandPOOBear @OliverAge24 @Mediatonic @devolverdigital hello πŸ‘€ @timthetatman We didn't think you'd get a crown but you proved us all wrong I reckon you could go radiant and prove us all wrong again @timthetatman πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
go on then, ratio me πŸ˜©πŸ‘Œ @ZukuTweets Seriously though, in this case it's not even clickbait... watch til the end and seeomg watch until the end @AlinityTwitch @TwitchSupport lmao this happened to our official channel one time too, I thought we had been shadow banned πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒFall Guys Parody Cartoon @FallGuysGame
Retweeted by Fall Guys πŸ‘‘How is yellow team lately? πŸ‘€Favourite round?
@ChrisTheOk *you're a very important videoThis is a very important video πŸ‘Œ is beautiful πŸ‘Œ gonna tag @VancityReynolds and hope for the best πŸ˜‚πŸ€ž you switch on the RTX 🀯 @InventorBLADES @Twitch @TwitchRivals He's very good at the game @TwitchEsports - he'd get lots of EZ qualsV E R Y R A R E πŸ‘€
TWITCH RIVALS IS LIVE NOW!!! BIG YEETUS THE RIVALS who's back in the Fall Guys store on PS4 and Steam! 10 πŸ‘‘ for the full costume! Hope you've got some dubs sav… @_CptnMrgn @OkStarvinMarvin this one @GemmCreatives Always has beenWhat's your lucky fruit in Perfect Match? @iamconnorwoods 10/10 its as good as I thought it would be @AlbinoJesiel 10/10 - I'm actually a big fan of things that don't normally go in pots being in pots @soxbrooker 5/10 for copying mine @fahadlfc_01 10/10 the horse head is the costume I wish I had the most @AntManNdTheWasp 10/10 looks fantastic, really shows off what the customisation is capable of @JustAltairyBOY That looks like my pet rat, Freddie: @WildLeviathan 10/10 - Actually just a really awesome looking combo. To me, it says "I have a strong win to lose ratio". @JiggsPichu 0/10 I will not condone your image piracy and I will also be tagging @fbi to investigate @cuc4_s 10/10 for this wide guy and excellent job cropping the image @thoomaas16 8/10 - The colour of the liquid is a little unsettling, but the concept is exquisite @CamiloNieto 8/10 - The bean design itself would score lower, but you've vastly improved it with the video underlay @VrRyze 10/10 - For attendance and commitment to your education, good jobBEAN FASHION SHOW 1⃣ Stop what you are doing 2⃣ Screenshot your Fall Guy 3⃣ Post them in the replies 4⃣ Rate ea… @TheMERL I don't think it will get to me unless you put TWITTER PERSON FALL GUYS The devs would know what was up… @TheMERL Well, I have that power I don't have a printer though Do you think you could print it off and mail it to the studio? @TheMERL Yooooooooo, I wish I had that kind of power I WANT THE SQUARE BOY IN THE BEAN GAME @LayerZane After season 1 but before season 3I wish this was a real film πŸ˜©πŸ‘Œ
Let's see what controls Big Yeetus... @aimlab @KingGeorge The king with no crowns? πŸ˜©πŸ‘Œ @bottler_messi @NewNewll @OliverAge24 @NewNewll @OliverAge24 someone who could literally do with some See Saw training though, let's be honest πŸ˜©πŸ‘Œ @egam_art @OliverAge24 @Mediatonic @devolverdigital I'd be the Goomba @yxmidnightwolf @Dentist64 It's the sequel @Shellyesav89 @Dentist64 Thanks, I try to do at least one funny tweet per month @JurandirGregy @Dentist64 Hmmm weird - are you both playing from the same country/region? PS4 or PC? If you could… @JoseGar58908884 @Dentist64 It's random so that every time you play you get a slightly different experience @ohhpuga @Dentist64 Here's a picture apologise for that pun I knew it was bad But I tweeted it anyway I'm apologising But I'm not actually even sorry I'd do it againYeah, Patch Notes are "cool" but if you want to hear more details about the latest update and reasoning behind it..… before this happened, I grabbed him to try and take him out but then fell off in the process lol πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ looks like you actually posted your son and your son's son too @Nxd1me @glitchling_art I do, and I'll do it every time I win in future too @guybrown32 I didn't know this, but I am pleased to know it nowThis is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life Artist: @glitchling_art @Professorbroman Sorry, that's what happens to the fallen beans, please keep it a secret, it's a game for all agesYes... it's still rare even though everyone gets one All unicorns are rare πŸ¦„ @wernt0 All unicorns are rareThank you Fall Guys community for sticking with us while we yeeted the cheaters As a reward for believing in us...… @imdeaga This is 100% on our radar - We actually have members of the dev team that are colourblind too! It's defin… get so many notis that I sometimes miss incredible things like this πŸ₯” Honestly, if I don't retweet something co…πŸ‘‘ We are the champions πŸ‘‘ King had 549 wins and every single costume... Except the Beta one We gave him a few challenges on Twitch yes… @Mittingham @OliverAge24 ima drop him a subThe Seinfeld theme song... but made only from audio samples from Fall Guys It's so good I'll pretend I didn't see…'t talk to me, my son, or my son's son ever again
Oh no......... I just won my 2nd crown... Against the Fall King @InventorBLADES Literally stole his 550th crow… @InventorBLADES joined my Twitch stream and mentioned he didn't have the beta costume yet He has 549 πŸ‘‘ If he c…'ve raised $3,673 so far for @SpecialEffect πŸ‘‘ You can support here:
Retweeted by Fall Guys πŸ‘‘LET'S (and I cannot stress this enough) GOOOOOO!!!
Retweeted by Fall Guys πŸ‘‘Team Fall Lab still winning!'re in the lead, would you believe?!? 19 crowns to TEAM FALL LAB @soxbrooker @iamthatkatt @OliverAge24… Aim Lab: @Valkia - @iamthatkatt - @aimlab Social Media Manager @KingGeorge -… G2: @G2Davidp - @G2Kantoraketti - @OliverAge24 me lol - Ninja: @Ninja - @ConnorEatsPants - @DrLupo -… CHARITY STREAM NOW! Raising more money for @SpecialEffect! 3 Teams competing for the most CROWNS! Team… @CarlosR is very cool tho, you gotta admitWe've found an awesome streamer that's playing Fall Guys for the first time Has 13 viewers Anyone want to join us… Yeetus Fan Animation πŸ‘€ He needs a full TV series πŸ‘€ @aimlab @SpecialEffect @G2esports @Ninja @TPAIN Come on @TPAIN WITHOUT YOU IT WILL JUST BE TPAIN WITHOUT THE TAim Lab are looking for a few extra team members for today! It's to raise some extra $$$ to add to the $1 milli f… @DadsBelt Yo, they just let you tweet during math tests? What if you just tweet the questions and we tweet you the answers? πŸ‘€ @Oreo42069 Thats how random gets you Someone else saw it EVERY TIME for 2 hoursOkay, you got me, it isn't a feature... Or IS it? No... but really... it's a bug OR IS IT? Who knows?!? Who wi… gotta confess something We put in a secret feature where hundreds of @Mediatonic jelly bean guys spawn in at the… excited for this!πŸ’™Massive thanks to everyone involved πŸ‘‘ See you all tonight at 8pm UK time!
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