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Go float yourself, Lexa. #beermestrength Did I squander my divinity? Was happiness within me the whole time?

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@Ladyhawke80 We did! Ahahahahahahahaha! @Ladyhawke80 Jelly and PISSED! @Kimmy_D_RN We've had snow all day in MN. It's not sticking yet but still...
I regret to inform you that my brain will think it's the year 2000 until the day I die. When is 30 years ago? 1970.…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳Hey twitter! The Navajo nation lost their lawsuit to allow their ballots to be counted 10 days after the election b…
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But also... @Ladyhawke80 just informed me that Aaron Tveit is going to be in a Hallmark Christmas movie. So, now I'm going to… @NikolNura @Ladyhawke80 @IntheMoment19 Yasssssssss!
Georgetown University report finds Joe Biden’s free public college plan would pay off within 10 years
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳 @IntheMoment19 @NikolNura I just finished watching the eps 7-9 and I'm really trying hard to convince myself that I… @NikolNura I think I'm on to something! It's the only time that they perform together that he's wearing a shirt with sleeves!😂😂😂As president, I’ll protect and build on Obamacare by: - Giving Americans the choice to buy a new public option - L…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳I think Luke's real mistake was wearing a shirt with sleeves. Julie was able to resist. Yup. That's it.… it possible for me to watch EoG once? No. No, it is not. #JulieandthePhantoms @NikolNura @IntheMoment19 @TiffanyDCross I voted for Kerry in '04. I was eligible in '00 but I was a very uniformed college sophomore and did… vote trends are not going to tell us who is going to win. (Maybe Ralston exception.) If you are tempted to us…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳Highly underrated cover —>
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2020 I’m no Ice Cube but...
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳The election is not 18 days away. The election is over in 18 days. The election is now. Vote early.
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳 @Ladyhawke80 @riasangelina @ritziroo Further proof that Minnesotans have always been right to hate that stupid state. 😐Retweet If You Are Proud Of @JoeBiden Tonight!
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳Fill out your Census. Today. Pass it on.
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳 @Kimmy_D_RN @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris I'm so excited for you to cast your vote!I’m about to step on stage for tonight’s town hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tune in to @ABC to watch live.
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🆘Need to resuscitate someone? Is it 250 years ago? Place burning tobacco in vessel a, introduce probe c to victim’s…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳 @OriginalFunko I'll buy these when they look like the movie versions. — your voter registration deadline has been extended! Head to to get registered onl…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳The best part of this was hearing Obama point out how progressive temper tantrums and sitting out elections is a se… @HerbstWebber need all of this Emily in Paris talk to stop. It's infecting my podcasts and it just sounds insanely stupid. Vapi… @NikolNura @Ladyhawke80 @IntheMoment19 Yessssssssssss! 😍🤣If your voter registration isn’t current by the end of today, you can still register on Election Day - and you can…
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@IntheMoment19 @Ladyhawke80 Sigh. Speaking of upstarts, @Ladyhawke80. This jerk. ☝😉 @Broadwaysted @GreatCometBway sitting onstage and half in the spotlight as Denee Benton and Dave Malloy sang "Pierr… cases are rising in Minnesota. Most citizens are making the sacrifices of social distancing and distance lear…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳One of my dearest friends is not sure whether she will vote for Biden and I am speechless. Don't believe the polls.…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳BREAKING! The voter registration deadline for Virginia has be extended until Thursday, October 15 at 11:59 pm. Regi…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳 @Ladyhawke80 "The upstart" 😂😂😂👏🏾NOT👏🏾 GET 👏🏾LULLED👏🏾 BY THESE👏🏾 POLLS!👏🏾 REMEMBER👏🏾 2016! 👏🏾VOTE!
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳The election is not 20 days away. The election is over in 20 days. The election is now. Vote early.
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳 @Ladyhawke80 I was avoiding that gif. 🤣🤣🤣 @Ladyhawke80 How dare you. @Ladyhawke80 Awwwww! I miss them. @Ladyhawke80 It is not lost on me that the lyrics there are "Now til eternity." @Ladyhawke80 YASSSSSSSSSS @LudaGal1 @Ladyhawke80 @IntheMoment19 @NikolNura Nope, never.
This preserves the N95 with a cheaper mask. So you can swap out the top mask and keep using the N95. The VP is help…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳 @NikolNura Oh, I do the same with Finally Free. There's something about Bright though that gets to me.Is it possible for me to watch Bright once? No. No it is not. #JulieandthePhantoms @NikolNura I knew could count on you. 😍Why yes. Yes I all starting it again. #JulieandthePhantomsFuelled by hatred, we are unleashed. Come night we march. At dawn they die.
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳 @Ladyhawke80 Yes. Yes, it is!
@NikolNura @Ladyhawke80 @IntheMoment19 @NikolNura @Ladyhawke80 @IntheMoment19 The EoG solo is so obvious I almost forgot to start with it. Like it's just…, I have decided a thing. They need to re-record the #JulieandthePhantoms sdtk because 1) Luke's guitar solo in E…’t complain about Dem leadership being too white and too old if you supported a white septuagenarian in the presidential primary
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳This makes more sense to me than anything else I’ve read concerning Trump having covid👉
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳Y’all talking about cabinet picks makes me feel like you’re getting a little too comfortable. We have 23 days left.…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳Wow. On abortion. Well said @PeteButtigieg Well said. #thankyou
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳Analysis: None of this matters, just vote, volunteer, and make sure everyone you know is voting too
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳 @NikolNura @Ladyhawke80 😂 So true. Well never not be rewatching this. @NikolNura @Ladyhawke80 My plans totally derailed. I ended up napping when I got home. I 100% approve of your rewatch though.
@NikolNura @Ladyhawke80 Haha! Will do. I'll be in the road for a couple of hours but you'll be hearing from me. @NikolNura @Ladyhawke80 I'm going to as soon as I get home!There are about 50,000 coal miners in the US. There are more than 100,000 theatre artists who were employed by pr…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳Some idiot in MA burnt down this display and was arrested last night. Since it's now gone maybe a few retweets woul…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳 @NikolNura @Ladyhawke80 @IntheMoment19 @HollywoodLife Goddamn these two.
Nevir shal Ich give thee up Nevir shal Ich lat thee doun Nevir shal Ich runne arounde and desert thee Nevir shal Ic…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳 @MeghanMcCain Then stay off Twitter. @Delphine2525 @ritziroo @HerbstWebber She's THE Karen. Karen Zero. @NikolNura @Ladyhawke80 I wanna know how many times Charlie had to do that take before he caught the guitar. @Ladyhawke80 @clairewillett YESSSSSSSSSSS!
@Ladyhawke80 You're a hero! @Ladyhawke80 My best friend is so pretty! @Ladyhawke80 I LOVE IT!A lottttt of folks forgetting that senate republicans changed the number of justices on the bench to 8 when they de…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳 @Ladyhawke80 Done. @Ladyhawke80 Unsaid Emily totally sneaks up on you. It's criminal.
@PsychPeacock Banana!just a reminder— since everyone is focusing on abortions only— planned parenthood helps way more than just pregnant…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳BREAKING: CDC finds Arizona infection rates -increased 150% when mask wearing/distancing removed -declined 75% af…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳Seeing a lot of griping about Kamala's facial expressions during the debate from the same groups who rely overwhelm…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳Time flies. Make your voting plan now.
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳Pence said we could have had millions of lives lost. That their actions limited it to (now) over 200k. Dude, that's…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳Everyone who's tweeting, "I'm bored" -- this is SUPPOSED TO BE BORING. POLITICS SHOULD BE BORING, COMPETENT PEOPLE…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳What Mike Pence adds to the ticket is that he lies in a calm voice.
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳I made it to the swine flu before my anxiety and anger got the better of me and I had to shut it off. #VPDebate2020This is a perfect tweet
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳Message to all Democrats -- do not believe the polls. We've been down this road before.
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How do you feel about this one @Ladyhawke80 ??? 😉 @chrissieortiz Definitely Buffy & Angel I'm still mad about what they did to Spike once they decided he was in love with Buffy. @Frethemas in awhile I remember how much I hate The Hunger Games and Katniss as a character. the polls, folks. There’s too much at stake for us to get complacent. Vote: Donate:…
Retweeted by VOTE 🗳I see no polls. I hear no polls. I speak no polls and I refuse to acknowledge said polls. #vote #BidenHarris2020
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