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Yes, Maguire and Rashford, obviously. @ftblmb I'm pretty sure lad, a few days ago I think. @ftblmb Pretty sure he's already back.Excellent news on the injury front. confirms Matip and Fabinho are available. #LFCLook sharp, @LFC. he doesn't believe that "no" at the end. Elite mentality. 🇪🇬 Gunnar Solskjaer: "I would probably think he [Rashford] wouldn't be ready [for Liverpool] but let's see."
@SamWilliams__96 It's been a bit of a shambles 😂 I think you're right pal, it's a tough ask from here. @markgoldbridge It would appear massively desperate on Ole's part if he risks him. @SamWilliams__96 Just crying out for someone to up their game. Surprised Carter thought he hit that yellow.Higgins-Carter is proving to be such an edgy match. It's really dragging, isn't it? @WC_LFC_Torres You almost, and I really mean almost, had me there.Rashford is prepared to play through the pain barrier to face Liverpool. [Mirror] @dshanahan930 That's fair enough. I'd be more than happy with either. @dshanahan930 Prefer Lewis or you'd rather have a left-back? @OIiGraham I saw some shouts for Ake, but I'd rather a full-back over a central defender. @OIiGraham I'd have Grealish given the choice. McGinn is a good shout though, hard to argue with. @lfcxcathal He has the work rate to match the quality. @KloppEra96 Watford are out of the drop zone now. @lfcxcathal I like Cantwell, but Grealish is levels ahead. @KingNK8_Gavin I considered him! Definitely a top player.Buendia, Aarons & Grealish.
Retweeted by Matt @CFCPys @willreyner I didn't write the original tweet. Personally, I'd like Werner, I've made no secret of that. @CFCPys @willreyner I've not mentioned Liverpool once, nor have I debated that Chelsea is a good option for players. @CFCPys @willreyner You're interpreting it as a dig. Like I said, he'd be a top signing for anyone. @CFCPys @willreyner Fair enough, not sure why I would know that though. That doesn't guarantee that another player… @CFCPys @willreyner Wasn't that predominantly because of Sarri? @willreyner @CFCPys That's my opinion, you're perfectly entitled to you own, of course. He'd be a smashing signing for anyone. @willreyner @CFCPys You may, that's a possibility. I just imagine Werner would want to go somewhere where the proje… @CFCPys @willreyner Like I said to Will, my earlier point is based on my opinion on how the league will play out. I… @CFCPys @willreyner Who won both matches? @CFCPys That's relevant how? @willreyner That's fair enough pal. It's not a dig at Chelsea, it's just my opinion on how the league will play out in the coming years. @willreyner Do you think you'll better us or City in the next few years with Frank? @CFCPys Also, he's already playing Champions League football... @CFCPys You're not guaranteed to make the Champions League. Also, he may want to compete for titles now. @willreyner That's how you're interpreting it. He's a very good player, he deserves to be challenging for titles. @CFCPys I'm not acting like you're a mid-table club though. @willreyner What? @CFCPys What? @jamesrobsonES Crikey. @Raheem7i We could certainly adapt to fit him in, no doubting that. @Raheem7i I doubt he'd accept a rotation role. He's first-team quality almost anywhere, isn't he?He deserves better than Chelsea.'s a bargain. @DHadleyyy11 I don't think so pal, that's just from memory though.
Good to see this man back 🙌 💪 @_fabinhotavares 💪
Retweeted by Matt @m_boovie83 Shockingly, yes. @m_boovie83 Chelsea fans, apparently. @JayWHU_ A neutral with sense! Great to see. 😆 @CFCMod_ Well it should be.The fact that there's even a discussion over who the best right back is in the Premier League is comical. Trent is… @CFCMod_ This is bait, right?BREAKING: Milner and Keita are due to resume rehab outside later in week and could return to training next week. [Dave Maddock]Liverpool have poached Arsenal’s head of medicine Gary O’Driscoll and appointed him head of medical services says T…
Retweeted by MattTimely boost for #LFC with both Fabinho and Joel Matip training as normal at Melwood today. Both in contention to…
Retweeted by MattConfirmed - the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations will take place in January and February next year. That means it'll be…
Retweeted by Matt @donkopleone You make a good argument...Completely and utterly ripping off Buli yt here but c’est la vie.
Retweeted by MattEvery single one of his NPG (he also has a 100% pen record) looks transferable to the Liverpool system and is remin…
Retweeted by Matt @donkopleone You've convinced me. @KetelVan I think it's changing again, for some reason.Very pleased indeed.That's awful news. wouldn't be at all opposed to signing Havertz, but is he really what we need for the price that he'd cost? Some w… isn't going away.
@OT_Toller I think there's some bad luck too. I don't want to write him off just yet... @babuyagu @AlexLynchyyy08 That's interesting. Fingers crossed that the injuries aren't serious then! @AlexLynchyyy08 I still think it's unlucky, I'm not prepared to write him off yet. You? @LFCLiverbird96 I for one wouldn't begrudge him leaving if he wanted to play. He's earned that. @ahmedIfc We'd be foolish to lose Grujic. He's always impressed in pre-season and looks ideal to step into that Mil… @AlexLynchyyy08 Sadly that's just his luck! @LFCLiverbird96 Does the emergence of Jones and Grujic's return sway your decision? @ahmedIfc Plus Grujic's return too. @kotfxo90 Agreed. I wouldn't begrudge him wanting a move.Should Adam Lallana be offered a new deal? @nathhenshallou1 They'll all start in the cup I imagine! @AlexLynchyyy08 I can't imagine they're too bad. That said, the silence isn't a great sign. @MoustacheHis Great that we finally have some options again!Is there still nothing on the injuries to Milner and Keita? I'm assuming they'll be long-term. @MoustacheHis That looks good to me. I wonder if Minamino will get a start? @WAFCAaronJ Can't get enough of that! @BassiiLFC Should be a decent cup match! @WAFCAaronJ Wouldn't be surprised if Lovren and Matip get the nod to build up their fitness. @WAFCAaronJ Enjoy it chief! Should be a proper cup tie.#LFC will travel to face Shrewsbury Town in the fourth round of the FA Cup. @StuartC00445435 Thanks boss!Listen to the noise!
Retweeted by Matt @LFCaolan Hero! 👊Does anyone have the clip of Peter Drury's commentary over Origi's CL final goal? I can't find it anywhere.Introducing your @bt_uk England Men's Player of the Year... 🥁 Congratulations, @JHenderson! 👏
Retweeted by MattLiverpool have no interest in signing Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish. [Echo] @lfcolliebatt9 Well earned!Salah’s pass to Firmino on Saturday evening.
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@bigstig12 @lfcolliebatt9 Too kind boss! @lfcolliebatt9 @bigstig12 Gotta stick together. 👊Roma asked today for Xherdan Shaqiri on loan. Liverpool refused. [@FabrizioRomano]Jurgen Klopp is unlikely to throw him in at the deep end with a start against United - his first start looks certai…