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That's back-to-back clean sheets as well. You just get the feeling that the performances are starting to match our results. @LFCNasir Shakhtar preferably, but we're the European champions, bring anyone on! @abxlxo13 He's been poor the last few weeks, no doubting that. @AnfieldCanada It'll only get better now Keita is finding form too.If anybody's allowed a dip in form then it's Roberto Firmino. He's constantly delivered at least 7/10 performances… @petertaitx Without a doubt! @_Utd_Oscar He's certainly good enough! @wr_ghty Honestly, they've all done themselves proud! @_bradlfc I suppose you're right, especially with Elliott's obvious talents coming through. @Senor__Berlin No. @dujematosic77 Predominantly right wing I think. Is that right, @ThatRexGuy? @carrythegame Still three to four top years in him though. @_bradlfc Is having both greedy? @BoyBetterKnown_ Both would be welcomed. @ParkTheBus8989 Impressed me the most over both games.Takumi would really fit in well, wouldn't he? @LFC_Garrett World-class Dejan is upon us.Haaland has done a prime Lovren with that pre-match interview. @KieronWebb_ He needed to and, in his defence, he's really performing now. @LeoMalaguista Top drawer then too!How good has Jordan Henderson been recently? I don't think he's even been in better form. @DHadleyyy11 He deserved that one! Never gives up.GOAL! 2-0! Mo Salah! 🔴GOAL! 1-0! Naby Keita! 🔴👊
@lfcolliebatt9 Same pal! An incredible listen.Listening to Rafa Benitez speak on MNF was incredibly insightful. He's a brilliant man and coach.Dejan Lovren taking part in #LFC training today ahead of the trip to Salzburg.
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@RhysDibble He won his next round match before going out tonight against Mark Allen.
@rajsinghchohan His World Championship win in 2018 was unbelievable. @rajsinghchohan Seems to have come back with a vengeance in the UK's this year. 😂 Not the sharpest break builder,… Bond has been brilliant to watch over the last few days in the UK Snooker Championships. He should be very proud of his performances. @KieronWebb_ They're tried and tested though, aren't they? More accustomed to the physicality of games like the derby.That's in front of Fabinho, I mean. Those three would be incredible together in my opinion. @KieronWebb_ He's too good to give up on, especially given how unfortunate he's been with injuries. @gab_LFC So you've never wanted the club to sign someone then? @Primeballack13 Well that's absurd. @Primeballack13 You'd seriously rather have Hazard in your team at present?Imagine not selecting Sadio.
@Robbinho26 Genuine answer, I've got no idea. 😂 @ScottAllenLFC Either/both sounds possible according to the thread. @LFC_Garrett @ahmedIfc Aouar, Havertz or Werner, maybe. @LFCTransferRoom Looks like this could be VERY beneficial for all parties. 👀 @SauceLikeGini To be honest, and this is a very boring answer, both would do an incredible job for us. Milner, Lall… @AlexLynchyyy08 @KingNaby_8 Even Salah, Firmino, Mane; Werner. Wouldn't mind that. @SauceLikeGini Sancho and Aouar are two names that are being thrown about. @AlexLynchyyy08 @KingNaby_8 Probably a possibility. Reports suggest we're interested, plus he'd fit the FSG transfe… @Jordan_LFC19 I'd imagine so! @ahmedIfc You'd think so, surely? @TopClassKeita Aouar is mentioned by Maddock, Sancho would surely be another option. @KingNaby_8 I wouldn't mind it! @SauceLikeGini Sancho seems more attainable than Mbappe, and fits the bit of what we're after.Nike seemingly want a big-name signing to arrive some time after the new kit deal is publicly announced. @DavidC_LFC I think he can still become a top player in this league under the right manager, but £75m for what he's… @AYPrivateEye @KieronWebb_ @dean___r These things are easy to say in hindsight though, aren't they? @donkopleone Absolutely, although his torrid start, albeit at Arsenal, has somewhat vindicated our stance. @afcsigurd You don't like AFTV pal? @afcsigurd I thought your front three was supposed to be levels ahead? @Ifcanders So did I!How can tenth-place Arsenal be without a win in their last nine matches in all competitions if their starting team… manager, same Arsenal.
Retweeted by MattThis'll be a smashing result for them. Sheffield United have proved to be no pushovers this season. @aarondunlop_ What's funny? @McTominaySauce This has to be a joke.Granted it's one game, but both Mbappe and Neymar were so mediocre for PSG last night. @what_divock A win here takes them up to 11th.It might not be glamorous, but Newcastle have been fairly effective under Steve Bruce.So much fun @LFC playing Holland vs Germany with @maximiser180 and Jurgen Klopp !! Also meeting @VirgilvDijk and…
Retweeted by Matt @tteix66 Skip to our third goal pal:'m a big fan of Lallana celebrating Origi's second goal more than the Belgian.
Listen to that Anfield noise... 🔊 Two-goal Divock Origi reacts after putting rivals Everton to the sword 🔴…
Retweeted by MattHe just loves a big game doesn’t he
Retweeted by MattThere's ahead of the time, and then there's this! Always a great watch is this video. Delighted for Origi. "To be honest, it's my biggest dream to win the Premier League with this club. To give the fans the title…
Retweeted by Matt @NineRole Exactly, so he has to be in the discussion. @CFCMod_ Yes, and as I've said, he's been very good. But Mane has been better. @willreyner Very impressive, but certainly not as good. @CFCPys He's been good, but not as good. @NineRole He'd certainly be in the conversation.I don't think there's been a better player in the Premier League this season than Sadio Mane.That decision was proved right this evening. That said, hoping to see Naby get his chance over the coming weeks! @8deglater Even Lallana to be fair. He may not be everyone's favourite, but you can't doubt his application.I'm a big fan of Robertson's snide side. We've lacked that nasty streak for far too long.Salah and Firmino are of course absolutely fundamental to how we play, but tonight demonstrated that even the very… that was action packed, wasn't it?Oh Divock. 😍Jürgen is a genius.That just gets better and better, Divock. Wonderful. @lennyc81 Those calves look ready for anything! @UtdOscar_ I'm sure the same discussion will be had of Keita.I oddly don't mind that. Nice to see Shaq get a go. Still, it's a little bizarre.That's, um, interesting. think it's time that Bobby steals the show again. Firmino 90+5 incoming. @Nabyllionaire It's time we unleash him on the league!The Merseyside Derby is a real test for Jürgen's mentality monsters according to @OptusSport. Do you agree? A gre…
@lfcolliebatt9 What does it say?If shackles also means Keita, then yes. Definitely.'re rather dangerously misjudging the reason for the backlash. It's got nothing to do with points. @OkSourcee Looks to be.How professional.