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@mohamedbouhafsi Anything on Pepe, @mohamedbouhafsi? 🙏🏻How we haven’t jumped at this I have no idea. He’s perfect and he’s cheap. article by @LynchStandard: have made no secret of their desire to add a flexible forward to their ranks this summer, but they do not… be fair to them, both Arsenal and Spurs have either done, or are looking to do, some incredibly smart business this window.Rumoured United bid for Pepe. 👇🏻 Pepe’s transfer is ‘almost done’ according to Lille’s President.
Full article: plan to make a first-team signing in this transfer window. [Chris Bascombe] @SamMcGuire90 @laurenj19_x Great news. Congratulations!I’m somewhat surprised that Nabil Fekir didn’t opt to stay in Lyon instead of moving to Betis.
Lallana not even on the bench this evening. Totally injury plagued.Libero, who reports that Pépé has his heart set on Liverpool instead of Napoli, is primarily a political paper – wi…
Retweeted by MattI don’t understand this discussion in the slightest. Most fans have barely seen both players play yet are making sw… suggesting that Pepe wants Liverpool. 👇🏻
@karIasback Apparently he’ll take some convincing for that move. @ftbljosh Can’t imagine that suits Lille.If Inter Milan can’t afford Lukaku, then you’d have to think that they also can’t afford Nicolas Pepe. @Dijkinho No doubt he’s still very raw. People are always going to get a little excited when a young player shows signs of promise.Impressive again. Definitely one to keep an eye on! He’s doing all he can to show Klopp that maybe he doesn’t need… it’s always nice to win, some pre-season games are always going to be a little disjointed. Despite losing to…
L’Équipe: ”Lille have received bids from Arsenal, Inter and Liverpool for the player. Now waiting for a decision fr…
Retweeted by Matt took me few hours to write this. Give me your feedback about who should partner VVD. Enjoy my latest article!
Retweeted by MattIndependent commission has fined Daniel Sturridge £75,000 and six week suspension for breach of betting rules. Ban…
Retweeted by MattOne year of Alisson. The best goalkeeper in the world.
Retweeted by MattAlisson, Trent, Virgil van Dijk, Laporte and Robertson. That’s the only right answer, isn’t it? @reid1892 @fletcher_xo I think Phil’s agent is trying to attract Liverpool, as opposed to the club wanting to attract him. @reid1892 @fletcher_xo I’d say Pepe. @fletcher_xo Possibly. I’d be surprised though. Just a personal hunch... @Ifcdan Hit and miss, but I’d be inclined to consider believing it given that it matches up with other reports in F… this is the case then we’re quite obviously the best option. With that being said, I highly doubt the offers are… is dragging now.
Out of curiosity... Would you want Coutinho back at Liverpool?
I can’t see it happening. That said, Klopp wanted Gotze at Liverpool after he left Dortmund for Bayern. If the deal…
@MaaxiAngelo I still think we’ll see some movement! Fingers crossed at least... 😬👀
Coutinho agent: "Liverpool lies very, very deep in his heart. He was a big fan of them throughout the campaign. He…
Retweeted by MattSurely Fekir won’t join Betis...’ve stumbled across a thread in which numerous people claim that Ox is only relevant because of non-footballing re…
@JSHlad I’m glad we’re agreed bro! 😆I don’t even think this is remotely funny. That’s not bias either, it’s just not even slightly humorous, is it? 🤔🤔 Pépé's agent speaks to L'Équipe Mercato: "Nicolas is open to everything. The aim is for him to sign in the…
Retweeted by MattI think this is in relation to another loan deal, by the way. I imagine Kent will leave on a permanent basis. @deanvannguyen I reckon so too.Jurgen Klopp has decided he is not willing to let Ryan Kent leave Anfield and wants him available as a backup this season. [Mirror] @NasirLFC @marcoconterio @TuttoMercatoWeb @MaaxiAngelo? @NasirLFC I think that you’ve got that bang on pal! @DavidC_LFC Must be good money! @Skuggz_ Brilliant for West Ham, odd for Haller without a doubt. @ReggyWallaceWHU @bensmithers56 You’re doing an incredible job! What a signing he’d be.Anyone else think Haller deserves better? 🤔 Villa are spending big money, you get the impression that it’s far more calculated than Fulham’s last year.
The Pepe saga could be about to burst into life following Ivory Coast’s exit from the AFCON.6-0! Bobby Duncan.Brewster assist.1-0! Clyne.Milan have turned their centreback chase to Fiorentina’s Argentinean captain, Germán Pezzella. Meeting with the pla…
Retweeted by MattSepp van den Berg will not make his Reds debut tonight.
Retweeted by Matt @MarshallLunn Bargain. 😂Mignolet is keen to reignite his career this summer by moving on in search of regular football. [Standard]That’s another handy Football Manager signing gone then. @Ifcdan Tough to tell with Spanish sources.More reports from Spain regarding Ceballos, Liverpool and Tottenham. 👇🏻
As indicated by @mohamedbouhafsi, Liverpool want to do a deal for Nicolas Pépé this summer. However, LFC are scared…
Retweeted by MattBREAKING: Divock Origi has signed a new long-term deal with Liverpool. There is no release clause. @_sameelrehman_ @MindOfSamueI Eight may be somewhat excessive though. 😆 @MindOfSamueI Why the eight milks? 🤔😂Brilliant news that Daniel Sturridge has got his dog back! Fantastic. 👏🏻 @TheAlonsoRole Really set the tone, didn’t it?Imagine if his cracking effort didn’t cannon off the bar when we played Sunderland...
Liverpool are likely to focus on bringing in another more versatile signing to strengthen in the attacking wide areas. [Mirror]1/4 PLEASE HELP. I am trying to find someone we swapped tickets with prior to the @LFC v @NFFC Cup Semi final disa…
Retweeted by Matt @Eng_Villarreal @lfc18alberto Good luck, Alberto! @joel_archie @Liverpoolcom_ Nice one, Joel! Good luck with it all. 👊🏻Full article: are optimistic that Divock Origi will accept the club's offer of a contract extension following his retur… are planning to use Harvey Elliott in the first-team set-up at Melwood when his signing is confirmed. [Echo]
If the rumours of Leicester going after Thauvin are true, then they could be a real force capable of disrupting the… on the reliability, but some suggestions here that #LFC will have to pay either €35m plus Origi, or €45m for… @Tino_LFC @UniOfHull Have a top day pal!Harvey Elliott, the youngest player ever to feature in the Premier League, is to join Liverpool this summer. [Telegraph]
@GrizzKhan 100% smart business to keep him. The lad showed immense potential several seasons ago before his injury… a ridiculous question. 😂
@JamesPearceEcho Good luck with the next chapter in your life, James! While you’ve delivered us some bad news over… @OKane_LFC Why?Nicolas Pepe would be absolutely perfect for our football club. @MaaxiAngelo The president says that Liverpool has discussed with the player and the agents. Liverpool didn’t make…
Retweeted by MattLille President Gérard Lopez: “I know that there have been talks with him, but not with us as a club. Liverpool hav…
Retweeted by Matt @JSHlad What was the tweet man? 🤔
Liverpool will resist any attempts to prise Divock Origi away from Anfield this summer. [James Pearce]I completely agree. As much as I’d like Gerrard to one day come back and manage Liverpool, he has to have earned th… Klopp isn't looking to sell Lovren and expects him to stay put for the 2019/20 campaign. [James Pearce] @stephen_6times @CharIie___ The bias in me leans towards Ben, but Masvidal’s stand-up shouldn’t be messed with! You pal? @CharIie___ @stephen_6times I know you’re not his biggest fan. 😂 @stephen_6times @CharIie___ Come on now lads! Nothing wrong with Ben. 😉Liverpool are not looking to sell Dejan Lovren this summer despite interest from Milan. [Sky Sports]
Liverpool are one of several clubs in negotiations with Lille for Nicolas Pepe, but the player’s entourage’s prefer… days left. We better get a move on... @LivEchoLFC This’ll really get people. Brave move.United closing in on Fernandes according to reports in Portugal. 👇🏻