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I’m a cartoonist and writer. I co-created the Cartoon Network short Pops and Branwell. New to Twitter!

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@geofflapid @ianmacewan What about his mom though @ianmacewan @geofflapid I do think you can't underestimate the popularity of cool clowns and the fact that there's no Ms Pennywise yet @bensears I keep having this convo with my vacationing and bbq-ing immediate family who all have friends and relati… @geofflapid T shirtsThe opening credits of Companeros is still v good that the deep state just faked Morricone’s death and put him into the Soros deitalianization machine that they used on Beyoncé.SO IT'S COME TO THIS: I started a GoFundMe to raise some scratch for my eyeball treatments:
Retweeted by Baby Pete TomsThe nice thing about taking my dog out the morning after a holiday weekend is we don’t have to walk because we’re c…
I'm still out of work and it doesn't look like the industry my main source of income is based in is coming back any…
Retweeted by Baby Pete Toms @xtop @bigredrobot Definitely because me and my brother watched it a million times growing up @bensears I have a Star Wars strategy game that locked me out maybe 5 years ago bc it wanted me to update it and I… @alecrobbins I can’t imagine deleting Miitomo but I do think about putting it in one of the folders I have of apps… about deleting the moviepass app from my phone.
@dzima I wonder why they made it a sequel to a Russian movie called Viy and not an Escape Plan prequel
@0KF0X It is v good
@atothe_d @MrMerlotMusic NY Guido Voice twitter: Ta ta and cheerio to my ex wife Pizza Rat and top o the morning to my new wife, Namtar
@atothe_d @MrMerlotMusic Yeah the Wendy's twitter and the US Army twitter will be talking about how they both want to date him @MrMerlotMusic I'm surprised none of those genetic testing companies have a sexy rat man scientist as a mascot @MrMerlotMusic I'm a big fantar of Namtar @atothe_d @zachhazard @atothe_d Yeah our ancestors didn't fight in the French Revolution so that we'd end up speaking FrenchIt’ll be a group of like 41 year old guys, attempting to hide wrinkles behind vape smoke saying like “Tik Tok up an… go undercover as a teen in order to infiltrate the group of kids that have been lighting fireworks off in the… @atothe_d Got a note from my constitutional doctor that says I can’t wear a mask bc my lungs are too strong and mus… @Totally_Big_J I wish I was also hanging out with a puppetGoogling how much essential oil can you accidentally drink before you get sick while sipping on a 4th bottle of tea tree oil.
Ssssomebody stop me. @Totally_Big_J Me and my friends used to do joke versions of these where we would like put the back of our hands on… @Totally_Big_J Yeah I remember it. I feel like there was also a variant where people would bend their arm and swing their elbow out.
Thinking nostalgically about like early March when I was sitting in front of a 24 Hour Fitness drinking coffee and… @atothe_d @zachhazard Zoomers are like I know a place and then take you to a meme you don't understand (because you're too young) @atothe_d @zachhazard The only bar I've ever been to is the one in my crib @alecrobbins If I ever finish drawing the comic, you'll be further rewarded with getting to see them smaller again @adamszym Thanks!Almost all of this stuff is illegible in the finished comic.’s some stuff I made for a fictional comic strip that exists in-story of the slightly less fictional comic I’m…
@atothe_d Have you ever seen what a paintbrush could do to a starry night? @atothe_d Marchenoir Library
Retweeted by Baby Pete TomsLooking forward to when the mole underground accesses my digi brain to learn about the end of surface civilization… @atothe_d Buckle up you fuckers you screw heads, I’m gonna tell you how to give yourself the perfect haircutYou’re only as healthy as you feel. Travis, thank you for this.Watching Taxi Driver and thinking about how successful Travis Bickle would’ve been as an inspirational blogger befo… @ratmothr @doctopmary I saw the Meghan McCain birthday episode of The View and their special guests were Paul Ryan,…
@jollybaez Masahiro Shinoda can also cook @david_wolkin My... burden @david_wolkin One of my coworkers at the video store I worked at used to recommend this movie to people all the tim… @MarioMcKellop Haha I'm going to order it right now @losthiskeysman The coveted ITS emmy
@doctopmary I've been dying to get goat legs in AC @atothe_d Reading this tweet to the tune of After the Gold Rush @zachhazard My dog has been doing this too and like walking around with a clipboard like a cruise director @dzima TOONFELLASMe / animated me
@dzima They should’ve called it JCVDundee @bigredrobot Dune Juan Demarco
Bart Simpson: Don’t have a cow, man. Me: Ok. @NewmanCruise @anyapdavidson I quit drinking 8 years ago but I’m hoping it also reverses whatever the negative effects of seltzer is @atothe_d I felt the same way reading Barth's classic t-shirt that said "Don't have a cow, man" @atothe_d The teachings of Donny B @doctopmary The most I've put together is that it's about sad people in Portland with dry skin and sore backs who euthanize dogs @harriscsmith Me too. I wonder if playing Fortnite would cheer us up @harriscsmith I found out what it was like a year ago and it made me sad so I'd recommend not looking into itImagine me saying this to my children who want me to buy it for them.Lazily trying to figure out what The Last of Us is about just by reading thousands of contextless tweets about it o… out the window thinking regretfully about all the cubes left ungleamed.
@zacksoto @anyapdavidson Let’s celebrate with cigarettes @anyapdavidson Thanks! I actually tried to quit coffee at the same time and it took me like 20 mins to realize that was a huge mistakeToday is 10 years since I quit smoking and I’m still looking for a 2nd thing I’d enjoy would be a really good day to purchase some of my work or join my patreon :)
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I really like this pic of Joel Schumacher feeling content in his decision to wear all his clothes at the same time.
Retweeted by Baby Pete TomsThey say ‘fuck’ on Perry Mason now.
@AbsoluteArtwork I think it needs a new battery but also bad parenting @reliablecomics David, please it's Father's Day even for us deadbeats @reliablecomics The mother from My Mother the Car @ponsfordmcquain I'm imagining Tree of Life but the kid's a car and the narration is all whispered honksYou can now buy a *DIGITAL PDF* of Mr. Boop Vol 1 for $5 over at But remember, you can alw…
Retweeted by Baby Pete TomsMy car wouldn’t start this morning and my first thought was “I can’t believe this is happening on Father’s Day,” wh… @harriscsmith P p p ppplease
Here’s me after I finally learn how to astral project myself into the library during like the 8th covid wave. work on a movie in any capacity, you have to fully commit to the genre and tone of that movie as a complete life… found out this is wrong and that they actually draw Grapher Novels.Starting to think some people might not know what a cinematographer actually does (they draw maps). @dzima They should let us do the same thing for the unfinished 3rd Tin Machine album
@dreadfulpoint I'm the eggs
this amazing artist was just perma banned by twitter because he was mass reported by nazis. buy his book! and retwe…
Retweeted by Baby Pete Toms @el_bon @ADACTIVITY He got reported for being mean to white supremacists and/or Elia Kazan's ghostSeems unfair for twitter to ban @adactivity just because he was the oldest person on here. @dzima
In every vlog I've ever seen, no matter what the topic is, the vlogger is openly weeping.
Retweeted by Baby Pete Toms @NewmanCruise @CarrotEater1234 Someone recommended making big paintings to make big money instead of making normal…
@CarrotEater1234 The downside to making big paintings is that they pay you with an oversized novelty check and it's hard to carry around @CarrotEater1234 Maybe if you make your comics twice as big you can become like moderately wealthy @ADACTIVITY @mippyofficial I just realized OC stands for Onion ComicMe from 8 blocks away: Uh, that’s not what I heard.Will never get tired of having conversations with dudes that live in my building where they explain to me that Covi… @dollfarts I remember reading the Incesticide liner notes when I was like 12 and being like "This patriarchy sounds bad"I guess the NBA found out that after writing it on my to-do list every day for almost 2 months, I put my new regist…
@ADACTIVITY Make sure you get a permit first