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ethan @fandomhuub San Diego, CA

18 • content creator • i like movies • married • @privatehuub

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@savannahIol that’s not true!! @ishanfuckngsuks almost worse than bernie @beabadoobeefan @prett1i hiii @beabadoobeefan @prett1i FR @SonKilMoon i’m not @stanthefishman i will try it but it better be incredible or else i’ll be pressing charges @JediMasterAlex @stanthefishman suddenly it all makes sense now @JediMasterAlex @stanthefishman that’s the whole point of zombies dude @stanthefishman @JediMasterAlex rippp once i get my pc i’ll play with u @supperbutter thank u 🙏 @ishanfuckngsuks @Layymooon @_Vill__ i think so too but i couldn’t rank it that high based on just 1 map imo, i like the mechanics a lot tho @_Vill__ cold war placement surprised me @stanthefishman @JediMasterAlex what do u play on 😳 @beabadoobeefan can you be the karl to my danny @JediMasterAlex @stanthefishman you are the most casual zombies player ever join me and we will conquer every easter egg 🤠 @JediMasterAlex @stanthefishman sell ur kid and buy the dlc @zoemevorah @prakdip @Irgpriv @Iefraud ohhhh okme and who @zoemevorah @prakdip @Irgpriv @Iefraud are you saying he’s not? 🤨🤨 @stanthefishman @JediMasterAlex they’re all pretty much just as good or better besides the last map @stanthefishman @JediMasterAlex play iw zombies dlc and i’ll congratulate u too alex @Irgpriv @Iefraud @zoemevorah @prakdip crying @stanthefishman @JediMasterAlex it’s one of the best zombies experiences of all time he played 1 of the maps don’t listen to him @JediMasterAlex @stanthefishman iw zombies was an experience and if you did not play it you should shut up and d*e! @JediMasterAlex @stanthefishman you didn’t play the zombies dlc @JediMasterAlex @stanthefishman ITS A ZOMBIES LIST NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT SND ALEX @stanthefishman @JediMasterAlex he didn’t play it @prakdip @Irgpriv @Iefraud wtf me too @stanthefishman @JediMasterAlex A LITTLE?? @JediMasterAlex you’re an idiot go away @JediMasterAlex i don’t even know where to start i hate all of it @JediMasterAlex that’s not even the part i’m most mad about @JediMasterAlex Alex. @swaggidy it’s the home of sexual @savannahIol what did i do @beabadoobeefan ohhhh ok @beabadoobeefan do u need me to beat someone up @lilvanhooters need the new abnormal too @reaIIytall LOL @Boy1drr oktried to pick ones that are some of my favorites but that also have amazing or iconic covers @TM298_ we can date if you give me punisher @_Vill__ 🤔🤔🤔current vinyl list anyone wanna give me one @TommyWRLD @raptvcom not after culture 2 @raptvcom no ❗️❗️baja blast freeze is inferior to real baja blast @lilvanhooters NO @savannahIol @BetweenFriends it’s been 3 years☹️☹️☹️☹️ @RealYuija preumium is elite @beabadoobeefan ok!! #NowPlaying @beabadoobeefan YO @beabadoobeefan heyyy @beabadoobeefan hi @prakdip @savannahIol let me have this one @savannahIol no way really @savannahIol why are you exposing me @Boy1drr omg me but i'd have to redownload it
NOOO WHAT @starrphires @senorsimp @pixelghost84 @SourceLocator @poopa_stinka @man0fun @MusaLasiocarpa @Chromaatical wonder wh… @starrphires @senorsimp @pixelghost84 @SourceLocator @poopa_stinka @man0fun @MusaLasiocarpa @Chromaatical woah @IAmVonssy it’s actually unreal that this exists @IAmVonssy hulu @IAmVonssy he murdered a guy to the gummy bear song @IAmVonssy bro i bumped it up to 2 but please go watch it dear god i’ve never seen anything like it @IAmVonssy i see you have that movie spree on ur watchlistgod I love lee ross @23_LeeRoss @CalebR0ss goat @VanishingTerror hope you’re feeling better man @PaintClown_ is doc d on spotify or did you add it with local files @IAmVonssy bread @COSTCOBACKWOODS colon @beabadoobeefan 🥰 @beabadoobeefan okay @savannahIol NO @savannahIol sure @savannahIol it wasn’t my fault @Phoenickles idk who that is @diamnnnd @savannahIol dude @savannahIol yess @savannahIol do you wanna play minecraft some time @Iefraud we are reading your tweets in a vc bro im crying rn @Grahamalott @TheSamsman 😶 @vialxx @TommyWRLD ????? @pogjah it’s literally in the tweet @beabadoobeefan please @beabadoobeefan nooo stop ur so pretty @BRITlSH ?? @PaintClown_ @BRITlSH do itSUPERBAD MOVIE NIGHT TAP IN 📲📲 @savannahIol wow u deafened in discord to watch porn unbelievable @savannahIol wait really @savannahIol 💔 @IcyVert because it’s funny @VanishingTerror it wasn’t an insult he just used to have blonde hair and glasses that looked like that @IcyVert LOL @IcyVert i can’t find you