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Sunday Notes: A Hall of Fame Ballot Explained
Hi everybody! (Hi at FanGraphs!) We're going dark for the holiday today and Friday, but we'll be back with fresh ne…
Effectively Wild Episode 1622: Non-Tender is the Night are up at FanGraphs today and you can look at them if you have sufficient bravery.
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballIs MLB's expanded playoff format for 2020 here to stay? Maybe, maybe not. But a change in the postseason isn't the…'s there to be thankful for if you're the Rockies in 2021? Nolan Arenado (maybe), Trevor Story, German Márquez… Paul Sporer Baseball Chat – November 25th, 2020 Yelich went from MVP to misery in 2020, posting awful stats in a season as confounding as it was weak. Wh… wrote about the brilliance of the KBO's step-ladder playoff format, and why MLB should adopt it:
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballUpdated Cincinnati Reds projected roster/depth chart/payroll: •P Jeff Hoffman, SP Case Williams (4th Rd draft pick…
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballUpdated Colorado Rockies projected roster/depth chart/payroll: •RP Robert Stephenson, OF Jameson Hannah acquired f…
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballZiPS 2021 Projections: Colorado Rockies Braves' latest short-term addition is the first major free agent to come off the board, as Atlanta is bringing… ZiPS go live at the top of the hour. The next team to go, when we return from holiday on Monday, is the Cincinnati Reds.
Retweeted by FanGraphs Baseballfor your listening pleasure while you're prepping your bird and making your pies, a heaping helping of Effectively…
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballThis episode leads with D-Backs manager Torey Lovullo and includes Jay Jaffe and me disagreeing on Omar Vizquel.
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballLet’s Rethink the Playoffs's a double dose of @EWPod for your holiday week! - @BenLindbergh, @SamMillerBB and @megrowler welcome… wrote about Christian Yelich’s very strange season:
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballChristian Yelich Turned Into Joey Gallo for a Year latest @fangraphs
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballMy Hall of Fame series @fangraphs is taking a break today, but so far I've profiled 5 of the 25 candidates, includi…
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballCharlie Morton Is the Braves’ Latest One-Year Rental MLB Broadcasts, Part 3: The West Vikander on Steve Dalkowski and the 110-MPH Fastball Wild Episode 1621: Japan’s Field of Dreams (and Nightmares) Wild Episode 1620: Jeff Sullivan Partakes in a Pennant
This week's episode is here ahead of the holiday! We welcome another major league manager to the show 😎…
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballFanGraphs Audio: The Ballots Arrive The Sleeper and the Bust Episode: 868 – Morton Signs + SS Preview Pt. 1 does ZiPS project for the 2021 Royals? More of the same as years previous: a team neither great nor terrible,… Walker became the first Rockies player to make it to the Hall of Fame. Can Todd Helton become the second?… Get a head start on your holiday shopping with our newest t-shirt offering in honor of the FanGraphs Arcade!… Atlanta Braves projected roster/depth chart/payroll: •SP Charlie Morton agreed to 1-yr, $15M contract.…
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballWith Larry Walker now enshrined, the seal has been broken when it comes to Rockies players in the Hall of Fame, and…
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballJAWS and the 2021 Hall of Fame Ballot: Todd Helton What Will Multi-Positional Eligibility Look Like in 2021? ZiPS Projections: Kansas City Royals MLB Broadcasters, Part 2: The Central
RotoGraphs: The UT-Only Market is Booming Our Readers Think Will Happen To the Big Names at the Non-Tender Deadline Late Round Closers To Watch Part II A Needed Update on Launch Angle Tightness latest @fangraphs. As last year showed, it's not just the crowded ballot holding Andy Pettitte back.
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballRotoGraphs: Late-Round Evaluations: Rodon, Bailey, Hamels, and the C’s ZiPS Projections - Atlanta #Braves #ZiPS2021
Retweeted by FanGraphs Baseballooh this is snazzy
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballJAWS and the 2021 Hall of Fame Ballot: Andy Pettitte someone who enjoys a good t-shirt, this one definitely receives my endorsement.
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballInstaGraphs: FanGraphs Arcade T-Shirts Now Available! ZiPS Projections: Atlanta Braves MLB Broadcasters, Part 1: The East
Sunday Notes: Brian Vikander Likens Greg Maddux and Jered Weaver to Boris Spassky
106 players were added to a 40-man roster prior to yesterday's deadline and no longer eligible for next month's R5…
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballFeaturing special guest @RainePadgham, who talks to @BenLindbergh and @megrowler about playing baseball as a girl a… Wild Episode 1619: Pink Hair Don’t Care
My @fangraphs today: * JAWS and the 2021 Hall of Fame Ballot: Tim Hudson. 1st-year candidate profile…
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballRotoGraphs: THE NEXT *TOP 150* HITTERS a Mock Non-Tenderizing the latest episode of FanGraphs Audio: - @DavidLaurilaQA and @JballAllen break down the Japan Series -… to the ballot, Tim Hudson pitched for 17 seasons and won over 200 games starring for the Moneyball A's and the… best team in baseball in 2020, there's a very good chance the Dodgers claim that title yet again in 2021.… first new candidate profile of this year’s Hall of Fame series is a sinkerballing righty who helped three franc…
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballJAWS and the 2021 Hall of Fame Ballot: Tim Hudson's all about goodbyes on the latest episode of @EWPod, as @BenLindbergh and @SamMillerBB discuss Theo Epstein lea… Challenging WAR and Other Statistics as Era-Adjustment Tools Japan Series starts tomorrow, and some quality NPB players could soon be MLB-bound. Tokyo-based Jim Allen discu…
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballAs the non-tender deadline draws closer, @craigjedwards wants to hear from you: Which of these notable names will f… ZiPS Projections - Los Angeles #Dodgers #ZiPS2021
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballBREAKING: The Dodgers are Good ZiPS Projections: Los Angeles Dodgers Conversation With Arizona Diamondbacks Prospect Drey Jameson are some pretty high-profile non-tenders candidates, and I want to know if you think they'll be traded, kept,…
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballFanGraphs Audio: If Craig Edwards Ran the Mets Job Posting: Tampa Bay Rays Research and Development Intern Kris Bryant and Other Non-Tender Candidates Wild Episode 1618: Robinson Canózolol deadline to add Rule 5 eligible players to the 40-man roster is tomorrow. Four players have been added so far (…
Retweeted by FanGraphs Baseball
Dayton Moore says he expects the Royals to win next year. How realistic is that? @_TonyWolfe_ takes a look at Kansa… Jeff Mathis is still one of the worst hitters in the majors. No surprises there. But as @_Ben_Clemens not… good message for the kids out there: Always bet on yourself no matter what the fancy numbers say’t ya know: Robinson Canó was just the second major league player to receive a PED suspension in 2020. Turns out…
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballRotoGraphs: The Sleeper and the Bust Episode: 867 – Free Agency Preview Pt. 2 darlings of the 2020 season, what does 2021 hold for the Padres? @DSzymborski turns his ZiPS projections on Fer… goodbye to Robinson Cano for at least 2021, as another positive PED test earned him a season-long suspension an… wrote about the Royals, who appear likely to tread water in 2021 even after encouraging steps forward this year:
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballChatting shortly. Queue is open.
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballCraig Edwards FanGraphs Chat – 12/19/2020 Royals Have Improved, But Their 2021 Ceiling Is Somewhat Fixed 2021 Projections – How the Experts are Handling the 2020 Season latest @fangraphs, on the many layers to Robinson Canó's suspension. If you needed a sign that it's a new era fo…
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballCanó’s PED Suspension Has a Silver Lining for Mets weekly chat at @FanGraphs starts in about 15 minutes!
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballDan Szymborski FanGraphs Chat – 11/19/20 should the Yankees do with Gary Sánchez after his awful 2020? Their options are both limited and unappealing,… ZiPS Projections: San Diego Padres analyzed the bummer of a decline in performance for Gary Sánchez, and discussed his basically non-existent trade…
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballNever thought I'd be praising Jeff Mathis for his hitting. 2020 has been a strange one:
Retweeted by FanGraphs BaseballJeff Mathis Can’t Catch a Break Sánchez Has No Trade Value