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Publicist. Formerly @javelindc, @statedept & @robwittman. "I'm listening to Billy Joe Shaver & I'm reading James Joyce." Appalachian. Locally-sourced.

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All my favorite people are just looking for authenticity — in the world and in themselves. @mattywolde 11. @Jessnleee @JonnyMicro Are you my best friend now?Even the guy who started the Black Panthers is like fuck your racist movement LMAO
Retweeted by Farahn Morgan @JonnyMicro Acid.“Hey, sorry. I wasn’t on mute”
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You know when people say “we’re all adults here,” but low key you’re not one?We are a society so obsessed with image that we've forgotten entirely to attend to reality. It's time to ask ours… wonder if God is like "wow ... I gave them infinite stuff to look at outside, and they're just indoors staring at a little box again."A day well-spent.
There’s a distinct joy in waking up early on a weekend to write a press release about a client’s increased particip…’m sure Hillary (a lawyer) doesn’t believe in good faith that originalism would require ACB to discard the 19th Am…“Chocolonely.” Definitely dark chocolate.
@blakestilwell And a fierce defender of rainbow manifestation.Biden tweet index: 1. Imagine [what the world would be like if dinosaurs still walked the earth]. 2. Let me be c…“We’ve all made big sacrifices this year,” tweets a 20-something comms person who has a job and almost no living ex… thinks COVID is most contagious at 11:01 p.m.2020.
Dante should have had a circle of hell that consists solely of reading early drafts of stuff you wrote last year.Don’t allow an election to destroy your church, your friendships and your family.
Retweeted by Farahn Morgancc: @ShellssssssssssThere's a difference between culture that tells the honest, complex truth about life in rural Appalachia (and elsew… dad and brother are both GM dealers, and my brother just tried to upsell me on a truck. Couldn't be more proud, to tell you the truth. @RyanProng I'd like to amend my previous statement. @jimantle You're *so* pretty, Jim. @IDF Wow ... beautiful.It's Friday, and there's only one thing to do: buy more dresses. @VanessaOblinger Bad faith messaging move designed to get attention rather than promote civility & confidence in the electoral process.What’s at the top of everyone’s Christmas list this year, and why is it booze?
Ah ... @stencel22 ... making me blush.'s funny when someone says "let me be clear". Like, who was trying to stop you from being clear?
Retweeted by Farahn MorganQuick plug ... If you've seen any of the hiking/camping photos I've posted, you've likely seen my little hometown… on both sides of the aisle don't seem to have considered that a reason some rural Americans don't want politi… @DrBlogstein close second.Yeah, America is super divided and all that, but can we agree that the Southern accent is by *far* the sexiest regional accent?
The most damning thing about the Lincoln Project is that these grifters have been doing this in GOP politics for de…
Retweeted by Farahn MorganAll my favorite people are hanging out and doing killer stuff.'m in a coffee shop watching this girl try to flirt with her thesis advisor, and he's just like "but moving on, yo… @TKDSayan No. No theme food days. Except "cheat" day. @CarolineMcKee12 That's what I thought, but ... 2020. @JordanSchachtel One can really eat tacos any night of the week with as much or more fervor than on ... Tuesday.Is there a scenario in which I can date dudes and also never have to talk about "taco Tuesday" ever again? @mrgrizbear1 hahaha ... too many ... no one can spare that many camels.What's the line between actual disinformation and "what appears to be disinformation"? Libertarian friends, pls h… personal news: after a little over 10 years in the workforce, I'm finally announcing my retirement. @davereaboi Looks like it’s run by Botox. @TheRealKurtis_C BIG spoon? Deals off. I’m out. @jimantle which is more valuable, James? @davereaboi not expecting to find myself in this place tonight, but now I need to know. emergency situations.
My neighbor's dog ripped open a package and made off with an entire bag of @blckriflecoffee, so ... Tuesday??’m running this experiment where I just try to be a good person and see how it works out for me professionally. Will update soon. @El__Bohemio Dead.I don't know if I am up for that. That's a lot of women.
Retweeted by Farahn Morgan @KristenCarney There’s only one way to settle this. Deadlift competition. My money’s on Kristen (some of us have be…
@VorpalJ Comic-Con sponsors.Keanu Reeves and my mom have had it with your sh*t. one: Women who cried when Hillary Clinton lost: @nottherealmelms Dude, that’s just being human. Look at everyone out here. Nobody’s crushing it. Stop dwelling, start doing. @nottherealmelms Yooooo stop. You can both demand a lot of yourself, and — when you fail — forgive yourself. In fac… body, but the revenge is against myself. @tolmanbrett @senatorshoshana Oh wow ... shade. I see y’all.Step 1: GTF over yourself. Step 2: Talk to you co-worker. is why I never joined a sorority. And also because I was a nerd who wasn't cool. But ... that's not the point. @JonnyMicro I’ve been saying this to everyone @JosephTexDozier The only logical next step is marriage. Sorry, Tex.
@JosephTexDozier Old b at the lunch buffet.The sweet, sweet waterfall content you’ve been craving. @amountainpass Dude ... GREAT recommendation. Thank you so much!Here’s TR with John Muir back in 1903 (got the date wrong initially). Muir guided TR on a 3-day trip into the Yosem… @Duane3846 Lolllll harsh dude.Are day dates acceptable in your 30s?
Molasses. @jbarro “sprawl”
home waters. in re: any and all tweets from this account that are not to your individual taste: I was hacked.My aunt was beautiful. God is her inheritance.
“When judged soberly, no one story is worth dying for. It’s easy ... to dismiss the value of another trip to the fr…"In 1958...33% of parents who were Democrats wanted their daughters to marry a Democrat; 25% of Republican parents…
Retweeted by Farahn Morgan @DrewHolden360 He is no longer useful. Therefore, he is no longer in need of our spiritual support or adulation. Destroy the candles.People who did not grow up hiking/camping/hunting/fishing, how were you first introduced to outdoor recreation? Did… brave people like James Foley venture into war to tell us the truth about it, then the people who suffer and…
Retweeted by Farahn Morgan @OmarSheriffHD @ConceptualJames @thomaschattwill @BridgetPhetasy @cvaldary @bariweiss Yeah, but that’s just an affe…, but this just isn’t true. @ConceptualJames, @thomaschattwill, @BridgetPhetasy, @cvaldary, @bariweiss et al.… read books or founding docs when you can read the internet and casually throw around the word “fascist” instead? Stoppard: A life by Hermione Lee book review | The TLS
Retweeted by Farahn MorganAmerica has become so soulless I almost want to date it.
Retweeted by Farahn MorganCelebrities: women are *so* strong. We do *so* much. Also celebrities: OMG stop being mean to her! She’s a WOMAN!… was a picture of professionalism last night. I never worked with her at @JavelinDC, but — independently… a woman doesn’t understand something and a man does, and so he explains it, that’s not mansplaining ... it’s just explaining.I hate those tweets that say “so and so doesn’t care about you.” Like ... what are you? My emotional translator? Ge… lot of people texting me that they wish Pence were the candidate right now ...Some Americans don’t always align with the “climate change is an existential threat” line because they’re already i… @ScaaronTheOwler @SusanPage Same here. @bevhallberg Dude, I was just about to tweet at you and tell you to send the campaign some pointers.Glad to see @SusanPage asking questions about trade and the US relationship with China.“Now, [Biden] is adding a partner to the ticket, Ms. Harris, who goes further, fully supporting the progressive Gre… @VorpalJ Absolutely. @SumReditus Thank you. 🙏