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Wife. Fluff Mom. Writer. Dancer. Disabled. Independent Scholar. I am writing my adventures & not my apology. Working to feel safe to tell my stories again.

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When going through a tough time; remind yourself that: • It won’t last forever. • You’ll overcome it. • You’ll…
Retweeted by Farah Rose SmithTwitter has taught me that raccoons are pretty and I love them. excited for this forthcoming book from editor @Gabino_Iglesias.
Retweeted by Farah Rose Smith @DeadGeographies I agree!Herman and Siouxsie Lady Ligeia @DeadGeographies @TheSinsOfCinema I'm not in the best state of mind to respond to this the way it deserves, but I hope you know I re… @DeadGeographies ❤️"Only" £6,000...*side eye* agent rejection. That's 3 this week. I guess no one likes bisexual automaton David Bowie-esque man starting…
Current Graduate Application Situation. I was a kid, I was friends with a boy who lived a few houses down. As we got older, he became popular, & I was… just ordered STRENGTH OF WATER by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy (@flightofsand). You should all get a copy, too. predicted, Herman just jumped and fell in the toilet. didn't just erase a photo You erased a continent But I am stronger than ever
Retweeted by Farah Rose SmithCat Con: You bring your cats and I bring my cats and we have a great time. That's it. That's the con.I'm hosting a Women in Horror Month Kickoff Meeting at the House of Wax on February 1st! All the spooky ladies, com…
Retweeted by Farah Rose Smith @dlbowman76 ❤️❤️ @DeadGeographies nah everything you say sounds gorgeous and gothic to mejoin us!
Retweeted by Farah Rose Smith @DeadGeographies can i get a tattoo of this tweetyes that spelling was intentionalI'm working to write my wrongs.I started a MEETUP group for Women in Horror in the NYC/NJ area. Join! Tons of events coming this year!!! was Sam's last ever tweet. I miss you so much, my friend. @Meetup @pinguinus @intelligentwat @coilingoracle @TheNuminous1 @LCvonHessenI'm hosting a Women in Horror Month Kickoff Meeting at the House of Wax on February 1st! All the spooky ladies, com… live action remake of Bambi is coming and yes, only the gun will be real. @JonathanMaberry Farscape.Black witches. Black vampires. Black fantasy stories. Obeah. Yoruba. Santeria. Do you guys want a season to…
Retweeted by Farah Rose Smith is in Gatorade
Retweeted by Farah Rose SmithWhy the bellydance community is better than the writing community: it's mostly WOC.
Me: "Do you want lovin and rubbin and ticklin and huggins?" Herman: *stares blankly*The puke-inducing horror of checking one's school email.I managed to get it down to going on campus for one 2-hr class 3 days a week, and then being physically present at… of my health going downhill and my need for several surgeries in the coming months (I can no longer breath… due at midnight and brain is not in its jar.February is Women in Horror Month!! Help the LOHF celebrate all the wonderful women horror creators!! The LOHF is h…
Retweeted by Farah Rose Smithart by Fursey Teyssier -- death comes in the night, that's fine, but blasting my face with his light, that's unki…
Retweeted by Farah Rose SmithWrote Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. to explain my triggers and assert them as valid to strangers is my version of this horror. Doomsday clock moves into your house.Here's some horror story material for you in the form of a new violation of the sanctity of a corpse. presents:
Retweeted by Farah Rose SmithI need to explain something about disability that it has become abundantly clear many of you don't know. We do not…
Retweeted by Farah Rose SmithPosting to read later. Do you identify as a woman? 2. Do you write horror? 3. Will you be in the NYC area on February 15th? Contact me… @LOHFiction Thank you!It's almost February. If you're looking for something to read for Women in Horror Month, we've got you covered.…
Retweeted by Farah Rose SmithCongrats @TheNuminous1 on your Edgar Award nomination! @LOHFiction on the Bram Stoker preliminary ballot! lists the Bram Stoker preliminary ballot!
Some day I hope I can afford to attend the Eugene O'Neill Puppetry Conference. @iamiangrey I'm so deeply sorry. Nobody deserves that kind of pain.I have the worst cluster headache I've had in years today, so bad I can barely walk. I can't dance or answer emails…'re growing our team of reviewers for Now it's time to make a special request. We want to…
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HourlyWolves presents:
Retweeted by Farah Rose SmithFor the second year in a row, VASTARIEN: A LITERARY JOURNAL will be opening a call for submissions for @WiHmonth -…
Retweeted by Farah Rose SmithEvery so often a joke by a political commentator reveals the depth of their ignorance. Jim Crace says that Jess Phi…
Retweeted by Farah Rose SmithLeftists who view disabled people as privileged whiners who don't have to work are not only disgusting, they're emp…
Retweeted by Farah Rose SmithHey @pinguinus
I have something to do every day for the next 16 days, and my 21 credit semester starts on Monday There is no way I… @dlbowman76 😁😁If you're photographing your house at a dutch angle, I have to assume it's haunted.I'm raising money for Help Ligeia get Spayed!. Click to Donate a dance workshop this week, a woman looked at me and said to another dancer "CLEARLY some people here aren't rea…'m afraid to do any crowdfunding now for my medications and surgeries, after a friend of mine went on a rant about… the typos in this tweet are terrible. I am very tired.I took down the Hugo post bc people seemed to think I was nominated, rather than me just saying the novella was eli… you find the hidden cat🐈 among all the owls? If you can♥️ PLEASE RT🔁
Retweeted by Farah Rose SmithHourlyWolves presents:
Retweeted by Farah Rose SmithThe "nobody likes her" phrase has been used against me many times. I shake up the establishment and still get shit done #iLikeBernie @dilatandomentes @larissaeglasser Thank you! @YuggothRecords @larissaeglasser Thank you! @G_S_Ball @larissaeglasser 😊❤Harry's mum died when he was a little boy. He had to walk behind her coffin and remain composed whilst people in th…
Retweeted by Farah Rose SmithDepressed at 4am and can't sleep club @dlbowman76 ❤️Herman is doing much better. His second post-op check-up with the vet is tomorrow morning at 9am. He seems fine, ot… @TheSinsOfCinema @larissaeglasser Thank you so much. ❤️Trying
The #HWA is pleased to release the Preliminary Ballot for the 2019 Bram Stoker Awards®. Our voting members will vo…
Retweeted by Farah Rose Smith @MadeleineSwann @larissaeglasser 😊❤️❤️❤️ @DeadGeographies @larissaeglasser Thank you!!! ^_^ @MichaelTCisco @larissaeglasser Thank you!!! @pinguinus @larissaeglasser Thank you!!!! @jeffdotraymond @larissaeglasser I hope so! Thank you! @larissaeglasser I doubt I'll make the main nominees, but this is so rad! Thank you! @mmmontycarlo @larissaeglasser Thank you! ^_^ @MikeThornWrites @larissaeglasser Thank you so much, Mike!If you are a voting member of the HWA and would like a free pdf copy of ANONYMA, please feel free to DM me or email… morning my friend @larissaeglasser texted me to tell me that my novella ANONYMA made it onto the Bram Stoker A… @EmpireOfBloodRW @victorlavalle @SPMiskowski @GwendolynKiste @MrGaunt Thank you so much! Congratulations, everyone!Looks like Nox made the preliminary Stoker ballot. I'm honestly surprised as I didn't offer copies to members or ca…
Retweeted by Farah Rose SmithI think I got blocked for this retweet, lol
Today marks one year since I lost my cat Rolie. I had her since the seventh grade. My dark angel. counted all the literary events I've successfully planned from beginning to now: 18. Woah.