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It turns out I'm a programmer. They/them.

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@VladChituc Not clued in here but why? Wouldn't a literal snake that wanted to murder anything that came near it be better than Mitch? @RiotARedHerring It's the complier who is wrong. @ZachWeiner all sorts of non-formality. it's not one mood.
@IvoVegter @Arfness @magdalenep927 @brodiegal The problem here is that lockdown means too many things. @IvoVegter @Arfness @magdalenep927 @brodiegal But that's controlled for by being global. If we have clear policy di… @liran_tal yeah it's really great. @liran_tal lol before my time. what I can say is that I've been trying to get a friend to write a toml to graphql compiler + linting tool. @IvoVegter @Arfness @magdalenep927 @brodiegal All places have sufficient dissimilarities that this claim can be mad… @liran_tal Imagine a strongly typed config lang.... @stommepoes We do call them robots, but bioscopes is very out of fashion. Think maybe if you're 60+ and not everyone. @AdamRackis Not sure this is true. Think the leaks put pressure on people. Even if it's not Zuck, it's the develope…
@tylerhower think of it a an economic stimulus into the lawyerly class. @tylerhower I agree, but it would be troll of the year. @tylerhower it is a bit funny tho @tylerhower look, if people want debasement and humiliation we should accommodate them by remembering it forever. @tylerhower Kinkshaming now? :D
@____abiodun____ for the racism?America loves to cry broke. But in America money does grow on trees.
Retweeted by '); DROP Ţ̸͓̠̼͖̖̆ͫ̑̒̿ͪ͞A̐͏̠̫͔̰̖ͅͅB̉͌͒̈LE name; -- @diegohaz @reakitjs I last worked in early 16 so not sure what the changes are now. I'm busy building FID02 emulators for my sins. @diegohaz @reakitjs Looks good to me as a PoC. Think it's a worthwhile item to get product ready. @diegohaz @reakitjs It's lovely. Hope it goes on the component list? @Nick_Craver @Paul_Kinlan @DasSurma @hashseed @_shu Be careful with this, it can be condescending. Have to find a middle ground… @LitAnscombe I wish I had this confidence speaking when I had not a clue in my head what I was talking about.Frank Sinatra called. He wanted a rap verse for "Fly Me to the Moon". Happy to oblige. (My broken glasses are tota…
Retweeted by '); DROP Ţ̸͓̠̼͖̖̆ͫ̑̒̿ͪ͞A̐͏̠̫͔̰̖ͅͅB̉͌͒̈LE name; -- @miniver Lestat from the books @seldo Like it's one reason I'm not applying for US work. I'd hate to be blocked from changing jobs for health reasons. @seldo Also, crazy. @seldo Can you not afford that? @seldo Not in the US but what if you paid people the money and they got insurance on their own? @notameadow I mean my at-work commit history is decent enough but having this for a personal account seems pathological. @notameadow Having a job @NilesGApol Any evidence there was a photoshop of the nose? Personally (Jewish heritage) comfortable with money li… @diegohaz Both are needed. initialValues might be a hydration. defaultValues is reset.
@clarkjosephf Is there still money? @deonteleologist @tamler @peez Ah I had no idea this was you! @justinfagnani Not my area of expertise really, I'm much more of a consumer here. Just know I would love something… @justinfagnani I mean it won't build a single request page on server (ie, I still have round-trips). Dying for some… @justinfagnani Can this be SSRed? @devongovett @diegohaz @markdalgleish That's fair. Generally trying to keep parent components agnostic about the ch… @devongovett @diegohaz @markdalgleish Can't they be the same thing where the system is an instantiation of composed components? @Mr_Bickers @Myrmecos @bariweiss This is not:
@buildsghost @mjackson This is so good. @emjayess @Swizec Yeah... until you realise that you now have to map other calendars to it for it to be useful. So… @Swizec Me every time someone suggests doing a calendar
@haroenv @seldo @buildsghost next big non-tech tech company might be something that handles payroll internationally. @mrmrs_ Strongly suggest "go mod init" and the go modules toolchain. It's easy to get started. @benawad @matteocollina Dunno why anyone thinks typecasting will go well. @Arfness This one is going to get you canceled.
@cherthedev one way I manage to turn off is to consider the culture I create when I turn up on monday standup with weekend work done @ken_wheeler Lots of good stuff in there: @simonwillo Normally like Krugman but he's just wrong here.
@rickhanlonii ask for now; get anytimeAn excellent parallel piece, with a peculiarly South African twist, is provided by @brodiegal here -->
Retweeted by '); DROP Ţ̸͓̠̼͖̖̆ͫ̑̒̿ͪ͞A̐͏̠̫͔̰̖ͅͅB̉͌͒̈LE name; -- @Lady_Ada_King *in apps where startup time is the primary perf metric. @MikeRiethmuller Perf is an accessibility issue. Infosec is an accessibility issue. Latency is an accessibility iss… @MikeRiethmuller If we don't respect that it's a distinct skillset then we devalue people who specialise in it and… @MikeRiethmuller "Accessibility experts... no wait, I mean developers who like to do their job right." Ah, yeah, i… @SexyIsntSexist @Jess_Abells @AndreaLynnLewis @ConceptualJames James is a terrible human. @LadyFOHF Lots of laughs indeed. @Arfness I feel like it might have a difference on the margins and we just don't know it yet, and, leaving aside th…
@IanColdwater I mean you'd hate them. @ascorbic @blainekasten Think these two pages && both need extensiv… @blainekasten @ascorbic 10x docs examples for the setup files @Arfness Feel like we should at least see what the data says? @tylerhower I dunno I wish that were true.
@LitAnscombe @GodDoesnt like real churchs? @LitAnscombe @GodDoesnt What is? @LitAnscombe He's worse than that. I used to debate him when he had about 2000 followed. I was also an internet ath… @LitAnscombe I don't know the texts. I just did undergrad in lit. It's a fabulous game if your goal is never losi… @LitAnscombe Remember the Gish Gallop? It's the Lindsay Grift. Change topic before you get cornered. It's his one true skill. @LitAnscombe Please read it so I don't have to. @mixedknuts @Simon_Hughes__ Tbf it is in scare quotes.At what point is humanity going to behave as if humanity's survival is at stake?
Retweeted by '); DROP Ţ̸͓̠̼͖̖̆ͫ̑̒̿ͪ͞A̐͏̠̫͔̰̖ͅͅB̉͌͒̈LE name; -- @realDonaldTrump Hey, so why did you lie about how deadly COVID-19 would be this whole damned time? #TrumpKnew
Retweeted by '); DROP Ţ̸͓̠̼͖̖̆ͫ̑̒̿ͪ͞A̐͏̠̫͔̰̖ͅͅB̉͌͒̈LE name; -- @Swizec Nice Blade Runner set. @tlakomy Developers: "Look, what if we get some users in early?" Company: "Are you crazy, do you know how much thi… @IvoVegter @dailymaverick Also you're listening to frauds if you think Critical Race Theory is about Marxism. @IvoVegter @dailymaverick they're tories more than trumpians
@mattbierner @code Video quality is too bad to watch. @peripheralecon Aside even from non-priced in externalities (disease burden and climate change) and global legislation risk. @peripheralecon Do you not believe that a well executed project would be cheaper? @miniver (That's not a complexity thing -- more just that the system often breaks in components rather than flat out refuses to work.) @miniver Oh ya, that's junk. UI is extremely complex in some ways but it's not like you get held up cause you have… @miniver So I get you, but we'e both built UIs before, so what you're talking about here to some degree is territor… @peripheralecon My understanding is that there are places at present where existing coal is more expensive than new… @peripheralecon It's likely to be cheaper, though, if not tendered corruptly. @miniver I swear if product owners could understand that until you've built something this is your level of understanding. @clarkjosephf I'd straight up ask to try the meds and see. @jw_sec Np. Expect an email from my work account. @jw_sec Hi there. I'm busy working on a WebAuthn project at work and my team is trying get in touch with the curren… @codekaiju Hi there. I'm busy working on a WebAuthn project at work and my team is trying get in touch with the cur… don't wanna start anything but the idea that critical theory has taken over the modern American university is crazier than QAnon
Retweeted by '); DROP Ţ̸͓̠̼͖̖̆ͫ̑̒̿ͪ͞A̐͏̠̫͔̰̖ͅͅB̉͌͒̈LE name; --
@peterboghossian @Bamburi God this is stupid. @clarkjosephf Feel like the very wealthy love this class conflict. @lastpositivist This is egregious nationalism in my t/l @jneeley78 This seems sketchy. @tlakomy @dabit3 People who tweet positively about jQuery in anything sizable. @davefarley77 Poor.
@miniver "If hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue" I love this quote. Can't remember where I first heard i…