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@BASportsGuy and I wonder if Woj would have sent that email if he hadn’t @WestByNW Oldest trick that nobody uses anymore. Criticism sticks more to someone you’ve publicly praised @KyleAMadson With no research on the man but that, I’m willing to defend nothing else @KyleAMadson @KyleAMadson I think the recipient of the message did actually come to Woj’s defense @JCGar75 This was recorded in 2014 @jfeil 🙏🏽 @skarpy It’s the angle!
@BayAreaSports89 Think I might have to steal this for future use 👍🏽 @BayAreaSports89 Funny thing is, this is exactly how people want the other person to respond without considering it’s a 2-way street
@KenWBlair Ready to serveKind, independent thinkers will rule the world (one day, hopefully)Nothing more important than health and family. Simple as that. Respect to Buster for making a decision that’s best for both. #SFGiants
@KJohnsonNBCS Barely @NBCSGiants @RichAurilia35 @KJohnsonNBCS @PavlovicNBCS @SportsAnthony Would make these but I’m short 33 of the 35 ingredients necessary @NBCSports @Lions @DetroitPistons @DetroitRedWings @tigers Depends which logo I see first! So for all 4: Lions- Bar…
For your commute. If that’s just up some stairs to your home office, walk slowly @New_E_handle Of course. It’s their decision. And we’ll see if their customers are still willing to pay full price… @New_E_handle @jpbalakrishnan I literally agree with every word of that. Your idea and mine are not mutually exclusive. @New_E_handle @jpbalakrishnan Or.... and I’m just spitballing here. Maybe they could keep paying everyone salary, r… @Ali_Thanawalla DIET Mountain Dew! Are you trying to kill me, Ali?While researching for the podcast I came across what is now my favorite anecdote about 10-year contracts in sports… @JacCollinsworth asked me what I would have demanded if I was in Patrick Mahomes' shoes PODCAST:… @New_E_handle And why should the customer be expected to cover 100% of the costs when not receiving 100% of the product? @ajmtd Great view of it @RattoIndy Could argue Ledecky too low!
@gggiants My sarcasm detector is declaring this a genuine compliment, and I thank you 🙏🏽I’m glad you brought that up because I actually think it may be the opposite. We are encouraged to play a role onli… @UncleSaultee Big part of it. The penalty of pissing someone off it less. Leads to using a tone that we probably would never use otherwise. @BillJitsu Very perceptive. Agree with you @Mekons Well said @Eamssss What if they did have a plan they were confident in?We are more forgiving and courteous in real life interactions, which is great. Why isn’t the same courtesy extend… @jscar Gonna write an email and ask them to not expoit my info too muchNot a great start for MLB and testing, but willing to give them a little slack when trying to master something this newThe larger the group, the worse the conversation.
Retweeted by Ahmed Fareed @jscar Hey maybe we want that @allihayesconroy The opposite. Harvard is saying professors are 100% of tuition value but not paying them like that.
@RattoIndy Sadly it is not a mystery to themSomehow this is the most relaxing picture I’ve seen in months in CT, they’ve been strict with masks in all public indoor facilities. But, at the same time, masks aren’t req… is possible 🙌🏽 @jlassen @extrabaggs I do not think players were acting greedy. Think they were acting reasonably, just like owners… @mitchellichtman Very informative. Thanks for sharing. I do wonder how much the odds have changed lately on success…
Re: bunting in the 10th @tangotiger Thanks for the distinctionLove this stuff. Its about the 10th inning starting with a runner on 2nd. It shows: Away team should never bunt ru… perfect comeback to the “sports are a distraction” cliché @drewdeverel @Vitur95
@BayAreaSports89 👊🏽 all those likes are bookmarks so they remember to dunk on youI am in love with unpopular opinions that turn out to be right. Like the idea of starting a whole new country 🇺🇸 #Happy4thofJuly @Vitur95 Kinda like how he says “the owners” @LaymanAnalyst @mattjennings @GrantLiffmann Great example. Urging your friend to wear a seat belt works because it… @BADwhatittweets @Eamssss Maybe I’m just a hopeful optimist to think maybe there’s something we haven’t tried. Not sure why that got some people so riled up. @LaymanAnalyst @mattjennings @GrantLiffmann And I’ve been doing the same... since May. Probably before most. I’m ju… @Eamssss I agree with you, and as you see I, too, have shared scientific evidence. But my whole point was that show…
@Mekons These are great questions to ask @K3mble Not ridiculous at all. You’re absolutely right. @OakStadiumWatch @extrabaggs @glorifiedgomez @extrabaggs @Mekons I have no idea how to calculate the risk. You act as tho fans will be marched in against their will @michaelg 100% agree with that. Just means the owners are not alone. @drewdeverel @extrabaggs They are not in a bubble. Pretty easy to see how literally twice the amount of travel to a… @Mekons @extrabaggs I’d imagine trying to play 114 games over 60 would also put more peoples lives at risk with the… @enosarris My grill starter for about a year now @extrabaggs Weren’t the players trying to sign up for 114 games because it would make them more money? 🤔 @andrewnyland Haha 🤢Good to know that even Major League players are having those awkward in-person interactions just like the rest of us is such a cool idea that I’m starting to think all teams should do a rebrand every decade or so @moonwalkmcfly Less bad? He might end up being the best @LaymanAnalyst Got it @LaymanAnalyst Ok. Then it’s not worth talking about. @LaymanAnalyst Never said it was “the problem” Just suggested considering alternatives. Didn’t know that was so polarizing @tshock12 Definitely not trying to justify bad behavior. The opposite. Trying to think of ways to chang it. @milesdividendmd stick to sports, you @GrantLiffmann I’m literally saying, “hey, I think it’d be cool if we considered ways of talking to people that mig… @GrantLiffmann Wow, that one hurts @GrantLiffmann And, if the people you’re following are really saying “masks suck” and “let’s throw them in a fire w… @GrantLiffmann That’s the literal definition of shaming. I think we’re having two completely different conversation… @GrantLiffmann I have not heard any TV network suggest a giant end of COVID mask sacrifice bonfire at Burning Man 2021 @mattjennings @GrantLiffmann How about this messaging “Masks suck. They’re uncomfortable and weird. But COVID suc… @DukeJack1 So what are you doing wasting your time talking to them or tweeting about them at all? @GrantLiffmann I did not use that tweet as reason to be skeptical of wearing masks. I used that tweet to show how r… @DukeJack1 @mattjennings Do you want them to listen? @mattjennings Now you’re talking @GrantLiffmann I guess it’s worth a try @mattjennings If I felt that “not sparing feelings” would really change things, I’d agree. @GrantLiffmann Grant, I’m aware. I’ve been following this coronavirus story. @GrantLiffmann I’m all ears for your ideas on how we might get more compliance @DonDada3000 I think you totally missed the point @mattjennings @GrantLiffmann The problem is, sometimes it’s actually correct to be skeptical when someone’s trying… @GrantLiffmann Depends on your goal. If you’re truly trying to change their behavior and save lives, then it’s wort… @tshock12 It was both. Not trying to excuse, just trying to better understand why. @Polishoff 100% and thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s compassion or a lack thereof. I’m not trying to excuse anyone. @f8th4lyf_2 In studio in CT. They’re keeping it very safe 🙏🏽 @tshock12 I see your point, but I believe the conversation started with “don’t buy masks, they *don’t* help”
@Polishoff I hear you. Although I think that’s a charicature. Hard to say, but I see people wearing masks all over…’re back on Saturday 👊🏽 @ElisaQueen 👌🏽 I’d throw something in about how unnatural it feels and be optimistic about a time when we can all t…