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Content & Marketing Manager @OddsCheckerUS. Writer on football, NFL, NBA & more. Host: @HOASPodcast.

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I knew I'd seen this before #TogetherBlue
@NFLUK @neilreynoldsnfl @AaronRodgers12 Absolutely superb question NeilThis week's new show is out and it's a good one. Get stuck in before TNF 👇 @olospo You don't wish it on anyone but the irony would be delicious @Tweets_Of_Toby Avoid all Raiders if they're all missing and start the Bucs D
Todd Bowles getting that Bucs D blitzing against a full second string offensive line. RIP Derek Carr. @BenMcAleer1 I’ve watched it about 10 timesOh my 👀 of the most objectionable sportsmen in the world is back with another ridiculous statement. @matthiett24 He wanted to stay and fight for his place. Would you just cancel your contract in his shoes? No chance. @matthiett24 No he just sat making binocular gestures and joking about golf. Clubs are at fault here, not the players. @matthiett24 Why would he rip up the contract? Did Gareth Bale? @Nickolition_ He's not been incredible but how many have? These issues with him have multiplied since he started sp… treatment from Arsenal just because he had the gall to ask questions about where his money would go if he…
@WillGav Fair play 👏🏻How good was that? 👏👏👏 That's enough #UCL for today but we've already got tomorrow's plays here. 👇 @FarleyWrites
Retweeted by Sam FarleyIf you haven't seen it in a while then enjoy. @Tweets_Of_Toby @jamjar919 sickening👀 @kevinhatchard The timing is certainly a little interesting. @kevinhatchard Are we calling BS on this? @GazPodmorePT I still watch it but it doesn't excite me like it used to. I actually think I prefer the Europa now j… this European Premier League leak just be a ploy to ensure that UEFA grant the club's wishes and add more tea… Champions League has already gotten stale because we always see the same teams, let alone if that was every sin… Champiooooooooons... 🎵
There is no way on earth that I'm attempting to tackle Derrick Henry in full flow.
@tomryetm @OddsCheckerUS You might be right @_LiamHorsley We'll have to give you a shout outMade my day reading this! @_LiamHorsley Absolutely love it! Hope you spend it on something good! @_LiamHorsley What did you have on? That's class that!💰 @OddsCheckerUS JJAW anytime TD bettors 😂Pleasure to take on Mikey Betts in a little intra-OddsChecker picks contest. @bluenicks_99 @OddsCheckerUS Packers Bucs leaps out, Lions Jags should be a shoot out. I'm not great on totals to b… Irv Smith vs. Falcons - Explained my reasoning in the piece above (scroll up) but with UK bookies you can get 4/1… Adam Shaheen vs. Dolphins - 22/1 - I'm not confident in this but it's too long. Shaheen scored a TD off his one t… Antonio Gibson @ Giants - 6/5 - A very short price but Washington have spoken in the past few days about increasi… Andy Janovich @ Steelers - 25/1 - 4 yards from 2 carries last Sunday isn't good but against a tough Steelers D it… Anytime TD value I've found today: - Daniel Jones - vs. Giants - 5/1 - Washington have given up 4 TDs and 12…'s an #NFL Sunday and I've got a few picks pieces on @OddsCheckerUS today: 1) Washington @ Giants… @maxihobbs @w_edden Just favouriting these comments for May 👀
I’m pumped for this. Let’s go!, Exeter Chiefs are European Champions with some Cornish lads in the team. @gresty_lauren laughed out loud at that, the cheek! @alexkeats Good sport is good sport. Got to watch a European final when there’s a couple of local Cornish lads playing.I know you’re all watching the City vs Arsenal game but give the second half of the Champions Cup Final a go, it’s been great. @david13os AgreedThat Van Dijk injury could be huge for the title race.Given the Old Firm, Merseyside Derby, non-stop football, Champions Cup final and top level boxing, this has got to… has me in bits. It really isn’t the same game without fans. My Premier League tips for this weekend's games. Have a read now:
End of debate. @tomryetm @OddsCheckerUS Yeah, probably. I can't see you finishing about 12th, so can imagine you pulled into it.Here are my top 5 plays for this weekend's Premier League action. I'm all in on Everton! Are you? #EPL picks for…'ve got a massive show today. Tune in ahead of Sunday's games. to Claudinho, winner of the 2020 Puskas Award
Retweeted by Sam FarleyFirst time I've ever written boxing picks and I've started with what could be the best fight of 2020. 🥊 Lomachenko… sure on those backing the Nets 😶📊 The most backed team in each Premier League game of Matchday 5 Sheffield United - 83.33% WBA - 75.01% Arsenal -…
Been a great pleasure taking part in this every week throughout the season. Take a read of the last NBA Roundtabl… @galleryofdoug Love it 😂 @BenMcAleer1 @TeagCalv him out, is that nobody is suggesting any sensible, good alternatives. He can’t dine off the… @BenMcAleer1 @TeagCalv ...what I think that is. As for Grealish, he’d make my squad, but I do understand that he mi… @BenMcAleer1 @TeagCalv As for Maguire, Pickford arguments. They deserve questions but I think he’s playing them to… @BenMcAleer1 @TeagCalv There’s definitely scope for criticism, and I agree some of his decisions seem baffling, but… @PeterRhysMorris @BenMcAleer1 @TeagCalv Valid points. I thought we played well in the Colombia game, and I’d also a… is absolutely fascinating, especially when you look at how just how the game, and some teams in particular, pl…
@roygnfl I don't agree that you pick people for friendlies (which is what these basically are) based purely on form… @Abvefnc These games are ripe for experimenting though, right? @roygnfl I can't agree with that, sorry. @Abvefnc What makes him out of his depth?Anybody wanting Southgate Out is a disgrace. He gave us the best World Cup of our lives and has built an England te…'Veon Bell's tenure with the Jets ends as such: * 17 games played * 264 rushes (none longer than 19 yards) * 0 1…
Retweeted by Sam FarleyI can’t think of a single team which wouldn’t be an upgrade for fantasy purposes. @NFL sheer disrespect.
@nfliving A valid point @irish_titans You can’t tell me you wouldn’t watch itStarting to think there isn't a sport on the planet that wouldn't be improved with trampolines. @robmiech @OddsCheckerUS The under must be a good priceIt's not just me who thinks Everton win this. Latest betting data on the Merseyside Derby for @OddsCheckerUS #EFC @GameofThrowIns Sorry. I may have had a very small dabble on 2-0, DCL first goal and Rodriguez last.Saturday's Merseyside Derby is exactly 10 years since Everton's last win, a 2-0 victory with goals from Tim Cahill…
@GameofThrowIns It’s not football but Kevin Ware is probably the worst I’ve seen, thankfully not live.
Dak Prescott suffering one of the worst breaks I can remember seeing on TV. Jesus, that was sickening. @OddsCheckerMike oooooooshhhhh @slgseth "lmfao" @slgseth @DannyGradio @MikeSilver @bohnes @PatrickMahomes Thanks for the science lesson Doc @slgseth @DannyGradio @MikeSilver @bohnes @PatrickMahomes What's politics got to do with Mahomes shaking, or not shaking, someones hand. @DannyGradio @MikeSilver @bohnes @PatrickMahomes Yeah that mask will help keep his hand clean.If they gave out medals every time me and the boys said "It's coming home" after another meaningless friendly victo… @JackEleyx I can’t believe it! @pb3_paul I can't believe he's back. Almost in tears.If you don't follow the NFL then you probably don't know the back story here, but this is one of the greatest sport… @Gibney_A Thanks mateTake a look at my picks for the Giants Cowboys game. Got some value plays in here. anytime TD scorers that I love on today's Sunday slate. 🏈 For @OddsCheckerUS.
@AndyGilder Absolutely love that playI’m sorry, WHAT?