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@ReportsDaNews @laurenboebert You look bad for these tweets, and she looks more sympathetic. @NikkiHaley @standamericanow Can you please explain how government spending and tax relate to the minimum wage?
@BlueHillBillie @LongTimeAmy And I should know. @wasserperson @BklynDin @this_nick @helaineolen Porter had a tweet about it on Jan 14 that is now deleted. It didn’… @KDbyProxy @ProfStevenSmith @helaineolen She would still then need another waiver to get a third committee. It’s tw… @SturgellDraws @MarnieSchalla @KrussowAlice @Raycerx58 @helaineolen @SpeakerPelosi @RepKatiePorter She actually nee… @tiffmc1013 @girlsreallyrule Even if she made zero changes to her existing committees, she would have required the… @BlueHillBillie @LongTimeAmy Not sure where IQ comes in. It does not require high IQ to know things and challenge people on them. @Semaphore1842 @LongTimeAmy It wasn’t really her third choice. Because of the “exclusive” classification and the wa… @LongTimeAmy If we are correcting, the waiver would have been for FinServ plus 1+ committees. @shaktitots @girlsreallyrule It wasn’t really her third choice. Because of the “exclusive” classification and the w… @minniepeople @girlsreallyrule At least understand that she cannot “choose it as one of her two preferred committee… @BlakeleyBartley @girlsreallyrule It’s going to blow your mind, but “lose” has over a dozen definitions and a coupl… @clfgf_todd @SmurphySuzanne @helaineolen “Don’t want the rules, don’t play in the game” is the actual dumbest thing. Taken aback. @dueldu @romannurik @ashevat Editing regular expressions should be gated behind a certification. @dueldu @romannurik @ashevat “Once they work” is such a shitty bar. In my experience people with this attitude crea… @penthemoo @timrchurch @CTWritePretty “My idea of the vague phrase is better than your idea of the vague phrase, ID… @ViPuhstushin @CTWritePretty No, you see, employing workers at minimum wage is a charity. He is trying to be charit… @EMaietta @gaileyfrey @elephande @gaileyfrey @gaileyfrey Nah, that’s what it’s called in Spanish, so I f it bothers you that just tells me it still needs to bec… permanence is literally just letting shit you can’t see live rent free in your head. But yall not ready for that conversation 💅💅💅
Retweeted by sorry, just saw this @AlexaSommers @benedict_rs @LizLanierWrites “I have found a example in your work and a a top writer won an award on… @tinydotblot @istandleet @ceasarsaladrice @memecrashes Stretch the shape pictured into a shape like ooo. Then put your head and… @kwehzy They should all be under D because you’re not getting any of them @prize_grocery @DiegoBoobo @CosmonautMarcus I’m fine with how I write. @AlanMac12 @TheOnion The joke isn’t about women or even murder really, the joke is about homeowner priorities. @porglezomp @tom_forsyth Yes, it can certainly happen. But I get why right now leaders would err on the side of les…
@2B_Painfree @stefanomjr @NPR Why do you know so much about the internal beliefs of dangerous delusional people? @AlanMac12 @TheOnion This doesn’t even slightly cross any line. @tom_forsyth It’s not trivial for every minimum wage business in the country to reset wages frequently against infl… @LittleGerman12 @janise62794570 @marincovich @liamstack Not everyone sees, notices, researches the acronym ACAB. It… @NixEclips @marincovich @liamstack The “bad apple” idiom is not a truism. It is an ideology — one that gets disprov… @marincovich @liamstack “All cops are not” and “Not all cops are” mean two different things. Please learn the right… @JensenArt @tinymakesthings as if people typically spec out a keyboard made fully of individual custom keycaps @BrenCasts @jacobisalemon Cool, have a bad time proudly @SHeadcrabs @IndexAuReignia Thank you for admitting you don’t understand. Maybe your b&w POV grouping all Christian… @phosdust @DreamcastTurnip @ramenynoodley Why are you working so hard to spell Jehovah with an N? No, it’s not the… @phosdust @DreamcastTurnip @ramenynoodley (1) Jehovah is not Jesus, it is Yahweh. As in, “God”. (2) Jehovah’s Witne… @rednfiery @DropnJewels @katieporteroc @SylvanLane @SpeakerPelosi Why is it the job of the Congresspeople to explai… @Jim26163788 @KualaNights @SylvanLane Did you even read Porter’s tweet? @stillgray What point are you even trying to make? $14/h jobs should go unfilled, leading to, yep, an effective minimum wage of $15? @Sneakygemini @bartwerf Yeah, or even copy 10 things at once before you switch to the destination window. @GreatAtagana @Aqualady6666 @sir_duniya I don’t need them to be distinct, I need them to be completely non-human. @bartwerf Differs by application. Windows + V is the one that will change your life, once you enable it. @Kavates @PharaohOW I’m calm. Everyone else needs to be calm and Twitter needs to stop putting this Overwatch 2 disillusionment on my feed. @KimKierkegaard Good luck to Mr. Kant! (Though I’ve had also heard he’s a real pissant who’s very rarely stable.) @jimbobway63 @bandit_mad @1point0show @carlquintanilla My friend, if that were the point then the timeline would st… @DiegoBoobo @CosmonautMarcus How would you crop the photo if all three were black? How would you crop if all three… @DiegoBoobo @CosmonautMarcus What half decent computer vision powered cropping agent would crop this photo any othe… @3YearLetterman @MrFarmahini @tedcruz I believe it’s spelled cruise? @kevinrose OK. Thanks for the info. Once I am a dozens-of-millions-aire I’ll be happy to hedge a whole retirement’s… @JRodl3r @syllabub69 @kevinrose The hell are you talking about? @DiegoBoobo @CosmonautMarcus Honestly. You would pick an upside-down individual person with a monochromatic mask ov… @CosmonautMarcus Oh OK, you think you should be prioritized over two people in more interesting positions with a more interesting appearance @MandalorianGONK @BenAffleck hahahahahahahavahaha
@bdharrington @IOInteractive Can’t wait to break my hand trying to throw a briefcase @YahooAnswersTXT @ameliaQueerhart @redditships alternative question: how can a conceptual twitter account made for… @hughhuehew @mudkip_OW deadest*I will never, ever be interested in a video of your pet bird. @BlackOutSpartan @Stylosa The basics of capitalism are that you hear about something being planned so you need it n… @BlackOutSpartan @Stylosa I don’t know why you believe you know the right timeline for them to build their product.… @hunterw @AElfswithe @OstateJay Clarified? Anyone who reads EITHER of the tweets can tell his goal was to make fun… @blaktron @pzmyers @hunterw You’re concerned that HE is equating them? That tells me you missed the bare point of t… @hunterw No, he did not claim that everyone has restraints. Be a little bit more honest with yourself. @AMcCarthy83 @Stylosa That’s a wild ass guess. They can do anything they want to do. They can port content from OW2… @BlackOutSpartan @Stylosa There’s literally nothing wrong. You tricked yourself into thinking the game was coming s… @PumaOW @jamesperrott1 @itsKongming I agree, what do you know? @itsKongming @Stylosa No, you did. They never said anything like that. They could’ve always planned for a 2025 rele… @MicDubTV @Stylosa What concrete reason do you have to believe that? What insider info do you have? @Stylosa Almost certainly, based on what? It could be 2027. Why do people need to guess?
@StarWarsArcade @IGN @EricHaywood @GallopingMetal @averyintheopen @seanpeaaa @clairewillett @maggieNYT If anything, I think she is saying the opposit… @midnucas @maggieNYT There is no saving the tweet. Certainly your change doesn’t make it comprehensible. @wdpankow @maggieNYT What planet are you from where that punctuation is “correct” @haloofthoughts Yes. 10:12 used the words “waiting for comment before reporting”. @haloofthoughts Remember that time at 10:12 when you said “waiting for comment before I report what I know” and the… @ym2612 @RegyptianStrut @cherepanov74 a XS @HiiNaKo___ @TheMasterKrook @LAValiant Correct. @mizliz_ @haloofthoughts @hill_charlotte @HouseDemocrats This is a very well-written thread in the way any tweet can be shared without needi… @arisegal @YoLon3rWolf @LAValiant The 49ers are not located super close to SF even when they play at home. @HiiNaKo___ @TheMasterKrook @LAValiant No, it’s not just about the Asia division. It’s about immigrating players and staff + infrastructure. @Sc3ntlessgrape @mizliz_ @haloofthoughts Like blacklisting would even matter compared to the damage. @LAValiant Frankly in their shoes I’d quit the league before being required to move to China. @ScribbleTW @EvilToaster Yes, the people, not where the people gather. @EvilToaster Just remember that anyone can be on Twitch and any streamer can reward roles/perks to whoever they wan… @ManderGerald @TerribleMaps is this terrible or great? @fats_fairmont @ml8_ml8 @alanhe @maggieNYT Oh, what did I say? @robottomulatto IQ is a concept only and is measured/judged by a wide variety of tests and methods @jakerozin Signal is flow, not resistance @EmptyRush @Newegg What Bernie Sanders meme, what communism? @sfxer0 @Adm_Snackbars @Newegg Newegg works much harder than most competitors to cultivate a dedicated consumer bas… @Adm_Snackbars @Newegg Because supply is not predictable and it puts the retailer on the hook? @fats_fairmont @ml8_ml8 @alanhe @maggieNYT I don’t make my online presence about my identity. Is your point here th… @fats_fairmont @ml8_ml8 @alanhe @maggieNYT Astonishing the sheer pride with which you apparently decided my race. I…