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@onekweku @OhSoWavyMoc @FBBLou Me personally? No. The organization most definitelyMy young boys 💜 #AmazonPrime 🇸🇱
Retweeted by Jay @OhSoWavyMoc @FBBLou Boy is mids. He not even the number 2 option on his teamBro I’m dead crying right now. Full tears @OhSoWavyMoc @FBBLou Ik it’s a terrible comparison. Brown is grade a midsBam hits a 3 at the 3rd Q buzzer and now has 60 points in 7 quarters vs Brooklyn
Retweeted by JayThe only two NBA Rookies to score over 30 in a game this season.
Retweeted by JayMj, Serena Williams, Husain bolt homies know I love em🖤
The highlight of my weekdays is picking my son up from daycare. He be geeked @ezekiel11 @SportsHangman @Y3lla_Gyal @SaycheeseDGTL who wants an animated music video done by me?
Retweeted by JayImmanuel Quickley put on a show last night. Scored a career high 31 points.
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@DMNTsnurr Right hook then the truck stick was viciousThis looks super tough!! I know this movies gonna be 4 hours long though 😭 don’t care about blood, it only makes you related. Loyalty, loyalty makes you part of the familyCoach K needs to retire soon @FBBLou White boy getting his ass whoppedThese niggas big as hell fighting
Parlay hit! @Boogs60_ Down bad rn 😭These parlays are not hitting 😭Prince Yuno of the Spade Kingdom! 🤩🍀 #BlackClover
Retweeted by Jay😭😭😭
Retweeted by JayThis is nuts @sirtoppp "Look at my opponent"
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Really debating on moving back to the cityBillionaire Chalmath Palihapitiya (one of the early facebook guys) revealing who really runs shit.
Retweeted by JayAt this point in the anime, neji is beating the breaks off him @FBBLou really put NJ on to @FLAWLESSLUCKIDelivery fee is corny as hell. That’s a gallon of gas fam, mind as well go pick the shit up myselfBaby leave that shit to me or I'll hurt yo feeling's, aye. Nigga think he robbin' me, shorty must be kiddin' @FBBLou Bout to spend 23 beans on a burger dawg 😭
I’m punching air right now son 😭 @MichaelB025 That was super dope. Second season confirmed alreadyGang with his first haircut. @MichaelB025 Definitely worth watching though @MichaelB025 Could have been legendary but they flopped itAyooo, this is nuts. He like 0/120 from the field Tory lanez at shoot shorty? Timeline about to be in shambles @FBBLou Still hereGotta be the finest shorty on the planet. No debate would they need to use nanotechnology when cell phones exist bro😭 I’m telling you channel bro! I’m telling you. You can create your own cult to remake this years ago today, 'American Dragon: Jake Long' made its official debut.
Retweeted by Jay @FBBLou He been fake
You can’t “order” patients to do anything. It’s a neat thing called, “HIPAA” they loved that shit Goodman, promoted to Acting Deputy Senate Sergeant at Arms, escorting our new VP. #InaugurationDay  How it…
Retweeted by Jay(1/19) Happy birthday Gaara! 🎉🎉🎉
Retweeted by JayAttack on Titan was 10/10
You must respect a man who’s actions conform with his WordsYou must respect Dr. King.
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You disgust me 😓
Ayyyy one of these parlays to hit @thejtbeebe23 Shit is crazyAyooo they paying niggas at my job 30hr for MLK the whole weekend
Keldon Johnson has 22 points and just destroyed the rim.
Retweeted by JayAyooo WTF
Let’s go and her little brother max!’s popular crime drama #AnimalKingdom has set an end date Ahead of the Season 5 premiere, the network has renew…
Retweeted by JayBeen sober for a week and I feel like I can run a marathon right nowFine as hell😭😭 trade is terrible @FBBLou Shit so corny
Anytime A black man stands for anything they deem him crazy. has to be your worst wake ever Jeff. Please delete this of cards is wicked man. Francis is a grimy ass dudeSaid no one ever
Ayoo, I gotta get off FanDuel. I’m here betting on table tennis at 3am 😭DE’AARON FOX TO END IT 😱
Retweeted by JayThis is a terrible take lmao.
At the end of the day I’m my own man. I stand on that shit @MjHoopin Ayooo I miss you dawg 😭Everybody Played for a Coach like this Before 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by JayFirst weekend on FanDuel, bet $50 over the last 2 days won $650 I’ll take itGetting kicked off a play for being a terrorist gotta be rock bottomI am grateful for the time I spent at West Virginia, and the lessons that I learned. I’ve spent a lot of time prayi…
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Terms of service be kicking y’all asses. is not what he thinks he is; he is what he hides.😭😭😭😭😭😭 Lewis shoulda went to Kentucky man
Tyrese Maxey dropped his career-high tonight despite the L: 39 PTS 7 REB 6 AST 2 STL 54 FG% 🔥
Retweeted by Jay @FastBreakJayy Naaa neph going up😭
Retweeted by Jay @FBBLou Peep my IG story. Something wrong with himWhen “wheels on the bus” comes on my son flips outs like niggas is playing Faneto at function
Just tweet about basketball bro😭😭ayoo you know much of menace to society you gotta be to get permanently banned?! him in traffic too, noted* @kaylazunigaa @FBBLou Somethings just have to happen 😭If I catch him in traffic it’s curtains$500 for anybody that beats up Erik AndersonThis whole thing is a mess. Why would she do this interview? Why is her lawyer just sitting there? JOHNSON. That's how you start the third 💥
Retweeted by JayLife was better when this dropped
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