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My son has seizures, and I want him to be safe in the world. Please share
Retweeted by JayEses just gave me a 6 pack. I’m wavy rn
Who got a link for the fight? @HaydarKorkut Broo I was crying! Shit getting towed @FBBLou Seen him pulled by the light by the capital one. No plates on the bike 😭😭😭Why is Paul driving that dam bike with no plates 😭This nigga healthy as hell’s been real pancakes can’t trust nobody that doesn’t put tomatoes on their sandwich
This is prime example what white women have been doing since the beginning of time. @DylanBurnsPro1 It’s facts @DylanBurnsPro1 Well the knicks ruined his career lmaoMy son gon be a hustler, I can see it all in his eyes“Abraham Lincoln over here” one of the funniest Biden comments
Retweeted by JayTrumps ability to look someone dead in the face and lie is insane
@OhSoWavyMoc 😭😭😭 factsFood stamps out the key foodsNiggas fighting over a thanksgiving plate months before the actual holiday is nuts 😭Let me be great, two sugarsI’m really proud of all my homies. Can’t wait to watch the future unfold for them @callmemonotony It’s all love!That’s why you don’t got no hair gotta go ASAP. Dry ass bird
"This gap between the politically indifferent and hard, loud partisans exacerbates the perception of a hopeless div…
Retweeted by JayWe could have shut down the economy for two months and paid people to stay home. Americans didn't slip. We were pus…
Retweeted by JayNever needed your acceptance, never needed nothing
People on the timeline talking about a tax plan but barley gross $2800 a month. Shut up lmaoI’ll never forget we was in dc turned the game off went to the club and I’m like how John wall beat us here
Retweeted by JayTwitter deserves to see it too 🤮 @MilesBridges turning up in Miami at an open run @TaylorSportsGrp
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@DMNTsnurr It’s shared @HiiImPaul Deadass😭😭😭My cousin bought like $600 worth of his clothes for his kids, tell me how his baby mama took the clothes back and b… need molly to go on datesAin’t answering my phone so you know she gone reach @staychiefin757 @dareustheblack @jasxmerie He does💀💀💀💀💀💀
Retweeted by Jay @dareustheblack @jasxmerie I just know he spit when he talk 😐
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@King_Tyy Batshit crazy bro 😭Finally got around to watching death note. Light is a fucking psychopath and L is a genius
Pops came late I’m already stuck in my ways
@Pete_Palumbo I was talking about the final fight @Pete_Palumbo I also think Naruto held back that fight. He wanted to save him not kill @JesusHinojosa__ It’s up for debate nowThis is just the beginning
Retweeted by JayThe first fight was drastically better. Let’s argue @shonenpicture G E A R S E C O N D
Retweeted by Jay @shonenpicture
Retweeted by JayKobe with some big time advice 🎯 “Don’t look at what I did, but look at how I did it.”
Retweeted by Jay @theylovemarq Delete this dawgBeing a father is the greatest gift I’ve ever received. I’ve done many things wrong in life, but being a bad father…
A word.
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Hello, Sidney… It’s OFFICIAL: The original "Scream" queen Neve Campbell is back.
Retweeted by JayThis is the craziest gender reveal I’ve seen 🤣🤣🤣
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@D_MIDDLE_CHILD Ain’t throw for a 100 yards in his life 😭 i know what you talking aboutIk it’s been some years but I don’t duck from no fades. Say the word and I’m there. Word to my brotherRajon Rondo might be one of the smartest players to ever play the game.
Retweeted by JayShit don’t be this deep as y’all make it is the full Utah cougar video. The guy had a chance to not have an encounter with the thing when he saw it waa…
Retweeted by JayHe was harassing her Cubs before this happened. Fuck him’all don’t regularly shampoo your carpet?! @DylanBurnsPro1 Best animated series
Hunter Biden was Chairman of the World Food Program,... which just won the Nobel Peace Prize. Eric Trump, Donald J…
Retweeted by JayI want a daughter so badIs it weird that I miss going to school? Might go grab my mastersIf we don’t trade Kyle KuzmaDelete this
How it started: How it's going:
Retweeted by JayAppreciate all the love I received this week for my birthday 💙✌🏾 love
Retweeted by Jay @_Brandon_John At least get to the line @DMNTsnurr When he jumped and made that pass bam didn’t even jump yet. Shoulda went strong and tried to get to the lineHe has one man to beat. This is not 4 people in front of him you one, chose you one
Shoot the runner off the glass! It’s a 1 point game don’t need a 3. Is that good logic for you?!
Retweeted by JayBronsexuals be killing me on this app @DylanBurnsPro1 Yeah. They give tickets for the day. First 70 today @onekweku Hes the best player in the world. He was driving right to his strong hand with only bam in front of him. Gotta put that shot upDepartments of motor vehicles hate the DMV dawgI wanna see where Lebron was guarded by 4 players lmao @DylanBurnsPro1 Klay obviously @J____7_ 😭😭😭 @DMNTsnurr He was cooking tn @onekweku Where? He beat jimmy off the bounce, crowder stayed home, and he was bumped pass RobinsonI got a serious question, would you rather Lebron take that shot or pass to Danny?Danny green shouldn’t get a ring deadass @D1__DaDon Idn why hid ass was in the game to begin withTakes those damn jerseys off manNiggas put the game in Danny greens hands 🙃Kuzma is getting cooked rn
If you don’t pick John never speak on basketball again @FBBLou He did beat Jordan like 6 times, but jordan be haunting this nigga 😭
This was the stupidest thing I hope I come across to today’s @FastBreakJayy Youu already 🤝😎
Retweeted by Jay @OhSoWavyMoc Don’t underplay yaaa accomplishments. Flex playboy1 month out from my fight. It is the quickening! There can only be one!🏆 . 1 mês para a minha luta. Está chegando!…
Retweeted by JayAlmost took my life
I’ve loved people that had no intentions of loving me back @D_MIDDLE_CHILD I agree definitely top 2 tier @FBBLou Facts. I’ll always watch his films. I think he’s extremely underratedWhere do you rank Adam Sandler as an actor?