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.@PaulFeig has worked with huge comic talents. Here's how he manages them., like every other metropolis in the world, has a problem: Everything smells like pee
Retweeted by Fast CompanyA simply excellent article by @FastCoIdeas on one of my @CBCDragon's Den deals. @The7Virtues new perfume has such…
Retweeted by Fast CompanyWhy this restaurateur believes that people are the key to success crazy concrete ceiling could revolutionize how we build, stop flushing your single-use contact lenses down the toilet VMAs 2018 live-stream: How to watch the video music awards online without cable Peloton of rowing lets you cruise the Charles took a year, but officials claim Puerto Rico’s power is finally back on says the voluntary approach isn’t working. woman used Tinder to trick dozens of men into going on the same date wants to be able to eavesdrop on suspects in an MS-13 investigation. want that job? Don’t make these six mistakes new report about glysophate in common breakfast cereals has parents frightened–but you don’t need to empty your e… and NYU believe AI can make MRIs way, way faster Oliver explains trade to Trump with a disaster movie trailer hack could be used to shock someone’s heart, or to withhold a shock when it’s needed.’s Gatwick Airport suffered a display-board outage, so airport workers went old school new laboratory will explore how people can truly flourish at work up on my podcasts since vacation and i just learned that multitasking lowers your IQ as much as a missing…
Retweeted by Fast CompanyFor some crazy reason, people are less concerned about identity theft redesigned the urinal, but the real problem is the urinators famous failures that became massive successes! A popsicle that doesn’t melt Feig, the writer-director known for coaxing breakout performances from casts and crews, has useful tips for ma… Newmark’s foundation will match donations that fund requests from STEM teachers at low-income schools. is the first Amazon Go rival to open an automated checkout store town will get its heat from an unlikely source: a data center to deal with a panic attack at work “city” for people with dementia is the future of memory care this hospital treats its local neighborhood like a patient successfully took over digital voting machines using a variety of vulnerabilities pioneers $29 billion race to own how America sleeps is heating up is getting ready to open its first retail store is buying SodaStream for $3.2 billion new park is designed for a future of flooded cities EU may fine tech companies that don’t remove terrorist content within an hour takeaways from Jack Dorsey’s CNN interview completes its $16 billion acquisition of India’s Flipkart pulls 25,000 illegal apps from the Chinese App Store 2018 #FCFestival Returns with an all-new look 4 things kept me sane as I bootstrapped my company tech-mogul-turned philanthropist has just published a review of a dense 2017 book on how “intangible assets”–th… AI can identify 50 eye diseases with superb accuracy—and then explain its diagnoses law prohibits government from using ZTE, Huawei gear"In Lincoln’s days, there was no gate on the White House. You could just line up outside his office." BBC film stars Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, Felicity Jones, and many more, in roles they’ve unfortunately been t…’s board is now 50% women’s artificial intelligence programs get huge boost in defense budget things to know about Vermont’s history-making openly transgender candidate might seem logical to say yes to a promotion or a new job. But if it doesn’t align with your long-term goal, it… Blue light from screens can steadily blind us the ways you’re making bad data viz choices app makes you a personalized nutrition label for any food can’t always engineer motivation, but by understanding the forces behind it, we can learn to identify how we wor… battlelines have been drawn in your ears. is crucial no matter what you’re negotiating. But you might need to adapt how you prepare depending on… is killing off its dot’s still unclear whether the Saudi Public Investment Fund is even interested.“Crazy Rich Asians” may open the door for more Asian-American representation in Hollywood. In the meantime, these 1… Silicon Valley, cities may tax big tech to help struggling renters are taught in studios cooled down to as low as 45 degrees inside New York City’s Brrrn boutique gym. The fo… house features a two-story greenhouse, which will appeal to the growing number of young people who are eschewin… started as a vegan Coachella pop-up now has an L.A. outpost: Monty’s Good Burger serves up gooey, juicy Imposs… is building the Netflix for neighborhoods It. Short. is changing. Why isn’t the fertility process, too? machines are designed to deceive. Here’s how. Kearns Goodwin knows what presidential leadership looks like
A brief history of plastic, design’s favorite material middle children really going extinct? Here’s a reality check ideals about work have changed radically in the past three decades with creative failure? Here’s what to do next, this shows a mounting problem for Facebook to be busy without feeling overwhelmed new law in France that goes into effect in September will see the ban of smartphone use on school grounds for stu… if you explicitly tell Google not to track your location and movements, the company does anyway.'s what the flip phone life is like