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Watch a super-intelligent robot build a $25 Ikea chair in minutes Mitchell drove 450 miles twice a week to learn how wine distillation practices could be applied to making ma… recap: The five easiest ways to catch up on Season 1 you finish your drink, you can eat this new edible straw @Loliware climate change means building dense, diverse, walkable cities online retail solve its packaging problem? guy spent a year exploring the subculture of competitive punning if the pot industry was, like, just a big nonprofit, man? macaroni and cheese helps fight climate change“This is the holy grail of farming.” A cannabis cultivation system that requires 95% less water—and yields up to 3… plastic trash into new materials. meat is bad for the planet: but what about just eating less meat? (from 2017) #EarthDayHere’s what execs from Lush Cosmetics and Red Robin bought recently the world's first fully solar train. government knows a plant-based diet is best. It should make it official. #WCIawards small, off-grid house fits all you need for a very comfortable life #WCIawards health institutions should be financing urban greenery to support well-being and air quality. #EarthDayClimate change becomes a lot less theoretical when you can see it happening before your eyes. (from 2017) #EarthDay environmental group has sued the administration every 8 days #EarthDay“This is the holy grail of farming.” A cannabis cultivation system that requires 95% less water—and yields up to 3… if you could filter dirty air just by riding a bike? #EarthDay (from 2017) maps show how climate change will mess up the weather where you live #EarthDay five countries are responsible for 60% of all the junk in our marine garbage patches. #EarthDay (from 2015)Recruiters look at this more than your LinkedIn“We need to be at zero emissions at the global scale.” The 100 things we need to do to reverse global warming:…
Retweeted by Fast CompanyThe largest ever tropical reforestation is planting 73 million trees. #EarthDay to save money? Stop paying for gas. this four-minute brain hack turn you into an optimist? revolutionary giant ocean cleanup machine is about to set sail #EarthDay“Westworld” recap: The five easiest ways to catch up on Season 1 a friend. The Nintendo Labo construction process lends itself well to teamwork. first four things you should do every workday and activists team up to target the NRA How two entrepreneurs are helping black communities eat better split in the spliff industry: Can big marijuana survive without Roger Stone? you need to pay attention to Gen X leaders cannabis industry innovators are growing a billion dollar industry after it lost the photo-sharing wars, Flickr still has a passionate community—and now it has a new owner’s tempting to start firing off resumes when you’re itching to move—but take the time to read one of these books… 24-year-old built a LinkedIn for weed jobs, no experience required believe that emotional intelligence is the job skill of the future. So I had mine tested, and the results w… it’s the smallest words and phrases that shape how you’re perceived around the office. Here are a few to…, desperate for happiness, is getting less and less happy secretly hates your “friendly reminder” email maps show how climate change will mess up the weather where you live #EarthDayTemplates and hints for the perfect email for almost every situation Cynthia Nixon’s pro-marijuana video matters for New York are the only meetings you should have for the next month’s “unusual surveillance activity” around DC and senators want answers. live Flickr. women are leading the growing natural wine movement to write thank-you notes that impress hiring managers @BuzzFeed series uses social media to retell American history run “facial recognition” on buildings to unlock architectural secrets at Facebook realized their bots were chattering in a new language. Then they stopped it… wants an alternative to iMessage. Will Apple support it? instantly likable isn’t rocket science, but this checklist takes practice to master in the short space of a f… photos of eviction day in America generic millennial ad is everything wrong with advertising to young people the Portland @trailblazers became NBA (social media) champs much is Harry Potter really worth? you name five female scientists from history? everyone touting their “amazing” company culture it can be hard to tell who is telling the truth. Here are a f… things can happen when people stop saying "I wish there was something I could do", and start doing something.… Raytheon’s “soldier in a bubble” technology could save lives it comes to impressing hiring managers, what you do after counts as much as what you say during your interview… much as you want to make a change right now, take the time to make sure it’s the right one…
OK Go’s videos are internet gold. Their first VR experience is even wilder brain has a “delete” button–here’s how to use it or without Cuomo, MedMen is blazing a trail for legal weed in New York 5 ads of the week: Solange and Uniqlo, Spotify’s Bowie MTA talked to hiring experts to find out which questions trip up most job candidates, and the better answers that co… online retail solve its packaging problem?, NyQuil, and dongs: The secret ingredients behind Voodoo Doughnut cities are as creative and collaborative as startups than clinging to the false hope of “green growth” fantasies, this is where we need to focus our creative ene… closely at the Siren. She looks perfect. But by design, she’s not your trail mix–you’re going to need a lot of it to survive a day-long train trip without a dining car.’s risky plan to beat Apple and Facebook in the chat wars