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FJ is an engineer. He is happily married to MrsFJ. He has Aphantasia. Supports Watford. RTs are mostly things he finds funny. No tweet theft. Likes the meta.

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@DPJHodges I am convinced I’ll be on a ventilator if I get it. @Scientits @perrigame @ViolasDisguise Strawberry Jubblies are better.I miss the MDI in @microsoft office applications.
@redimp69 I have that on 12” vinyl, bought the day it hit the record shop. @ABCFRY Marvellous. See you again in Southend some time? @genuineplacebo Still waiting to hear when ours is coming. Supplier overwhelmed apparently @AlmostSenseless @andybolton Is it not piled high with old computers, monitors, printers and cables? @OldMackIsBack @melindiscott @berniespofforth 😲
@AntBreach And by limiting the height we build to. The vast majority of London property is two stories. @darrengrimes_ @SirBasilBrush I saw the green skirt and thought it was Neil Horan, the dancing priest.You have to love autocorrect! 😂’t this f*cker be busy making a vaccine?
Retweeted by Fat Jacques 🏴‍☠️ @ne0liberal Me too. And lack of housing is due to lack of land, purely down to planning regulations.Erm... @LairdSummerisle Never interrupt your enemy while he is busy making mistakes. @regcrawford3 @KateWilliamsme @skytv Schoolboy error. That tune was for Cadbury’s Whole nuts, not Fruit and nut. “E… Ross on BBC4 now. @HumbugWTAF @badassday @Tesco @sainsburys @Morrisons @asda @marksandspencer Then they would make enough halal food… @davidawfulbot @DamCou Shows it’s a good idea if other people had it too, that’s what I always say. The trick is be… @BBCNewsPR Bullshit. @DarrenPlymouth @juneh49 BBC are not taking complaints about this anymore. There is a special website they made whe… @davidawfulbot @DamCou There are loads of them on all the tee shirt sites @HumbugWTAF @badassday @Tesco @sainsburys @Morrisons @asda @marksandspencer I am absolutely at a loss to understand… @cjsnowdon @LeeJB1970 BBC has had so many complaints they have made a specific website to collect them. @sirmlivesey He has people to do that for him. Bad job. But not as bad as the guy who has to wipe his ass. @DrGABaines @MirrorPolitics He doesn’t live there at all, he has left that family home. Despicable “gotcha” journalism. @badassday @Tesco @sainsburys @Morrisons @asda @marksandspencer It’s only permitted in law if it’s done for religio… @Pitseastation @AlfredToshLines @clive_uttley I think I met him once. A drip. @RobDWaller @KayBurley Self righteousness is completely blinding. @unipede @MarcherLord1 It’s OK, they can test you post-mortem"Magic Eye" images can be created using text, as well as colourful patterns. Let us know in the comments if you can…
Retweeted by Fat Jacques 🏴‍☠️ @qikipedia Oh that’s cool. I always see a piece of text as a 3D surface, but when this “clicks in” the text surface… @GSpellchecker Delete your account. @KayBurley Takes one to know one. @MysteriosoX
@fesshole @baghwallah The correct answer is green triangle. @StefSimanowitz @LlareggubHall That’s a good gag, but it’s irresponsible.Cummings: 1st Corintinans 8v9 @donaldtusk Poke off @Marshall5Sharon Most of twitter! @MarcherLord1 Islington? @maxkrm @JayneDWales One of my sons, my son in law and my daughter in law have had it. My GP died of it. @tom_peters Loved that book: “A woman knows her children’s friends, hopes, dreams, romances, secret fears, what the…
Retweeted by Fat Jacques 🏴‍☠️ @jamesrbuk @MarkReckons This is my issue with him. If he is dumb enough to make such a hair brained plan when he kn… @fullabeanz I’m get very fed up with this fact vacuum. @GeoffShadbold @mryderqc You don’t know what I am or am not able to see. I am asking the OP to clarify a particular point he is making. @GeoffShadbold @mryderqc I didn’t know I did. @GeoffShadbold @mryderqc Mate, I asked the OP a specific question about what he said so I can understand the point… @GeoffShadbold @mryderqc Not my question @GeoffShadbold @mryderqc Not my question @GeoffShadbold @mryderqc Not my question either @GeoffShadbold @mryderqc That’s not my question. @mryderqc @GeoffShadbold If they had both become too ill, hospitalised even, and their child was cared for by their… @tom_peters My wife and I read that together in the early years of our marriage. Very helpful. We are still together 34 years later. @Mr_Jon_Rotten @alomshaha We used to put someone’s blazer over a gas gap. Leave the gap on for a bit, then light it… @PJChapman74 Only if it’s a caravan. @SeeMack_ie @MaMaDolson @CCriadoPerez Jobs are an excuse to use power tools. Or even better, buy new ones. @AnonymousJourn9 @SKinnock Can’t use his phone while he’s driving up the M6!
Retweeted by Fat Jacques 🏴‍☠️ @alomshaha @jwgn I’m going to have to RT as I am a mechanical engineer.Non-science tweeps, particularly those of you with little or no interest in science: which, if any equations from y…
Retweeted by Fat Jacques 🏴‍☠️ @MartinDaubney @_RudaMalpa_ Not only that, it was obviously a dumb question. He thought he had a got a gotcha, but… @IearnengIish @engineeringvids It’s really boal as goal or foal. Not bol like doll. @adamboultonSKY You're trying to get a man sacked for driving to Durham to look after his 4 year old child whilst s…
Retweeted by Fat Jacques 🏴‍☠️ @Hells4Heroes @Fred79172142 And therefore deserve it. Self righteousness has a wonderful way of othering. @anartdecodiva @AtheistEngineer I’m not a dermatologist, but in my community of cardiac device implant surgery pati… @JamesOldham It’s good to hate conclusion stevie nicks and carrie fisher are goddesses and i love them
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@metaburbia Quite! @JuliaHB1 Everyone has their own facts, why not their own opinions? @metaburbia What point is she trying to make? @OldMackIsBack That’s what Adam Boulton would prefer. @addicted2newz They are using that word. I don’t think it means what they think it does. @_boyMoon @KTTunstall Just reading a description of that performance, apparently she was put in the show at very short notice. @ytdaveyt @JohnKennedyJnr @TVRav Curioser and curioser @VirtualAstro Thanks. @BracewellMr @SimonMagus He says people are upset because what was reported was not what he did. Maybe he thinks if… @ytdaveyt @JohnKennedyJnr @TVRav Can she drive? @VirtualAstro I know that, I mean what on the space station is the sunlight hitting so we can see it so brightly? @ytdaveyt @JohnKennedyJnr @TVRav Im sure any number of explanations fit. If it can be proven he has lied today he is finished. @ad98832376 @SimonMagus It certainly what the lefty media think of him. And maybe has has done the thing he is good… @BracewellMr @SimonMagus He doesn’t seem to think he did anything wrong to be remorseful for. Remorse implies guilt. @ytdaveyt @JohnKennedyJnr @TVRav Agreed. Very poor decision making. At the very least he should have to talked to s… @VirtualAstro Why is it so bright, what is reflecting?Tweet theft is down 85% since start of lockdown @gopalisation @SimonMagus He was a murderer and gangster, but all they could ever pin on him was a tax issue. @SimonMagus Cummings has sinned a lot: He’s a Tory, he’s a Brexiteers, he is Boris’s Wormtongue. They can’t get him… @Louisa_Noel @JohnKennedyJnr @TVRav Oh that’s hilarious @kykaree @MyNewMummyLife As long as you aren’t involved in government in any way, no. @kykaree @MyNewMummyLife You’re right, the legislation lays that out, I’d say the guidance is less clear. @fudgecrumpet I’d have shot the dwarf at the first opportunity. @bcolinp @DamCou Have they asked him how he feels yet? @ajcdeane Unless the one question is not answered in which case that is exactly what they should do. @CymraegTeacup FredBob @UKVolkswagen @autocar Ooh a New Golf. Does it have one of them illegal diesel engines in it? @fudgecrumpet As in the “Bottoms up club” ? @kykaree @MyNewMummyLife where does it say “outdoors, but only in public spaces” my garden is outdoors. @kykaree @MyNewMummyLife Is it? @PsychBeaulogy @grizzly712 @Lugey6 @francisobrienUK Yes. Cummings should have been smart enough to realise his acti… @JohnKennedyJnr @TVRav That is the weird bit. @MyNewMummyLife @kykaree You can. Stay outside, stay 2m away. No more than 1 visitor at a time.