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FJ is an engineer. He is happily married to MrsFJ. He has Aphantasia. Supports Watford. RTs are mostly things he finds funny. No tweet theft. Likes the meta.

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@emmajo15 @CCriadoPerez @TheO2 It’s like the people who design buildings don’t know: 1. Women pee more frequently t… @MrHarryCole Delicious @GuyKiddey @ThatTimWalker Haha haha!!! @kateferguson4 @DPJHodges I know one person who buys this Trump is pulling Boris’s strings line they are pushing. H… @DamCou Accidental band names
Retweeted by Fat Jacques 🏴‍☠️ @emmajo15 @CCriadoPerez @TheO2 This is inexcusableHad to explain to someone at work that a computer system that determines the user’s gender via AI is probably not a good idea. @BouTEAca Good job I gave them my left arm. @nugzy Yeah, it’s just a scratch. I was a brave boy.Be nice to me; I just had my flu jab.
@ZonePhysics @YiasontheGreek Here is John Tickle on a swimming pool of custard! book! @doctorow Wow. I started working on car radios in 1991. @Mister_Woodo @MysteriosoX Hot Fuzz @sp_stratford @78SoylentGreen @NoIAmTonyGreen @natscs18 @SparksofBrass @LaughingDevil1 @Husker_Ju @vc61 @joswinson Christmas schedule is filling up fast, getting quite a bit of work via this route. I love Twitter. To book a spo…
Retweeted by Fat Jacques 🏴‍☠️ @IncognitoPengy Second best pub in a Yorkshire city. @DaniGBX @matkinsj My gran called any stuffed bedding an eiderdown. @matkinsj @DaniGBX Eiderdown?
@tnewtondunn @phlhwl It’s a start.Aelfred Ascari-Dragoon @Parlez_me_nTory I prefer the original by Kylie. @Underdogsbiteup @Mark_Wadsworth Interesting. Reminds me of: @chrisvalenzia @julianHjessop @cjsnowdon Well somebody will! Diazepam is a generic, it’s made by hundreds of companies around the world. @jeremycorbyn No. They’d declare an emergency in Surrey. @mickyluv7 I am. Just. @BouTEAca @make_trouble It’s a second referendum party, and remainers assume they will win it.Interesting piece. Corbyn will give any Marxist a free pass. @WillMcCaffrey Where do you find these deals! @marcushwik @johnb78 I wonder why she sides with landlords? @BouTEAca Aha! You answered your own question. “Because the people giving the pass are idiots too.” If only we could ignore the lot of them. @bernerlap @Drury7Drury More of her please. @jeremycorbyn @BouTEAca Who is giving out these passes? @MaxWindCowie Nicely put. @tomhfh @nby83 The left think the right is evil, the right think the left is stupid.
@MikeARPowell @PJA1066 UKIP cost Tories a majority in 2010. On 3% of the vote. “The extra victories would have been… we can get Leavers to vote for the Brexit Party and not the Tories, we can do real damage in this election. With…
Retweeted by Fat Jacques 🏴‍☠️ @STattisconie In WW2 SNP policy was conscientious objection. @b_wildered2 Watford put new screens up this season.John Seddon on Agile, the most dysfunctional management fad there is #Agile #JohnSeddon
Retweeted by Fat Jacques 🏴‍☠️ @Demon_Dantanian @Exfizzixteach @Falcon_Malteser He is the splitters’ splitter. @Whorulesme @toadmeister @fullabeanz Indeed. Assuming the Scots vote to leave the UK. @Whorulesme @toadmeister @fullabeanz Yes, but SNP are socialists too, so a coalition always likely. @Whorulesme @toadmeister @fullabeanz Presumably the Scottish MPs would have to leave Westminster and Corbyn would lose his majority? @NicolaSillyBum I’m considering putting it in the downstairs loo permanently. @NicolaSillyBum I am a fan of tinsel, but MrsFJ doesn’t like it. @96barrettsa @petercrouch @TheRSC Ooh, I’ll buy that for my son for Christmas. @NicolaSillyBum This is the box @oldmudgie @Pieandapint @zythophiliac @RogerProtzBeer That’s better than being boarded up and allowed to rot. @oldmudgie @Pieandapint @zythophiliac @RogerProtzBeer Unboarded but not trading? You’d think being in the street b… @NicolaSillyBum I bought a light up stag’s head. @deGourlay Delivered by Brexit Party taking votes off the Tories. @leonagraham If you like pedantry; it’s “batten” not “baton”. 😂 @leonagraham Haha! I still call mine the airing cupboard and I have a combi boiler in the loft. You were just makin… @oldmudgie @Pieandapint @zythophiliac @RogerProtzBeer Judging by the dolphin in the roundel at the top I’d say it w… @Pieandapint @oldmudgie @zythophiliac @RogerProtzBeer I suppose the closure of the pottery did it for the pub. We o… @Pieandapint @oldmudgie @zythophiliac @RogerProtzBeer Looking at a map I realise that is next to the old pottery si… @Pieandapint @oldmudgie @zythophiliac @RogerProtzBeer There was a brewery in Poole called the Dolphin Marston’s bre… @leonagraham Those things are so well insulated they don’t really make it an airing cupboard anymore. No more warm towels. @Miss_Snuffy I did complain to the head teacher once about my son’s maths teacher. He told me things she had said t… @buntyhoven Me too, I will be painting the hall soon. @PJA1066 @MikeARPowell Until we have PR sometimes you have to hold your nose at the ballot box. @GavinJReeves @DrZacFitzgerald @HannahPopsy I remember it well. You bought it at the chemist’s, not the supermarket… @eddwilson John Wayne? @MikeARPowell @PJA1066 The maths of first past the post is against that happening. Brexit party unlikely to get any… shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the go… @Exfizzixteach You can be gullible without being stupid. @EdzardErnst @lecanardnoir You’d think they’d love vaccination. A tiny amount of the dead virus protects you from i…
Not a cult. @Kevin_Maguire Bolsheviks are taking over. @LaraInTheMiddle Mine is down the back of a drawer some where, so the refund was free money. @RainingCatz_ @STattisconie @matkinsj Wonderful place. Shame about (some of) the locals.If you stopped using your Oyster card when you got a contactless bank card, you might have a balance on it still. I… @RainingCatz_ Flooding? @STattisconie @matkinsj Here? Are you in Scotland ?
@bobhas1 Nice! @Wright14Steve @annofarabia So might Boris. @LeaveEUOfficial @Maxaretunit So you can go out? @matkinsj Same. MrsFJ went on a sweary rant about how much she dislikes Sturgeon. @ThomasJDesign @markanni5 Yes, just don’t put your arm around another player. @bedseo @matkinsj We have not been as bad as our results would make you think. Just not getting the final finish on…! 🐝 @bedseo @matkinsj It is certainly true that the only people who support Watford are from Watford. @alexbell @markrendle Yup. This is appalling.Thread on Corbyn’s support for Putin and genocides: while we blithely rehearsed every year on Holocaust Memorial Da…
Retweeted by Fat Jacques 🏴‍☠️ @matkinsj I told him off for the first yellow. He has form for stupid mistakes. @MardyGoth Forest. Tow friends have called their kids Forest. Like Gump. @ThomasJDesign A guaranteed big mistake per game. Why he was dropped in the past. Though that 2nd yellow was harsh when you see the replay. @coryful27850230 @sophieeemc @WatfordFC 2nd yellow, but in slow mo Replay it looks like he didn’t touch the Norwich player. @matkinsj We can’t do that. Shit. @jesuiscanard And I can use my Bluetooth headphones instead of the nasty plantronics the offfice give you. @These_Boots No, but in two pieces each piece is then smaller than your head!(hopefully)Get in! @Lordbrexit Nope. In my constituency that will let Labour in. @4ty2wo @cidlives Oh yes, I see that now.