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Fatal @FatalGlytch Gilbert, AZ

VALORANT content creator - that tongue guy 👅 - Powered by @headshotenrgy

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@chief_keith916 @daimyoFPS All I’m sayin bro is you’re jealous @JennyBotTV @416naru You’re on the web app shitter 💀 @JennyBotTV @416naru I told you that In a moment of weakness… @JennyBotTV @416naru It’s true. I’m in his floor and I hear her all the time she never shuts up @WUBU12 🥲
@JennyBotTV SHEEEESH LETS GOcan we delete twitlonger
Retweeted by Fatal @_zamiraj_ I’m sorry 😢 @ImJustZander @foreignerjpg LMFAO @DrLogicall Truth @temets Fuck @Doyyidi They got them scheduled ahead of time. Mf’s be tweeting them while they’re asleep @foreignerjpg As long as I don’t see a twitlonger titled “I fell for Foreigners down bad tweets and she broke my heart” then you’re all goodI am on my knees begging the Valorant community to please stop doing doing weird/cringe shit for at least a month.… @9zeemm W @brothernoak Shiiiii borthernoak back on the grind? 👀 @jai2wice LMAOOO best nap of your life @Tiffae @VRisingGame Degen schedule tiffae making a come back? 🤣When the hype train starts streamers are like: yes yes yesyes yesyes yes yes ye…
Retweeted by Fatal @JennyBotTV @416naru Meow meow @fyvenine @FAlRYLEY @_Od26 Not in the slightest. Quite literally laughing behind my phone screen 🤣 @FAlRYLEY @fyvenine @_Od26 Oh no… what ever will I do now that ley called me a loser 😭 @fyvenine @_Od26 Is this your way of telling me to die? LMAO @fyvenine @_Od26 Call me a loser, I don’t care about your opinion of me. Have a nice night! @fyvenine @_Od26 Not gunna lie I read none of that I don’t care anymore lol @fyvenine @_Od26 All I said was your logic was off brother. Keep virtue signaling though, go off 👍🏼 @jai2wice Goin got the throat LOL @jellyfish_val Had no clue about the dude or channel until 2 weeks ago @FpsEthereal Bro 💀 @jvshywvshy Nah there’s more context and she’s not the only one who left @MistFN @MistFN Age don’t matter + I looked into other tweets and there’s more context. 5+ people left Aspire in the last h… @jvshywvshy @MistFN Yes LOLThis Aspire Unit drama is juicy and hilarious lol @JuanDoesStuff Bro 💀 @DpsyFerTV @Slastt 😘 @jellyfish_val That was fast lmao @TrunksWEEB It’s not that weird @frslush Apparently tiktok is trying out a live streaming service. But with how sensitive their guidelines are I do… @frslush The hope they do will always be there but in reality they are a failing company and I wouldn’t be surprise… @_Od26 Rank decay would be huge @frslush I’ll give you YouTube but ad revenue on twitch is next to nothing. And if they were 15 seconds I wouldn’t care but… 💀
@spenczz 💀 @fyvenine @_Od26 The logic that you have a right to say something based on “less severity” due to not having a plat… @S1SS1L Sweet @brothernoak 🔥 @Stewieeee1 It just feels organized! @GenerallyEric never @Abdeznuts Leave me and my organization alone @Abdeznuts Nah @CIZRUVAL Oh thank you computer wizard @tejiebear Bro 💀 @enzoraa I ain’t that old @tejiebear Bro I know how computers work @subrozabackward Idk I like to stay organized so I keep all my games in the same folder 💀I recently hard reset my computer btw so that’s why some of the game files don’t have icons because I haven’t re-downloaded them yetThe other day my chat was hard meme-ing my ass because I open Valorant through the Windows file system… @frslush Just a style choice. Pretty common where I grew up @dawnmoer @DarthShadowTV @FLOWSHIZZLETV She is a pseudo sentinel even if she’s the only controller in the comp @DarthShadowTV @FLOWSHIZZLETV You forget the double controller meta where they’re usually picked together @FLOWSHIZZLETV Viper can technically be used on every map especially in pro play. @FLOWSHIZZLETV DO FADE @jettdaddy69 😳😳😳 @FLOWSHIZZLETV I miss me some flowshizzle @ermbeqqa 😂 @416naru @JennyBotTV Can I be the cat @spenczz King shit @whoisjioon Everyone falls off a bit at some point. Have to reinvent 🔥We lost grumpy cat and gained sad cat @temets 💀💀💀 @Vindict1on Yes @_Od26 @westjett1 Bruh @asielwyd 💀Drama is what makes the internet thrive. Without it so many people would be insanely bored and wouldn’t be able to…
@PinkCBJ thank you @Jollztv Mommy @uwulittlebunni @Slastt Sometimes I’ll go negative but have 15+ assists. I hate those games tho 😭 @threeFPS @scrollval @Dasnerth i think this is one of the acts where dinxx has actually played the act bc he compet…
Retweeted by Fatal @IUC43 @threeFPS @scrollval @Dasnerth LMFAOOOO @leabuwu @jellyfish_val @kasx12x Definitely @atlidx Jesus Christ man that no scope was disrespectful @brothernoak I have him added lmao @brothernoak @Slastt She’s annoying but easy to counter if u use your brain. But yeah someone who actually plays he… @notminhaj @Slastt 💀🤣 @x0Starlight @Slastt They be like “yeah this looks good” and they clear like 1 corner @GutzyAiden It’s been the same for me. Videos that normally do at least 30k are doing like 5-10kOnly person I’m trusting on Fade is myself and @Slastt. These people I be getting on my teams have 0 clue how to use her util bro 💀 @Yuzuju_ YUZU THE GOAT @wenisprinkles Inspiring @frslush This one guy Slush, so talented bro. Not a music artist but man is videography 😩 @frslush Very lots of good but also very lots of untalented mediocrity @frslush Mainstream rap is mumble rap and mumble rap is dogshit
@dawnmoer Vouch @leilaco62233008 Bet @Txrje LMAO imagine 🤣You should have to take an IQ test to get into immortal bro. The people I’ve been gettin in my games… like no way t… @leilaco62233008 Shave it @leabuwu Bro @jellyfish_val I didn’t look at the name at first and thought it was you 😭 @dawnmoer No way