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Before you DM me, I’m built like Fante Kenkey. x

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All ze best’s all fun and games till you decide to be disrespectfulI tried to roll with the big boys in Dubai my bank called me to ask if everything was okay
Retweeted by Na-Na😂😂😂 thing hasn’t ended? @viiolllaaa’t save me for later, I won’t be there.
Retweeted by Na-NaNo lights and no man to go to? HmmmSame dikini no is high waist inside? Some of us need to pack our fupa into somethingLol. Be like your man wants to clear his bale of face shields. Skskksksksksk @klassicsupremo Mention the a lot. I know only 3 significant things so educate meSame 😔 day different tops
Retweeted by Na-NaSince I signed up on tinder, I haven’t gotten a match 😂😂😂60gh frames scare me but they look good moom🤔 @D3lah_say Stress ankasa @VanGelder_ 💀💀 @fatbellynana In fact, some of them actively tried to sabotage the struggle for independence.
Retweeted by Na-Na @Darqseyd Exactly. But yeah the short man wants them to be celebrated
Retweeted by Na-NaEi in love and feel free to be the simpiest simp simping if you want. Do you know how nice it is to find a home i…
Retweeted by Na-NaMy vibrator broke. 😔Yes! Kodak.😩😔😔 she should’ve been alive to see it. 💔💔 May she Rest In Peace 🕊
Retweeted by Na-Na @kandamene Have I said something?Ransford won’t kill me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Respect yourself, Gyene “I think” thank God for my name. You have no reason to mispronounce itUntil I get all the degrees I want to get, I’m not having kids. I think children slow down progress in lifeI should be in bed cuddling the loml but I don’t have one so I’m grinding pepper to eat bankuHe should be president not this one suffered please. Them no do shit Big six (minus Nkrumah) didn’t really do shit. This holiday and their celebration is uselessA lot of people have names they themselves don’t pronounce correctly night is supposed to be whatever it’s participants are comfortable with 🙏🏽
Retweeted by Na-Na @APS_kwesi I’m so confusedWhat is this gif??? happened to the twitter bofrot people?Kodak. She didn’t get to see it. SighThe dancer who died was in black is king?Kelly Rowland is so beautifulYou have heart🙈 was actually thinking about this while working on something. It’s sad really#CitiCBS so spot on this morning re: erasure of female leadership and political activism on @citi973. Some other w…
Retweeted by Na-NaEnti dab3n? can. It’s fishing you can’t do on a Tuesday gave up at 19
Retweeted by Na-Na90's R&B is probably the reason I'm a hopeless romantic lol.
Retweeted by Na-NaAnon 🙈 wine: refreshing, I am in a breezy, sun-filled garden, I'm wearing a crisp white dress I am engaged. Red wine…
Retweeted by Na-Na"Right Here" 1993
Retweeted by Na-NaI’m already not being paid for my celibacy. I’ll take it you’re standing by the waakye seller asking for plenty shito... meboa? Sisa mu kakra Na wu y3m abr3 😂 The panc…
Retweeted by Na-NaSleep here you are, tweeting about it .
Retweeted by Na-NaThis is why I rarely retweet missing person posts i hate more
Retweeted by Na-NaTelling a depressed person to be happy bcoz they're loved is like telling someone with asthma to breathe bcoz there's oxygen around them!!
Retweeted by Na-NaDikini or no dikini, what matters is I have God
Retweeted by Na-NaThe lord will do me show 😔 have a friend who dines at a good restaurant monthly after her salary is paid. Her mantra is: “I have put in the…
Retweeted by Na-NaLol. I do this too bitch isn’t there any 24hr shop in my neighborhood? Whyyyy? @Ahn_drew This recent block I saw de3 I think it’s personal @Ahn_drew Oh me they don’t. I block people too. I just wonder what I might have doneIt’s so weird when an account you don’t know blocks you. Like I don’t care o but I just wonder which of my misbehavior caused it 😂😂😂So if you are going to disrupt my peace of mind, I’d gladly let you goNever want to go back to that dark point of my life where I couldn’t snap out of my depression. NeverMy first “relationship” was so bad that I’ve never felt the need to hang around when I feel unwanted by anyone or l… as that is a felony in a African Household 💀
Retweeted by Na-Na @miss_laryea2 It’s for the weakHmmm Wilkes Booth on his way to Ford Theatre
Retweeted by Na-NaAnd when you stop talking to someone and you don’t feel their absence and it’s just pure peace of mind, that friend… True like I ever get any but yeahBoth Horseman
Retweeted by Na-Na @claeusdev Could never be meSo this compensates for the one round? Hmmmm
Trying to pull myself out of it but it’s not workingI’m sadFact*The only that has saved me from having a mental breakdown these past few weeksMusic go jogging/walking
Retweeted by Na-NaThis really works