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I SELL RUG : Art director/ Tech & Video Performance Artist 4🛸 @collapsingscene ♻️ @theLILYS @heladonegro 🏗 NJ @PROGBEATCULT

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Hi all. I just resigned from the board of @AIGANY + I’m speaking out about what I’ve noticed as a Black designer wh…
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Aurora, Colorado, police have released photos showing three officers smiling as they reenacted a chokehold their co…
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @jacksondgreen Not sure if every state is different but some places have a max percentages - I do 15% @TheProphetNajee They been lacing since they removed CD-Roms from laptops and launch the iPhone and disbanded the iPod. @89theBrainchild @_kohai @jacksondgreen You don't have a 30day delinquency rolling fee on your invoice?A list of artists and labels participating in today's fundraiser with special merch, donations, and more.
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @_kohai He wanted to be a Hokage cause it was in his blood to be like his father, who was the previous Hokage. Whic… @UNIIQU3 @kush_jones_ Or call Unique, I’m wondering how she’s looking after her early Rona investments 😜 💸 @kush_jones_ Write off anything to do with work; in music it’s all and I mean all media research and your study of… @_brainorchestra very serious, My friend Aakash used to do it to his paintings at a very low pressure.Deaths in nursing homes, psychiatric care facilities, and institutions for the developmentally disabled account for…
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodNobody got this on FB so I'm going to bring it here. I'll PP you $20 if you can name the main sample I used for thi…
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @_kohai I think you missed to point of the whole series 😖 you spitting Flat earth Q naruto bsputting these @THEK0UNT samples to work🔥
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodReverse Racism, out nowwww:
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @_brainorchestra I like it, but it needs a wash coating with a pressure washer. Its a subtractive process 😂 @RealCarlosSagan Some would say, Still holds 1.4mb of samples for a still working peice of eletronic music history @PURPICIDE @John_Liberator I'm imagining doozers having a dance party in the sugar crystal mines 😂 prince
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood😔 is a historic day! We just bailed out EVERY LAST Black woman in the Dane County Jail who was in there only be…
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodReplace all science teachers with drag queens challenge
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @timothysaccenti @Clarknova1 Shall we dance to screeching violins!?!. @ninjatune legends @Coldcut are about to raise the virtual roof of the Freedom stage at Lost Horizon!…
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @_kohai Oof @realhotwobble You know that half of them don't even have their own cables, it probably belongs to the engineer @S0N1KA_cr I would probably prefer the rack unit 😅 @TheProphetNajee Spotify cuz now they have videos with the playback @John_Liberator So many, think how many floppys you can fit on a 1tb micro SD card now 😂 @S0N1KA_cr Yeah I saw an upgrade for it - I'm trying to figure out if I like in combo with my deluge of not. The ke… @S0N1KA_cr I'm gonna say absolutly not, ... Right now @S0N1KA_cr Just traded a baby crib for it 😂Or this 😂 knows what this is for!?! Inspired by J. Dilla and Inner Turmoil, Producer Kilamanzego Takes Flight Article by @John_Liberator via…
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood1) A @Bandcamp Daily reading list.
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodThe most creative mother on Gia, on tour on stage in the studio! A volcano of energy you’ll ever see perform or mak… @kyngkey__ Cuz they wanna play, you grew up to fast @FaxMercury You'll nee art on that wall 😳Normies ☠️ really made the zoom h8 just look fucking crazy huh
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @mihohatori Some of the wildest ones are so short lived, It's def the same way with diamonds in the music world too. Your my Diamond Miho 🥰 @A_Sarr That's not weird that's smart, double dippinInstead of focusing on who is doing wrong. Do stuff that is right for you.
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @kaelinellis 8 hours? @BlazeGlorious High revs high gearsI’m a big fan of “Keeping The Same Energy”
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodMany great Anime won’t have season 2. 💔 I miss so many characters lol That makes me think about the reality. 🕳
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodSelling a Cannon Rebel T6 with 75-300mm Lens, Flash, and 32Gb Memory Card and Adapter. DM for details
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodThis is all we want for our friends, Come and get it when your ready! Otherwise where working and taking care of t… @M00D_Music 🤫 @M00D_Music So many surprises in stores 😂It comes with the job. 😂 @kilogram973 One thing at a time please, you haven't been in sniper training the last few weeks?They don't know what coming for them 😂 @CamiloTheo I like that!This one's gonna be fun ya’ll! back in the habit. must be the weather @TheFREQShow_NJ
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodMy wife keeps getting voicemails from this kid so I flipped it
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodWant to learn the finer points of mixing, mastering and other audio engineering topics? I offer lessons! Group rat…
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @CamiloTheo Wait whaaaaaaaaaaat?!Mañana.
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @VIDVOX I thought it was for the upload to the singularity 😂 @Handsomecuppy Oh man, I lived under the williamsbridge for 5 years, ain't nothing louder."wooly hair, eyes fiery red, feet made of brass, 12 men following me..." - Ghost
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodThe music industrial complex in tatters. Today's @Bandcamp day is more urgent than ever. Here is that rare direct s…
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @ROHIaudio The amperage and 3 phase power is crazy, trying to teach musicians about circuits and power limitations… @Handsomecuppy My last 15 years of like on the east coast have been less than a block from tracks 😂 Luckily it's al…’m too excited for this release my inner mystical self tapped in with @POOTIE____ to make a witty yet fire story h…
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodYou can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @Handsomecuppy The train runs by the house here every 30min 😂 @ROHIaudio Nice I'm self taught from stage & film electrican work! That's some good bread! @kush_jones_ Woooah never!?! Saw the anniversary show like two years ago was insane. The 80’s punk disco movement r… @VIDVOX Transition to whatOpaque has always been one of those words that to me sounds like it should be the opposite of what it actually is.
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @ROHIaudio What kinda electrical chops!! are u bucket bridge?!?!
Our Cities Need Artists Now More than Ever. Here's Why. #NewarkArts
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodNEW FOR #NWKFIRSTFRIDAYS - Coloring to Cope w/ @DroppinJewells | Participants will learn the latest brain science…
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodNewark residents to receive free water sampling kits
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @drdamnit We transfer or SDCard in the mail.
what do i want
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Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @emhaasch Isn't Dance Dance Revolution A20 coming soon? @drdamnit you know anyone who can consult 😂I don't know how to make this happen, but I'd really like to make a reading list on Black anarchist/anti-hierarchic…
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodThe weather report says 100% chance of BLAP
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodA new series of drawings from the first month of lockdown, a disorienting time. I tried to capture the surreality o…
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @ArcadeNoise Wait you mean stranger things or itVery crazy that these books are real. “2019” finally here!!! You can get one by clicking here…
Retweeted by ☢ Fatbloodi am begging you
Retweeted by ☢ Fatbloodif you MUST ( P.S. you don't) keep ordering delivery/to go and tipping PLEASE. eat in a park. or anywhere else, i…
Retweeted by ☢ Fatblood @realhotwobble 1-2 are standard issue outrage at every level. 3 & 4 are also super facts; when you have people in… Tips: No adult wants to have to “Handle” another adult.
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodUsed to put this on daily for the underscore. Now I can’t shake the feeling that 2020 is living up to the dystopia…
Retweeted by ☢ FatbloodI would like to know what protocol on this type of action is from official wally world severity 😂 I'm putting money… @BlazeGlorious Damn, it's only 11am that sounds like a good day! @jlagenii Serious inquiries? @_azizramos is a proper dev I can help with a good CMS help with population. @JoeMikeMarkz @BlazeGlorious Ngu in fishnets @BlazeGlorious What kinda printer!?! Letter pressing? 4 color or risk?!?!