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@BIGBABYSCUMBAG sheeesh yes bro lol. joose, tilt, four loko, and steel reserve the four horseman of the apocalypseJose Guapo ft. Travis Porter - Guaponese [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] @Rico_nastyy, that sounds scientifically plausible to me
@noyokono that “what’s in store for the future” be havin my head spinningo join now now @sushiboymexxico i’d rather he had hit the crack on live, whippets is not fye enough to be goin on a promo run witsummer of lord 200xanteen
Retweeted by father @sushiboymexxico @archibaldmygovt damn we been in lockdown 90 days? way to put it into perspective @sushiboymexxico u need to be taken behind the barn lmao @hightekkindigo yea the high pressure blast is my main point lol @DUBSACKDAN oh shit it isn’t, i been up since 5, it feel like 2pm. imma relax lol @alphemale they don’t get it, there’s a major kinetic difference hereimagine top and u just high pressure real quick but don’t nut @SGunnet @archibaldmygovt woah serious? vasectomy nuts be clear? 😮 @archibaldmygovt lmaooooo, i mean what if we could shoot a clear piss like liquid that ain’t necessarily piss and i… @bittersweet nah, precum just boy wet, a squirt gotta be a sudden rapid burst like a water pokémonwhat if niggas squirted too @abra by any means necessary lol @_Haedrich_ @yungjollyboy intermittent @iamcierarogers explains why i loved them both at such a young age, i was turnt off the johnson family vacation and battle royale @iamcierarogers oh shit she did look like solangebut if I don’t overshare niggas will think I’m dead rly only posted this to say how much i miss the american apparel factory, n printing whatever nut shit i had on m… @BigJocATL he rly just hate donald glover deep down, cuz i personally done had to deal wit a situation similar to a… @BigJocATL where is @archibaldmygovt @yungjollyboy i had a good round in my mid 20s hope to have a another in my 50s when the kids are out the houseSave the drug abuse til your 40s and 50s guys, you’ll be old, fit for ur age and high @TOUREGUIDED i’ve also done this when i first started driving, i’m printer agedFire Nation Drake @chaibuble at home, then ducked off. this was before i had a pc in my room @ETHEEEREAL u know i’m not gone say noonce, when i was 15...i printed it out. @SEANTHOMMONEY big sean?drake at an adult swim employee party or doja at echoplex durin theo tour and Pony got the greatest bass sounds of all time and the guys would frequently get together for Jack and Crack Witch Weeks @BIGBABYSCUMBAG i knew it was gone be a caucasian man
@sushiboymexxico @dirtcheapthots it’s really that crucial?the cabin fever bout to have this year virtually piped up @BIGBABYSCUMBAG nigga gone be brain dead by the end of that album @_emilyminaj @mzprettyfeet @dojashigh exactly lol @Polywhirl61 @HNi66a what? nawI woulda doubled downwell that was mid
@byCherele @KANDlSHA thanks guys @remydelfox can i just get some raviolis @Glock__Lesnar bein around this swole ass nigga drunk is prolly hell @noyokono lmao they rly coulda kept that gone, i was not a fan @TAYke_ItSloww I loved that shit, there’s a japanese bookstore in my neighborhood, soon as it open back up I’m lookin for them next chaptersI really need that season 2 of dem horny anime animals on netflixI’m definitely not the one to ask @2thousan9beats @NEDARBNAGROM the wimp chika womp womp is mood music, i can live wit that lol @NEDARBNAGROM I turn that shit off immediately, which in this era is most of itPersonally can’t beat my dick to Gunna lyrics @Baraccus__ @NEDARBNAGROM I’m black, give me a better example @19houston99 @NEDARBNAGROM @machinegunkelly yo jaw structure a living legend @archibaldmygovt 6/10 but i watched it all @NEDARBNAGROM legends are dead, if somebody call u a legend living it’s cuz they think u done and it’s disrespect @Thundercat man, i am INTERESTED. i would Like to know @sushiboymexxico these rich niggas funny af, and then he brought all the og funny black ppl in for episode 5, slappedBlackAf is hilarious, u niggers were trippin @MusicofCarolina absolutely @DragginKnuckles nah i’m from mississippi, i was already in atlanta before katrina tho @DragginKnuckles Katrina was a hurricane lol, when it hit the southern usa ppl had to flee from louisiana to other… @DragginKnuckles Katrina?another result of the Tumblr fusion @VictorPopeJr the way ppl been reacting you’d think she was trafficking kidsreally spent the last 3 days rewatchin all of Avatar instead of being a responsible adult @lilaaron911 tai lee got the best hands out the whole series to me @daveP_roberts niggas hops out this world, i’m not gettin up that fenceGucci a magician, how he get in there if she just now taking the chain off @freegreedo yes @zobeans21 @DODYdigital nah a few days out the week just eat em baked wit proper seasoning no butter and fats to ke… @NEDARBNAGROM oh man i been goin fuckin insane on the wings lately but i ain’t hit the grocer today. if i was in at… gotta go home. i need that 6.99 combo to sustain this lifestyle. An LA 10 pc hot like $30 @baeilis hot, hot af and flamin fuckin assholeI just want hot wings every single fuckin day man, I could just live off a different flavor every day of the week til I die @NEDARBNAGROM def chose liquor, its almost here and I still don’t know what i want to eatAzula does speak to my soul @RadSanity wait that’s exactly what i wantdo I order the liquor first..or food
@tracyminajjjjj all they gotta do is give the og a facelift n i’ll be decent 😔 @djbadmotives I will, I just need to buy a kitchen islandI need that tony hawk pro skater remaster in my life immediately @hexb0yfr1end @NEDARBNAGROM idk man, kids are pretty cool, but married people generally are never cool. married wit… @NEDARBNAGROM nut shit, and utterly pointless to me if it ain’t two rich families coming together like it’s the 1800s @NEDARBNAGROM everybody havin kids but ain’t nobody trynna bring them rings out lolif niggas knew how i be at the crib lmfaooooooo when Batman moved like a rich nigga and not like he in ISIS @slug_christ u gotta get some trues and evisu @sushiboymexxico @ShesLaurenK she don’t hate niggas she just a lil off loloxycontin it’s any consolation to stan culture, a 3-day kidnapping and hot crack pipe torture didn’t make Super Freak any less of a hit
i could write an entire book on the cultural significance of Father - Look At Wrist
Retweeted by father @BigJocATL great place to be on bullshit 😭Prolly my fave song from 2019
Retweeted by father
@WhiteyPPG maaaan disagree. i got one to compare n was disgustedthey put the cocaine back in these cuz i can’t put em down