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💍 Hu$band out now luv enjoy 🕊

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if you haven’t listened to @father new ep hu$band you big dummy stupid. it’s cute and good and wonderful
Retweeted by ghiaccio @yungfisherman yeah, and my website: @glistenuhh yes we’re planning a texas run for early next year ❤️Time for a repeat of last year
Retweeted by ghiaccio @jamaican_sarah so unnecessary lolNYC i’m performing at ELSEWHERE 2NITE video pure chaotic energy ONNA BO 🧽🧽🧽🧽
Retweeted by ghiaccio @cudyman I hope this about masturbating on a boatFather - Joestar (Audio) @JuwonShutdown i been traveling, forgot a new episode been dropped 🤦🏾‍♂️ @captainwazzam word? 🤔 imma ask bout thatepisode 8 of the wu-tang series 🔥 @father @Genius Just posted an IG story using Joestar. We fuckin with the new EP you legend (@denimonsidewalk)
Retweeted by ghiaccio @MastaLocke just normalizing meth @speakz same, wasn’t quite an accident tho. those crazy germans man lol @mac_reesey especially if it was on accidentlike this if u done had a lil meth @shawnwentcrazy @thegoodperry i hope the fuck notgettin real cocky, put y’all homegirls on too pls @babyloncreek idk he disrespected my homegirl tho so i couldn’t care less now @babyloncreek that shit was fire, where is twat? @babyloncreek in ur heartfacts, peak me is drunk wit two weeks + of stored up cum @MUROone just me and melty did his part of course @spicymaa powerful lolin a decade this gone offend a large minority group and i’ll have to delete it @spicymaa huh @half_orc_ they just trolling me now cuz they know imma reactu know it ain’t @MUROone mad ass dadon god dem 😭 @WileyOverdosed ain’t no cops in my bloodline, if i produce the first one i have truly failed @bhcrackhead ya very soonMy child can be anything but a cop, I will beat the 12 out himgotta put a table leg in ur asshole or i’m not horny
annual selfie timeeee
Retweeted by ghiaccioi can’t nut to no foot @Archibald_SLIM wait til i come home no go hard l @Archibald_SLIM it is now lol @housephone310 if u cut first it burn more when u bleachtoo cute ❤️ @kolcaineboy damn word? i’ll look into that, i don’t have tidal so i never checked via ⁦@Genius⁩ show tomorrow at Elsewhere, bring me shroom n thizz slap @speakz fam, shit hurt ya soul. capitalism lmfaostream hu$band @0dd_Jay u right @Astr0_300 big madfuckin square bob dweeb dick lame ass niggai had one, niggas deleted it, eat a dick my nigga. tf wiki got to do wit knowin when i drop sumn? u read wikipedia… @ETHEEEREAL nigga i want to off myselfOn god I hate releasing music and doin shows. U promote the hell out sumn for some nigga that don’t even try to kee… is right here on my page, niggas just lazy. fuckin mysterious? 🤮 love black art. the fact that we even have the opportunity to create things like this and put it out is already c…
Retweeted by ghiaccio @Andrew_Stuff run the EP up and maybe I’ll do another album 😪mash that RT u coward at dem birds they shivering 🥶
Retweeted by ghiaccio @abra nah, never have never will lmao @abra we not regular, bein a hater in public sounds so grossi gotta stop lookin at youtube comments n forums, u could read 1000 positive comments and it’s always that one “thi… @cockspit @abra nice @itskerriberri I was in bed all daytariq st. patrick wildin @NEDARBNAGROM on god, i’ll always take the comfort over penny pinchingevian water too smooth, it’s almost creamy @Archibald_SLIM @byCherele @byCherele we all a lil gay @byCherele @Archibald_SLIM shoulda got courvoisier @byCherele i imagine it’s more like sucking dick, cuz beatin off feel more like beatin off than gettin a handjobIncredible
Retweeted by ghiaccio @newyorkcityvibe @Archibald_SLIM @DashRomero i just remember bein disappointed @newyorkcityvibe @Archibald_SLIM @DashRomero also boo, way better caribbean out here @jesssforte i’ll fix everything once i get home to my iMac @NEDARBNAGROM @DashRomero vibe wit age @shlutties it take a lot more than this to take me downIf u was big broke and somebody gave u a baby to sell would u do it
Retweeted by ghiaccio @Archibald_SLIM lmao u really dyin on this hill 🤣 @jesssforte wow, i’m surprised those lyrics are almost right lolyea u know the vibe @strawbaby420 just gone have to let him catch a vibe at the adoption centerash asked what if we and the baby don’t vibeeverytime somebody in NY compliment my shoes I think they bout to tell me to take em off @BIGBABYSCUMBAG these the only halls i could fuck with, rest of them shits was gross @BIGBABYSCUMBAG a true classic 😭 they gotta be somewhere, i refuse to believe warheads still exist and these don’t @Iargesoda @big_business_ @big_business_ nigga what where is this lol @Archibald_SLIM barry white with excessive reverb and guitarlike and subscribe before i off myself Father - ICEMAN (Official Video) god? 🤦🏾‍♂️ bro i give up lol @kmacdaddy47 like 6 weeks?one step closer to my crossover into bedroom popI follow like 50 anime titty twitter accounts
2 dates !!!NY NY!!!!ilyny
Retweeted by ghiaccio @Archibald_SLIM nah bro, run that shit right god damn now lolDamn Tasha 😦Mononucleosis: @Archibald_SLIM @ChopRoss jesus 😭 @babyloncreek i just be namin shit random things until i feel like givin it a real name