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@HexPositive got the chance to see emily drum live - at a school function that emilio and gloria was at where i alm… @HexPositive 😵😵😵😵😵We made a F/D events calendar that you can easily sync with your Google, Apple, Outlook, and Yahoo calendars. Subsc…
@andi_______ @jen_kaufman this!!! @gkla happy birthday new professor! thanks for all you do greg <3Next Weds, Aug 19 @ 8pm EST: @wowtashawow & @senmorimoto (@sooperrecords) in conversation on our IG Live…
.@anjimilemusic tackles personal demons on the dark-but-groovy 'Baby No More'
Retweeted by Father/Daughter RecordsYou absolutely NEED to know this song!!! @anjimilemusic to Anjimile (@anjimilemusic)'s new song "Baby No More"
Retweeted by Father/Daughter RecordsIt's new @anjimilemusic single day!!! Listen to "Baby No More" where all digital music is available. Get ready to b…
Want some more @anjimilemusic tomorrow???TAKE MY MONEY!
Today is the LAST DAY to score one of our Midwest Geo Sale bundles! 3 LPs for $30, 3 CDs for $15. Includes titles f…
Add this Dude Ranch tribute album to your @Bandcamp cart people! Tom, Mark and Scott would approve. And @lisaprank🔊 Attn Bandcampers 🔊 @senmorimoto + @wowtashawow have made the live audio from their canceled Millennium Park sets…✨✨@anjimilemusic ✨✨ some bundled LPs / CDs from some of our Midwest-based artists this weekend only! Save on records from…
T-minus 10ish hours until our favorite day of the month! What're y'all getting? F/D ♥️ @Bandcamp
For the entire month of August we'll be donating $1 from every item sold to the Sogorea 'Te Land Trust, an organiza… your alarms, people! @wowtashawow + @senmorimoto are premiering their live session vid at 8pm CST ~ the audio…
CW: Abuse / Assault
@___y_o_u_r_s___ hi can you send me a dm or email? jessi (@) fatherdaughterrecords . comwhat i wouldn't give to dip a toe in a body of natural water rn
@tatianatenreyro ken marino is the 🐐Hello everyone it's Carmen! I decided to start a patreon 😬 It's newly launched and you can find it here:…
Retweeted by Father/Daughter Records @idislikestephen @kittenwithawhip happy birthday!
going live in 5 mins! was a customerdo men email all record labels mansplaining how to run a record label or do they just email me? @vagabonvagabon @Sonos you had me at anita bakerVisit @Polyvinyl's Garage Sale Warehouse Whoopsies section for some discounted F/D titles with minor packaging defe… @topshelfrecords @ThanyaIyerMusic can't wait to spin this today. congrats y'all
@dietcig it's legends of the hidden temple meets ninja warrior @mikaelajpalermo YOU'RE THE BEST @kainacastillo i love itdecided to spend the first day of my 41st year of life watching floor is lava @roxlobster @dietcig wow how do i not have this gif savedget yrs!⬇️ @anjimilemusic ⬇️ @nataliabarr_ @WSJMag thx for including @anjimilemusic !! @dietcig's my birthday and the nba is back whippeeeeee @maura starting an indie label really set me up for retirement @eleneperry omg THOSE SKATES 😍
listen to your uncle jim jim @alyssadehayes @modernistwitch take that time off! you so deserve it @amateurpopinc i also manage some artists outside of the label and have had some pretty gnarly interactions on that… @mikaelajpalermo will she be our model when we make new doggie shirts?thanks for all the kind messages. it feels pretty lonely most of the time, but your notes are a reminder that we're not alone <3i feel bad about making our feed abt me and not our artists so going back to our regularly scheduled programmingnever forget the manager who called me "the most unartist friendly person" he'd ever worked with fast forward a few… sad part is, non-men also took part in this. yes, we work in a highly competitive field but you don't have to t…'t begin to tell you how many men in the music industry have called me names, dismissed me and my work, spread r… @missmiscreant it truly is a "joy" to work alongside men in this industrythe place to be this friday nite!
@remembersports @catherinedwyer @coolingpie super bad timing imoJonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove, the three officers who murdered Breonna Taylor while she was… you know you can pre-order @anjimilemusic's new album 'Giver Taker' in a LP, CD, & cassette bundle with some sw…! Tune in to the Happy Hour show starting at 4pm to hear an interview with @anjimilemusic #SaveOurStages bill and the RESTART Act, if passed, would help preserve the music ecosystem in our local commun…
Retweeted by Father/Daughter Records @sliceObri i worked at aeropostale too!
@eliaeinhorn i'm really trying elia loli may have spilled a smoothie all over my desk but at least my desk is now clean?Spending the AM with a record people can't stop talking about healing respite from the twitterverse chaos @certaintragedy do it!! let's open a b&b @certaintragedy for italy you have to provide proof of bloodline. my mom was born in canada, i read i can get it thru her
@gia_margaret see ya there 🍝just learned i am eligible for canadian and italian dual citizenship so ✌️
@senmorimoto a+ cancellationhappiest of birthdays to our eternal pal, alex of @dietcig!! 🎉🍰💫 @dietcig leo seasonnnnn
@Polyvinyl can one balance that and the sopranos at the same time? asking for a friendA totally normal, healthy twitter pollI mean... 🤤🥚🤤 we turned 10 YEARS OLD this year!! 😭 We've been featuring a record from our past each month and we're excited… is a BIG year in F/D's history. Nab @dietcig's Over Easy, @remembersports' All of Something and our fan-favori… @nathanisariot you're not the only one. i bet they bought someone's mailing list @_davidturner_ @HendoSlice i sign up for them too but it reminds me of all the cord cutting streaming services. aft…
@JoshhTerry i don't know how to act like a human on video chatsthinkin about offering sliding scale remote voice lessons for folks :) open to all & as a trans guy on T for a few…
Retweeted by Father/Daughter Recordsdaily reminder to check out @MMATAband bc they rule @courtneyesmith @tatianatenreyro i love t but her support for femme musicians doesn't seem to go further than havin… @eloyvseloy @oceanator i make faces at people but forget they can't see my face! @mirandareinert wow patronizing much? that blows. every once in a while i'll apply to a music job just to confirm i… @mirandareinert i get asked so many times in interviews why i started a label and the real answer is that i couldn't get a job in music @andi_______ love you ❤️ @adultmomband mr piggy
Friendly reminder that we're donating $1 from every item sold in our webstores & Bandcamp in July to the Marsha P.… donated to 'Junior High Needs You!' @CocoDavies heck yes bree!! you are so awesome. i'm endlessly proud of you! @Philip_Cosores so proud of you! keep being awesome <3It's important to remember there are human beings behind these tweets. They don't need to make a comment on things… @LyndseyMcK get me in that bubble!! @oceanator ❤️ @alyssadehayes you got this!! ❤️ @mikaelajpalermo are you sure this isn't a cat?
a classic*and support survivorsi have had many creepy, uncomfortable, and borderline dangerous interactions with cis men who presumed their level…