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getting a kitten today bunch of idiots STILL want to learn how to do this dance move.. I can’t get it to save my life 😭😭 this world you either crank that soulja boy or it cranks you
Retweeted by Zé Taylormy gay ass is staying right in the house... do not ask me if i’m going out for MLK weekend dick on my mind or whatever SZA said
Retweeted by Zé TaylorI love you, bitch... I aint eva gone stop lovin you.... bitchhappy 42nd birthday, babygirl. 😞
Retweeted by Zé Taylorliterally about to be saved and resurrected. i can’t wait for the catharsis 😭
Retweeted by Zé Taylor @trvisXX Congrats on the sex
Retweeted by Zé Taylorbrooooo the way live concerts are about to save my life once this pandemic is over 😭 i’m dying to feel the energy of my favorite artists🖤🖤 have this & it’s wackkkkk at this point.. if ur not comin like this.. don’t call it a remix ☝🏾 promise u that these apps wouldn’t be shit without black folks. this has me screaming 😭😭😭🤣 @JustineSkye its the inches for me! @blaccbrry_ jus say ur tryna cop 🤣🤣😭
What a dumb ass to be in my business replying to something that has absolutely nothing to do with you... im having…
Retweeted by Zé Taylorso you tell people who still havent gotten a stimulus check that they have to file it on their taxes & then u delay… where i’m headed n dipped way to kill the mood .😔
Retweeted by Zé Taylor @godsun888 how can I get like u 🖤🥺🌞
Retweeted by Zé TaylorINCREDIBLY proud of you! One of the most genuine people in the industry! this is only the beginning! 🖤’t take it personal if I go mia on u.... just assume i’m going thru a lotWheeewww that shit was wet this morn ❤️
Retweeted by Zé Taylor @realdemij i love you more 🥺❤️I just want something... different
Retweeted by Zé Taylor @kissmeriver FLORENCE MILLARD KDHDJDJSJFlo Milli snapped omfg. sis can dance in front of statues all she wants ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾 @LilNasX “understand i’m jus tryna be the daily scoop” he’s only 16, ion blame him for being annoyed 😭 @sza that precious little sphynx! omg 🥺🥺 @sairusbliss1 bitch have u seen my shit?!?! im EMBARRASSED ZKDJDJDJSI get such anxiety sending demos to ppl like omg. pls don’t judge. It ain’t done @Kehlani in your bag! up since 6 doin rituals burnin incense jus to wish u wellnote to self : have self control @nia_deon 🤣 ok ok. i feel u. *jots down * @AwesomeAustinJS ok ski trip vibes 🤨 noted!when they do that one little thing that gives you the final push u needed to fully move tf on >>>>>
@_SupremeChill dellioooo 🤣🤣😅exposing nudes after a failed relationship is so... idek know a word for it.. especially if their nudes are fire...… fall back in love w/ myself.. this should be fun @justusteele i’m sorry. i’m hypnotized call right back! of tamera mowry callin me... to talk to a therapist“small waist, pretty face, with a b-“ @HENNESSYPVPI okkk u might be into something 😂🤨 @blaccbrry_ do what you feel your heart is telling you to do in order to heal.. i’m always here if u need to talk ❤️ @HENNESSYPVPI you are just omg 😭🤣 @Atychi9hoiba the first time? 🤣🙄👊🏾if you’re cheating on your bf/gf, i hope you get caught <3
Retweeted by Zé Taylorpain is only temporary
Retweeted by Zé Taylor @JulianDionG thankyou. i feel the positive energy ❤️can't control what person does behind my back but I just know my intentions are good and my heart is pure
Retweeted by Zé Taylor @spaceodditykel 🥺☝🏾Still a favorite from ⁦@FATHERBONNET⁩ 🤍🎧
Retweeted by Zé Taylorsuccess is the greatest revengeI will always be blessedI got a small waist, but not the big bank big bank challenge is never an excuse for cheating.. if you’re not happy with a relationship.. leave @TheKevinFiles me either. knowing ur a faithful person regardless of anything is cool tho.. so we gotta keep that up 🖤
sometimes bein 100% faithful to a person gets u nowherepraying for strength & guidancethe mainstream media needs to cover shit like this more often and secrecy two different thangs mamas
Retweeted by Zé Taylorexactly ☝🏾
On, but I’m trying to get used to not needing background noise lol
Retweeted by Zé Taylorsis omg. we could neva share a room. what’s the verdict... u sleep w/ the tv on or nah? is inspiring as fuckkkk. i’m glad you kept creating @IssaRae 🖤 @ChaosCornBread I know how this feels... Sending you endless positive energy. 🖤bingo. thanku I the only one who feels some type of spiritual or mental shift in their life right now... tf goin onthe world is so much larger than social media
Retweeted by Zé TaylorAs artists, it’s our duty to provide the vibes
Retweeted by Zé Taylormeant every word ✨
Retweeted by Zé Tayloryt folks with blaccents always sound like they have nasal issuesI thought she was boutta yell “big latto!” upon opening this... me : Love you .
Retweeted by Zé Taylor @JAYVERSACE u actually having urself as ur avi is fire 🤣🖤Incredibly proud of you & how far you’ve come! Hard work truly pays off 🥺🖤 @TheKingofReads can’t compete where u don’t compare 😂 the peace it’s all love won’t be no spite
2021! bestfriend jus got a new place in NY 🥺 so proud of’s aggy asf when someone isn’t officially yours, so technically you can’t act a fool after peeping some shit pretending they didn’t already know their child was queer when they come out is the funniest shit ever... l… @sairusbliss1 @sairusbliss1 ldnxkdksksjsjd SICKOOOOTHIS IS SICKKKKKKK LMFAJCBBEU