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@a19a20 @BTS_twt Nothing that’s just when I wake up in the morningFor some wild reason I thought it was Thursday night and that I had entirely missed the debate and was viciously sc…
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This has to be my one of my favorite edits out of dynamite era’m so sad @ndeverydayistay Yeah.... veryCan’t. Stop. Thinking. About. Yoongi. @elliotsang I can’t believe this is on Spotify now and I can add it to my year in quarantine playlist wow thank youSign up for the This Is America newsletter. This week’s piece (coming tomorrow!) by entertainment reporter… sentences that say so much about @BTS_twt—their work ethic, their attitude, + their treatment by the industry
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂 @fdwellington Oohh that doesn’t show up for me! That’s interesting.sigh love receiving messages like this. #JUNGKOOK #정국
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂 @raplineownme LOL 🥰🥰🥰Why is he so cute oh my God gal made it onto @VogueArabia! I interviewed emcees @ms_undastoodnyc @AliaSharrief @BoshiaRaejean
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂This extra step to retweet is really messing with meTeam #BTS - Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook chatted with NDTV's @rohitkhilnani about music and more.…
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂USA TODAY's panel of experts expect at least one COVID-19 vaccine will be approved in the coming months. Then thing…
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂I’m glad BTS are doing some promo in India (they def have such a big fanbase there & I can see it being a tour stop… (map of the soul on:e vcr) / possibly giuseppe croff, veiled bust (the veiled nun), circa 1863 @BTS_twt
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂 @irenouken Wow thank you @irenouken I think this one deserves to be hung but my favorite is still the one you did for Jimin’s bday @adelechim2 Bc I work while I eat so I forget that I’m eating @squeakers949596 My roommate made scrambled eggs + avocado toast!I’m still not done actuallyI just want everyone to know that it took me 2 hours to eat my breakfast today. @irenouken Your graphic design skills are just wow @eleanorbate Listen this is a lot @GoAwayWithJae @AmmaniMounia LOL!!! That’s amazing. Well I’m happy for the both of us! @GoAwayWithJae @AmmaniMounia LOL Jae!!! No I am not surpassing you anytime soon and I hope yours keeps growing so I never do. @nisaaaaBTS @soul_mapped Oh this is so cool @soul_mapped Ooh what did I miss? @zergdouniot7 🥺 @MaryAkemon It is so frightening.Thanks for 40K followers btw now please unfollow me
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂look who i bumped into at rehearsal :)
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Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂Purple you #GRAMMYs
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂I admire BTS’ work ethic so much. @lookAmyfeetdown Damn can you even imagine... gahThe fact that BTS took those 46 seconds they had and put their everything into making sure it was amazing no matter… knew they deserved better at the Grammys this year and I really really hope they get so much more and are final… @muchiko0o He’s so cute 😭😭😭 @lenikacruz Ahhh I would love that!!BTS really chose violence when they dressed for the Grammys earlier this year.Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar played “Among Us” on Twitch in a voter outreach effort that reached h…
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂gwaenchana is now live on apple music and itunes
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂 @doyou_bangtan 💜💜💜 take all the time you need. Always appreciate you! @lenikacruz Ok I love roasted sweet potato but I’ve never had it with kimchi!!! Must tryThere is just a whole lot of BTS content to catch up on from today... but I’m glad this is finally out. so JK’s live was on YouTube ok I’m gonna go watch it and cry and then watch Yoongi’s and then cry good byeAND APPARENTLY I ALSO MISSED A YOONGI GUITAR SESSION??? SLEEP IS STUPID. I’m never sleeping again. @QEllaTan NOOOOOOOOO @QEllaTan EXCUSE MEI missed... a Jungkook vlive....? I missed a Jungkook vlive. I missed. A. Jungkook. Vlive. He went live. After over… to watch the ̶M̶i̶c̶ Bat Drop. 🔥 #WorldSeries
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Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂 @BTSBEINGBTSYT I can’t believe itHold on... it has been 2 years since Joon posted this scrawl of the mono playlist and we had no idea what was comin… excited for this applies to pretty much everything BTS releases their music is evergreennamjoon (map of the soul on:e vcr) / genieve figgis, the toilet of venus (after boucher), 2018 @BTS_twt
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂dynamite still slaps it has been 2 months and yet your hand if you’re one of the 9,061,466 bots who tuned in for Jimin’s vlive, Park Jimin deserves the world.jimin: “late night snack is not something you repress. it’s something you embrace.”
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂I’m just happy that this time the “soon” meant only a week later. I missed Jimin vlives so muchIt’s hard for me to believe sometimes that Jimin isn’t a natural blondeUSA TODAY’s Editorial Board is endorsing Joe Biden for president, an extraordinary step for @usatodayopinion, which…
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂Well alright then this is how we’re starting our Tuesday, got it. @lenikacruz I’ll eat them in any form now it’s crazy @soul_mapped @lenikacruz Deliciousness all around @DrEppsrobertson Yes!!!! @glossy_oongi OMG that is SOOO good. I love eating sweet potatoes like that @lauradavis This sounds delicious I’m gonna try it outI actually have this tweet memorized lol.Someone put this on my timeline so I guess I’ll just cry myself to sleep now years ago I literally despised sweet potatoes and now I just ate an entire one in 10 minutes without hesitation n…
Okay @BTS_twt Army. Here it is - My oldest daughter loves both BTS and Kingsman & drew this amazing piece as a trib…
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂BTS owns $108 million of Big Hit now — and you can bet other artists are taking note
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂 @MicheBangtan The twist at the end with Tae??? You just don’t see that coming... and it was executed so well. Espec… @charlottecllins for putting up with my paragraphs 💜💜💜 @RafranzDavis Ugh I hope this passes soon Raf :/I really appreciate all my non-army friends who dont yet hate me for showing them BTS things from time to time."most BTS-esque album" and the first impression they drop is a concept pic of musicians in a roomful of musical ins…
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂’re so cool 🥺 (if twt ruins the quality I’m goneeee)
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂The model minority myth was created to divide people of color and protect white supremacy. Now it's killing Asian A…
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂As America chooses its next president in the midst of a historic pandemic, @frontlinepbs, @columbiajourn School, Co…
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂My friend put me on this song a few days ago and I haven’t stopped listening to it, very pretty and sweet 2020.11.20 (1/2)
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂I say this having only experienced two album comebacks but it has worked for me really well both times so do with that what you willIt’s a good idea to first take the album in on your own and fully experience it before reading what other people ha… a new BTS album drops I watch the title track MV and then listen to the entire album start to finish at least… (BE concept photo) / helen frankenthaler, riverhead, 1963 @BTS_twt
Retweeted by Fatima⁷🍂Ok but since we’re talking about jazz bangtan, remember this version of Dope