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Fat Tony @fattonyrap Brooklyn, NY

new album Wake Up – Feb 7, 2020 on @carparkrecords: • agent: • management:

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All of my #CareerBoy fashion secrets🤫 REVEALED 🤯on @superdeluxe 's show #ThriftHaul w/ @fattonyrap @divalaci
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sounds fair to me eclectic rapper Fat Tony (@fattonyrap) chefs up the Houston-meets-Bay-Area culture in a song describing a going…
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peace to @timmhotep for the words¡Nuevo single de @fattonyrap y @taylordexter! Chequen lo que @afropunk cuenta sobre "Magnifique" 👇
Retweeted by Fat Tony“magnifique” premiered by @afropunk 🤘🏾✨“magnifique” — a new tune off my album Wake Up (prod. by @taylordexter) is out now the whol… this way ➡️ one time i should have died at sxsw 😅
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The great news about this DJ Screw biopic / series is that it proves just how valuable and important these stories…
Retweeted by Fat Tony @skinny412 @FerrariJetpack @Felipe2egundo the scene of him performing in the club looks.... skeptical
that one time i should have died at sxsw 😅 Boy - Rich Nigga Shit (Part 1)
Fat Tony Was Willing to Explode During His DJ Set - I Should Have Died @ComedyCentralHere’s my cowboy clown number from last night 🤠 The song is Texas by @fattonyrap
Retweeted by Fat Tonymade a mix of my influences from freestyle fellowship to future to bad brains to dj screw and more for mexico’s…
Retweeted by Fat Tonypre-save my album Wake Up on @applemusic we got a new single coming this week that's *mwah* magnifique…🌹🌹
Retweeted by Fat Tony @ElijahCWatson @50ShadesofVerde it’s a great one
the impact of No Limit definitely the first rap superstars i noticed in my lifetime @toriimacdaddy sure is @mynameisJabee i had no idea until @Pushermania sent me the screenshot! we filmed this years ago... maybe 2014/2015 @atrak you lucky dog 🤘🏾season 4 of @hiphopevolution is my favorite cause this is the era that made me love musicy: no limit, cash money, d… @atrak he’s a fool with it ! we gotta celebrate him out loud @THerwees what’s it supposed to do?? @bounceandturntx @sleepriella @lubys you and luby’s go together now 💘 @NicholasGazin happy to share these with ya @NicholasGazin gonna find out soon! i bought 6 mp3 cds. two bachata, two cumbia, and two rap.
@TheeRealFDHC @NAEEMmusic my favorite thing from felix da housecat is this lectro black mix hosted by (last train t… @CraigSJ we all got a side hustle’m in oaxaca for a month and loving it when @TheeRealFDHC sang "we all wanna be you, prince"? we need one of those for spank rock (@NAEEMmusic) love the goth shit in houston too
@fattonyrap ok now too short need an album with brooks & dunn...
Retweeted by Fat Tonyi’m glad this came true but now i need a partynextdoor and summer walker album and sade got the same birthdayShout out to spankrock for inventing everything.
Retweeted by Fat Tony @veryADVANCED parts of the houston that’s definitely true. maybe $2k at the most. @feldou blitzkrieg bopwhen sisqo said “not just urban, she likes the pop” i felt thatit’s pretty undeniable that these were the three most influential/important rappers of the 2010s dudes were coooooooold
@rilgood @noz i am definitely obsessed with revisiting songs i love over & over & over & over & over...yooo @TheMorrisDay book is so good. there's insight on the time and prince's music i've never seen anyone discuss b… @cadenceweapon why don't we just do a hologram tour nowif y'all need some of the best rap music of the 2010s i recommend these lists of the best young thug, future, and c… to the legend @funkyfredwesley and abraham inc. for having me on their new album add this important fact to my wikipedia @theredbackpack what’d you think of the pnd show we went to? @DEATHTODONNA @sxsw yeeeee @razmatazern of course 🤘🏾✨i’m celebrating my new album Wake Up (prod. by @taylordexter) in Texas first and foremost. buy every ticket!… will be my 12th straight year playing sxsw lol @jonnystandish @sxsw aw hell yeah :') @SirTwo80 @sxsw i'm playing @EmpireATX on March 7th let's kick it @jonnystandish @sxsw y’all gonna be there?guess what i’m playing @sxsw 2020
@DonGiovanniRecs we all had to find our own way in, step by (sometimes incorrect) step
@amarajh sleepy brown is a god👀 next week i'm releasing the latest single off my new album Wake Up (prod. by @taylordexter) and it’s strictly for… @meredithtruax ok it’s 2020 where we at in this arms race? @akaAldoPerez @dustinprestige loved that cd and bought it the day it came outyes, @meredithtruax is living proof of this. she’s been taking my photograph for a decade and did my latest batch.…’d never say Andre 3000 is overrated but y’all need to put more respect on Big Boi’s name. Outkast are better toge… album made 11 year old me even more obsessed with music and i ain’t been the same since (i should sue)
@lostaglove it’s as simple as sharing the music you like with people. telling a friend, posting about it online, et… @88nae88 😳 @stardeshaun sure canAmericans, I suggest that for every dollar you donate to Australia you should donate double that to Puerto Rico
Retweeted by Fat Tony @88nae88 that’s gon be me one day#PorSiTeLoPerdiste @fattonyrap hizo un mixtape muy variadito para Trick or Treat Music y lo puedes escuchar en…
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@JUICEBOXXXUSA @YACHT @thegrogshop ok andrew w.k.i need Houston to win anytime we do anything. if we BREATHE, we the best breathing! if it’s a sport, we need a ring…“in retrograde” @QuelleChris is the best song by human beings @KamFranklin lolPARTYNEXTDOOR – Sex With Me (Rihanna Demo) @pastrami_mami_ that was our high school birthday spot lol @TruEffieLiu i was in your neighborhood too @nosaprise oh yeah you come to LA you gon see some human shit AND YOU GONNA RESPECT IT
@stardeshaun @Peyton i'm mad they don't know any billie eilish songs @toriimacdaddy my kinda family @stardeshaun @Peyton who is they? @Peyton i'd rather talk about what i'm not referring to... but what prompted this was hearing a weak pink floyd song last night @toriimacdaddy never listened to them but this is a lil groovy & a good titlethe use of "u" is essential for this tweetu can bet we’re slappin “lol smiley face” at the wedding god @sandyhonig witnessed the whole thingyesterday i stepped in shit and the shit creased but ain’t stain my shoe. i’m telling y’all. if you see me and a pi…’ma stay based @GoadGatsby lol straight upmaybe it’s nostalgiaain’t ate meat in years but the popeye’s smell still fuckin me up @djbigreeks sorry man that’s that bullshity’all should listen to @DJPrincePaul