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Fat Tony @fattonyrap Third Ward, Houston, Texas

back on my bullshit

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making this short film was a whole lotta fun and i’d do it again @markdubi yes @JohnJuiceHarris ayyyy wassup mane this is coole-40 does this literally all the timei like music where artists have unique perspectives or phrase things in ways i’ve never heard before“suckin on my dick like she knew the dick” playboi carti self-titled 2017 is fun, perfect, and full of gems @seanpadilla man i’m sorry that’s completely wackoh
@pmorris you gotta see the photos @heaventhedude that’s a fact!!!! 😂 @xNOEL_ probably word for word
this is my most American song, everyone said do not pick kamala harris @theworstwestern @Momshep2 yup !love the guitars on this live version of lou reed "women" (starts at 15:18) @MobyTape lol nice vanilla ice flip @Momshep2 i'll always think of ice cube when i hear that word @NicholasGazin fuckin right they are @FerrariJetpack you must be permanently noise canceling @whynotbattle can’t afford to crowd the focusi still say crunk regularlya library ad like this can only come from Houston, Texas @buffalosean lol i’ve been copying and pasting t’s this whole time @MisterAce12 hold on to it manethe T on my laptop has been broken for months 😂 i’ve been computer busy but i need to get it fixedthe bidet is my best friend @taylorcrumpton @ElijahCWatson @SheaSerrano oh hell yes 📠
@2Shayzz i can’t even LOOK at another flavor of gatoradeLos caminos de la vida - Tropa Vallenata @theroyalbadness i remember all the eras @walkmasterflex why @rilgood 🙋🏾‍♂️
@chungover 😂 if he is i’m coppin @heybradwhatsup aw man you gotta checkout the music from that era tooThe Meters album “The Wild Tchoupitoulas” is so damn good @heybradwhatsup it’s damn good @JDIRRT @warafromthenbhd @808BlakeofSMKA @lildrunktxt @nicholasgoodmn @CitiesAviv @JscottandShit mane we all had so…, de Spanish Girl & Notable: A fantastic EP featuring appearances by @AceM0, @fattonyrap, & others, “Haruka Mart” swings from rub…
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😭 y’all are goin in on my bandcamp today thanks a lot ! @admoorblank we need a vinyl emoji like yesterday
@ILYBABE2000 what’s the song??when Mike D says "you come to see me and you pay a fee/do what i do professionally/to tell the truth i am exactly w… to be a part of this killer Blink 182 covers compilation. @fattonyrap and I covered “Man Overboard” and…
Retweeted by Fat Tony @markhoppus thanks a lot, mark hoppustoday is the glorious @Bandcamp Friday. it’d be an honor for y’all to go to and run it up.…, me and @WhitmerThomas recorded a Blink 182 cover for this compilation and all of the proceeds aid Black trans… @bonphilosophia i'm ready for that moon @pmorris wack ass song @asap_ariii lmao stop @asap_ariii what’s the other side of that aquarius mug say? @asap_ariii 😳 ok, jeff bezos @heaventhedude i want Beyond the Pale @lily_lxndr ayyyy never thought i’d see another cup like this @arieltiffy 😂 i live it @_jackfreeman too true 😤i don’t give a damn. it’s always Aries season. @imakethangs @listenyoungman i would 100% love to rock this hat and outfit
@eddiexyoung precisely @rilgood i love that song @yungfauci @LittleDurag i’m ready for it 😂 @CamiloSmith this is a beautiful scene @nosaprise man i been hearing it since day one 😂
my music doesn’t have to “sound like” Houston because i am Houston @feldou @DirtyProjectors nice album cover @lenoremelo @taylordexter hell yes!!i wanna go to Japan and buy my own damn records :’) thanks @taylordexter and @lenoremelo for videotaping this @VanessaMarigold @StrausOrganic might sound odd but “creamy” rarely gets me excited about food lol i’m gonna try th… @atrak @KINGS0L0M0N dope episode can’t wait for the buhloone one @KINGS0L0M0N excellent album top to bottom “pass the plugs” is my shit @rilgood me too @Momshep2 @StrausOrganic i'll try the full fat one next @VanessaMarigold @StrausOrganic nah only this one am i missing out?this de la soul song is still perfect about our seven day 21 artist livestream benefit with @wonkypower for independent music venues in Houston, TX…
Retweeted by Fat Tonyi’m playing a live stream show to benefit the independent music venues in Houston i love and miss. get a ticket n… @StrausOrganic i freaking love y’all this european yogurt craaaaaaazy @sammusmusic i still gotta get you that champagnemeanwhile, back at the ranch
Retweeted by Fat Tony @studio_daddy i want in @jesse_internet on god @admoorblank you see how i’m rockin @theroyalbadness i was born this way
one of my favorite music videos! @whoisray it sure ispeople have bought $140 in PDFs today so what i did is i just took that money and paid it to @fattonyrap for his ne…
Retweeted by Fat Tonyit’s been 508 days since i did this and every two minutes someone posts it 😂 this blend is the transition i play in… @horsepowar @FerrariJetpack @differentfur never thought i'd see someone singing "luv it mayne" like this 😂 i'm glad… we bond through the turmoil @studio_daddy wyd with em? @mkenneymusic haha awwww that's a good dad
@pmorris 😅 @betrott 😅 @NicholasGazin was it expensive? @drmcrshr omg hahahahahahaha @fakeshoredrive i need this