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Eric Barnett @Faucius Instagram @ Faucius_irl

Games / media industry vet, live streamer, and shoe game corrupter. Business things at Discord.

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@ZacCitron This is an extremely cursed tweetAd: Shop all New Balance 997 styles (Mens, Women & Kids) as low as $26 each + FREE shipping SHOP HERE =>…
Retweeted by Eric BarnettIT'S FINALLY HERE @petebasgen a day of Tsushima was a MASTERPIECE. It has officially joined the pantheon of my favorite games of all time. What… @whostaj Yea definitely not to eat me, definitely not. @Hantao Here for a good time not a long time @Hantao I’m going to die man @ZacharyWhitten Corn cheese man, different than elote but just as dangerous. @Chef_Lu_Bu It’s either so I can’t escape or so she can kill and eat me. Either or. @bsdlp @tokyo_bat GladlyShe’s fattening me up for winter.
@TheHadou Our Kung-Fu movie nights will return man. @Curvyllama When travel opens back up we’re hangin BIG TIME. @_Pistulio Definitely down for this, miss you too buddy.Really missing the feeling of hanging with my friends on the couch as we all watch each other play games while bs’ing around. @AgentTinsley @AndyLunique @FallGuysGame Jellybeans @Schamtoo Yes 100% @Schamtoo Excuse me whatI love small independent clothing brands specifically for fire like this. @HeyDmart 🤔 “Flakey bread-y pastry”?STRUGGLER @HeyDmart Buttermilk biscuit.This evening I finally put GoS on hold to play Fall Guys because I’ve been waiting for it since I first heard about… @neur0sis Happy birthday Dan! @MANvsGAME @NudeEskimo Guy is a master of his craft. @petebasgen I want to say yes but I honestly can’t remember. @ThadeousC When things open back up I’m down. @EricDS07 You’re right, I should have clarified.Why is there no good bbq in San Francisco
@BasedLaRock Bro how @DaveOshry @Lorg_ @SuckerPunchProd I said the same exact thing yesterday. @DaveOshry God I loved that stupid thingIf you haven’t already 👀 Ethan’s project he’s been working on, now is the time. @HeyDmart Ultra cozy @seriouslyclara A true championIt's finally out of the cooker and ready to serve. to 14 for the black/black-white adidas UltraBOOST 4.0 are available for 30% OFF retail at $126 + FREE shippin…
Retweeted by Eric Barnett @Schamtoo @jimmywhis He has a weak constitution Kevin, don’t listen.
@jimmywhis I just had my SO start buzzing my hair, highly suggest as it’s funny each time. @ThadeousC Lmao now that you mention itSUMMER STEAL east coast nostalgia @Siefe Yo @MilanKLee come get your manIf you don’t like Yoo-Hoo there’s something wrong with you, not me. @Schamtoo Happy birthday brötherForever my preferred way to hear that word.Shoutouts to everyone from Australia who says the word no like “ñoöôòøōõóo...”I’m not doing anything else today but play Ghost of Tsushima. Here is my mood board for the rest of the day. had to roll me out of that kitchen. is national girlfriend day. I cash out my SimpBux™️ on @tokyo_bat daily. @ParallaxStella @ZacharyDiaz Why was this shot exactly like a scene from The Office @jasonmaestas @Silcris88 The latter is most likely living on the former.
@Silcris88 Uuhhhhh... wash your hands asap. @iamBrandonTV @GoldenboyFTW Lmao driving that point home. @MANvsGAME That is incredibly depressing @DaveOshry @tokyo_bat I knew you had a dark side Dave but this takes the cake. @debaucherie @mikegaboury @jasonsoprovich @FilthyCasualco Just trying to practice what I preach, I’m not better tha… support your friends. @whostaj @tokyo_bat Always a plate for you @RTWeirdZ @tokyo_bat Nope. @xCaliGrrlx @tokyo_bat It was very good
@ShadyG @H3CZ Me inviting myself over then she does stuff like this. long awaited, delayed, lost, and found again jogger shipment finally arrived! Obsidian, Stone, and Forest jogg…
Retweeted by Eric Barnett @TimDotTV Same @Curvyllama DIDN'T KNOW YOU HIRED A COMEDIAN @edplaysgames Calling you after work. @raidhyn @Socrates76 Hoodie and pants. I haven’t worn pants in this house in AGES. @areyouokAnni @tokyo_bat I legit thought this was a toilet scrubbing brush at first glance...I didn’t know I was living with a monster...'m on an interview panel today for work and it's the first time I've sat at my desk wearing a whole outfit in mont… me your best recommendations please and ty. this and level up, your servers will thank you. eating a horrific depression meal at 11pm is a nightly battle. @dissolv3dgirl Happy birthday! @hogeskim It’s not bad once you get over that initial hump. Embrace the easy life bröther.Man I can’t wait to see what the Zoomer politicians look like after all this. @hogeskim The trick is to just get so stressed that it all falls out. Then you never have to worry about your hair… “We’re closing the borders to keep everyone else out because we’re so great!” The rest of the world:…
@tokyo_bat @kylegaddo @MilanKLee @renee @RealMoonChopper I had one and it was incredible for the two months it worked. Like a nice power… @HeyDmart Do it @EthanRothamel Ayy happy birthday dude! @hutchinson My deepest sympathies Hutch, I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope that you and your family can find stren… @Silcris88 @UHaul_Cares @uhaul They better fix this, asap.Super steal on 4D very much has “Yo I’ll roof that shit if I don’t get another at bat” energy. FOH @MilanKLee @SplitDaWig @SocialBlade Losing followers is the 🌊 @SplitDaWig Didn’t they hear the true move in 2020 is LOSING followers? Sheesh. @raidhyn @okaydrian @avalonstar @renee @GeersArt How it feels to chew five gum @ZacCitron No contestYour moment of zen while scrolling through the muck. @Dansgaming @arcchael Thank you for taking this bullet for me. @tehemopenguin You buy them and I'll live vicariously through you.