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Howdy. Fighting games / jokes / puppies.

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This is the second time I've used my xbone after having it for like 4 years. #pso2 we dine like kings
Retweeted by faultydefenseFriends..? #FinalFantasyVIIRemake #FF7R #FF7Remake #FFVIIRemake
Retweeted by faultydefense @faultydefense @elvenshadowmike We need pizza from the pineapple people first
Retweeted by faultydefenseI feel like team @AMurderOfBears still owes team @elvenshadowmike at least one dinner for the combo breaker exhibit…
Retweeted by faultydefenseNow taking requests, was asked for Phil Collins, real ones know (Just this part took a half hour of trying to tran…
Another weekend with @BloodBrosBBQ ft. fried mac n cheese ballz do you do if this happened in tournament @APrettyRadguy @DaEvaBeato
I chased my vodka with homemade daiquiri AMA and see me in xrd on steam @SQuirrel147 @ChronoReyer I'm sorry, but they'll always do what you don't want them to. @SQuirrel147 @ChronoReyer AHAHAHAHAHA @shine_potyo because tab targeting is just godawful in ff14?Combo Breaker 2018 I stopped drinking early Saturday night to follow around the Xrd community with 2 giant containe…'m the King of the World on a boat like Leo If you on the shore then you sho not me-o
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2020 @Grant_chi yarr... does mtg twitter give off the same vibes as NihilistArbys
“The quarantine can’t last THAT long” The quarantine:
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nobody: me: in the history of disney animated movies there have been exactly 18 types of songs, and i'm going to t…
Retweeted by faultydefenseOK so if you watch my stream you know that i end it with Birthday Train and i call it our anime ending theme my ol…
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@linkdude a few hours in training mode with a game like melty was so refreshing year is it
@OkaySway ella le gusta la gasoliiiinaaaaa
@SQuirrel147 @OrochiFame96 Once you beat the game you unlock the real game; watching blind runs. Also the very sta… I found out I can't do do /Perform in a dungeon FF14 just to do this. Tonpa is the real hero of Hunter X Hunter. (Spoilers for the first arc)
@secretcraznman @RayOutland In the xrd community I've seen split groups of people who had awful netplay experiences… @secretcraznman It's really just as subjective as critiquing someone's favorite food tho, as well as trying to get… @secretcraznman @RayOutland I think #2 is just fighting games have their own feel, mechanically. Doing combos, crea… @secretcraznman @RayOutland Some of the barriers to entry are lower than people estimate, but it doesn't prevent it… @secretcraznman @RayOutland Ease of access probably the #1 factor then. You can go to the highest level of competit… @secretcraznman @RayOutland You're right I apologize, but to better word it. If you can enjoy Valorant AND any othe… @secretcraznman @RayOutland I can express myself differently in a fighting game compared to a shooter...why, cuz th… @secretcraznman @RayOutland I have never seen someone overgeneralize to the point you're doing now. Might as well… @NerdJosh idc what anyone says i was hype as hell watchin this as a kid Jax taught us all that its the metal arms INSIDE that count @OkaySway @zidanel33t @keeponrockin_db charmander
@MeltyMalty An opinion you have about a game you play and creates a talking point about a hobby you enjoy. @OkaySway A friend recommended guilty gear to me. I might try it out
@Frametraps I wanna know what it means to be swag thinkin my defense is wack when it's not even my worst fighting game habit like big butts and I cannot lie. My brother likes small butts and cannot tell the truth. We each guard a door,…
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made it very clear he might not make it. Probably be my only post on the matter, mad that the only emotions I can m… had another stroke and in critical condition. He turned 91 last week and been going very downhill the last 2… @fvkhrie Same vibe
Retweeted by faultydefenseBringing back this gem
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@zidanel33t @OkaySway I had a couple million to blow I would hold an SF4 major but I would pay to arrange that Lupe Fiasco and I meet… @faultydefense
Retweeted by faultydefenseThis is Answer's hurtbox when he throws a card wanna play geari play fighting games cuz the mmo scene too toxic @_ElleSM_ @DaEvaBeato @DaEvaBeato i get to learn a lot in uni and while some people are jerks, overall, I have generally had good interac…
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Recently Divorced Man Flicks Metaphorical Cigarette Into Gasoline by Buying Magic the Gathering Starter Pack
Retweeted by faultydefense @Havoc_Noah the best in the series can't have the worst ending 2 > v3 also putting chiaki on the same row as nag…
あいんまんさんのアクセル #PS4share
Retweeted by faultydefenseKV vs Stankboys ft50
Retweeted by faultydefenseim losing my mind. there is no way you're going to be able to predict what this ad is trying to sell you finally,…
Retweeted by faultydefenseInuyasha can't come back unless we also bring back aol/yahoo messenger along with legacy usernames楽しいランクマ #PS4share
Retweeted by faultydefenseDon't worry An! I should have brought three We have TWO suitcases! Just in case... They will…
Retweeted by faultydefenseI present to you this unedited screenshot of #Arknights
I know I'm like a month late...but I've decided to give up blocking for lent.
Retweeted by faultydefenseReally loving The Last Dance documentary.
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Facebook Cracking Down On Misinformation By Warning Users Who Share Links From Facebook
Retweeted by faultydefense @krispykaiser @NerdJosh thing Ima do when quarantine is over is go to Guitar Center and play the riff to "Smoke on the Water".
Retweeted by faultydefense @ghostbear_ go go gadget discordThe Panda fam just got bigger. Please welcome @iBDWSSBM, @Kizzie_Kay310, and welcome back @PunkDaGod! Joining th…
Retweeted by faultydefense @NerdJosh I just found out today that my living arrangement of 5 years will have to change soon. Thanks for remind… out the logistics of turning my symphogear experience into an online watch party
#UFN2020 is Tonight on at 7PM CST! Exhibitions w/ $50 Cash Prize for every match! Featurin…
Retweeted by faultydefense @2dJazz Strong words coming from 'the other guy' @Kizzercrate
Her face when i told her two tx boys playing for the west coast title
"Not a word!" #CloudStrife #AerithGainsborough #Aerith #FF7R #FF7 #FinalFantasyVIIRemake
Retweeted by faultydefenseQuarantine Moments.
Retweeted by faultydefenseオベリスクの巨神兵がチンジャオロースと無限ピーマン丼で優勝する動画
Retweeted by faultydefense @ghostbear_ @keeponrockin_db Warui Lizardo like "hey kid, wanna buy some XX attack"
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今日のハイライト #PS4share
Retweeted by faultydefenseHow I got into fighting games 1 of a seeded bracket be like
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2020 A little while ago @Tasty_Steve made this tweet and I was then suddenly commissioned to mak…
Retweeted by faultydefensePeople entering Evo online be like
Retweeted by faultydefenseI for one am very excited for people to stream their evo bracket runs
Retweeted by faultydefenseQuarante Day # 𝟞͚͓̤̔͗ͬ͑͂̄͟𝟡̷̴͉̼̂ͤ̎͊̍͡ "As long as I go to sleep before the sun comes up I win"I'm once again coming to remind you of something I want really badly
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Me at 10: No onions Please Me at 20: Easy on the onion, pref grilled Me at 30, while simultaneously drowning in c…
? hm
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ゾーイ=バッドガイの話し相手起き攻め #PS4share
Retweeted by faultydefenseNote: I actually think higher of bubz than most people, I just wanted new toys to play with.GBVS Patch 1.4 Preview: Ladiva cL 2f of recovery added Ladiva 2U no longer knocks down (recovery unchanged) Ladiva…, super tight timing guard button cancel fuzzy
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