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Derek Faye @faye_derek Doris Day St,Upper Bottom,SWE

Just your normal Straight celibate theatrical living with mother and close friend Leonard. love animals, Elaine Paige and Keeps fit by running from policemen.

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@JonLeePButler @JoannieTaylor75 Oh yes, I've had experience with lots of tools. But ones you poke with I'm a natural. @CarmenRose610 I'd be afraid of strong gusts dear. @a_bfan @sullivanclean But no holding hands at the moment dear. @Entry3Zone Morning 😊☕️ @NickGGill You need one a day dear. Sometimes two if you’re in the mood. @Madonna I’d get arrested if I touched your crutch dear. But it would be worth it. @JoannieTaylor75 Heat your fork. @ThatTrevorS Support dear. It’s the same on the heath. @tellyswrong Ones or twos?I’d be afraid of a cow appearing and then I’m running around a field like a combat ghost. @vadavision Mmmorning. @IainStoddart2 I like to rise early. I enjoy a frothy mouthful before others appear.#TuesdayThoughts!
@antkse @IainStoddart2 Night 😴 @sullivanclean Are they printing money, dear? But yes. He could repoint my back room any day. @AndyHoltonDJ Yes, dear, I’ve come across him before.Night dear x @TheTVGrump off the phone from Juicy Jacob. He’s finally forgiven me for not calling for an ambulance straight away when h… @pamii @JoannieTaylor75 I was sad when she retired from Twitter dear. I miss being sworn at and sent pictures of pens in rude places.Using Twitter and trying not to offend anyone. @RuggerMart He’s very good at it dear. When I saw him in “Snow white and the 7 Queens” I didn’t see his little Doc. @JoannieTaylor75 VERY! @RuggerMart I’ve had trouble with it dear. When I was younger the boys at school shouted “Faye the gay!” My father… for a Monday dear. (BUCKET) mix. @a_bfan He was. @sullivanclean @DeryckSolomon Oh you are a mucky kid. @sullivanclean Furry hoop? That’s put me off gymnastics dear. @sullivanclean @samkalidi Hmmmmm there’s gay dear and there’s GGGGAAAAAYYYY! @sullivanclean @Beard_Club @DailyMailCeleb He probably likes meat and two veg as well as salad dear. @sullivanclean @StigAbell I’ve no idea what that is dear. I personally wouldn’t want all those jumping on me. If t… @spunkster69 @JoannieTaylor75 @Entry3Zone Morning 😊☕️ dry here too. @GBretman Morning 😊☕️ You need a bang once a day dear. @IainStoddart2 Morning 😊☕️☀️ Sunny here. @ThelmaBett Morning 😊☕️#mondaythoughts!
@Entry3Zone Night dear 😴 @IainStoddart2 Night 😴Night dear x @JoannieTaylor75 Flava Faye. @sullivanclean Watch out dear she'll bite. @sullivanclean Joanne castle. @sullivanclean need to #Faceapp, everyone. @MLPasterisk @MLPasterisk No, but there were some moments. It was directed by the Carry on director, so it was in that style.Nice for a Sunday dear. @CarmenRose610 He does love a creamy portion dear. @GBretman @sullivanclean @Schafernaker I do hate it when locks fly about. It's Ibiza 97 all over again. @GBretman I suck it out, dear. @JohnB29772693 @JoannieTaylor75 Elbow grease dear if not elbow use another area. @JoannieTaylor75 I’m not used to magic knobs though. @BLAENAUFFESTNOW CofE dear. Bells and smells as I love the smelly bells. @sullivanclean That’s the slogan dear!Lovely sermon from the young blonde vicar dear. I was lucky enough to barge in with mother for the first service in… @sullivanclean Yes, I agree; that’s why I use “Doosh!” It’s a cleaner for pots and pans. @sullivanclean I think it’s for the best dear. @Karen66Watt Morning 😊☕️ @Entry3Zone Hi dear! 😊☕️ you too!#SundayThoughts Meet the crew.! @OmdVox 😮
@sullivanclean @ZakarTwins Yes I have dear. In Brighton up the pavilion. @IainStoddart2 Night 😴 @BaziaLushbubble @spunkster69 @BaziaLushbubble @leftywoke @Entry3Zone Night dear 😴 @sullivanclean It is dear but it’s what he does with it that counts. @BaziaLushbubble @leftywoke @BLAENAUFFESTNOW Wha? @BLAENAUFFESTNOW Night dear 😴 @leftywoke No dear it’s a different pecker.Night dear x Tweet dreams. @vadavision I like anything with sprinkles dear. @eshelm @BaziaLushbubble Just don’t wave it about dear.I don't normally acknowledge the 4th of July dear but this has my interest. @spunkster69 @JoannieTaylor75 LIES! @JoannieTaylor75 Leonard and I went for walkies earlier dear. We saw a few holidaymakers, but I kept them at bay wi… @BaziaLushbubble I'm always ready dear. @JoannieTaylor75 @KushlasBySanaer I always wear clothes like that, dear. @RichTLovesDrWho Well, it was a very cold day dear. I needed the energy. @BaziaLushbubble I’ve had that image poked at me a few times dear! It needs smacking! @BLAENAUFFESTNOW She had a ginger growler dear. She slipped it a sardine regularly. @KushlasBySanaer I’d have to be more polite in telling her to sod off dear.Leonard and I went to our local dear. We had 2 lagers and Terry gave me a bag of nuts. It’s nice to experience hav… for a Saturday dear. More Grace brothers lockdown. @barking65m At arms length dear. @CraigSPAIN2 @autisticgardner I’m not wearing women’s clothing dear. Even if my father is a drag queen! @sullivanclean @theresamlewis Who doesn’t dear? Having a big one in you starts the day. @sullivanclean @LarryFinesGhost No dear!