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Derek Faye @faye_derek Doris Day St,Upper Bottom,SWE

Just your normal Straight celibate theatrical living with mother and close friend Leonard. love animals, Elaine Paige and Keeps fit by running from policemen.

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@BLAENAUFFESTNOW I’ve been in many a cell dear. Though what I’m accused of usually gets a fine or restraining order. @ojonkoala It’s a GENTLEMAN’S SPONGEBAG! @BLAENAUFFESTNOW I wouldn’t know a Dawn dear and I certainly wouldn’t get up there.Morning! @91f0ae259086481 Morning! It’s Beckham dear. It stains but in a nice way. @alanangiemayes I’m hopeful dear but that gate keeps banging around the back. I must get it fixed. @LindsayRawlinsL I go for mother dear. And to support that young blonde vicar. He’s so vulnerable and in need of g… with the crack dear! The wind has been terrible up my end and I really don’t think I can cope taking mother out.… @GTCT19144 Night dear 😴
@Entry3Zone Night dear 😴 @HerRoyalHeinous I love a hot frothy one dear. @Jamesmel Night dear 😴 @Jenifafafa Night dear 😴 @PaulMillar3 Sounds like one of Leonard’s DVDs dear. All firemen and rugby players. Choppers and odd shaped balls.Night dear x @PaulMillar3 I’ve had my fill too dear. I can’t stomach anymore oral. @neilgeorgejames I will dear. @Celticanz Leonard once sniffed poppers dear. Unfortunately they were party poppers and he hurt his nose. @neilgeorgejames I have dear. I’m ready to fill that box with the lead out of my pencil. @Celticanz Poor Roger the cabin boy! @BaziaLushbubble OBSCENE! I’ve had to use new words I’m so disgusted dear. @CarmenRose610 DEER! @MadameMinge @BaziaLushbubble another debate dear! I have had enough of these mass debates. @MadameMinge @BaziaLushbubble @BaziaLushbubble I nearly fainted with such an overload of FILTH! @EarlofHerts @KeenoWorld @sullivanclean At least the yoof was over 18 dear.I’ve had a productive day dear. I swapped around the nativity scene in the local mall and caused a mass rage when p… @EarlofHerts @KeenoWorld @sullivanclean LIES! It was Fiddler on the yoof. It closed after one show. @KeenoWorld @sullivanclean @EarlofHerts He loves dragging up dear. Mind you he’s very good. @FinerGround It’s very moist dear. @barking65m Not that variety dear. @jet186 Not festive though dear. I had a silver one years ago. @sullivanclean No I have to travel to lower bottom. It’s not far just through the hillocks. @BLAENAUFFESTNOW Once dear. Ibiza 98.Nice for a December Sunday dear. @sullivanclean Oursouls. @barking65m DISGUSTING! @steveshg Looks like there may have been. But there’s room on top for a small one. @Entry3Zone @EE_laundrette GASP! Ok then dear. @Entry3Zone Hello dear! 😊Lovely sermon from the young blonde vicar dear. It was the second week of Advent and he talked about John the Bapti… @EE_laundrette I’m still using my fan dear. @EE_laundrette @EE_laundrette FILTH! @Jenifafafa Morning 😊☕️Sod that dear, what about heavy breathing phone calls? I haven’t had one in years! I used to love listening to them… @jet186 A bit of pottery doesn’t hurt. Well at first. @Miss_Faye_1 Looks like you’ve seen a “Ghost” dear ? 👻#SundayMotivation! @KeenoWorld @sullivanclean @EarlofHerts That’s NOT Cher dear. Those tights haven’t got big rips in them!
Night dear x @Bazz_J @DiddleyRascal You can’t escape it dear. @eshelm No but it has a woody odour dear. @BLAENAUFFESTNOW A DANCE dear. I only want to dance. @KeenoWorld Are you a Peaky Blinder dear? Going out for a bit of rough? @knazzer @jonw67 Ohh! That’s like a Trafalgar Square one! @EE_laundrette Yes dear did you lose it? @EE_laundrette @jonw67 Will it come in a van like Margo leadbetter dear? @BaziaLushbubble FILTH! @sullivanclean @GTCT19144 @GTCT19144 @sullivanclean @sullivanclean DISGUSTING! @sullivanclean He loved Walking in the air dear.I’d like Kelvin to foxtrot me dear. #Strictly @sullivanclean I saw him the other night dear. He’s doing a “Ball & Boe” he’s “Watson & Jones” with Aled @NickGGill Someone maybe feeling the loss dear. @Neil_Buchanan I like a star on mine. @knazzer @Woof1972 Did it pop out dear? I bet you wondered where your tree went! @dwdmcdXXX @ryan_mitchener @dwdmcdXXX If he sneezes he only loses his glasses dear. @Freshlysquashed I’ll get little lights for it. @GTCT19144 I’ve put a note in the newsagent window dear. @robertalanbenn1 I sniffed it but it didn’t smell of Yule log.Anyone lost a small Christmas tree? @GTCT19144 Possibly dear. I do insist on you taking your shoes off* * (other clothes may apply) @MikeAbb08196434 I smell muppet! Stop bothering politicians dear you’ll only end up getting taken up the hustings. @MikeAbb08196434 Mother? Is that you? @GTCT19144 Women? Er.. yes I’ll check them too dear.I’ve trimmed my tree dear. I’ve bought new baubles this year as last year I had my balls pinched by someone at one… for a Saturday dear Part 2 for a Saturday dear Part 1 @Jamesmel Harsh but we don’t know how often she bothers his customers dear.Translation: I see a tall stranger helping me on the right path.!
@sullivanclean If not there should be dear. @QuornDog15 Night dear 😴 @HerRoyalHeinous Night dear 😴Night dear x @jonw67 @BorisJohnson @namsom2008 I hope they’re not choking the chicken. @GTCT19144