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use code MEW if you’re a cool kid
Retweeted by FaZe MewJust gave out $1000 for my birthday to my favorite streamers if I had more I would <3. My birthday is on the 8th B…
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@mscharwie Respect.New montage on my channel ft. @norcalnoah Retweet if you left a like and a comment so I can follow you :) is truly unreal. This is by far the craziest week of streaming I've ever had. All of this happened in just one… same people who complaint that Fall Guys is $20 are the same people who be spending hundreds on V-bucks weekly. @alyssabflowers Told you.
Only real grinders are still up right now. 😳 @ShredMvg @danje240 @GrantStoler You know I appreciate you bro, all good homie.Everyone go follow @danje240 and @GrantStoler for being such insane supporters man. They’ve changed my life and ble… can post random pictures too. @alyssabflowers On a serious note, we met 6 years ago online and it’s been a craz… @alyssabflowers Love you. ❤️Happy 6 year anniversary. Crazy how times flies. I love you so much. Here’s to many more. ❤️ @FaZeMew Just some r…
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I need this as a Fortnite emote right now. @FortniteGame @SquiddXD_ Dang.Found this kid who’s apparently working a bunch of jobs to provide for his family. Very supportive and is very kind… @FaZeClan Fall Guys 😂Respect to anyone who can sit at their setup for more than 6 hours. Y’all are freaks.IT’S BEEN ONLY 10 MINUTES AND I HAVE ALREADY BEEN CHEERED 100k BITS AND GIFTED OVER 100 SUBS.. WTF. is so sick. Thank you so much @conradyjw 😍 @03uan Gotta do what you gotta do
If this car update tomorrow sucks, I’ll follow everyone who retweets this. 😳 @jtnedz Dang bro.Anyone else sit like this? I get called weird for it when I stream. 😂 @NorCalRedvines That combo though.The most hyped clip from last night’s stream. I’m still in disbelief with everything that happened. Thank you guys… @ParallelKai I love you brother, thank you for always being here. @LIVEJTBott You’re an amazing mod, thank you.So sorry for all the mix emotions tonight. I’m sorry for all the screaming and the lack of enthusiasm towards the e… 700k bits cheered today and over 600 total gifted subs to the stream. Thank you for making this a night I wo… tweet and the rest of the night goes to @FaZeMew to the person that could miss every shot in a game just to re…
Retweeted by FaZe MewEROIGHUSIUFGBNASIUGBSEIUGBSEGIUSBEGIUSBGISUEGBSIEUG Insane I7 jungle gym shot - @parallelmachi #i7Trickshots - @NorCal_Esports #norcalgrind #NorCalGrind - 76 met…
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@SoaRDylan Don’t be shy, show the specs.I don’t trust people who don’t pop the whole sushi roll in their mouth. You don’t take half a bite bro.
If TikTok got banned, I wouldn’t have hit 2.2M followers!! LET’S GO. 😳❤️’ve been playing on this keyboard for a while and it stopped working today.. anyone know why?
This is my new favorite clip from my streams.. the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. gained 5k followers on Instagram and YouTube overnight because I made a TikTok telling people to go follow and su… spent the last two hours downloading all my TikToks.. just in case. They’re good memories. 🥺WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED.. THANK YOU GUYS.. WHAT.. @peja89960733 @danje240 IS GETTING BANNED.. CONFIRMED. this whole pack using code “MEW” 🤩 @FaZeMew
Retweeted by FaZe MewOf course we had to gift the goat @FaZeMew the new galaxy scout skin with code MEW of course 😏 #ad
Retweeted by FaZe Mew @FaZeMew WWWW!!
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@FaZeMew ily dude, you just saved me 30$ 😂 use code mew 🤝💛
Retweeted by FaZe MewInstagram saw it first, but here’s tattoo #6. The detail on this is my favorite. already know @FaZeMew
Retweeted by FaZe MewJust ordered some gfuel using code MEW:) feeling pretty awesome😜
Retweeted by FaZe Mewuse code MEW for 30% off in the gfuel shop #ad @FaZeMew
Retweeted by FaZe Mew @FaZeMew just a lil post I’ve been working on <3
Retweeted by FaZe MewIt’s storming really bad tonight boys. My power just went out. If you were watching the stream just now, I’m so sorry. 🥺
Look what came in the mail today @FaZeMew
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Dang bro. @hzzore That’s what I said too 😂YA BOY IS ON THE STREAMLABS TIKTOK. BIG MOVES. 🙏 you’re reading this, you are loved. Never doubt yourself and stay safe. @FaZeMew that’s $100 right there lol it’s so comfy
Retweeted by FaZe Mew @yunggravy This goes hard.. drop it now. 🔥🔥How are we almost in August already? 2020 really went by quick bro. 🥺
@gage7k WHAT IS THIS LMAOYOOO @FaZeMew you are in @thatdenverguyYT vid 😃
Retweeted by FaZe Mew @pikkuprogram LOLToday's stream was insane.. Thank you guys so much. I won't let you guys down. is what it isss @FaZeMew
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@PznBanana Not with that attitude.Been doing nothing but binge watching One Piece. I WILL finish all of it by the end of this year. If I don’t, I’ll shave my head. 😤Life of a full time content creator: Wake up, make videos, stream, eat, then sleep for 15 hours a day. @FaZeOrba Shure SM7B
If you’re still up right now, you’re a true grinder. Respect. @Ghostyxi Appreciate you king.No stream tonight. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow morning when I wake up. Just tryna relax, been applying a lot of ic… @team_parallel @Voxbii @parallelmachi Love to see it. @absorberyt @FaZeClan @yoseph I hope we can be teammates one day! 💪
@raccoon1k Probably LOL.Years ago during a dance competition, I ended up having a really bad muscle spasm in my lower back that put me out… @SoaRZephy I love you bro. @YungVinnyyy @ItsNxckooLIVE For full time content creators, we need to think about the money too though. We love wh… @Blackoutgamin85 Fairly big streamer said this and is just going around to people’s chats and saying this.Imagine saying I only do this for money and I don’t care about my viewers at all. I prioritize my chat more than ga… LOVE FORTNITE, WE LOVE FORTNITE. Sender: @Infxnityy
@ParallelKai @martin_eats THE GOATI am speechless! @FaZeMew you are a total rockstar 👑
Retweeted by FaZe Mew @Infxnityy You’re an amazing stream and content creator. Hopefully your parents know you have a lot of potential.Here’s the TikTok I made for this! GFUEL has been such a big part of my life for so long.. @GFuelEnergy love you guys.
Supporting my mans @FaZeMew by using his creator code in the item shop to buy pickaxes 😙😙
Retweeted by FaZe MewKerry and I finally got our Grump heads tattoos together. We have been watching you guys since we strted dating 6 y…
Retweeted by FaZe Mew @SoaRZephy Bet. I’ll come back to this tweet when it’s done. @ObiJai CAN WE? THAT’D BE INSANE.I better see a GFUEL wrapped Tesla at some point. @GFuelEnergy @DavidDobrik THIS IS A BIG WWe’ve all seen this picture, but some people will still feel like quitting because of a video that flopped. One bad… @IafrateJoseph Kinda, but I’m still hyped for the games. @GraphicalsFGC @Xbox @lllustrations BROOOOOO @GFuelEnergy BE GOOD. @ParallelKai We stan Niko.I don’t normally make tweets like this, but Redvines is one of the streamers that I watch everyday. This guy is alw… need something new in my life. I don’t know why, but life has just been so off lately for me.