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@BinhoGfx clean @stax1__ wtfwhat the fuck is this @KreoFN shippuden is the greatest shit ever
Retweeted by FaZe Swaynever playing zonewar fills again
Retweeted by FaZe Sway @Mongraal this is actually so well written ur a goat @Rqmaan i was still tiredgoodmorning
MY FIRST GAME OF THE NEW SEASON *CHAPTER 2 SEASON 8* thumbnail by @KostaDzn YOUTUBE VIDEO IN 5 MINUTESNEW YOUTUBE VIDEO IN 30 MINUTESgoodnight @Mongraal com is so fake literally the reason why i left every cord and dont talk to anyone anymore i just do my own thing @mrpezimin @StableRonaldo yes @itschiFN @StableRonaldo @coach_is_a_bot @StableRonaldo thanks @StableRonaldo is she blocking all the guys tho? no. so stay woke kings πŸ™ @trazefrr @Safarooniee ok deadass i didnt even see that lol @Safarooniee man just acquired eternal mangekyou sharingan @DegenFN 0 yearsGoat @adinross gofundme below and any more proof you need let me know
Retweeted by FaZe Sway @Yuldyy @adinross @adinrossgm
@Kiheirr @slxckiin @DeyyFN i dont get how that was hard to comprehend for him @DeyyFN that was so aidswhen you think about it your parents igl you for 18 years of ur life then after that you have to play solo endgame @glowayyyy @shahh @vynlabtw naruto dubbed is good @RyddPM @shahh @vynlabtw im on ep 182 im waiting for the jigen fight @shahh @vynlabtw im watching boruto rn in japanese tho @shahh @vynlabtw English @explainingpros @JamperFN yessir @eclipseyybtw yessir and if you wanna know how long i been up for just go to my goodmorning tweet then thats how longyo pro strat if u wanna know how long you been up the next time you wake up go on ur phone and tweet out goodmornin… @Mxy0o @AussieAntics demon slayer mid @AussieAntics whats ur top 3 @Rabidfn fire @dereknlmbx ???????what season we inI cannot believe this is a real video LMAOOO
Retweeted by FaZe Sway @Cented7 ???????????????goodmorning
β€œMadara Header”.😈 - @FaZeSway Ft. @zorodznz
Retweeted by FaZe Sway @ParallelTid simpFortnite really pulled the copy and paste like FaZe Sway
Retweeted by FaZe SwayLook at all these kids bro, I bet they’ve not even followed by FaZe Sway πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (best fortnite controller player)
Retweeted by FaZe Sway @Rqmaan thanks manpre season boring how much longer till arena points reset @ghostkillergam6 really got played thinking the map got ripped to shreds but instead it put some red shade on the map @NoahsNoahYT CEEDAY IS BETTER + ratio
Retweeted by FaZe Sway @SypherPK BROOOOOO WHAT THE FUCKKKK @ClixHimself go back to sleepi have never been ratiod before @HYPEX @HYPEX itachi let me find outWTF IS THIS MAP LMAOOOOOOOOOO @dereknlmbx grown ass mancarti @dereknlmbx no one caresgoodmorning
@FortniteGame very cool skin @DonaldMustard your game is so fun. i love the ideas of the new skins and your guys sponsorships with them. i'll ma… @IShowLovee @KreoFN @FortniteGame @BuckeFPS @KreoFN @FortniteGame @BuckeFPS ok now this is just bad @FortniteGame YOOOOOOOOOOOO @dereknlmbx finallyHow is Started How its Going @respectfx_ @PhxntomPSD oh shit wtfbob @Ved_fn reachwhat i miss i just woke upMy *NEW* Main Skin.. (NOT CLICKBAIT) thumbnail by @PhxntomPSD YOUTUBE VIDEO IN 5 MINUTESNEW YOUTUBE VIDEO IN 30 MINUTES @kvnj1s 99% of the replies under that tweet is just love and nice feedback, obviously you'll have a couple people t… @LiquefyFN Nope @kvnj1s @FaZeClan BRO WHAT THE FUCK THE DETAIL IS CRAZYYYY BROπ•΄π–“π–‹π–Žπ–“π–Žπ–™π–Š π•Ώπ–˜π–šπ–π–šπ–žπ–”π–’π–ŽπŸ©Έ// Header for @FaZeSway Support are highly appreciated! <3
Retweeted by FaZe Swaythese madara headers are fire as hell bro u guys r nuts @fearxrt holy shit wtf @FortniteGame this skin is so good i'll make sure to buy it @FortniteGame wow im so excited for this event! great job on doing big things guys @FortniteGame @JBALVIN wow jbalvin is my favorite artist been listening to him for years thanks fortnite for adding this @FortniteGame i'll make sure i earn these final points @FortniteGame @Poppin_John @RandmVisionHD wow very cool skin fortnite you guys are such a good company @FortniteGame wow! this skin is so goodmadara // @FaZeSway any support is appreciated ! tag him? HD:
Retweeted by FaZe SwayTwitter Header For // @FaZeSway Support is appreciated <3
Retweeted by FaZe SwaySpongebob @kvnj1s KAGUYA TOO NAH THIS LOOKS CRAZY @DeyyFN i love you @_joefn fastest ratio of my life @_joefn loseryou really dont know when your in the good ol days before the good ol days are over @Furiouss the world shall know pain @AsunaZK fire asf
@SeemTV LMAOOOOOO @MozyDL hey @aquaa DrLupo