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Pop Smoke/Jay-Z, Kanye West & Brooklyn Nets enthusiast | East African & Caribbean safe haven 🇸🇨 🇬🇾

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Mental illness @bitchuknowzion @ me @TvDecimal @deucesdeuce TrippinMood @flackoyee @thereal1eloi @bihdisprivate @flackoyee ? @bitchuknowzion It’s okay not to be okay @thereal1eloi Mj sold a mill when he was black @NotJobae Was good at first but ion fw that futuristic shit @trvisXX @deucesdeuce You know ppl on twitter are 10 years behind on the real worldPeople who pay Instagram to promote their selfies weird asf 💀💀Would y’all join a stock trading discord if I made one🤔 not gonna make u pay or anything just tryna put niggas on game @deucesdeuce Why is that a big deal💀 @6ixint Man I fell down to my kneesKanye could waste a beat like Lift Yourself, that should say enough spent that shit on rehab @YSLRayyan @nasaadilaa @flackoyee @ziomnahk @PDE_Glo @42duggs @whereiskumba @playboifuzzy @WannaBeReeceSr @ammarj15 crazy playing with Andre 3000s name like he don’t always show love frfr @TvDecimal @4gramsinthewood T.I said thug & Andre 3000 should collab cause Andre a fan & thug said he never paid at… @4gramsinthewood Andre 3000 a real nigga, he said future & thug some of his fav rappers too smhYou can agree with thug but what did Andre doWhy y’all slandering Andre 3000 all of a sudden like he said something 💀💀 wtfY’all hate capitalism till it’s time for Black Friday 😒😒 @crazybrazy200 Fax boyfriend @PDESteph7 @4gramsinthewood He won’t admit to this tho😒😒 @deucesdeuce KazakhstanWe gonna overthrow the pitchfork headquarters @Habyytat Man of course @Zziao68 I’m saying 😭😭 anything under an 8 is criminal @sircartierFBG Bruh they exactly what I was talking about @ChiBlicky PitchforkWe need to abolish music reviewing websites @AbusingMyMeat Fifa is finished @bihdisprivate
@biigwes_ Who is that rappingCheck dm @1future @305sosa_ @deucesdeuce Something from a labHe did this & still got nominated but The Weeknd didn’t? 😭😭 @TvDecimal @NScaaaary My phone glitched 💀 I didn’t even reply after yesterday @NScaaaary is a joke right got blake too 😳Free oli @bitchuknowzion U tryna be roomies @bihdisprivate Who gone @22star77 You not even black @glickowens Colorism if u ask me @crazybrazy200 If he don’t do sumn before ur account gets unlocked streets will b doneCarti lowkey gonna dip again after tonight 💀 @deucesdeuce He prolly gonna dip again after tnNo big artist is dropping a highly anticipated album without at least announcing itOk but who actually fr thought Carti was gonna drop @playboifuzzy 😭😭😭15 minutes until disappointment @playboifuzzy Quit playing with me @YSLRayyan I see u bro @deucesdeuce They waited till he was an old ass man @grandwizardcn 🐐 @Woo4PF Shiddd 22 if I’m being biased but imma checkFuck Carti, Dax just dropped song of the year 👀 @crazybrazy200 U too @4gramsinthewood @bihdisprivate @deucesdeuce He want me fr @deucesdeuce @bihdisprivate missed Carti’s baby reveal 😩😩 @4gramsinthewood Literally every thing he does 💀 @YLRAPHAELS It’s good publicityMood @xviijaa They wouldn’t get it @marc_oooooo @grandwizardcn Y’all weird aslCarti using his kid for album promoYo I’m sure we all follow Carti 😭😭 there’s no need for me to see the pic of his baby 12 times ina rowCan’t take you serious if you 16 crying over relationships @bihdisprivate @UncleKeif @manuschleep Battyboys, bun up!!🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️Y’all hoes be 35 years old looking up to Lori Harvey @xviijaa @xviijaa I’m mixing it, not coming out fr @manuschleep Dutchavelli @manuschleep @k2spritebeans Calm b @k2spritebeans Hey there, Oli What's it like in London? I'm a thousand miles away But, boy, tonight you look so pretty @NotJobae ?Why y’all making it sound like he’s a rare animal on National Geographic 💀💀 @lherealchieff Bftd1 better than finally rich @lherealchieff Cap @manuschleep 😭😭😭 @NScaaaary @manuschleep Oi @k2spritebeans I just told oli we richSame with supreme everyone said it fell off but want Carti to wear itNiggas hate Vlone (rightfully so) but want Carti to dress like he did before 🤔
What if the album ain’t called WLR no moreGot that jay z and kayne west album on the blackberry
Retweeted by lightskin Lil WayneNigga will listen to “R.I.P Fredo” by Playboi Carti but won’t go to their cousin FREDO’s funeral and say R.I.P, bec…
Retweeted by lightskin Lil Wayne @TvDecimal Ihy broAll my homies wear facemasks @grandwizardcn Ahhh nvm I remember it now