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Pop Smoke/Jay-Z & Brooklyn Nets enthusiast | East African safe haven

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Joined Twitter 3/10/19 really boutta go to the finals without a fresh cut already got the “Tyler Herro in the locker room” tweets ready to goI’m surprised Tarzan aint get cancelled yet for having dreadlocks @big_business_ cooking the Celtics with BLM on his back, a real oneCeltics really Finna get packed by this guy HerroHow did they get away with Arab MoneyBro sent $800 to a millionaireWhere’s your father raised you niggas Herro lighting Boston up with Black Lives Matter on his back, it’s meant to beTatum & Miami vs BostonIf love at first sight was a picture remember in 2016 hella people were calling the year ass & waiting for it to be over, 2017>Tatum feeling like Kuzma tn 🔥 @hijosephcastro @tayksintern Streets not lyingLock the 919th nigga up fans prolly calling Tyler Herro the N-word rnThe American flag a suburban confederate flagThat nigga off the powda don’t stop they keep going gambling again till the finals or a game 7🙏🏽 @justseekheIp Nvm @justseekheIp Smh @fbgcaleb @DeanScorpion_ He was def the best pg or at least top 3 from January till the playoffs @grandwizardcn Old songs broWe both know you lied on ya boyfriend for some likes ....
Retweeted by lightskin Lil Wayne @danialflame @Certified4PF 😭😭Anyways, Heat or CelticsEurope server
NTJDQQIght we switching to Europe servers gimme sec @Certified4PF Same@gherbo bought his former elementary school and turned it into a community center
Retweeted by lightskin Lil Wayne @4gramsindawood Niggas thought they was CartiI’m glad I never owned a pair of clout gogglesWeak ahhhh servers @ricky_m01 Servers not working for mSomeone make an among us gameThis will forever be lame “Die Lit AOTY” days were funtheynevertaughtuswhatsthedifferencebetweenarepublicanandademocratbuttheygonnatellusVOTE you told me God directed the A$AP Forever music video id believe u @datgaminglxwd 😭😭😭 @deucesdeuce Im a top 5 meek fan on twitter 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 @MeekMill wyd dawg @FlashySpida 😭😭 chill broThey never told us what’s the difference from a republican or a Democrat but they gone tell us vote 😳😳😳😳Whats the issue @__6MD’all remember Trill Sammy5 leftWVZILQIHGLTQY’all don’t get it😭😭 CHARLAMAGNEWTHRYSPat Beverly ain’t been the same since the nuggets beat them’s best intro track @GreyNikeTech @UziUber @k2spritebeans @shikasintern @xviijaa Ily @AgentCodyBlacks Damn you XboxThis ain’t even half but you get the memoThank you metro Boomin ain’t slide like that on digital dash, scholarships, 30 for 30 etc for y’all to say he got carriedIdk who needs to hear this but Future did NOT carry Drake on WATTBA, they both did their thing @jozuintern Grow up broNiggas be learning how to do graphic design just to make shit like this @YourLocalMandem @deucesdeuce @MoutarrJallow Bro u dead in that ss @deucesdeuce Fuck @MoutarrJallow @YourLocalMandemWhen I gotta kill the person who’s been vouching for me all game in Among Us @AgentCodyBlacks Cause he innocent @imisspopsmoke Needed a big lead single balding in your 20s - early 30s I’d be SICK @OvoSteph7 It happens @OvoSteph7 What did that have to do with my tweet😭😭😭 im weak @OvoSteph7 My nigga what @deucesdeuce Niggas be holding grudges cause someone called them ugly in middle schoolFinna make an onlyfans to teach niggas how to do fraud @onlyfanobtainer ... 2020 Twitter wildinBalding is my biggest fearI nut on that fish @WannaBeReeceSr Oh man oh man @OvoSteph7 What I do?Bro pls go back to rapping about wraiths & Rolexes @OvoSteph7 & @danialflame @OvoSteph7 @Mistyears @Certified4PF @danialflame Cause idk these twitter people?😭 @Mistyears @Certified4PF @danialflame Ion really be in tune with ppl on twitter @danialflame @Certified4PF @Certified4PF @danialflame Brandon’s thoughts isn’t brandon? @danialflame @Certified4PF How u get so mad over twitter 😭😭😭 @Certified4PF Huh @washedjean Bro probably googled “ugly black guy” @washedjean A non black Person doing this don’t sit right with me fr