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In the Nikken Sekkei offices in Tokyo we are working together to make the Camp Nou of the future a global reference…
Retweeted by FC BarcelonaBarça fans are EVERYWHERE! 🇯🇵 #RakutenCup🔊 @ivanrakitic: "It will also be very special to play two games here, especially Vissel Kobe against Iniesta, Villa…🔊 @ivanrakitic: "It's a pleasure to be here in Japan. We have great memories of the Club World Cup of 2015. There a…🔊 @AntoGriezmann: "Tomorrow will be my first minutes wearing this shirt, I'm looking forward to enjoying it on the… 2 in Japan: Just a little AM warm up to get the 💙 pumping! 😅 a start! 🛫+🛬🇯🇵+👏👏👏 #RakutenCup📍 Tokyo 🇯🇵 🤗 Festival for Social Inclusion #FutbolNet 💙❤ @julianobelletti 👍 @FundacioFCB & @Konamiça work out at — the hotel? Full story:🎤In Japan, we karaoke.🤝 In Tokyo, an Institutional visit to Nikken Sekkei headquarters MORE INFO 👉🇹🇷 From one blaugrana club to another. 🤜🤛 @Trabzonspor📍 Tachikawa Tachichi Arena 🇯🇵 Tokyo 🤗 Festival for Social Inclusion #FutbolNet 👍 @FundacioFCB & @Konami
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🤝 @DeJongFrenkie21 & Lampard🇯🇵 Tokyo 💙❤ Barça️⃣ days to go 🙋‍♂️ Hands up who's excited! 🇯🇵 Rakuten Cup 2019 📌 Saitama Stadium 2002, Tokyo ⚽ KO 7.30PM LOCAL…🤔 How much do you know about Pedro ❓ 🔙 Remember what his last goal was for Barça? 🔢 Which shirt numbers did he w…🗓 23/7 ⚽ Barça - Chelsea 🌍 Where will you watch the first game of pre-season?🔝 This was the reception that Rakuten prepared in order to welcome FC Barcelona 👇 🔵🔴 # ForçaBarça👀🔜🏆 Rakuten Cup🔵🔴 Good night from Tokyo 🌃 🇯🇵📍 Tokyo 🇯🇵 💙❤️ Arigato, Barça Fans! #RakutenCup📍 Tokyo 🇯🇵 👋 Hello Japan! #RakutenCup
🔜 We will be in Japan! Don't miss out as @andresiniesta8 explains his experience of Japan in the first person! 📄…🙌 @ AndresIniesta8 👌 🤓 Read the whole letter 👉🔵🔴 When @DeJongFrenkie21 joins the @BarcaAcademy training session...
Retweeted by FC Barcelona🇯🇵 Get an exclusive copy of the 'Legendary Barça Fans' manga and see what the players look like in Japanese comic s…📝 @AndresIniesta8: "One year, now. My first year as a former player of Barça. My first year in Japan. "💙❤ Iniesta t…✈🇯🇵 🔜 #RakutenCup🤘 #Malcom@_nelsonsemedo_🤣 Best caption wins ⬇ France 🇫🇷🇯🇵 Japan, here we go 😁✈🙌 Yess!! Finally, we're off to Japan 🇯🇵👬 French connection 🇫🇷📋 [SQUAD] - Rakuten CUP 2019 🛫🇯🇵 This is the list of the 26 players who will travel to Japan All the details 👉…, guys, run! 🏃‍♂💨😀 @JordiAlba 👏 🔵🔴 #ForçaBarça
💪 TodiBEAST vs 'The Crane' 🥋 😉 Sayonara Piqué-san 🇯🇵😀💪 🔵🔴 #ForçaBarça🔜 FC Barcelona Japan Tour 2019 Presented by Rakuten 📆⏰ All the details for the tour of Japan that begins this Satur…🙌 @Neto_Murara 🙌 🎂 Birthday Boy "I am a winner, I don't like to lose and I will do everything to win" COMPLETE INT… present! 😂👋 TIKTOK legend returns to FC Barcelona 💪 Welcome home, Víctor! 🔵🔴 #ForçaBarça🇯🇵👏 @mterstegen1 will be in Japan for #RakutenCup! Tickets at 👍 @RakutenArena🎉Happy Birthday, @neto_murara ! 🙌 🎈Wish Neto a happy birthday👇🔥💪⚽️🏋🏻‍♀️ 🔵🔴 #ForçaBarça
Electrified. ⚡️👤 @DeJongFrenkie21 🔵🔴 One of the brightest futures in football - and these people know what they are talking about! with Getafe for Marc Cucurella loan All the details 👉 👈⚠️ Risky test⚠️ And you? Which one would you choose? 😏 Comment below ⬇️ without Internet or without music? 🤔 @AntoGriezmann is put to the test on some tricky questions! 📹 Check out t… Lovers 🏀 ⛹‍♂ @SergiRoberto10 @ivanrakitic @5sergiob @JordiAlba @AntoGriezmann @Dembouz 💙❤ @FCBbasket &…📸 Caption this photo ⬇️🇯🇵👏 Hiroki Abe will be in Japan for #RakutenCup! Tickets at 👍 @RakutenArena training shirts appear to be catching on.
G-Unit⏱ 7️⃣ seconds challenge #RakutenCup edition 🇯🇵 😂 @mterstegen1 & @SergiRoberto10 🤔 Who will win? 🙌 @RakutenArena @jmbartomeu was present at the first team’s second training session of the day at the Ciutat Esportiva Jo…🎥 El Míster talks about the new guys. ⚽️ @AntoGriezmann 🎩 @DeJongFrenkie21@Neto_Murara 🔵🔴 #ForçaBarça🔊 Ernesto Valverde talks about the new players: "They are three important signings and we expect to get a lot out o… to dominate midfields next season feeling when you don't have to play against each other next season.📍 Camp Nou 🌱 New season, new pitch. 🔜 2019/20 season🤭 Love it when a plan comes together "🔴🔵" in my Neto. Describe the new signings with one emoji each💙❤ 😁👍 😄⏰ 7 Second Challenge! 🔥 @mterstegen1 🆚 @SergiRoberto10 🤔 Who will win? Find out! 🎥👉📍 Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper 😃 Third day of work 💪 🔵🔴 #ForçaBarça👋🇯🇵 @AntoGriezmann will be in Japan for #RakutenCup! Tickets at 🙌 @RakutenArena🔵🔴 @AntoGriezmann opens up Full interview 👉
TodiBEAST Hoover.😍 @AntoGriezmann defines Leo #Messi as the “image of football” This way for our exclusive interview 👉…💙❤ @AntoGriezmann 💙❤ Full interview 👉’s a normal sized fence and @3gerardpique is just HUGE. @AntoGriezmann interview in 10 quotes “I feel so proud, it's a goal fulfilled" 👉🔵🔴 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW @AntoGriezmann: “We're gonna have fun both on and off the pitch”Big thanks to @Carlesale10 for giving me number 21, it means a lot to me 🙌🏼 #FJ21 #firsttraining
Retweeted by FC Barcelona👋🇯🇵 @DeJongFrenkie21 will be in Japan for #RakutenCup! Tickets at 🙌 @RakutenArena[BREAKING NEWS] 👍 @cucurella3 will be flying to Poland this week to play with @PiastEsports !! So Excited 😄 For more details ⬇️⬇️
Retweeted by FC BarcelonaClothesline!!“Messi is the face of football” ⚠ Don't miss our exclusive interview with @AntoGriezmann ⏰ Coming soon at…'s day 2 of training, but we just can't stop staring. 😍 birthday, @5sergiob! 🤗🎂🎈
🔙 INSIDE VIEW 🔵🔴 @AntoGriezmann⃣1⃣ @DeJongFrenkie21 1⃣9⃣ @Carlesale10 👉 season, new shirt numbers 🤔 Any guesses?😁 You can call this your home now 🏠🤜🤛 Day 1: Center-backs back and battling, with @3gerardpique and @clement_lenglet.👀 INSIDE VIEW What a weekend for @AntoGriezmann! This was the day he was unveiled as a Barça player 🔵🔴🙌 First training session of the season: done. ✅ 🔵🔴 #ForçaBarça're bAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaack!, @AntoGriezmann. 😁