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BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER | masked nasty womxn | tired & hungry | currently unable to even | probably doing it wrong | Q she/her | 🍫🔥🍍🌵🌁🕉🐻✨

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@quakerraina This sounds like a dream lolif you have a box of “skinny” clothes you’re hanging onto, throw that shit away. be comf and free
Retweeted by rogue scone @EkaBakie @memes_byashley But this one says “sex” TWICE!!! 😩 @aspiringburner I want you to know that I see your Sports™️ posts, I just can’t like them ‘cause I don’t care to kn… @charbroil_chew Is that a Moscow mule? Cause then, yeah. Samesies! @aspiringburner This sounds like something about The Sports™️ so I don’t even want an explanationDON'T FAKE ORGASMS AND DON'T FAKE EMOTIONS let these men see us cum and cry they must fear our power
Retweeted by rogue sconeMaybe I’ve just been following US politics too long, but the tradition of Republicans handing Democrats a massively…
Retweeted by rogue sconeI think I might actually be truly happy. Earlier tonight I found truth* and enlightment** * wine ** some cheese
Retweeted by rogue sconecould a depressed person do THIS *sleeps all day, leaves my room to grab one (1) bite of food, minimal social interaction*
Retweeted by rogue scone @showmetheyamz Where my creatrixxes at?? 🥴
@aspiringburner @aspiringburner R u subtweeting yourself?? @showmetheyamz Toys were never Us at all
Retweeted by rogue scone @goofballbirkla Que romántico 😍Valentine’s Day is coming up. Nothing says I love you like $500,000 in unmarked bills if you ever want to see Sandra again, Mark.
Retweeted by rogue scone*in bed* Wife: *puts her hand on my hip* hey baby Me: *excitedly* yes? Wife: roll over on your side so your snor…
Retweeted by rogue sconeThe bed is my natural habitat.
Retweeted by rogue sconeInside every man are two idiots. Don't feed either of them.
Retweeted by rogue sconeCanada knows something that no one else does, and it scares me
Retweeted by rogue sconeI used to think I was introverted but I've realised I'm just more comfortable around authentic energy.
Retweeted by rogue scone @PandorasBX @mack44_d Of course it’s our job to make men better FML 😭😭😭😭😭Or she could just be a fine 40. Let’s throw away this 20s monopoly on sexiness
Retweeted by rogue scone @aspiringburner Straight comedians would be SO much better if they told gay jokes. Wait. 😳Still haven’t worked out what I wanna do if I grow up
Retweeted by rogue sconetired of being self aware i wanna be happy instead
Retweeted by rogue sconeyour can-on-a-string phone only "worked" because you could hear your buddy 10 feet away admit it you fraud
Retweeted by rogue scone just want to wander into a small bookshop tucked away at the end of a cobblestone street, breathe deeply of old p…
Retweeted by rogue sconeI’m gonna go ahead and live inside seasons one and two of new girl for the foreseeable future just something I am going to do
Retweeted by rogue sconegirl, are you romaine lettuce? cuz you make me nervous
Retweeted by rogue sconebecca: *fries beans* rebecca: *refries beans*
Retweeted by rogue sconei love this place
Retweeted by rogue sconeI like my puns intended.
Retweeted by rogue sconeinternet friends are so weird because like i know ur deepest trauma but i’ve never seen ur legs
Retweeted by rogue sconeall dogs go to heaven and all himbos go to hufflepuff 🙏🏼✨
Retweeted by rogue sconepersonally i think it's homophobic to be straight
Retweeted by rogue sconeonce i find my zen and calm it’s over for you hoes
Retweeted by rogue sconeAdore Jane Krakowski. “Jane has never met Mr. Lindell. She is not and has never been in any relationship with him,…
Retweeted by rogue sconeme: i’m scared for my future also me:
Retweeted by rogue sconeOne president burns some money on a watch. Another president burns down the country on his watch. Got it.
Retweeted by rogue sconeI'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby Twitter: welcome home
Retweeted by rogue sconechoosing white bread when you have other options is extremely republican behavior
Retweeted by rogue scone @uncledrunky implies microdip
Retweeted by rogue sconeTired folks to follow @Darlainky @thearibradford @BigJDubz @ChicksRule @girlwit0filter @geekysteven @Lottie_Poppie
Retweeted by rogue scone @SvnSxty @Darlainky @thearibradford @BigJDubz @ChicksRule @girlwit0filter @geekysteven @Lottie_Poppie @TheWinegasm
@itskristofer ...use the word “community” no less than 1500x cause the edible is HITTING @itskristofer As a bi woman, I feel the need to stand up for the whole community by saying that your under represen… @schoonerz 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥“mom can we get bernie & aoc?” “we have bernie & aoc at home” bernie & aoc at home:
Retweeted by rogue scone @JoeRegular4 no❤️ @itskristofer @showmetheyamz Mansplain alert!I don’t NEED to smoke weed every day, but I’m gonna
Retweeted by rogue scone @thehedrk No it’s notCan you believe someone thought 🍇+🦶=🍷 And the whole world was just like, "no yeah, we're ok with that"
Retweeted by rogue sconeit’s sexist he ran against warren, it’s sexist that he has a loud voice & culturally specific way of speaking, it’s…
Retweeted by rogue scone @hollsiemo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥I rub the Dorito dust on my teeth like cocaine after eating them. You don't. We are not the same.
Retweeted by rogue sconeMartha Stewart said “Let me show these young kids how it’s done.”
Retweeted by rogue sconeMy therapist says "being eaten by a bear" is not a "goal".
Retweeted by rogue scone @itskristofer On the next episode of Why Is My Dog So Judgmental?... @StainsQueen Today’s shitpost: Cruz is what happens when Elmer Fudd cosplays as Yosemite Sam
Retweeted by rogue sconeYou couldn't have told me at 14 that I would grow up and realise that Justin Timberlake has no sex appeal
Retweeted by rogue sconeFridays are for Johnny Cash, corndogs and anal.
Retweeted by rogue scone @freshhel Cottagecore to the RESCUESomeone on this zoom call thinks I didn’t hear them whisper that I’m a “hottie bitch.” Until that moment, I thought we were beefin’ 😂"I can function perfectly well on four hours a night" - Me, in no way functioning perfectly well
Retweeted by rogue scone @AubriePesky This is the only breaking news I would like to see today 🤩 @AubriePesky 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 @AndyJokedAgain And do laundry indefinitely... Wait. 😳in hell they make you read all your unread emails
Retweeted by rogue sconedudes will drink mtn dew but won’t mount and do me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Retweeted by rogue scone @_justwinnie Yung Schitts Creek Finale @AubriePesky Proof happiness is the most beautiful ☝🏻😍🤩😍🤩😍The building blocks of life: 1) Protons 2) Neutrons 3) Electrons 4) Croutons
Retweeted by rogue scone @Chirleeee @beardedsaffa I couldn’t like his tweet 🤢Fox "News" is banned in Australia, New Zealand and UK. Come on America.
Retweeted by rogue scone @swiftiec13 You’ ...convert to Scientology?? ...adopt a kitten??? I’m DYING TO KNOWwhite men get off on only two things: playing devil's advocate and charges
Retweeted by rogue sconeI leave the dark circles under my eyes at this point so that my friends and family recognize me.
Retweeted by rogue scone @consequence The fact that Dave Chapelle might have gotten Covid from Grimes (who talked about it having it a coupl…
Retweeted by rogue sconeAmanda Gorman please accept my apology for using words
Retweeted by rogue sconeI did it!!! I went the entire presidency without being *sure* which is eric and which is donald jr
Retweeted by rogue scone @jozfisher There was a rainbow today ☺️ @adamgreattweet @UncleDuke1969 you’re hot and dumb, everyday feels like it’s the weekend
Retweeted by rogue sconeAmerica: celebrates the peaceful transition of power Twitter: lol Bernie in the chair tho
Retweeted by rogue sconeI see you baby, takin that nap
Retweeted by rogue sconeI want an old man with mittens and a warrrrrrrm jacket
Retweeted by rogue sconeIf you think cauliflower nachos are nachos, we can’t be friends.
Retweeted by rogue scone @AubriePesky Yes 👏 they 👏 do! 👏 @LiquidBurritos 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
@LizerReal *”more than me” @jack_r0420 Lavender 💜Me: "I have so many things to do today! I'm going to make a list and do them." Me to me: "Do none of them and then…
Retweeted by rogue sconeThe new Bernie meme is the gift that keeps on giving...
Retweeted by rogue scone @jack_r0420