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i'm drafting magic cards tonight @dapper_yeti nah, bad take. android is objectively the better platform. iOS is everywhere and apple closes their s… @TheKenotv see i mean i'm coming from an XR, so even though the 5 wasn't a flagship, i was kinda fine with that. do… @BrookeOnAir @foxsoultv what a surprise. @ali is a hack and a grifter that doesn't know much about anything. Zero p… @Jaggerous i think that's what bugs me--if I had my choice I'd be much happier with android, But in order to intera… @InTheFlesh93 it's funny--in NY everyone knows the post is a tabloid trash rag @Jaggerous I've used my iphone for 1.5 years now and never really felt at home. It doesn't have all the customizat… glad to have reliable and very legitimate publication the New York Post back on twitter just following in great uncle Linux's footsteps in being the absolute best choice of OS if you never have t… @stagefault i've literally lost money from imessages being lost in the cloudhalf of you don't mean it personally but if one more person gives me an android explainer i'm going to explode i'v… @NoNameLife_ I understand how this works I'm upgrading from an XR this has nothing to do with hardwareThis is so silly. I feel straight up stupid but honestly: i feel defeated that I don't love the pixel 5/android 11…
@Weak3n Incredible. So proud of you man. @JackPosobiec Lmao @Chef_Lu_Bu A man who doesn't eat pork bun is not a whole man @BlakeEsports RIGHT Worst part is, I like the phone. I love everything about the Android ecosystem besides how loc… @Liefx @penyforthoughts No one has insulted Android at all here lief haha @itsEr1c YEAP. LEARNED THIS ONE @akaBORT It's so frustrating. Missed a business message cause the texts were going to my imessage thing. I'm ragjng @Kretuhtuh Nope @stagefault Yeah iOS let's you read your voicemails which is honestly s huge timesaver for me @TheMustacheRL Just all of the little usability things. I much prefer virtually everything else about the software… @stagefault How? I get this: hate apple so fucking muchI'll spend a little more time trying to re-adjust, but I'm probably here. Switching from Android to iOS is easy,… @sayhitoarvind I'm so sad rn @ProxyOfAKing 699 @chlopika Frogs r cute so this is a win :) @chlopika 🐸Does anyone wanna buy a pixel 5 (unlocked) @captaindaddyxl You: I love performers so much i put them in my bio Also you: fuck these other performers thoughWas in an Uber and he played copyrighted music @RIAA @scoobs_online @VellyCasts Bro if it's beans on toast I don't wanna get it @VellyCasts @scoobs_online @fdotny I did this for you
Retweeted by Thom 'F.' Badinger @Kikijiki_ Games are finally embracing crossplay @AlwayzB_ In no place did I ever blame Google/Android whatsoever @SUP3RSoN1K @Liefx @tixmix Guessing you're EU? Americans aren't that accommodating :(I always forget how impossible it is to criticize cell phones lmao I've used Android since day 1, I know how modul… @Liefx I know this @Liefx I know he “just needs to download and install this app” which is a barrier for a lot of people. Old? Tech il… @Kikijiki_ Cause it sucks, kiki @Liefx This doesn’t work on my uncle’s iPhoneAlso rip 8ballThis isn’t my first rodeo. I understand how the google ecosystem works. iPhone is still the default, and no one is… fact that FaceTime is proprietary and you can’t just hit a button and video call on Android is absolutely ridiculoussony responds to elder scrolls becoming an xbox exclusive by making anime a playstation exclusive
Retweeted by Thom 'F.' Badinger @SpacemanSR @SpacemanSR Sean @NSweetroll I do love flip to shh but I still miss the physical button for “oh shit” moments when it’s in my pocket :( @realDonaldTrump Bro why are you rage posting at 3am, go to bed @lowpolyanimals @Katlysss @OmegaProYT Honestly wish I could clone my sim and use two at once lmao @ShehwazS It seems so small but being able to dip my hand in my pocket and silence when I forgot mid meeting is hugei like the feel of my pixel. Got my airpods working (my biggest priority) gonna take a bit to re-adjust to android…🎙️ This week on @CheckpointXP On Campus: @fdotny joins us to break down how Rocket League grew to one of the bigges…
Retweeted by Thom 'F.' Badinger @HiRezAndy @EnaBuns holy shit. i fucking love these. I love you!! congratulations!!!!! <3<3<3<3Republicans are Very Mad (again) about my appearance. This time they’re mad that I look good in borrowed clothes (a…
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@ryancoltlevy <3been having a blast watching the Marvel movies for the first time (i know, i know) and spitting my two cents on twi… @IHOLDSHIFT @the_USO @Door_Casts 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀Last week I sat down with @greatlakernori and chatted a bit about #CRL20 and how collegiate esports keeps growing a… @MDGradyLady @ItsPixietweet @iheartmindy @girlscouts It won’tI’ll never understand why tshirts come in resealable bags. @ATLCommunityGuy ATL missing you already homie. Enjoy Boston, make it yours! @auverin I would have instantly purchased My Size Khepri when??? @TrumpWarRoom Lmao @rachsyme Nora Jones @DolsonLive @Alpine_Official @RLEsports @Jordan_RL1 @MaJicBear @PercyyRL @creamzrl @miztikRL @ShiftRLE @DolsonLive @Alpine_Official @RLEsports @Jordan_RL1 @MaJicBear @PercyyRL @creamzrl @miztikRL @ShiftRLE @GiantSlayerTFT @WisdomMediaGG @riotgames @TFT @wsdmdigital @GillyweedTV @ItsRissakah @workhorseNPC @JulesRPG @Alpine_Official @RLEsports @Jordan_RL1 @MaJicBear @PercyyRL @creamzrl @miztikRL @ShiftRLE @LiquipediaRL @octane_gg have important news to share with you
Retweeted by Thom 'F.' BadingerThe year is 2021. Joe Biden is president. You earn 410,000 dollars. 10,000 of them are taxed higher than the other…
Retweeted by Thom 'F.' Badinger @Wolfy2032 Lmaoooooo I love da cats @Jotato37 Honestly DOWN it’d be the second classroom I’ve been in this week 😎 @Jotato37 I was gonna but now I’m not so sure @Jotato37 This is the worst @Jotato37 Snow day!smite ranked @CollegeCarball
Retweeted by Thom 'F.' Badingerthis is one of my favorite rivalries in sports rn
Retweeted by Thom 'F.' Badinger @DrDannielle it doesnt @StaxRL @TKbreezy @zufats @SPIFspace A++ @EpicCanada 👍#XSXFridgeSweepsi would like to win this this because my mother has had her refrigerator for 15 years and needs a new one so i woul… @CollegeCarball @GoJamesbotGo always ✅
*In @fdotny's imaginary #CRL20 NPC world...* @GoJamesbotGo: "Hello. Are you ready to converse?" How should F. ans…
Retweeted by Thom 'F.' BadingerAnother night of #CRL20 Fall League Play is here! .@fdotny and the rest of the crew are LIVE during the pre-show r…
Retweeted by Thom 'F.' BadingerCRL Pre-Show Pre-Show ft. @StaxRL @iDazerin @GoJamesbotGo @Joreuz_ g statusWasn't bored at all
Retweeted by Thom 'F.' Badinger @TheLokiDad 🤔 @pathofexile please let me use a controller instead of click 2 move