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when people are too good at spreadsheets i both judge them for being gigantic turbo nerds and also get incredibly j… ranked @iDazerin We gotta squad upi really can't express how incredibly my shit this joint is @camtheartisan
Retweeted by Thom 'F.' Badinger @xin_xvi @Warcraft Why u this heavy at 6 in the morning bThis Q shit was funny when it was just some 8chan meme and pepe avis were saying wagwam to each other Now soccer m… bananas really can't express how incredibly my shit this joint is @camtheartisan
I don't get it. It's just a clip from the game.
Retweeted by Thom 'F.' Badingerorange sodaSince getting glasses i've absolutely hated the way I look without them but recently I've been wearing my hair down… @IAmSueSue2 I understand how important it is for a Black woman to be in power. What I'm saying here is that any tak… @Rock_n_Rollerr yeap @Rock_n_Rollerr i'm talking specifically about people that have lived the common life. the people you're talking ab… @Rock_n_Rollerr I don't understand celebrity and fortune automatically mean that we write a person off. What is the… @IAmSueSue2 I have no beef with prosecutors in general--not the approach I'm taking. Specifically her individual tr… winning sand sculpture of the Texas Sand Sculpture Festival. 👏👏👏
Retweeted by Thom 'F.' Badinger @michaelwhitney hell yeah dogs @poseworld no that was a joke . my real email is @poseworld email me @ @JpizzleR8R @TeedyRoosevelt3 if yall don't have to treat me like a person, I don't have to treat you like a person so ty see yaThis is what it’s like inside my brain the jaws open wide and there’s more jaws inside, that’s a Moray
Retweeted by Thom 'F.' Badinger @exavierpope earnest question not trying to stir: Why isn't Harris's history as a prosecutor/relationship with th… @Latsyrcmoy if he actually runs djt prolly auto wins which is pretty scary yeah @awildamanda love this !"I miss the old Kanye, straight from the go Kanye..."
Retweeted by Thom 'F.' Badinger @TeedyRoosevelt3 God forbid it take me a day to gather my thoughts @TeedyRoosevelt3 Youre a teacher, right? Think about learning what I hope you teach: empathy. My closest friends we… @TeedyRoosevelt3 I never defended dm. But yes, I’m mad that you came at me ducking immediately, when you’ve been ar… @ATLCommunityGuy I agree there. Kanye has gone thru a lot of arcs and his mental instability is probably the reason… @TeedyRoosevelt3 Why do you think I’d want to talk to youVapidity not validity *Kanye has his issues but far too many people are mocking the situation for what I feel are the wrong reasons.A lot of responses her about ye specifically—this particular comment isn’t about ye, that’s why I didn’t mention hi… @ItsTypho Yes lol @UnbuckledLotion Kanye has issues but to say he doesn’t know the struggle is false @TeedyRoosevelt3 Fuck off dude @ATLCommunityGuy Lack of understanding. @ATLCommunityGuy Ye is an enigma so I don’t necessarily disagree here, but I feel like people are dismissing this f… see a lot of criticism about non-politicians in politics and frankly I think it’s refreshing. Maybe start lower t… @lainb3ar This is the coolest blue hair I’ve seen in a while no lie @taylorcocke 3.5 @SlyFoxHound Yes :) @Chef_Lu_Bu Yeah the male plants have pollen sacs and the females don’t (u want the females) @GatorsDaily When da gator is comin're here and we're ready. Introducing Team Liquid Rocket League @fruityl0l // @speed_rl // @kuxir97 #LetsGoLiquid
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Retweeted by Thom 'F.' Badinger @oniiichan17 @DFF_Blizzard @hasanthehun you are brain asleep @oniiichan17 @DFF_Blizzard @hasanthehun No I’m not saying that he’s not a millionaire, I’m saying that the thought… @oniiichan17 @DFF_Blizzard @hasanthehun That’s just as dumb @oniiichan17 @DFF_Blizzard @hasanthehun Banner/avi is a much different world than stream emotes 500 is a helluval… @oniiichan17 @DFF_Blizzard @hasanthehun whotf pays 1k for an emoji? And what artist would consider that fair? I 10… @oniiichan17 @DFF_Blizzard @hasanthehun both of yall are huge bozos @DFF_Blizzard @oniiichan17 @hasanthehun this is a bad take too. The takeaway here isn't that artists don't deserve… @oniiichan17 @hasanthehun Are they? PS I come at this from both a content creator perspective AND as an artist--i… @oniiichan17 @hasanthehun I'm very very very very very far from a millionaire lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… @oniiichan17 @hasanthehun Why? I pay good artists good money for my stuff but why can’t I offer a chance for a fan… @oniiichan17 @hasanthehun There is no straw man I’m making fun of your take In an effort to understand: how should… @oniiichan17 @hasanthehun How dare he run a contest 😡 All fan interaction is capitalist scum 😡 @ryancoltlevy If anyone’s leaving I’d be glad to take their spot 🤠 @SantaDevs What @kingvader You are one of the most talented people on all of the internet man, no cap not close Good luck cause yo… think Mango put this really elegantly @RohnJobert Ok @HirezChris 👀👀
@Alacritic_sm sentra i think @SN_Ranaudo not big enough just yet :( @TheSoluke they happen occasionally and are very unsuccessfulI still find smite pretty fun but I'm looking for ways to branch out A lot of the time my stream is 25% smite rela… @amandamull Shout out to the “not that dirty yet” chair @YoArock Just do stuff that’s positive, man. Trying to erase the bad only works to a certain extent. Necessary! But… @KnightsGG Inside @iGAnatoLiy brain @mmDust That third picture is amazing man. So many memories, I’m sure. <3 @DookieJenkins3 @akaBORT Will it slow speeds? @akaBORT No scorch marks but the light doesn’t go on. How can I fix without replacing mobo? TyI can’t yell this loud enough @mmDust So sorry my man. He was so good. Much loveNew pop smoke so hard I had to rent a whole ass vehicle just to do it right, the series that mocks the absurdity of late-stage capitalism and spotlights the predatory replaceability o…’ve got a new neighbor and they’re loud as shit and I’ve never been more comforted @clownpond Happy birthday Jonathan @Chef_Lu_Bu I think he’s comparing it to the current situation w Taylor Lorenz being targeted by mad people in tech… of my favorite artists making me look way better than I have any right to look 🐊 @_hissy You’re amazing in so many ways This is phenomenal omg @JonJonBaker02 Oh shit sick own bro !!!! 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥 add me on xbox live @NicoleArbour @Cernovich So incredibly stupid @GatorsDaily not kidding you deadass make my day ok when it’s not sometimes Thank you @JerkyXP @Slasher @PatrickSchoof EVO canceled @comcastcares Not good enough for the business account? Great way to start things off. @comcastbusiness @JayRyan84 @comcastcares @Xfinity @comcast We love lack of competition @comcastcares please help me and stop hanging up on me. I’ve been trying to contact you since 4pm. @comcast @Xfinity stop hanging up on me please @Robot_Giggles Please be well soon! holla if I can help with anything <3The End of an Era very very very very mad that lightning took out my internet sorry @WeebFats Hell yeah my man Live it Much love @caro_irl Terrible and sad. Much love ❤️