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Long time mobile 3d generalist, VFX Artist for Bossa Studios and maker of silly, silly things. he/him

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Anyway @SkyUK, Face up to the fact you have a Neo-Nazi on your show and do something about it.Like, YES REALLY. Yes they are that brazen. They are that racist! Of course they will fucking lie about it if you a… thing with the use of the 👌 hand gesture by far right nationalists. You can explain the purpose of choosing a… stupidest fucking thing about Nazi numerology is that if you explain it to anyone, they will understand it. Of…
@AntonHand UP. AND. OVER! I made a hot air ballon ai in a game project and the next thing I did was download all t… @Pioldes I exactly experienced the digital equivalent of finding an "UNDER SIEGE 1 & UNDER SIEGE 2: TWO DISK BOX SE… @imrejele Three silenced shots ping out from a walther ppk. The camera pans up from the smoking gun. "That was rubb… @imrejele Judi Dench. Bam. She's back.
@1wantedpumpkin @linkuu_x Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Plants!
Big brain plane @axl99 Digital draw doesn't art?! Digital draw doesn't art. @SindreOpsahl @mulmbot Same! Seeing him mod Morrowind opened my eyes to what was possible in games! @Marcin360 I feel like these vehicles where designed to please @Mathew__O in particular
This is SUCH high quality work!
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDCI have been waiting to share this fact for like, an hour.Today I learned: No person who was born blind has ever been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Scientists don't know wh… @AndroidArts "JjjAASOOonn! Do your friends what anyyth-th-thingg to eaaat??" "No Mom! We're going out!" "Aree yoou ssssuree?" "YES!" @sabtherobot It got me playing Go! And if I had a bigger flat, I'd probably buy a Go board and get back into it. @DeputyRustArt @sabtherobot ANY LAST WORDS, BEFORE I... SPARK IT?Maybe its just my brain's weirdness but those unsorted "cards" from the PS5 UI, which are visually consistent but a…
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDC @JumpOvertheAge Yeah I strongly agree. Every card is competing for attention. It presents fully detailed marketing… @caseykfrey that’s what’s up 🕺#DiscoElysium
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDCUpdate that would be an edit: GDC does pay speakers for these workshops... Up to a point. it's my class featured in this tweet (btw, thank you for even adding it to the cart 🤪) I thought I'd make a…
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDCGDC announced $999 "masterclasses". That's obscene in this day & age. We can do better as industry, so @MllePilgrim
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDCAfter setting up that streaming thing on my old pc, I came across a text file I had written a long time ago when a…
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDC @Der_Kevin Which one could you have the most fun with if you really leaned into it? Or has the potential for someth… @nullterm @HighlySpammable Its been a while since I used Unreal... How does component differ from a mesh in this ca… @StevieBuckley What's the top tip then? Please say it's coffee, somehow.I wrote twitter name when I realised GDC was going to cancelled by Covid, and honestly I just forgot to change it.… @Vialixia Haha! Unfortunately I saw it last night *just* as I was about to sleep and then all of a sudden it was 2am... @GameAnim I put together a thread of other resources from the same speakers in that tweet. If a studio was willing… was approached to create a $1000 GDC masterclass on game animation but passed. Here's the cost breakdown: 6 regi…
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDCwoke up to the surprising news that Sega is releasing the Golden Axe prototype I coded in 2012 under crunch conditi…
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDC @Ebonscale @xavierck3d All of these speakers have already done this! I have no idea why a… @SF_Boomer @Rokashi Well, me too! So I made a thread 😅 I also don't want to devalue these people's hard work and skill. GDC habitually does not pay its speakers, desp…! Phew. So the point of this was to respond to people upset that our industry might be jealously guarding infor… O'Connor has spoke at GDC this year on bridging Writing and Game Design, and her talk is available on y YouTu… Tran also has published GDC talks available on youtube. She blogs on Gamasutra about community building a… Hodent has spoken at GDC many times on player psychology and UX - published on youtube, linked on her site… Keith has a book out called "Agile Game Development with SCRUM" that you can pickup for £30, as well as a f… else pointed out that his one one-on-one consultation fees for a day are less than this course, something… so the thing about these BONKERS prices... Is that this information is already available *from these people* f…
@Rokashi The insane part of this is that Derek runs a really informative newsletter that teaches this stuff for fre… @lizardengland @OverdrawXYZ @UnrealEngine This is my favourite intuitive explainer, probably because of the cool be… accurate black hole with volumetric accretion disk, made using @UnrealEngine . Black hole spin warps sp…
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDCGreat animation from Eva Seyeux @EvaSeyeux #keyframes #animation #3danimation
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDC @Pioldes That's pretty funny actually 😂 ..and now it makes sense why Judgement had consistently photo realistic faces! @_kzr This is exciting!
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDC
Here's a fun thing you can do with splines. 1/ #gamedev #realtimevfx #magicspline #UnrealEngine
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDC @saltyhag I'm doing fluid sims this week in Realflow and MOOD @ar_suhwail Im absolutely not interested in this discussion. Women in our industry get these kinds of unsolicited,… @ar_suhwail @lowpolycurls @ChimpSquared You don't have to go out of your way to imagine excuses for shitty behaviour.
@AEMcKay To be clear, in this context, anyone under 6"2 is short. @SindreOpsahl Bells.short people have no idea how much food I require. They can't understand it. @lowpolycurls 'Hey, Lady,' "Ah, the eloquence of a drunken New Jersey catcall, what a perfect way to start a profe… SDF values to blend between 2D and 3D normals. #MudBun #MadeWithUnity #GameDev #VFX
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDC @LegacyGameDev @VEGuerreiro Your brain is a hero. Honestly there's zero jank there - all you need is some dust clo…'s a motivational song to start your week
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDC
@JKashaar I have enough Ring Fit things and Real Fit things!Jade actually already brought it up to our flat but I sent her back down to the hall with it!neighbour left a Wii with some tat games and a balance board in the hallway for anyone that wants it. I have a swi… @dreofthedead I think that first season does such an amazing job of cranking up the fear every time he shows up. Lo…
DEXTER, an autonomous vehicle competing in the DARPA Grand Challenge to navigate a 212 km course without any human…
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDCSome days I forget that in 2001 Shrek for Xbox was the first game to use deferred rendering, and I feel terribly ba…
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDC @JoGribbin I heard the legends... But I had no idea how terrible it truly was.. @mcclure111 @oleivarrudi Weyland must have a Milk & Dairy divisionThis is 100% right on the money. Good thread, thanks @Beavs !
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDCToo wholesome, I had to make it playable 🤩 #madewithunity #gamedev #screenshotsaturday
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDCCombining both emitters ✨ I guess this will be my #devtober project this year #gamedev #shaders
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDC1) A thread A tale of two PPE suppliers. The company set up on 12 May 2020 by an associate of a Conservative Peer…
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(he did a bang up job!) think this is what we sent our animator as block in reference for the end of level flow it I'm just going to post random WIP gifs from this folder) Déjà vu! I've just been in this place before Hig… Fun moment in Mobile UI Design: Apple just announced that their next phone, the iPhone X would have some ki… gratz to @atsaplii this is so well deserved 👏🥳
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDC @Shivmoo_ All the text was supposed to be on a curve...I don't miss doing UI @Vontadeh Exactly! just found this old gif of me from one of those "look like your working" studio videos. It took hours to tweak t… o' Skiddaw
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felt cute, might delete later
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDC @moons_artwork Is this the "Do not serve this man" photo that your local shopping centre has on file? From that tim… Shinbashi #madewithunity
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDCFun fact rust is basically just an extremely slow explosion
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDCSatanic Ritual or Fluid sim? It's helpful to document both! thread 💜
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDCI will always remember and treasure in my heart those beautiful afternoons we spent together at the window, looking…
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDC
The pandemic has claimed my job so I'm looking for work again Please RT and lemme know if you see something that m…
Retweeted by Ian Maclure ⚰ RIP GDCBefore I clicked play: "OK what "Were all just humans" stoner philosophy will this be? I mean It's a simple questio… much more room for cat hair! That was a pretty neat teardown. I feel like between the panels and the drive, they…'S ALL HEATSINK! like, 50% heatsink! :D massive white pannels are "removable by users" - Definitely expect a black PS5 then, but in the form of a cosme… @calvinatorr I know lol! Baker and viewport, wow we're caught up with 2016 now! Weighted normals tool is really int… @IrradiatedCat I'm waiting for someone to crush my hopes in the replies, telling me it's broken... but I wonder how… seems Rishi Sunak has misunderstood the phrase "cancel culture"
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