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Hi, I'm Léo — Exotic Pyrate MACAW 🦜☠️ Kurwa Origin { Gamer 🍉 Artist 🍒 Fursuiter 🥥 ENFP ⚠️ Autism+ADHD } 🇪🇺💙 #EU — 🏳️‍🌈 he/she

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Exciting news - I'm going to start taking bird sleeve commissions! Unlike my masks, these will be first come first…
Retweeted by ❄️✨ ᴇʟ ᴀʀᴀ ✨❄️ @MotleyCrowMasks @crystumes WOW they look super good!! @KanaMauMau Bird tails 😌
@Werikane Uiuiui, fühl dich gedrückt und komm gut durch @TraaaashPanda Yes, 2020 is at it again @OmuMacaw For more Toucans! They're underrepresented, give them some love @TwistHound Seems like a usual conversation I mean they're dying heck give them art,,, @BluJayMacaw Wow I'm surprised seeing this from a company like CN being so direct and it quickly turned into a good feeling @Werikane Hey was ist denn los? Ich hab leider kaum mehr tollen neuen Bilder, die gehen mir langsam alle leer, abe…
Me being a science nerd this hurts so much... @RyiusDragon Sounds like a good idea! @Djembe26 @Karin25155 @HerrKim1 @raumplanungtv Damit kriegt Namibia zumindest ein wenig Aufmerksamkeit @HerrKim1 Ok das mit dem Holzpenis find ich gut2020 has been a rollercoaster of events and it is finally over, gladly! 2020:
@TraaaashPanda @dark_kirb @MaybeMizuki I find that adorable @MaybeMizuki Wow ok that's a lot, damn @alex_gryphon Since my sona is literally me I realize I probably love myself. Oh noなんかもう友達とかいらないような気がしてきた
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@agent_voyages First though I had was McCree! But Ponchos are love. Good work, sweet <3 @finbeard They want the A R T @BluJayMacaw Actually I'd like to know as well @ZookieDookie Währenddessen der Rewe bei mir hat ein Waschanlage für die Einkaufswägen durch die man muss bevor man… @TraaaashPanda Infinite pizza? Count me in @_HarlowPuppy_ Ohoho what do I read here 👀
Retweeted by ❄️✨ ᴇʟ ᴀʀᴀ ✨❄️When you come back from a walk in the frosty forest to your cozy warm nest. mhmmm comfe 😌 Who wants a cup of tea? @NewtonCaribou @OmuMacaw Some games after an exam is the perfect method for a relaxing evening. Enjoy!I love living in a mountain valley ... 💙❄️ @OlivenFuchs @FeatherFleeks It's not a mango which means not good @AmandaStellaris @FeatherFleeks Mood @FeatherFleeks My name is Léo and I am the CEO of the company that sounds great Oh wow @RatteToGo Oh damnitI hate when it's only cold in winter. I'm a tropical bird I need the warmth. But I find snow fascinating so it shou…'s snowing! The first snow of this winter! In November! ❄️💙 Which is pretty unusual. It hasn't snowed this earl…
Since I've changed to the morning shift I feel increasingly better. Working the late shifts really hit me hard on my depression! @PastelDawg Same! It's winter but I keep my babies safe and healthy so they can growYes hello hello, I'm tweeting after eons again. Have a nice Monday! Okay? <3 #MondayMacaw
@TheRoyalGryphon The most adorable secret ever @BluJayMacaw Ugh, annoying @GlideOsprey Same here, I live in a valley and I couldn't see the mountain right in front of me anymore. It was so silent and creepy @rodri_coro Bein a bird with loong beak: pain @KanaMauMau @OBSProject Schedule: MAU @PastelDawg Your plants have it nice!
@RyiusDragon @ThunderhowlZaro Aber mit zwei Meter Abstand bitte! 🤔 Ne, komm her <3
@FeatherFleeks Wow that looks amazing! <3 @KanaMauMau Shot that photo on my way home from work, thanks :D @AirieStrange That's a big step, leaving the place you spent so much time where you're deeply rooted, it hurts. Bu… day our planet shows us its fascinating beauty and we still try to get rid off it. Seeing this feels soothi… @CaeruleoBirb @KanaMauMau birb @KanaMauMau The spot where it shows you to touch to unlock :^) @KanaMauMau With my phone you first need to unlock to unleash the furry @BluJayMacaw Wow you went through some serious developement
@AlsaresLynx @GaikotsuY This is amazing! Great job. I really love that you can feel the weight of the body when you look at the pawsComm for @GaikotsuY
Retweeted by ❄️✨ ᴇʟ ᴀʀᴀ ✨❄️ @ColonelFalcon @ZookieDookie @smbflurry @DANIELakaDEE @dodgex11 @ManxRetro @TheRetroRoomRoo @ObviouslyTeri @M33KOR I'm just slight lil bit jelly. I mean I live in mountain valley surrounded by woods but autumn is so cold b… @M33KOR All this green while I sit in a depressing it's-cold-and-brown-land Gimme green I need green and sun. Nice yard btw @BluJayMacaw @tucband Oh hey good one! Welcome to the CSP family. @CaptainChaotika Lucky one!
@TinyFlyThing Oh you're so right @Karbikworks You sure did, I looked like a floofball from excitement - well done xD I'm happy when peeps appreciat… @FENNECPARTY I see no difference between real commercials and yours, therefore it works, feels right and profession… @OmuMacaw Oh yes they did, YES THEY DID! Welcome to hell, welcome to insanity. They did the same at my work!
@Karbikworks Oh my! What a great work I love it so much I'm always so happy when people draw macaws and this is so good <33An elegant little macaw lady!
Retweeted by ❄️✨ ᴇʟ ᴀʀᴀ ✨❄️ @TraaaashPanda In this case I'm 100% German I really feel like people would hate me for being sick once a year because they need me aaah @TraaaashPanda I'm 3 years over vintage
@strayserval Yes! <3meal break
Retweeted by ❄️✨ ᴇʟ ᴀʀᴀ ✨❄️ @strayserval I love this!!! Heck this bird looks so goood hhh I need a commission from you with me over Rio or Frankfurt 👀 @pal_pigeon @Raevinsky Heckin rad duuude this style and lines the clothes are so on point also nice to see shoes wi… @beakybirds Ahhh your tears of joy make me blush hhh @beakybirds Also your sona is pretty sweet, have a great Sunday! <3 @beakybirds Naww nice suit! @hr_bananabird Wooow I love it and your adorable expressions and poses are so sweet, drawovers are really cool and… @SkiaSkai Good luck everyone!
@TsukiBird 💙 @TsukiBird Hey ho other German birb~ Nice sona @finbeard Oh yo every bird I know gets sketches now haha Great work as usual <3 @TraaaashPanda Can I cut a slice from your happy cake? @JorindaSeagull Now I have this "I'm a disappointment to my family" furry meme in my head, sorry :D Two generation…"Waking up like an animal I'm all ready for healing"Listening to Daughter is my mood rn. Feeling like I'm on my path back up to the light, calming down, seeing things… @Terroxwolf nghhh don't die me away bro @TraaaashPanda I've actually only seen a post from someone being sad it's over and I was like "how did I miss this… @Feathered_Flint Yeah sometimes it's just necessary to stop for a second and appreciate what you already have aroun… @BluJayMacaw Wait what I haven't actually seen that, only played multiplayer yet! That's actually pretty nice. List… @Raevinsky Fuck what, one Maske, ohne Termin, einfsch random? Hä, mega unangenehm @TraaaashPanda Nobody can beat me @Werikane @Fusselgenerator @suzamuri_fur @SchneeCreations @CaptainChaotika @Khalura_Sereas You're just a wild cat they have wild fur! @OmuMacaw Wow I didn't know there's a wineholder from this brand. You remember the kitchen roll holder? :D Also I'…
@finbeard Yes exactly!! It mostly throws me out of my flow or I get stuck thinking how perspectively perfect I hav… @finbeard It's interesting to see where artists start! I actually never do this basic ball for volume reference I… have visions of a time in the far future where ancient relics are studied and preserved as artifacts of a lost cu…
Retweeted by ❄️✨ ᴇʟ ᴀʀᴀ ✨❄️ @ThatPurpleBird @BluJayMacaw This may be a longer but safer path I thought the same
@hr_bananabird @SwollMustard I always find it interesting how artists find solutions for bird shoes and I love them here <3 @p0tachi @finbeard Great work! @LucyonArt Would be interesting to see a bird :^ Good luck everyone and congrats to 20K🌟20K Followers Art Raffle🌟 Thank you❤️ Prize: ✨An Full 3D model of your character ✨The model will be sent to you ✨…
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@MPsichopath @finbeard We have two in our local zoo. The biggest macaws on earth. What a sight 💙