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21. ornate hawk-eagle IRL. catholic. 🇵🇷 check out my public discord:

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(Varra, in some dim lit library in 12th century France, lifting open a large, ancient, leather-bound book) "It just… @YZAquill i will keep my eyes peeled for when you open! doubly so if you're willing to reserve a spot for me 👁️👄👁️ @YZAquill hey howd you like an absurd amount of money to draw varraphysically unable to stop thinking about this image great thing about anthropomorphic owl characters is that you can make one at any time. it's free and impossible… @CORVFANG tooth pick @alex_gryphon caw-men @TwistHound he IS my dad(Priest voice) in the name of the Hawgle, @TwistHound He could be my dad @namofako That’s an expensive ass cookie bar @trouthusband Ur so fuckgin washed :) @toffee_32 do this to me @Zorobatstrian thank you so much! i hate it
@Possum_Possy why @CORVFANG PLAY WITH ME PLAY W MEEEEwhen this varra pic is done ur all gonna cumnot as cool as birds thodeer are so FUCKING cool both as animals and as symbolic motifs @bombgnasher im gonna nuke your minecraft server againI cooka da meatball. I hawka da eagle @RinaTheShark Shark girl tf juice @MarshaBlackburn Bitch
Retweeted by byzantine apologisti feel so loved and appreciated, just thinking of all the friends i've made through this community gives me so much life, thank you all <3pros of living w parent: no rent cons: went to the dining room and saw my parents holding entire stacks of paper co… @burdteeth Yes mom @burdteeth I want to DESTROY you
@FrameshiftShark Me and the boys3,151 ppl have objectively bad taste @SindriDragon WHAT HAPPENEDaverage seed & millet fanboy vs average small animal enjoyer @MaskOfRavens YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOdishonored 2 fucked my wifewe didn't deserve dishonored. masterpiece of design and visual style. as soon as i turned 20 i based my entire crea… @YZAquill THアカエリクマタカ。 #一日一絵 #水彩画 #絵描きさんと繋がりたい
Retweeted by byzantine apologist @domitius_tan no te conozco, pero te perdono y aprecio @SungBurb hey bro @MagnaGallina its him. its John Romanempire @TheWerelizard Why are you Swiss @shifsabre That’s my cumHawgle Gaming @bombgnasher this @TheWerelizard contradicted traditionalists yeah, but the 2nd vatican council agreed that the big bang and evolutio… @TheWerelizard Don't forget the big bang theory being invented by a catholic priest (later CONFIRMED VISUALLY by Hubble, NOT discovered) @OptikalCrow @umbraviolet even then, you have american catholics who legit created the whole "tradcath" stereotype… @Xeans oh wait were you being sarcastic. i'm sorry @Xeans literally 1 google away my G @BRijswijk how do you know there isn't? @TheWerelizard -or that, the way i see it, when an atheist comes up with some entry level skeptic question (ex. "wh… @TheWerelizard yeah my issue is when people pretend that, in the case of catholicism, that it's a complete nutjob c… bit too early for the hot take but i'd have less of an issue with Reddit-style atheism if literally every single… @floofcheeks don't ratio me on my own post. blocked @Burnide I KNEW IT @natpurrrs talk about my whatwhen i wake up tomorrow i better not see a SINGLE person here being horny(me after spending 40 bucks on a pic of my sona w huge titties) oh man, im so irresponsible with money. man im a me… new Gamer Mouse(tm) has two modes of sensitivity and one is too fast and the other feels too slow @natpurrrs basd @shrugsyolo you cant stop me from simpingBungie: *looks at their destiny 2 filesize having 40 entire gigs of just other language uncompressed .WAVs* damn ou…
@KlezmerGryphon no she just has the sword of french kings @KlezmerGryphon Varra is no queen nor does she hold or seek any titles of nobility @KlezmerGryphon whos the bird queen @CMDR_Valkyrie me @cosmoscenti DID IT COME OUT??? @icedhibiscus they were talking about me @CMDR_Valkyrie She’s my comfort Pegger @VonKarn @Punk_Bat 10/10 wife material @GravelGryphNSFW Nice cock @KlezmerGryphon did you save this JUST for meSpotify Wrapped? Why dont you "Wrap" yourself within the walls of the house of God and attend Mass, @Vulxywal god tier @toffee_32 Two good birds! @floofcheeks My wife
2020 nice to me or im gonna post beaks @FrameshiftShark i am the hawgle of christmas past @CMDR_Valkyrie @FrameshiftShark the mills server @RinaTheShark Rina pls take care of yourself @FrameshiftShark when i come out as trans i'm picking "Asus" to match with you @YZAquill im sorry she's just unbeatablebisexuality doesn't mean "both", it doesn't mean "two", bisexuality means u want both varra AND tizón to destroy you @FrameshiftShark ur so correct queen @biowlogist @KlezmerGryphon as always g*rmans are responsible for everything wrong with the world @KlezmerGryphon wtf i LOVE charlemagne now @heroicdefense Half of this has already happened I feel @KlezmerGryphon I haven’t really studied charlemagne, elaboratedudes 4000 years ago who dont even wash their ass: gender is Based dudes in the indus valley and beyond 2000 years… a history buff means ur smart enough to know singular They pronouns have been in use, in english, since at le… @as1_mov right hereFINALLY @HartProbIems wish my trans followers the most pleasant rest of the yearbased elliot @dril another one for the history books @CMDR_Valkyrie what nhs defunding does to a mf @CORVFANG halo 3 lan party