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Felicia Day @feliciaday Los Angeles, CA

Actress, New Media Geek, Author, Gamer, Misanthrope. I like to keep my Tweets real and not waste people's time.

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Just because everything else in the world is on fire now, I’ll drop a few more matches on the pyre: Spiders are not… @StephenRPotter @MagiciansSYFY @SYFY @JewelStaite I’m not a regular but I am on the show it’s amazing! @michaelrosenbum @gordo89stx His essays! And a biography that just came out on him I can’t remember the name lol @NickiTripple @MotCityComicCon I EXCITE!
I asked my mom to read this Mary Oliver poem at my wedding and it still makes me cry
Retweeted by Felicia Day @Modred189 Did you read the thread? or the tweet?THIS IS CRAZY READ THIS ARTICLE AND THREAD: There is no movie or TV show conspiracy plot t… IN: Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen confirmed today that in 2015, he was involved with helping ri…
Retweeted by Felicia DayDuring a shutdown, instead of having unpaid workers focused on fixing this, "dozens of Interior Dept employees will…
Retweeted by Felicia DayCardi B just posted this on Instagram #CardiB2020
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Senate Republicans have refused to vote to reopen the U.S. government, but have no problem voting to lift sanctions…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @Questpending THEY ARE JUST BETTERHOW ABOUT REOPENING THE GOVERNMENT BEFORE OPENING AND PEERING INTO WOMENS' VAGINAS MITCH MCCONNELL? @DistantDistant sssssh wait for it @SamSmithTweets @samhighfill @EW YOU. LOOK. AMAZING.DETROIT. I'm obsessed with your home renovation shows. I'm comin' for your antique fixturessssss! @KidChameleon92 WHAT @letmelogon3 I'm in 27s now! I was trying to downgrade to my pre-baby 26s and thats when things got tiiiiiiight
LITERALLY! is your reminder that every word you write is a drop of water that becomes the iceberg that will lift you out…
Retweeted by Felicia DayJust got jeans one size up and this is what it must have felt like when women finally threw out their corsets. @KapowellMedia Love it! @LoriHollins Della street and him better get it on!
@RybieMagoo @pattonoswalt @theguild THANK YOU! @SwiftMode84 DAYMN this is inspirational! <3
Give @gracehelbig fodder to harass me please! and watch if you can’t be here in SF! is a 23 minute listen. Just devastating. The families of these murdered children have had to leave their homes…
Retweeted by Felicia DayHiiii!!!! I'll be at @SFSketchfest tmrw doing #NotTooDeep w/the incredible human that is @feliciaday at 4pm! Get so…
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It’s 5 o clock somewhere right? @gracehelbig There is an episode of MST3k called Killer Fish I wrote on and I had to write jokes during a section w… @JCareyAuthor Omg get better <3This one doesn’t annoy me it horrifies me. Let’s teach boys they get a pass for harassing women really early! And t… youuuu. I hate this more than anything. My almost 2 year old is not “flirting” when she plays with a little b… is what we need to declare states of emergency about.
My car only warned me for like 2 months before my key battery went dead!!!? Give me a heads up next time will ya? #lazySimone Vezzani particle rendering a portrait from the Bode-Museum using Redshift.
Retweeted by Felicia Day @KeeperArtemus It’s @bloodyalbatross who does them! @garywhitta @YouTube HAHA omg I didn't know they were pushing out. Yes @bloodyalbatross is amazing :D @LifeCompleter @YouTube whoops
@HIGHzurrer Omg I love these books
WAIT WHAT?! @Stands @mishacollins I CANT WAIT YALL! So cute. @michaelrosenbum @LamarKukuk ME LIKEYThe only national emergency at the moment is the massive amount of CO2 that we are dumping into the atmosphere as if it was an open sewer.
Retweeted by Felicia DayFeel the need to watch a narcissistic overlord take over the airwaves? Watch @feliciaday as Kinga Forrester In…
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Uh oh! Just saw this says "sketchfest" not which is the correct URL! Here is the actual tic…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @dexbonus @ORIGINPC THIS IS SO GORGEOUSWe love @feliciaday too! Due to popular request, we added more photo ops with Felicia at #SPNLV! #Supernatural
Retweeted by Felicia DayIf you're looking for anything even remotely worth watching tonight at 9pm EST, I will be folding laundry in my und…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @CreationEnt Woot !I know he was a snail. He still mattered. His extinction is still the extinguishing of one more bright, unique ligh…
Retweeted by Felicia DayDoes that sound like an actual emergency to you?
Retweeted by Felicia DayTHIS WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE IN THE CAVE OF ROSENBAUM. Worthy of a listen good citizens! Stream this gold stat! :D
This is a cool project that deserves support: Check out SuperKids! Mental Health Support Coloring Book by Pop Cultu… to bribe myself to finish this writing. "If you keep working for one more hour you can go to Container Store!" @BillCorbett @petersagal @jonahray @ElRealCarlito @barvonblaq @Hamptonyount @pattonoswalt @JoelGHodgson @kwmurphy W… IT! HAI! Go to and snag a ticket to see us LIVE in SF this weekend, SATURDAY NIGHT! It's a s… NOT listen to Marie Kondo or Konmari in relation to books. Fill your apartment & world with books. Buy more book…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @laur417 It’s on DVD and working on the streaming options currently! @rocket_soup Yeah that’s great thank you. I only watched one show and got bored to be honest @Mark_Sheppard I’m so sorry <3
@BoltonTetley @toronto_gal80 WHAT come watch us get a unicorn mount in Assassins Creed Odyssey maybe I hope sob please @rebelxsi06 If it doesn’t happen tonight....
@HerbalSoakToken @discordapp Just that channel is read only. click on the left sidebar and change to general or something else! @JacobDrake YES OMG YESSS @HerbalSoakToken @discordapp that's weird I have no idea? @KrystinaArielle Holy crap that guy's tweet enrages me. You are awesome.I'm getting more random "Cool jacket!" comments directed at my @discordapp partner hoodie than anything I've worn i… @kimrhodes4real Ack get better please, the world needs their ass kicked properly!Thread.
Retweeted by Felicia DayI need this for my birthday but I would have to get a different house to put it in.
@ssbe83 Yeah she definitely has someone wash her off before leaving peoples housesWatched a few episodes of the Marie Kondo show and now I can see negative, anti-joyful auras around everything in m… this your Season 3 refresher before Season 4 premieres on January 23. You can thank us later 😉…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @AlannaHagon No. It's way worse than 10 years ago. It seems like a hopeless cycle in the subculture to be honest.Gross esports. Do better.
@jonahray I ordered Dim Sum, I don't know why you need to get snippy about it. THE BAO ARE EXCELLENT NOW SHUT UP AND KEEP WATCHING CRAP!Hey @feliciaday, is this going to be part of the story if we do another season? #MST3kTheGauntlet
Retweeted by Felicia DayIs the Limited Time up yet?!? What will I do?!?
Me to Baby: "I can't let you bite my face." Baby: "Why?" Me: Googles "sociopath". @parrillagoddess Jealous but proud
This news show says it's no longer giving air time to climate change deniers
Retweeted by Felicia DayNailed it. #twinning year on my birthday, I make a year in review post. The one this year is a little closer to my heart than usua…
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I’m dreading the bad news I have to give tonight to families who lose loved ones to drunk driving. PLEASE: plan ton…
Retweeted by Felicia DayA squirrel just came through the open door of my back office, looked at me, pooped on the rug, and left. If I were… @sabwicker HOW DID YOU GET IT WORKING AND I COULDN"TI can't seem to get that Top Nine thing to work on Instagram and I'm not sorry at all. @Calletha @GeekandSundry It's only on DVD right now to binge, but that will change soon sorry about that!
@matthew_stinson ❤️ come watch me stab butts in Assassins Creed Odyssey! Now!
@warriorkindness I got like 5 and am on a writing deadline SOBLike seriously, how is everything this dude does so illegal and why was he never arrested before he got elected? It… i spent the holidays making this animation. Shown are the exact rotation periods & axial tilts of the eight larg…
Retweeted by Felicia DayGet those Charitable tax-deductible contributions in by Monday ya'll! Rainforest Alliance, Our Military Kids, Donor… exposed to mercury while they are in the womb can have impacts to their: cognitive thinking, memory, atten…
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