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Felicia Day @feliciaday Los Angeles, CA

Actress, New Media Geek, Author, Gamer, Misanthrope. I like to keep my Tweets real and not waste people's time.

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I am@asleep with my eyes open. @Jomichael @MaryLynnRajskub None I had to audition for. I have very few things I’ve ever gotten with auditions.It's time to talk about success and ambition. Let me be clear: Everyone has their own road and I'm not here to shit…
Retweeted by Felicia DayWrecking the planet is their business model
Retweeted by Felicia DayHaving insomnia from 2-5am is miserable but at least I’m having it now because I’m jet lagged, not because I’m havi… @MaryLynnRajskub You are amazing. And I am with you. Running a coffee shop or going to graduate school for mideaval… These guys, and this show, changed my life. And the lives of so many other cast, crew and fans, for so many…
@Yarrow21293787 Yes!If you can't remember what that book or video game was that @feliciaday mentioned on her podcast, you can find all…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @AliMojaddidy Thank you for that link! @RockyLulgjuraj Testify
@AmyKittee :( get better! @mumienhand Sad will be thinking of you @BillySikes :) @steveagee @LAFitness What the fuck they are the worst @deannaraybourn Woot! @JediBearBob It’s chat. But community too. @Ponyzord yeah it seemed like it would be more grief than worth it but still. LE SIGH.Also! Join my Discord server if you want regular updates on my schedule, podcasts and more! to MCM Birmingham in England! Yes I have schmutz on my jacket, it’s frosting from a donut if you needed to know. @huggins_antonio weird I haven't seen it!Watch out Wondercon! Voyage to the Stars is coming! Join us for our panel on March 31st where we'll be answering al…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @jonrog1 Not my cup of tea @mhwillia No my friends did though, it's amazing! I wish I had!
There are 10 years, 9 months, 11 days until 2030, when the IPCC estimates we should be halfway to net-zero emission…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @Bluzah wowwwHi, UTA I'm a showrunner with a physics degree and if you need someone to drive over and explain the difference bet…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @gavinpurcell @DEADLINE Woot! Congrats! @jenniekong @Variety @sdesatoff This looks amazing!If you aren’t aiming to get pregnant I guess Pad Thai isn’t the right choice. @feliciaday I just watched Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse...if the Spidey squad was The Guild, then Noir woul…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @tapwater808 Aw thank you for saying that! @kimrhodes4real @canadagraphs2 Same but reverse. What an honor thank you!Anyone, especially writers for the screen, who might be confused about what this WGA ATA thing is, please read thes…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @smallvillebuffy @lazer314 I'm listening to the Celtic ep now, it's a BIG DOWNER @AuthorLissa General Crouzat’s soldiers burned 150 women alive to extract their fat to use as grease.
@caseymckinnon Jesus!Sometimes I feel such despair about the state of the world but then I read an article about how, during the French… @TheMarshyBear yes!! @jacquielarden I would love to if asked!New @VTTSofficial today! with guest star @hallublin! We get political about dolphin rights!… an angering look at the state of health care in the United States, here's an article on why the legendary surf…
Retweeted by Felicia Day“We need to remove the verb believe. There’s no believing in climate change. If you don’t ‘believe’ in gravity or t…
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@Sphynn I SAID YEAH I AM DOOMED @PatrickGerard01 @Quothcraft WHAT CAN I DO?! I SAID "YEAH" I WAS DISTRACTED @VickyVictoriaG YES :(In which David Simon, creator of The Wire and other amazing things, tears big agencies a new butthole and justifies… @Quothcraft I guess if they have your name and number they can do stuff with it UGH @amlykken ARE WE GOING TO HAVE ALL OUR ACCOUNTS STOLEN AMBER?!?!I just fell for that con where someone calls you then hangs up immediately after you confirm your name. I guess I s… ARE SWEET! catch new eps at! @COGSPrimus @MCMComicCon :( @Veronica KEEP EM COMINGPretty depressing when you watch TV shows that are like 10-20 years old and all the men leads still have big career… is the statute of limitations on a pair of reading glasses that I found in my home three years ago that no one…
@Ryon_D @rocket_soup @TeamHooman Awwwww
@KrystinaArielle @thatgrltrish @AJ_Tigner YOU GOT THIS!i am tired of a world where we all have to sit seething in a bath of racist poison because it is generating ad revenue
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A general reminder: there are no medical or evidence-based reasons for banning abortion at 6 weeks, ...or 10 weeks…
Retweeted by Felicia DayWhatever. Mercury is in total retrograde. @Ian_urRu I wanted to make a show on that when I was at my company for sure @everythingloria After what you’ve been through this year you are gonna rise like a Phoenix and burn this town to the fucking ground. <3First response to this tweet was a dude posting nudes to me. Maybe walled gardens aren’t that bad after all lol. @everythingloria What?!??Wish there were more studies on how to increase diversity in subcultures without created walled off gardens of “oth… article on trying to increase women’s participation in Magic the Gathering. I created Spellslingers years ago… @Veronica I didn’t make it happen it was from the writers because they are so goodThis segment was incredible. Worth a watch! @sketchshark @kaitlinfontana @FullFrontalSamB @Cheyenne_Curtis @ashlynanstee @katiejrice That piece was incredible I was in tears bravoThis will happen today! tooo! are correct and magnificent.
Someone broke Instagram so there was no chat but I’m still on the ep tonight so watch please! I"LL BE IN YOU @jennifermuro @HamillHimself @GroovyBruce @rosariodawson @ImKeithDavid @IAm_Montse @atomiccartoons @netflix GRASSSSSSSSTSSSSSSSSSS! @JohnNavarra Delayed because Instagram isn't working I can't log on!The bad news: With #InstagramDown, @FeliciaDay can’t go live tonight, so we’re rescheduling. The good news: There’…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @bergopolis You can learn how to make cortados for the cafeToday is one of those: “Screw Hollywood, let’s move to Portugal and bake croissants or something for the rest of my life,” kind of days. @iBrotherHolmes @GuildWars2 If they ever asked!Reading these details makes this situation even more unbelievable and galling. I almost feel sorry for the kids the… handed @CFPBDirector Kraninger a calculator and asked her to calculate the APR on a payday loan. She couldn’t. An…
Retweeted by Felicia DayDid I do this right? @scooterfu @rhettandlink Oh yay I didn't know it was posted!TONIGHT! POPPY RETURNS ON @MagiciansSYFY! And I'll be attempting an Instagram LIVE tonight 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific!… @bergopolis @bonniegrrl @GibIvan @ClareGrant @theguild @Dichenlachman @netflix @NXOnNetflix Haha remembering the good old days @Stauchabilly The book addresses this a lot with the science of peer pressure and influence. And suggests ways to push back against it.
@sairavelle I don't have the book with me right now but here's a link! @ECamposano15 Yeah she's really practical with her advice. I really learned a lot. @rocket_soup @VTTSofficial @janetvarney @Bergmaster5000 @captdope NICE TORSO @AndrewLarson27 There's really great science in the book that explains how all that works, it's a self-fulfilling c… on Voyage to the Stars: This clip. New ep is part 2, find out what happens at! goals! @matthewmercer @NathanJSTT It has fascinating science in it outside of parenting tooHey this is a really funny, science-filled and accessible book about kids and gender roles we impose on them. If yo… @singsinthecar Sorry just flying in for panel :)Last week on Voyage to the Stars: Arnold assumed Captainship of the anomalous ship. Find out what happens next as…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @singsinthecar Late Sunday panel!
Carry on my wayward son, there’ll be peace when @feliciaday and @OsricChau join us at MCM Birmingham Comic Con on t…
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