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Felicia Day @feliciaday Los Angeles, CA

Actress, New Media Geek, Author, Gamer, Misanthrope. I like to keep my Tweets real and not waste people's time.

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We're also now just wildly embarrassing: "The Energy Department today proposed easing efficiency requirements for…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @garywhitta @LisaLoeb Can I say her kids stuff is brilliant and underappreciated?
Do you remember when Kamala Harris ripped Joe Biden a new one live on national TV and then later he was like, "OK,…
Retweeted by Felicia Day.@KamalaHarris is a historic choice: She’s the first Black woman and the first Asian American woman to be a major-p…
Retweeted by Felicia DayThat day when a little girl from Oaktown became the first black woman to be a major-party vice-presidential nominee…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @MartaWomack I don't know how you have sex with him but good for you HAHAHAH <3Also Twitter by just mentioning Biden/Harris I'm being flooded with obviously fake Tweeters posing as far left acco… have the great honor to announce that I’ve picked @KamalaHarris — a fearless fighter for the little guy, and one…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @JessicaMarzipan @TeddyGramEsq OMG IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU AAAAA!I'm so happy. Literally crying. A woman is gonna be vice-president you guys. And an amazing one at that.The cycle of lockdown feelings
Retweeted by Felicia DayEveryone support @USPS! They supported me early in my own career as model! LOL.'re in a pandemic, facing one of the most important elections of all time. People NEED to be able to vote by mail…
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@bergopolis Show me who to punch @shadipetosky YOU ARE HIP! @whatisthis94 I GOT THATUm, I just learned the word "Yeet" so I feel super old and unhip. What other terms do I need to know to not look li… PUT TWO STAMPS ON YOUR PAPER BALLOTS
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@leighislay2006 HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAY!How are we gonna fix this tonight? NOT MY PROBLEM! :D Come and see! @SharkGoddess Of course, congrats to you two!! <3 @boymonster @CortexRPG @phillamarr @Tiffany_Smith @BadEyeAdam IT was a DELIGHT! Loved my new BFF @Tiffany_Smith! Le… the HOA left me another stupid note, I was going to have to murder someone again. else not think they'd spend their adult years defending 'science' and 'the mail'
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At 3pm PST TODAY! Aug 8th! Meet Fistina! My amazing @MastersOfficial RPG character! Spec… so far as told by photos of @feliciaday! #GISH #2020MakesMeFeelLike.
Retweeted by Felicia Day @Wyles_co HAHAH OMG AMAZING23 postal executives were reassigned or displaced in today’s shakeup. The new structure centralizes power around a…
Retweeted by Felicia DayOoblets stream time! FRIDAAAAAAY
Thank you to our #SPNGameNight players! ICYMI, watch here: And special thanks to…
Retweeted by Felicia Dayomg I love them haha! @SamSmithTweets It missed some SAM for sure!Rented I carpet cleaner. I had to provide so much ID I swear I could have bought a firearm easier :/ @KngFish wowwwGame Day continues at Camp #GISH! Join us at 1 PM PT for #SPNGameNight with cast members from #Supernatural & hosts…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @gagnonrich1 THANK YOU!I am playing a character named Fistina. You know you want a piece of that! Come watch!
She has a degree in economics
Retweeted by Felicia Day @JenniferCourt12 @robsforman I very much enjoy you guys are working togetherThem: "If you all stay inside for a couple of months, it'll give us time to figure this out." Us: "Ok!" 5 months l…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @dexbonus HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! @nickervision yaaaaaaas OF COURSE!About to stream with @amyokuda! Our first dive into Minecraft! 7:30pm PST!THIS WAS INCREDIBLE
I'm starting to do my #felicitations podcast on video! Here's the last one: Will be doing a… @LibraryMike This is interesting. I am definitely living a more functional, less stress and anxiety-filled life. My… was one of my fave episodes of this show. I can't wait to play the new Snap with my baby. There will be lots l…
The less I do the more tired I am how is this possible. @neilgrayston WTF?!!? That's ridiculousThe reason this feels so alien is because very, very few journalists have pressed him/been given the opportunity to…
Retweeted by Felicia DayQuarantine: So. Many. Dishes.
@JacksonMunden yup!THEY'RE HERRRRRE! PINS PINS PINS! Order now for Sept delivery! Portion of the proceeds go t… you have the energy to read this, it’s an incredible story of how we got where we are in this pandemic. It will…
Retweeted by Felicia DayAbout to start @theguild D&D! 7pm PST at! With DM @vorpahlsword! A new 4 ep campaiggggggn :D
@woodnberries yay! That works too! @chuckneely WHAT?! I'm so so sorry! LOL That must be a bug for SURE! @woodnberries It's right in front of the airport in a red toolbox! @macd1982 lol it's hidden!Left a ladder in my dream so you guys can get to the casino. Happy Saturdayyyyyy night.
@erikaishii @KrystinaArielle @Julie_Nathanson @big_james gorrrrrgeousOoblets! Right now! 7:30PM PST!
@matthewdcorley @2000Thought @Wizards_DnD @KoboldPress @PetersenGames @FOKWC @BeadleAndGrimms @DnDBeyond is amazing. Check it out and support! @CosplayCassie HAHAH you gotta go through Cherry's forest!Read these numbers carefully. Private schools—many or most Christian schools, including historic segregation academ…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @KariWahlgren @GuildWars2 Aw love that game! <3 @dominicburgess @TheAcademy OMG AMAZING! <3
@shannonwoodward heavy breathing @LauraBaileyVO LOVE YOUR CUSTOM PATHS! Can't believe you made them, sooooo cute! @cmpriest HAPPY BIRRRRTHDAY!!!!This is a president. have no idea why my character is saying this but okay. It's probably true. HAHA @starnimate HAHA I have no idea why I'm saying that!!! :D @FitzTheReporter Thank you! @danneelcockles HAHAHA @TruthSalvo Yeah I'm gonna update tomorrow after I do a bit more cleanupMy #AnimalCrossingNewHorizions DREAM CODE is: DA-2226-6765-4410! Sorry for the shells on the beach lol!Okay, time to drop whatever you're doing and watch @BarackObama eulogize John Lewis.
Retweeted by Felicia DayHappy to do it! You do amazing work! @Fadin9Heart5 YESSSS LEMEE GET IT @RachelFetzer13 OMG CUTE! @Fadin9Heart5 Is it open!? @truegeekwisdom Hmm usually it's included in the download, there's a link to PDF, maybe ask customer service where… @ConcernedApe @Fangamer THIS IS SO CUTE @ChristophrLeone I've always wanted to mow the middle of freeways on one of those ride mowerstwitching right now with @theguild!
@lydia3722 @Stands This is definitely not official. I'm sorry you can't grab the shirt, @Stands have you any updates on sizes? Sorry Lydia!Make sure you're registered to vote! And the same goes for everyone you know!
Retweeted by Felicia DayGOGO @sujataday!!!!! You rock always <3 clear Trump is actively seeking to destroy the post office so as to sabotage free and fair elections in the midst of a pandemic.
Retweeted by Felicia Day @helpfulteddy <3 its ok! @sujataday @DinoRay yeesssss! @thatgrltrish no but that's next! Let me know! @shannonwoodward HAHAHAHA @thatgrltrish Calliope freaked out with Ponyo but was ok with Totoro?
@kelso_sweetie ooh can't wait to see it! @JStamboulieh @R0van82 @LARPsTheSeries @JonVerrall @benthecanadian @Elizabethaneale @TheFntsyNtwrk Very exciting! C… Long-Expected Update from @benthecanadian, @Elizabethaneale, @JonVerrall and @JStamboulieh ***** WATCH AND PLEDGE…
Retweeted by Felicia Day @vzaitsevlaw @theguild Yes we will upload after to YT!