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Sunny side up 🍳🍜🥰😍
Retweeted by LOVE & GOOD VIBES ❤😷 @MartyNnDickens I'm waiting for my dish @PoisZon_ @Adwoamay20 @elly_serwaaa @sdkdele1 @iansuzir @gyaigyimii @fixondennis @fyne_fii @dkbghana @WofahKay1…
Retweeted by LOVE & GOOD VIBES ❤😷Happy Birthday Kojo!❤💥 @KOJO_Cue SoKoLaLa is a forever jam!💥🌻... more blessings Da feat @EFYA_Nokturnal Tomorrow 🌋🌋
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Retweeted by LOVE & GOOD VIBES ❤😷 @9Presha I'm not interested in girls o. Plus Sister Derbie no really be my taste... unless you're catfishing me.🤣! Me I don't like kanzo o.. Plus when i cook jollof asi3 nhye o. @MajorPapJ Lol!Posting These So More People Can See Them. #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd
Retweeted by LOVE & GOOD VIBES ❤😷I'm so sad and angry rn! @GiovaniCaleb Happy birthday Gio Come and let's go and celebrate in Ho!!!!!!If you go back into your tweets from 5 years ago will you be proud or disappointed? @DjMicSmith Lol try am make we see.. I have mixed feelings.. Same way I felt about @MagnomBeats but he blew me away with 'ma baby'Got it from my mama!😃❤❤ @Sugahunyicetea Same! It's the norm. I say they learn it in school laLol! Yeah.. before I talk to your boss! Everyone is suddenly nice when the say green. Ugh.. like weren't you the on…! I've been told. Sad though very sad. Nurses are supposed to be care givers tell You! They intentionally attack You! Jollof. No kanzo!
Ghanaian nurses kraa why are you like that? It's like you did a course in being extremely rude as well... smfh
You can still watch @amaarae’s @billboard performance here -
Retweeted by LOVE & GOOD VIBES ❤😷🤣🤣 @iamseyishay 's IG account has been compromised so please follow her on her new OFFICIAL ACCOUNT @seyishaygram Fol… the weather clicks with the holidayYes! Yes! Yes... like seriously.. emphasis on shiny red. Rice and stew is one of my favorite meals.. Put some pear…🤣 LMAO!!! I can't with you today 🤣🤣🤣'm really grateful for my friends. The love and energy is real @KingKokuV Please @ her 👀👀 @FeliNuna is A. DOPE rapper , bitches been in the game for 5 seconds and they claiming title,
Retweeted by LOVE & GOOD VIBES ❤😷Volume sis! 🔊 NEWS: In the midst of this pandemic the Nana Dolls desperately need somewhere to #StayHome Safely !! So…
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Why not? @dxtroo 😂Giddem with the kpa! @mr_djanie I need to! Been gearing up. I identify with Ms Lauryn Hill.. I want to be acknowledged for both my sing… @DjStylish_ That one dierr no lie!! @PrettyFada I pray so .. na this one dierr it's not nice @She_parps I got you in mind sis. I've got some nice pieces for you ❤❤❤
@iamphaya LolMy girls are fighting. I'm sad😔 @misseviebayybie 🤣 @iamphaya Fiji you mean 😃Cleaning out my closet tonight! @misseviebayybie Me too @mr_djanie I still rap though.. but I sing more now.. but yeah I get what you meanIf @FeliNuna still dey rap like some of you no go claim queen of rap
Retweeted by LOVE & GOOD VIBES ❤😷 @Frenchk66052266 Thanks B @SavivaReal T T T for tenx @LOUSIKA Haha... I'm straight Ludacris though!Morning.. it's my birthday week and I'm feeling so fly and I'm gonna have a ball and I uh uh uh uh!! @LOUSIKA Yeah chale... but it allowed Luda to play some unreleased jams though🙌🏽😃 Who are you more a fan of? Luda or Nelly?
@Rigid4eva Lol no IG Live @DjStylish_ I dey.. waiting for my momo @edyrainz1 What did you watch? @__branath I been rapping since love. Even before i started singing professionally... Do your research @DjStylish_ MtchewThe Luda vs Nelly dey go on roff! Good way to spend my night
@principe_viii Wawu🔥Hey sexy, what's up for today?Ah chale....I tear😂😂😂💔
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I don't bother to speak I let my work do the talking. .... Feli Nuna (Lose Control) #FFF…
@AbenaOMO_sexy @BaronyShe Her mind no reach.. this simple tin she no fit barb. She's used to the twi.. Allow her @edyrainz1 I am though.. I'm not here to beef. Just to restate that I am the best! I don't like 'beef' I have nev… @IamDJBRYTE Don't mind them.. they recently switched from yams, exposed to some small internet and they want come foolDISCLAIMER: Listen you Ignorant people insulting me. THIS VIDEO IS OLD. Shot in April 2019 as part of my #FFF Serie… girl. No perming.... Morning Tweeps
Fake news @clementoSuarez
Retweeted by LOVE & GOOD VIBES ❤😷This speaks volumes!!
Retweeted by LOVE & GOOD VIBES ❤😷Ayyyy Ho is a beautiful place o.. The serenity.. gosh.. I have to relocate here!! @msreedamusic Cant wait for that jam to drop @nana_krysyks Ha! Dem taya meI see that the majority like mediocre. They don't appreciate quality. They accept what they already know.. Hence the tag 'masses'Stop subbing me and @ me.😑 🐔!Mo pre beef mee me pre GOAT!!🔥 ...... And this was #FFF Episode 12. Wachu talking bout Feli can't rap?? Ugh. Go b…
@AephyeaK @efiaodo1 Twitter is an app.. Some apps are free. Everybody can download and talk their mind @BelindaWhiliams 🤣🤣🤣We are the only Female rappers in Ghana. The others trying can't touch the bar let alone spit it.
Retweeted by LOVE & GOOD VIBES ❤😷Try me of all a Highlife singer will spark a beef and you guys are actually proud to carry it on your heads.. SMH.… not sorry. I follow what I want to see. @bennySMILESo_0 Chale long @DJMJGH My mind dey!Some video director dey stress me bad🤦🏾‍♀️😒.. Chai.. I no see some before. Ebei!🇬🇭🌍
Retweeted by LOVE & GOOD VIBES ❤😷 @1KwesiJohnson Imagine oo @NkyinkyimSays What can they say about Me? NOTHING. Dem de fear saf. Plus this beef be agbogbloshie market beef 🤣.… birthday is in 8 days. Can i drop my wish list? @nana_krysyks 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @playghanamusic @sista_afia @FredaRhymzGH @eno_barony Lol! Let them try.. They can Only mention my name in tweets. 🤣🤣We are the only Female rappers in Ghana. The others trying can't touch the bar let alone spit it. love her now @FeliNuna got beautiful tunes @xotlist @DivasInvasionGH @hype360gh…
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Dye your mustache make we see sometin I need a good deal on a BRAND NEW Samsung galaxy S10 or S9+ . Anyone selling should please DM me.
Happy birthday babe ❤ @A_pono Mmai leave me
Retweeted by LOVE & GOOD VIBES ❤😷Thank you God. Maker of Everything. Creator of My life! I woke up with a grateful heart.
@kulaGH Chale! Na grace o.. pure grace