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@KytCordell For me, first one, though seeing one with harder shadows without shadow outlines would be interesting f…
@silriven Oh yeah now it's definitely harder because of modern tracking. Thankfully though society at large has a l… @silriven 💀 Remember in those days getting FFNet was so much easier & more covert. As a young artist, any remotely… @TheOXGod TFW you are 10 and looking through the gigantic JCPenney christmas catalogue at the toy section circling everything of interest 🥺 @theshaofpride What I am most amazed with is how fanworks has suddenly become a topic for contention? Like ...who..… @Savvat Alive at least D:
@George_Helon @nytimes Or as we learn in basic prehistoric anthropology courses.. they simply did not hold their ha… @nytimes Why so many misleading headlines? This is not the world's oldest cave art. That is currently Maltravieso c…
@NnamierArt They both have eyes they are clearly one in the same! 😂
@juliedillon Yikes, be safe! Seeing others in that general region saying power is out now so seems like it D: @juliedillon and red? o_oDear twitter allow us to "followers only" access individual tweets rather than the entire account so I can put some… @LettysLair @SeaTerrors RACER STRIPES!! For the chair you won't be leaving for the next 15 hours on a gaming binge.…
@SucScrib Cat: I THINK NOT @LettysLair Gimme the snoring kitties! @LettysLair I wish my phone picked up sound better coz it was so much louder than that in the room than the recording 😂 @LettysLair She has quite the snore on!Sorry for vertical lol. Max volume! 💤
@elegantLAB Remember when Gackt told the world he was a 900 year old vampire? xDGrocery pickup -> finishing etsy orders -> big commissions Been a bit stressed with all the craziness going on in… @theshaofpride How did it go? I've been too nervous to get yelled at in skirmishes to try xD @theshaofpride Braver than I T_T @kmclaude My grubsona. Let's see yours!
When you just want to work on your commissions but the entire world won't stop erupting
I just want some banana bread and a nap. @the_Sage_BB @dorrismccomics @DiscordianKitty One of those bigger blocks is an injection of funding from int*l agen… @LiatLNS @AdmiralOPG @dorrismccomics This. This is why absolutely everything revolves around the almighty ad and cl… @AdmiralOPG @dorrismccomics This. Social media has been thoroughly linked to an increase in mental health problems… @WokeBeefleaf That was quite the posting! xD Thank you for all this wonderful food @Warcraft Nathanos, I wanna know what he's doing now! Kaelthas Wouldn't mind seeing Neltharion since Ysera is there. @kmclaude imdb? :0 I wanna see it
What a day. I need something indulgent. Post me your favorite NSFW m/m pics and fics to wash this bad taste out of…
Retweeted by Felix⛧AvenierShow me the best NSFW you've got! Gimme! >:O
Retweeted by Felix⛧AvenierIf something happens to twitter, check me out on which I will soon be launching a redesign… @kmclaude No pain is good. :O @WokeBeefleaf Absolutely! :3 Anything.Art that is.Show me the best NSFW you've got! Gimme! >:O @silriven v_v not to mention I really need to know where Wrathion is currently in the shadowlands timeline tbh why… @theshaofpride tea eggs 😳 @theshaofpride Someone sit on it! See what comes out! @theshaofpride Someone laid an egg!
@Loona9119 @valarynn Sheesh :/ this company is somethin' else. @LettysLair Oh my god that, I cringed so hard I forgot all about it. God what a bunch of tone deaf useless hacks... @Loona9119 My opinion of this company gets lower every day tbh. @YondershopSF @archaeologyart Mesoamerican archaeology uses paleo, archaic, preclassi/formative, classic, postclass… @KytCordell Magnifique! @_@ @KytCordell Yeah I put in an appeal but doubtful they will even answer it before the ban expires. Such bullshit. :/The temptation to write a Wranduin short without warping either of them into yaoi seme uke tropes just to show IT CAN BE DONE is strong. @juxtaneathunter @PattoArts Ouuuu! *follows* 👀 @NBeaverhousen I love to see people's own work, so this is great! Ty ;u;What a day. I need something indulgent. Post me your favorite NSFW m/m pics and fics to wash this bad taste out of… @gwa_00 @halcyon1796 o m g looool @antinousgaygod @archaeologyart @MANNapoli The medieval Catholics would be so proud. Fig leaves for everyone. @qua2tz @elegantLAB My favorite ; ; @ResidentBishie It you! @ResidentBishie You can grow up to be anything, they said. So you became a chair. @Peekayart @RapscallionVNs And worse yet when you get it from one side, then the other making the same arguments ju… @Peekayart @RapscallionVNs I find this to be true no matter the ideological or political persuasion. I am ready for… @Wise_Thighs 👑
@NnamierArt This ☝️ Being back high Regency, Rococo, Renaissance!
@NnamierArt Those liiiines!
@MDPetraglia @Qafzeh Not to mention these models always show modern sea levels and seem to be making assumptions ba…
Still recovering from the anaphylactic episode. Will answer DMs etc, give updates, and finish some stuff up when th…
@LettysLair Doing better the swelling almost gone now. just hoping it won't come back after the benadryl wears off :(Ending the new year with my first anaphylactic reaction. Tongue swollen and drunk on anti histamines.
@ancientorigins Coca and tobacco leaves were commonly used as padding for transporting antiquities and the oils wou…
@denathrius This is the one thing that bothers me about WRA. I don't RP there but I peoplewatch when I'm busy doing…
@SucScrib ;u; Thanks! I am addicted to holographic and pearlized shit rn haha so I am v interested @SucScrib I'd love to see what the holo/iridescents look like :D @SucScrib I have to say that is the best looking one Ive seen yet! Ilove the effects of the clear! :OTweets taking off a bit! Thank you all :D If you like, please check out my shop, I have goodies:
@ArtOfEaglebrace :( WAHT NO ! @nephelomancer Get well soon! That sounds horrible :( Just glad it has not gotten more serious for you!Surely I cannot be the only one where if I hear talking/singing I can barely form my own writing/words or focus on… @pbmeetjelly Night elf hunter. I still play hunter, but belf >> @MarcusAvenier Everything 😂 So many of my favorite villains keep getting the uwu treatment instead of keeping them villainous.One thing I'd like to see go away in 2021: making disgusting accusations of people over cartoons.
@PauperPeter @vikare06 Could speak more on it but twitter is not really suitable for long answers. @PauperPeter @vikare06 It is obvious as well that the Renaissance painters had some influence from what little had… @PauperPeter @vikare06 The post roman era was marked by a severe societal collapse, so luxuries like art went heavi… @PauperPeter @vikare06 Frescoes are very difficult to preserve in that being attached to walls by plaster, they are… @vikare06 @PauperPeter I imagine they were probably lost during the fall of the Roman empire, then, when ruins were… @PauperPeter @vikare06 Pompeii was buried under an eruption... that had nothing to do with Christianity. @omni__1 @vikare06 If its a fresco from Pompeii, no later than 79AD since that is when the eruption happened. Would imagine ~50AD.Unpopular Opinion: For once I want to see some slash fic/art stay true to character instead of hamfisting them into… @oAzuLJo Twitter is awful about DM notifications and even worse about notification requests. I swear they hide that shit intentionally. =_= @Gh0ulitin3 And spreads so much disinformation :/ really disheartening @valarynn @WkoKbu KAELTHAS lol perfect @JosieKame The corporations want to take back control of the wageslaves.
@theshaofpride I would if I could write xD @candidugh @_lemonhoe_ @TMikaMouse @jess_the__mess Yep like the other person said, they even brief you in orientati…
@Appalatcha @_lemonhoe_ @TMikaMouse @jess_the__mess Yeeeep exactly :/ though you could only wipe down everything an… Jan 2021 for Patreon: Monthly coloring pages as part of tier reward. More info soon~ @_lemonhoe_ @TMikaMouse @jess_the__mess Yep. Worked as a cashier last year and even the disabled are expected to st… @scryren 👀 thank you for this food
@CircumcisionBan @rejaniced @themayamorena Here's a thread about another. They're coming after it hard. @rejaniced @elegantLAB Yep. I feel there is a better way to fight CSA and trafficking than just banning porn in its… @Voidforager More Kael I hear it's good for you 👀 @theshaofpride @ZeMooKhajiit The excuse is just as bad as insulting someone you don't know then being all "I was only joking". Sure bro.