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Long Tooth @FellaMom62 Midwest USA

I doubt it! Says who? Don’t you believe it! quotes from Lies They Teach You In School by Herb Reich

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@youzoob @diana_west_ 😳 @fancythis 😂 @ScottAdamsSays @KamalaHarris 😳 @Liberty02069389 @nathanmhansen 😕 @TaylerUSA @jetrotter Tayler...sad and true but hilarious!
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@cspanwj WWII has been over for awhile. Why can’t Germany/EU finally be responsible for its defense @cfcpac @JoeBiden A vote for a third party candidate is a vote for a third party candidate @ammurphy612 @StarTribune I would guess to fan the flames @Shabbosgoy Well, they have experienced something similar before
@laraffinee @dbongino Wonder if that is the plan @SKihne Won’t happen without a lot of arm twisting because the philosophy is: Don’t answer the question if you sus… @mattwhoibe @CrimeWatchMpls @MplsWard5 Since when is destroying property a constitutional right. I may have fallen… @stpaullee1 @FOX9 YES! Vouchers! @mnchiguy @SKihne 🤔Just because a war ends, doesn’t mean it’s over #allstartrekEconomies are living things. They can hold their breath for 30 seconds without harm. Thirty minutes and it's lasting brain damage.
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@salesforce 🙄 @dbongino What’s going to happen to all the special needs kids without their specialized school support staff and t… @PioneerPress Guess no reason to go to Hudson anymore @SKihne defund the teachers unions. defund public ed. close the public schools. Tax rebates for all ed money Decentralized education.
Retweeted by Long Tooth @erinhaust There should be a voucher process, so parents can take their child's funds and enroll them in private schools.
Retweeted by Long Tooth @nathanmhansen Economics is called the dismal science for a reason
@ImRight08 @nathanmhansen @GovTimWalz Blame 45 for achievement gaps? @FOX9 And they think this won’t contribute to any and all achievement gaps? @ChasAnderson @bryanstrawser @erinhaust 🤔 @logcl_conserv @GovTimWalz @thauserkstp What about the bus companies @logcl_conserv @GovTimWalz @thauserkstp It is not about a virus. It is all politically motivated. Time to leave MN.
Retweeted by Long Tooth @AngieM55972784 @logcl_conserv @thauserkstp Are there enough goggles and hazmat suits in kids sizes to be safe for them to go to school? @jjuniper7 @nathanmhansen I was thinking the same thing. Do they want to totally destroy our immune system so we ne… @Mattm12000 @nathanmhansen 😳 @erinhaust 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ @Boomersaurus @thehill I’m betting you can but we’ll never know since no study will be done to show one way or anot…
@Lafcurve 😂 @NickTyCobb @FOX9 Maybe finding out they don’t. Sad @tsn_says May hasten vouchers @FOX9 They have 200 less cops than they did 3 months ago. No one should be surprised by delayed response times.
Retweeted by Long Tooth @Boomersaurus @thehill False equivalence, seat belt protects me not you; masks (allegedly) protect you not me @SKihne Met Council’s opinion on your issue... @FOX9 Counter sue for damages and add legal fees...and add money for the local business to rebuild in another town, state.
Retweeted by Long Tooth @FOX9 Of course they did 🙄 @Shabbosgoy @JimmyKnutson @StribJany @stillgray 🙄 @Boomersaurus Maybe attacking federal buildings isn’t as easy as burning blocks of businesses @amyklobuchar Still pushing for that cabinet post 😂 @MHPieperPhD O M FREAKING G @DennisSundlie @Fox9Sports @roccodbaldelli True. And fans have an equal right to be offended and use their time not watching baseball @amyklobuchar Sank in. And yes, in MN expect fraud @billglahn Duh
@murphfrommidway @billglahn 😂 @DavidSandbeck @nathanmhansen @NPR Hundreds involved. Local politicians have their own agendas so not motivated to enforce laws @danocartman @FOX9 Habitat For Humanity @johnnypharr @SKihne ...which makes him special @FOX9 🙄 @sandylt5811 @GovTimWalz @GwenWalz 🤔 @FOX9 Vouchers now @gavinhanson @billglahn 😳 @EmersenLee 🙄 @TotallyNotAnon1 @yourmomxoxo81 @benshapiro 😂 @RealJimbabwe @yourmomxoxo81 @benshapiro The 80 cents he is talking about is an average and I agree is flawed in ca…
Retweeted by Long Tooth @Silvergrain1 @Shabbosgoy @StarTribune 😂 @SauerTresa @FOX9 😂 @DeplorableWives Or not 😉
@logcl_conserv Vouchers @logcl_conserv @GovTimWalz So true @amyklobuchar 🙄 @GovTimWalz I think letting our city burn is FAR more disgraceful!!!!
Retweeted by Long Tooth @FOX9 Are you kidding me? This is a story?
Retweeted by Long Tooth @FOX9 *Review building codes that increasing the cost of housing *Review what kind of housing is being built (with… comes the gotcha! #metvcolumbo @CoughlinBrett 🍷 @daninflorida77 Trying to be “edgy” for some reason @ImbrugliaJim Not necessary for the plot line for sure @ImbrugliaJim ProbablyA clue this was a set-up to look like suicide is no pet owner would put their pet at risk of any harm to do the deed #metvcolumbo @ImbrugliaJim Though this one may be worth itGrungy bathroom in car repair place. Nice touch 😂 #metvcolumboFirst episodes season 2 Etude in Black #metvcolumbo
@sweetmotion23 @kaijuichi @DeAngelisCorey @CassandraRules Time for vouchers @PioneerPress Daycare teachers and other essential workers @leonardwash77 @FOX9 🤔 @CNN Does “everyone “ include rioters/protesters? *wink* @billglahn Yep @DougWalker9 @paulgazelka And thinly veiled bullyingI want to know the grams of Maggie’s makeup. It’s amazing it can take that humidity #Svengoolie @Soccermom7981 @kaijuichi @DeAngelisCorey @CassandraRules That was my suspicion
@DeAngelisCorey Unions have no place in the public sector. They collectively bargain for the least amount of respo…
Retweeted by Long Tooth @kaijuichi @DeAngelisCorey @CassandraRules Wonder how many public school teachers send their kids to nonpublic school @PineWoodsRunner @z1y2x3 😡 @DeAngelisCorey Duh @MetalheadWade @repmattdean @NARNfan @GovTimWalz Stalin would be,proud @PioneerPress 🙄 @RichardGinsber8 @Shabbosgoy 😂 @Lafcurve 😳 @WorkWriteComm 😂 @PioneerPress It’a beyond disingenuous they are demanding distance learning when daycare teachers, who make a fract… @WorkWriteComm RIGHT! How crazy is that? And how crazy is it for the cop to call them back to tell them to come to the station 😳
@SKihne With distance “learning” they don’t have to deal with the “problem” kids. Kids can play hookey with impuni… @DeplorableWives At least can FaceTime it of course not the same. Hope you can see your mom soon! @MHPieperPhD 😂If the media seriously wanted to report the news — instead of spinning it — they could stop calling rioters "protesters.”
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