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(she/her) here by popular demand. teenage bounty hunters on @Netflix now.

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@KeuCassie I CANT WAIT PLEASE SHOW MEEE WHEN DONEI have such a complex about looking like Sid the Sloth this has been a theme for my entire life. @KeuCassie either way ;)))))))))))
I love Blair... IluvBlair..... Olive Bear OMG U GUYS
@wesley_sisters @BilkoLitterbox @themaddiep @hales_devon @charityfaith @easygreazy123 @VirginiaWms @MackenzieAstin @steprils i got another one. Mint chocolate chip ice cream. Only when summers right in the middle. you've been at t… @steprils DID YOU READ WHAT I JUST- @steprils york peppermints; but only when they've been in the freezer and it's a touch cold outside. JAcket weather… SOBBINS @_didAYEsaythat @Great_Katzby @themaddiep THE CHOKING @hales_devon @yourelessblinky what is wrong with you? @arigsbloodline u DID! @PET5CH @themaddiep @hales_devon @charityfaith @easygreazy123 @MackenzieAstin @KadeemHardison @VirginiaWms @kathleenjordan ahmazingok i- @NoraKate20 @themaddiep i'm obsessed with this. THANK YOU 🙏
Hey, the NEW YORK TIMES says our show's a ton of fun. But yeah... I can totally see why it was cancelled. @hales_devon @nytimesarts @margeincharge Thank you 😭Hey the NEW YORK TIMES our show's a ton of fun, I totally understand why they cancelled it. THIS AHAHAHHA🙃 you @BryantmKaylee 🥺 @ahotcheetopuff they are not always the ones making the decisions 👀 it's more about what gets viewership. I'm const… provoking read.
#SaveTeenageBountyHunters !!!!!!!!!! and my favorite woof @anjelicasdog @kendrickdpc Daddy’s home.According to @ParrotAnalytics, #TeenageBountyHunters is the No. 4 ranked show in terms of rising audience demand ov…
Retweeted by anjelica fellini👏 @netflix, if we've learned anything from this experience.. it's don't cancel a #fanfave during a pandemic because;… I see is two squares with the same photo? am I missing something? @themaddiep
@kkfosterlyrics @kathleenjordan @hales_devon @themaddiep @charityfaith @easygreazy123 wow amazing!more than anything @jaurearps @themaddiep @hales_devon @kathleenjordan a patroa 😍 @blairsterlings are you going to propose? @steprils @themaddiep @hales_devon @charityfaith ROYALTY @BilkoLitterbox @charityfaith @easygreazy123 @themaddiep @hales_devon @MackenzieAstin OMG! @KeuCassie UM im crying i miss you @themaddiep @themaddiep i love u 🥺
2020 @easygreazy123 Oh I can't wait to see this.
anyone who does this, take a pic of those sour patch and your letter and I will write a personal thank you note to you in DM 🥺OMG winner is.. (plus peep the group thread) @charityfaith @themaddiep @hales_devon @charityfaith How COULD you! It's HAIR now! @konpappis @ifsbear @TBH_geek IVE READ THIS AND I LOVE IT!
@ifsbear @TBH_geek Minnesota by Samia @TBH_geek keeeeeeep goinggggggg 🙏 @AmaliasBabe @themaddiep @charityfaith I love that I'm always the Zaddy in these edits. @anjelicasdog thank you for loving my senior dog as much as me 💜Thank you @OurCultureOC 👯‍♀️ @themaddiep @Great_Katzby OH MY DREAMS @Great_Katzby hardest poll ever. for versatility, Kate. for general hilarity, Kristen. @sagesnature @charityfaith BAHAHAHHA @smstepril @PET5CH @altarigo1 OOP! @BilkoLitterbox @easygreazy123 @PET5CH @itsstepril @PET5CH 😉😉 @steprils @maddiephillps this is so goddamn rude JAdeI'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Goodnight to Blezekiel shippers and Blezekiel shippers only. @PET5CH @PET5CH @altarigo1 BLEZEIKEL @PlainPotatoTay This fancam makes me horny. @itsstepril @charityfaith BAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA!! Ohhh Baz this is... so good. @benoixt @charityfaith fantastic @judyapplellini BAHAHHA! i love this @PET5CH Kinda like what we do in episode 9 with Nandina.. hmmm ;) @itsstepril @blairsbountyy 😉 @lgbtsterling @charityfaith blair is such a fckin baddie thank you for making this. I miss her 😭 @steprilx @charityfaith oh sheet @itsstepril BAZ NO @dhe_lesb AHAHAHHAA !!!Y'ALL ARE SOOO caught up like Blainana B is too long.. but Banana is WAY longer than Hair. @charityfaithWait why isn't our ship name HAIR?! @PET5CH @charityfaith AMAZing @blairstopaz @charityfaith 😂😂 but goddamn holy shirt look at that picture of Charity 🥵 @smstepril @charityfaith OMG OMG OH NOOOO THIS IS QUITE POSSIBLY MY FAVE @PlainPotatoTay @charityfaith BAHAHAHAHHAHA oh my goD @PET5CH @PlainPotatoTay nah. I reject this. Bradjelina makes way more sense. @PET5CH @PlainPotatoTay why the f is it braN? I just googled I'm actually floored 😂 BraNjelina like they got enough… @PlainPotatoTay if people can type out BRADJELINA THEY CAN TYPE BLAIRBANANABBBB ok? @PET5CH @charityfaith HAHAHAHHA!! @queerfeelin @charityfaith 😂😂 this is fantastic @lgbtsterling @charityfaith BAHAHAH @steprils @charityfaith It's my ship I do what I want. Blairnana B rights @PET5CH @charityfaith HAAHHAHAHAHA! @lgbtsterling @charityfaith modern day gaddamn picasso u rThank you Robert! @lurkingstepril_ @MackenzieAstin oh you're bad. I love it.I don't have a contact photo for @charityfaith in my phone. Blair and Hannah B stan's, this is your time to shine b… @MackenzieAstin Someone arrest @MackenzieAstin
hi guys i love you all just checking in as we continue to #SaveTeenageBountyHunters and #AdoptTBH ; take a lookie a…'m sorry i had to reuse this gif of myself so soon but i considered a) why not? and b) they're mad sexy.. watching the Light Up The Sky trailer like- @NanVela @netflix @themaddiep @hales_devon @kathleenjordan same. @queerfeelin this post made me 😭
@PET5CH @hales_devon I think it's a SMILEY with a tear. Which is an emoji I've been hard pressed for but not necess… @themaddiep @yaytothegay Happy birthday Hadas. Yay to the b-day. 💜 @hales_devon 's faCE 🥲
When I tell you this NEVER BEcame too much. @hales_devon dry your tears, this thread is something good about 2020.’ve been waiting for this meme 😹 thank you @KeuCassie users furious with streaming service for cancelling 'funniest' show
Retweeted by anjelica fellini @FelliniAnjelica don't let the bible burn Blair
Retweeted by anjelica fellini