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Rachel @femaleredhead Los Angeles, CA

thicc and tired | BLM: | she/her |

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@astro_sass @callmegeek_ oh wow[date] brain: don't be awkward ok date: hi me: ok
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@chunkyfila your “little cousin” @abernothing @Skoog i just feel like you could try picking up me for once. @Skoog @abernothing he has a couple questions @dumb__crybaby you’re welcome any timei want what he has (peace) @clintoris this feud will be on tmz @clintoris delete this @maine_gov existence @takeiteasyjack unfollowed @emilyonhere yes thought that was clear @cdawg691 i will not tolerate any slander @takeiteasyjack am i not enoughi love challenging myself. that’s why i watch love island UK with no subtitles @brandonslaterr not enough people are saying thissarah said
Retweeted by Rachel @kaiddyn hiii @video_jame fr im pissed @jeffxwilcox the duality @user72682 i wanna have a long and beautiful life with her @SiriusZach perfecti need to see his pornhub wrapped @sillyg00sesav salsa with a spoon @ashhhhhhole without a doubt @BangsAreTrash ya @notcoolalex7 LETS GOOOOOO
@ThatdudeReyes_ well it’s poppin off this evening @ThatdudeReyes_ HAHA WHATlet’s go girls“i’m back baby“ i say after making no changes to my life in any waythis is truly insightful thanks y’all @Skoog that’ll do it @Skoog the forbidden balls @kateabbreviated honestly fair @_justwinnie omg sad @_justwinnie jc wbu @parrspective yo
man if you don’t shut the fuck up im gonna fall deeply in love and have a long and beautiful life with you bro @soylatted oh no @brandonslaterr handsome @froggirlfriend oh wait HE? yeah i get it @froggirlfriend your loss @SkinnyKingSahil blocked @madddiexo lmfaoooo see ya! @margebertha LOL @shedontgo sus @RibHowz tbh that’s fairwhat’s the pettiest reason you’ve ever stopped seeing someone? one guy i dated said he never took naps and i walkedㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤme ________________________________ ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤwhelmed
Retweeted by Rachel @takeiteasyjack @porter_potty_ smh1) sign up here: 2) pass the background check 3) ??? 4) feel great about having furthered t…
Retweeted by Rachel @tankart150 hello![calling the doctor who did my laser eye surgery] hey it’s me. how do i unlock the shooting feature
Retweeted by Rachel @BangsAreTrash okcoronavirus doesn’t affect rats and snakes so most of yall are gonna be fine
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Obviously developed feelings for the covid test guy bc he is kinda weird looking and did a task in front of me
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@ashhhhhhole and we love you and BELL @pepperonicowboi ily babyi love to sit @user72682 Y E S @Skoog yethoh you live in nyc? that’s cool. i live in constant pain @Skoog dm me voicei hate when people are all “cest la vie!” it’s like don’t tell me what to say @pepperonicowboi people have careers. I have six liters of ginger ale
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@PallaviGunalan g i r lproof (not blurry version) @perrypeyton_ frankie so everyone leaves me alone @PleaseBeGneiss hiiiiii @porter_potty_ ily
i’m thankful for being funny AND hot @abernothing a treat @ashhhhhhole GO ASHif ur not rolling up in this shirt wyd who needs to hear this but turkey tastes like paperok kinda like not super into being on twitter anymore but if y’all still care i’ll try harder @bocxtop ok i was about to say this but go off @emilyonhere trying so hard @porter_potty_ come over
Retweeted by Rachel @ashhhhhhole @goooeydisk @queenjoheen @drivingmemadi @PallaviGunalan @smithsara79 @aliisstruggling @jeffxwilcox @GreenThumbE no @kellyscarpone miss uif i’m being honest im gonna go eat tacos @clintoris big if true @porter_potty_ you are him?
never date a guy who can’t respect you and your boyfriend @kellyscarpone @takeiteasyjack LMFAO @abernothing i love this for me, ty @abernothing fun @abernothing i miss everything fu @_justwinnie terrifying @tropicanapussy ok but where do i cop @_justwinnie he's the wrong shade of red and you know it