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Rachel @femaleredhead Los Angeles, CA

thicc and tired | BLM: | she/her

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@RobDenBleyker Do you have a discount codequick life update: my rapidly aging body can no longer handle alcohol
@Keally22 man
@ihynia whatpotato head is when you eat french fries while going down on someone @OfficialJDi yikes @abernothing omg LN! @cosmicchristina 🤮 @AlloEnzyme that’ll do it @luwucyrose oooofthis is mine :/ @ElyKreimendahl they do WHATwhat’s the one alcohol that if you smell you will projectile vomit like that little girl in the exorcist?it should be illegal to watch anyone parallel park @matildamarie33 NOOOi love astrology because i love taking the blame off of myself for my own bad behavior @RobDenBleyker why is he gripping it so hard :/ @drivingmemadi deep dark in thereoh you like to thrift? name every one of arte’s rare collectibles love the sopranos man will let you down. except for the sleepy time tea bearhaving a problem where i can’t decide if im too sensitive or everyone is really mean
hot girls sit in their parked car for an hour before going inside their home @baking4soda me too @KylePlantEmoji 🥺whenever i see a bee on a flower i’m like yeah dude, that’s exactly where you’re supposed to beyeah i’m fucking. fucking exhausted @dinoman_j WOWWforgive me father for i have pinnedtired of being hot and funny @ashhhhhhole that makes me feel a lot better thank u @RobDenBleyker man @RobDenBleyker honestly his skin has really cleared upguys are always like “my ex is crazy!” yeah brad. she’s crazy hot. sorry you look like a baked potatohow to abuse various substances in a god honoring way @dovenymph gotta hold all that 🧠 @SarahTayIor hehe @bipes well thank you @DO9Bessa surprisingly not the casehow does one put “had a tweet hit 1 million likes” on my linkedin. asking for myself @bandz4luv no way @drivingmemadi @tacobell @drivingmemadi @tacobell did someday say beans @ultrasoft27 that is the absolute worstmy apple watch is always like “it looks like you’re working out!“ it’s like babe I’m just going up the stairs do we…
@ElyKreimendahl @itskristofer @showmetheyamz @AndieIsOnline @RebeccaTKaplan @saggiesplinters @Dobrenkz @smithsara79 I succeed: what dumb luck! had nothing to do with me when I fail: I am a failure
Retweeted by Rachel @ladyefron this can’t be true @theduchessPDX my heart would stopi can’t believe i used to drink nasty ass four loko instead of just doing cocaine like an adultis anyone having a good time latelybabe are you ok? you’ve barely girlbossed today @motherofworms for good luck @drivingmemadi MADI @sherrysworld 🥺 @sherrysworld how much time do you have @sherrysworld sorry i’ll turn it downi told my therapist i wanna date the type of guy who would paint his nails and she said “let’s start with someone who is nice to you”
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no one: a random 8th grader in 2008: sex on fire by kings of leon is about having an STDoh so you think you’re really pretty? well you’re right. i love you
@flyosity forgot people can do that lol
@catttspace thanks mami ❤️ @porter_potty_ only always
@Home_Halfway ‼️turning off my gps and getting incredibly lost because i was tired of that bitch interrupting my musicthe rudest thing you can do is be younger than me but still be in your 20s @SvennyJ6 no sven, i’m mad he got away with killing all those people @citywok1 hahah i bet she’s the bestThis is about Ted Cruz @lundreami hahaha ok i had war flashbacks @lundreami might be block worthy @lundreami hm
@Ghosticus genius @willybeams456 ur a real onesomeone asked me why i have a larger following on twitter and a smaller following on instagram and i didn’t know ho… 1/3 of you followed me on instagram then i’d have 10k which would be cool it’s @femaleredhead go ahead dont be shyhe’s learning how to drive @ElyKreimendahl 🥰🥰🥰 @ElyKreimendahl wait are you mad at me @2Saddington 4 @AlloEnzyme that is so kind 🥲i don’t wanna do any work i just want to be a noodle slowly softening to become my true self in a pot of boiling water @slizagna LOL godspeed @notjujumckay hey thankswhite people will name their dog elizabeth and their daughter kirby @AndrewGerrity depends on who it’s from @briocon7 hang in there brian @caththesoso LMFAO @willybeams456 the sequel is i leave a baseball bat in my trunk and we see what happens @CutieHoney64 imagine yelling at MEdo men wake up and say “how can i ruin a woman’s day at 9am??”to the guy who rolled down his window as i was driving the speed limit down my street to yell “learn how to drive d… @userjaymes geniusthis is my kinda ad
@takeiteasyjack handsome alert 🚨 @RachMoskowitz when in reality you’ve had too much coffeesaying “sorry i’m out of it” as if i’m ever in of itrush limbaugh? sorry i’m not really interested in greek life
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