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jodran @femcelgirlboss she/they/fae

just a regular gal looking for some freakazoid pussy

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blanchard putting “guy” in the middle of autogynephilia
Retweeted by jodranfeeling excellent nothing but good ass sick ass vibesMy bank charged late again ): if u wanna help an Indigenous person out anything would help. I recently moved and w…
Retweeted by jodran @astrlprogestron ooh ill get you some on thursday @astrlprogestron what kind @straightbuglegs thank you this rocks @gaybugfeet true as fuck @Fauxhubris omg hello again
@gaybugfeet trag @gaybugfeet wtf you took this from me @roguecogue true as fuckCis people don't understand that a HUGE reason for transitioning is to make fun of Charlotte Clymer without it being transphobic
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Retweeted by jodranCan't stop thinking about Ocean's 9/11
Retweeted by jodran @gaybugfeet @gaybugfeet heyy are your balls yeasted and glazedi need a bitch with balls that look like donut holesthe san andreas fault is gods gloryholeneed a bitch whose tits are like half nip @gaybugfeet @bonkey_bong nicole you literally just called me a “real male type of guy” what the fuck @gaybugfeet delete this i sound like a man.@femcelgirlboss what the fuck?!???
Retweeted by jodran @astrlprogestron @marx_posts @gaybugfeet @LivPosting FUCKING GOT HER ASS @astrlprogestron @marx_posts @gaybugfeet @LivPosting HOLY SHIT @astrlprogestron hsts ass bitch @astrlprogestron >:( @LivCIAPlantEmoj @gaybugfeet shit sorry nicole mustve hacked my account and said slurs while asleep @LivCIAPlantEmoj @gaybugfeet cracker @gaybugfeet @LivCIAPlantEmoj says the man 🙄🙄 @LivCIAPlantEmoj @gaybugfeet thank you!! this bitch cant stop lying and sleeping and saying slurshow did people have friends before they could terrorize the tl together
Retweeted by jodran @gaybugfeet thought it was reese? @astrlprogestron ?? misgender charlotte clymer in my mind is that really so badmy M&M minis tube was filled with gas station dick pills 😔💔
Retweeted by jodranthe moon landing wasn’t faked but neil armstrong was wearing dick extensions
Retweeted by jodran @gaybugfeet ur literally so passed out and sleeppilled @gaybugfeet woah how are you typing i thought you were asleepnicole says racial slurs in her sleep :/would you fuck the genderbread person
Retweeted by jodran @gaybugfeet nicole would you like to get marriedgender is all about boobies and *i* want them!!!
Retweeted by jodrantesla smart car autopilot mode drive me to some boobies @fembojj @starfader of course! it was no problem that countach was a gift from my grossly proportioned father @starfader hey wanna watch its always sunny some timewaiting for bottom to jack off like a true autogynephile @brick_rights this is about me (manifesting) @astrlprogestron no harm in trying[chaser looking for a real freakazoid] just looking for my trapezoid
Retweeted by jodran @anarcholesbian @nevaduhh @gaybugfeet @commie_kendra @lilgrapefruits @plantjender @seraphfemme @delcomrade yeah 😔 @anarcholesbian @nevaduhh @gaybugfeet @commie_kendra @lilgrapefruits @plantjender @seraphfemme @delcomrade omg aubr… minutes after eating corn on the cob
Retweeted by jodran @gaybugfeet oomf bisexualim afab as fuck i mean just packed to the brim with x chromes idk about the rest of you transsexualsoverly familiar teacher at prom
Retweeted by jodranneed sum cross necklace pussy
Retweeted by jodran @marx_posts @gaybugfeet idk @gaybugfeet yeah u n ophelia dumb as hell @astrlprogestron stop talking about me behind my back“i don’t remember pi, i don’t remember the volume of a square, i don’t remember what words mean, but that doesn’t m…
Retweeted by jodranim swiping up on this bitches fleets. im telling her she’s real whacky with it
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@gaybugfeet thats right true as fuck @gaybugfeet i would and i have and i will again @nogoodtulip YES i love indigo de souza @Lulcille @Juicysteak117 please stop being transphobic to me criticizing my hrt regimen is transphobic actually @gaybugfeet its actually a filter :/ im still blurry irlthink the expression is “born a woman”
Retweeted by jodran @autogynefiles tgirls can do just as much as normal girls and more! @relaxed_freak @astrlprogestron omg that sounds like a great regimen i moght have to ask my endo about that! @astrlprogestron oh dont worry my levels are barely above 50 my endo says its safer that way, might want to lower it moving forward @Juicysteak117 2 mg of estradiol and 200 mg of spiro daily really work wonders 💛 so blessed to be here @girlrifle thank you mia omgwoah. its been 11 years on hrt. finally feel like a woman. doctor says i might pass next year. believe in yrself @weedgoblin666 omg yess @Juicysteak117 ilysm katie :) @Juicysteak117 haha hey @lilgrapefruits haha hey @ComradeEmber @elonmusk get his assHey guys I really hate to ask for help, but a share and some encouragement goes a long way 🥺
Retweeted by jodranneed me a bitch with disgusting breath i mean just rancid @jackies_backie toilet paper is a prisonbeing a man might be the gayest thing someone can be feminine trait @astrlprogestron true as fuckif i have a face only a mother could love then why didn’t she
Retweeted by jodran @MyDadIsOld[impractical jokers guy] ok murr go sexually harass that woman if you refuse you losetry guys? i haven’t tried em since college, and i don’t plan on trying them ever again
Retweeted by jodrancis people don’t realize that a HUGE reason for memory loss is depression and anxiety, why isn’t anyone talking about this?
Retweeted by jodranoh. okay
Retweeted by jodran @Juicysteak117 which ones though @Juicysteak117 LMFAO aww ily katieits honestly really sad that this has most likely happened irl @astrlprogestron ttwhy would five boys who have full hearts do something like that
Retweeted by jodranwhy would five boys with full hearts do something like thatdo they call it menopause because you say no to pausing being a man
Retweeted by jodranlooking for a trans man named gary, i have questions,the dudes in one direction all look like they’re wearing masks from the purge
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