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No longer blocked by @realdonaldtrump | Host Vox Media. I wrote For The Love of Men: A Vision for Mindful Masculinity and you can buy it now 💛

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@RebeccaSharratt and unlearning it is a full-time job @ayanaeliza i adore you!!!!I cry in public sometimes b/c of nature falling apart. @feministabulous’s book is showing me this is a gift. My fem…
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it’s anti-bullying month and @MonicaLewinsky new campaign #HardToSee shows us just how bad it can get for a generat… this.
Retweeted by Liz PlankI’m not the first to point this out but they have to use “lynching” and “witch hunt” bc theres never been need for…
Retweeted by Liz Plank @Scaachi crying @Scaachi @davejorgenson dawwwww #honored #stillwaitingforourduet @tonykchoi yeah québec went hard for the bloc which really ate away at the NDP’s foothold @EdTufexis yup minority government which is a weaker position but nonetheless they remain at least in power @esdarrell 😭😭😭😭A large relief in Canada. As so much of the rest of the world takes a sharp turn to the right, Canada at least toni… right has always lured male voters with masculinity dog whistles but these are just masculinity blow-horns. @halbritz i’m thinking of just changing my email signature to “sorry for existing”No group is more fearful of a conversation about healthy masculinity than those who rely on toxic notions of manhoo…
Retweeted by Liz PlankEvery reporter should watch @NeetuGarcha for a master class on how to cover a politician who lies. #cdnpoli make this a trend ❤️ @jduffyrice !!!!! @cvrrielee @JanKova52985367 SEE WOMEN ARE FUNNY
@AkilahObviously @Brogan_Driscoll @AmandaDuberman yes i think it’s because women tend to come to a date asking “will he like me?“ wh… @katieliza92 ewwww @jillyid THANK YOU I NEEDED THAT @AmandaDuberman thiiiiiis @jamieamalea good point @ashleyn1cole TRUTH @AnushayHossain omgggg @Ell_Hardy_ 😭😭😭😭 @edenthecat thank you!!!.@feministabulous's “For the Love of Men” advocates for exchanging toxic masculinity for positive masculinity. More…
Retweeted by Liz Plank @lisamwitter thank you lisa! so crushed i missed this!! @ally_harp glad i could helpSubscribing so hard to this so i can pretend @AkilahObviously never actually left new york ❤️ CONGRATS QUEEN!!!
@inLaurasWords lolololol @ktsthegame wait it isn’t?! @yulianyc truuuuu @christaylor_nyc @Ladi_Nina 😭
@emdrums god help uswhy am i like this who are funny, what percentage of men you’ve been on dates with actually realize you’re in fact funny?She looks so close to crying here. It’s a terrible thing to relate to as a woman: the impulse to hold it together a…
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@sarayasin @AngelaKinsey @jennafischer most beautiful morning i could ask for!!"One thing that I asked every guy that came to our table was, 'What's hard about being a man?' and every guy looked…
Retweeted by Liz Plank @adrs @VergeScience @sokane1 hahahahhahahahthis was very fun! also we made a tik tok! @ndrew_lawrence @alivitali HAHAHAHAHAHabout to go live with @AM2DM to talk about my new book 💛 @apbenven i’m down"Mr. President, you're now 70-something, I'm 60-something. Very soon you and I will be dancing with the angels. The… @TaylorLorenz let’s buy one and share custody pls
.@feministabulous: “Women have been encouraged to ask themselves these questions about how they were raised and how…
Retweeted by Liz Plank @MattxRed @SierraBrave MY HEART!!!!!!Tomorrow on @am2dm, I'm talking to @feministabulous about her new book #ForTheLoveOfMen. What do y'all wanna know!?…
Retweeted by Liz Plankthis means so much to me 💛 i’m honored you were able to enjoy it. @chezspence im extremely into this @annamerlan congrats!! @JamiraBurley remember when we thought that was crazy @AllanaHarkin I WISHmy favorite friends are the ones who talk about how great i am and then immediately recite their website @AlyssaMastro44 evergeen truly @AlyssaMastro44 praying for one of them to say their friend is climate change @Slade DED @pfpicardi yes how given the cases, how....Moderators: let's talk about the pressing issue of Ellen Climate change: @JillFilipovic truly @andreagonram STOP @CharlotteAlter LET ME KNOW THO @jessicawluther those were the days @heratylaw i was like who or rightwho else just had to remember michele bachmann exists #demdebate @itsalexberg @AM2DM cannot wait! @sarayasin @itsalexberg @AM2DM yes!!!Most men (52%) don't believe they benefit from birth control. Can at least ONE of the men on stage talk about how t…'m on the amtrak with bad wifi can someone let me know if a man talks on stage mentions how much men benefit from… is at least one man on that debate stage who is there because him and his partner were able to get an abortio… Donald Trump was on the debate stage I would ask him how many abortions he paid for #demdebate"TURNING TO WOMEN'S REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS" what? how is this not the first question from the moderators @michelleruiz @GQMagazine gah love you!!!!!!.@Olas_Truth reflects on how @feministabulous's new book, "For The Love of Men" made her rethink her resentment tow…
Retweeted by Liz Plank @PadmaLakshmi truly, you are everything.This is our Chernobyl.
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honored to be included in this beautiful new masculinity package in @GQMagazine ❤️
Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! Of the 127 women in the 116th Congress, 2 are Native American Of the 91 women in st…
Retweeted by Liz Plankcome hang! @SomnambulentSix @HariSri108 @victorpineda @dailycal @DCWeekender thank you for sharing!! @michelleruiz i want to see more straight men embrace this cut of jean @JamiraBurley @ruthwhippman @bigthinkagain ouh yes!!!!! @KadHaidara @tictoc @sjhaidara_80 jtm!!!! @ira i’m a pisces and that’s why i’m crying again @Justine i always bring people to rosie’s or roey’s in west village they’re both cute but not too fancy @Justine this is ALL I THINK ABOUTtruer than ever❤When was the last time you told a man you loved him? @feministabulous went to Washington Square Park in New York…
Retweeted by Liz Plank @ruthwhippman @bigthinkagain thank you!!!Here's why @feministabulous argues that reimagining masculinity is legitimately a matter of life and death.
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